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It was late last Friday night. My boyfriend and I were in the midst of a
furious fight over what had started as a silly disagreement on what type of
brownie mix to buy at the grocery store. Somehow that turned into a huge
dispute over his controlling tendencies. Men!

I stormed out of his house, slamming the door in his angry face. Jumping into
my Mustang, I pulled out of the driveway, wheels screeching, rubber burning.
I took the first freeway onramp and pushed down hard on the accelerator. For
some reason driving fast has always made me feel better (hell, that’s why I
own a Mustang GT). I didn’t have any specific destination in mind, just
needed to clear my head.

After around ten minutes I passed a sign that read ’Ferson Beach Rd, 1 mile’.
My good friend Mya lived at 124 Ferson Rd. Spur of the moment, I swung the
wheel and jetted down the offramp. I pulled up in front of Mya’s house,
noticed that her car was in the driveway and the lights still on. I parked on
the street and strode across the lawn. I took a quick peek into the living
room window and saw Mya curled up on the couch, the flickering light of the
TV casting a shadow on her delicate features. I knocked softly on the door.

Mya answered after a quick ’who is it?’. Taking in my frowning face she said
’Hey girl, what’s up? Not another fight with Dave?’ Her lips curled into a
sympathetic grimace at my slow nod. ’Well, come on in then. We can share our
irritation with guys. That bastard Brian stood me up tonight. I guess we are
officially over now.’ Mya signed and then spun on her heel, heading for the
kitchen. ’Make yourself comfy on the couch, I’ll grab us a few snacks. There
is an old horror movie marathon on channel seven, I’ve been watching it for

I threw my jacket on Mya’s beanbag chair, kicked my shoes off and climbed
onto her couch. I have always been a bit jealous of Mya. She comes for a
wealthy family and can afford to live alone near the beach. She has the best
clothes, a new car and to top it off, is really pretty. Her mom is Chinese
and her father is from Switzerland. Mya got the good stuff from both sides,
long black Asian hair, slightly slanted eyes, slender hips, a Swiss
complexion and huge breasts. I glanced idly around her small, one bedroom
house. The decor was all matching floral and wicker, nothing like my crowded
room (in a downtown apartment with three roommates) with its random selection
of furniture and various posters. Mya has her life so together that it’s hard
to believe we are the same age, 19yrs old.

Mya came back from her tiny kitchen balancing two cups of hot cocoa, a bowl
of popcorn and a fuzzy blanket. She smiled and flipped her hair over her
shoulder as she set down the treats on the coffee table. ’I thought we might
need some comfort food to go along with all the gory flicks.’ I smiled back
and helped her spread the blanket cozily over our legs. On TV a sexy blond
woman was trying to escape an axe murderer in a cemetery.

Sipping cocoa, munching popcorn, watching scary movies and bitching about
our boyfriends soon put us both in a lighter mood. Mya and I started
confessing all the odd things guys we’ve slept with asked us to do in bed and
suddenly we were giggling like crazy. ’Can you believe he actually told me to
try and stand on my head!’ she shrieked as we collapsed against each other in
laughter. ’Well, Dave keeps pushing me to kiss another girl in front of him’
I offered up. Mya grew silent for a moment and then looked at me, deadly
serious and asked "Have you ever done it with a girl?". I sat there for a
moment, staring at her pretty face, with my mouth open, then I recovered
myself enough to say that I had not. She pursed her full lips for a moment,
still staring at me with those slanted eyes and I grew very aware that our
legs and hips were tangled together under the blanket. The room was
completely still and then she leaned slowly towards me, her breasts straining
against her thin tank top, until our lips met.

I froze in shock as she slipped her hands up into my hair and began run her
tongue over my lips. ’It’s ok’ she murmured as she pried at my closed lips
with her tongue. I hesitantly opened my mouth and she started to deep kiss me
in earnest. It felt strange at first to have soft lips pressed to mine and
feminine curves leaning against me but then my body started responding. Dave
and I hadn’t slept together in over a week (thanks to our constant fighting)
and I was horny!

I felt her hand creep up my thigh and hesitantly touch my covered pussy. She
quickly pulled her tank top off and guided my mouth down to suck on her
nipples. Mya was moaning softly and squirming all over the couch. She grasped
my left tit and pinched the nipple between her long fingernails. I reached
down and squeezed her pussy through her loose sweatpants. They were wet
right through and her entire crotch was steaming hot. I stopped suckling her
nipples and removed my own top, letting my small perky breasts fall out. My
nipples were so hard that even her lightest caress sent shivers up my spine.

She stood up and started pulling off my jeans. My white g-string panties were
soaked with pussy juice. She practically tore them off, dropped to her knees
and reaching in between my legs, shoved two fingers all the way into my cunt.
I gasped and almost fell to the floor. My cunt was so tight, it felt like
her fingers were huge! She arranged one of my legs up on the chair and the
other braced against the floor , leaving my pussy spread wide open at face
level. My pussy bulged with her two slender fingers stuffed up it. She
worked her fingers deep within me, twisting and plunging them rhythmically.
Then Mya leaned forward to get a taste of my dripping cunt. I groaned the
instant her tongue flickered over my clit. She was holding onto my ass with
one hand, fingering my pussy with the other and sucking my clit, I began to
cum. My cunt spasmed around her fingers and wetness ran down her arm, while
I gasped, moaned and shuddered.

She smiled up at me and grabbing my hand, pulled me over into her bedroom.
She lay down on the bed and spread her naked legs wide, revealing glistening
pink pussy lips. I used my long nails to stroke the lips of her cunt, and
then slowly slid them deep within her. I had never been with a girl before
so I just did what I know feels good to me. I flickered my tounge hesitantly
over her clit. She gasped and grabbing my hair, pushed my face into her
pussy. I began to work three fingers deep into her cunt and slid another up
her ass while licking away at her clit. Mya groaned and whispered ’faster’
right now’ before arching her back and clenching her cunt as she came.

She moved me away from her pussy and onto my back. Reaching under her bed,
she brought out a huge double sided dildo and slid one side of it all the way
into her pussy, gasping . My eyes grew wide as she brought the other side of
the dildo level with my mouth and nudged at my lips. I began to suck on it,
getting it all nice and wet. She pulled my legs as far apart as they would
go , spread my pussy lips and then started pushing the head of the dildo
into my tight cunt. I was moaning and squirming all over the bed as the huge
head of the dildo speared into me. I murmured "I don’t think it will fit’. "
but she ignored me and thrust the dildo in to its hilt. I let out a little
scream and then began to grind my hips up to hers. So there we were, clits
touching, connected by this massive double sided dildo, pumping and cumming
all over each other.

We finished several hours later and Mya made me a nice grilled cheese
sandwitch before I left. I headed back to Dave’s, let myself into his
apartment and crawled into his bed naked. He woke up as soon as my mouth
wrapped itself around his dick. ’I’m sorry’ I mumbled around his thick
shaft. He seemed to accept the apology and pulling his dick free from my
hungry mouth, roughly pushed it between my legs. I’m sure he wondered why my
pussy was so wet and swollen but he didn’t ask any questions.

:-) Kate

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