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A Wild Friday Nigh

I had just come home from work Friday night hoping to spend a quiet evening at home with my wife alone. When I walked into the house I didn’t find it empty like usual, instead I found two of the most beautiful women sitting in my living room. Curiously I asked them how they got in and what they were doing in my house. While they pretended not to....


The SexTherapy by Mark Anthony

"Good morning Sandra. How are we today?"
Doctor Lara Richardson entered the confines of the padded room, and smiled
at the woman sitting across the small table. She was tied loosely to the
chair with light restraints, more as a matter of precaution than anything
else. Her gaze was vacan....


Aliens and orgies 1.

Every muscle went instantly limp and they fell, the natural limits of their
joints causing them to tumble back, arms slipping from around each other,
bodies parting as they sank into a pair of crumpled heaps. Strangely, the
surface they landed on was surprisingly soft, as if they had been tossed like
rag dolls onto a dee....


Cake Story

I have an interesting story to relate to you. Recently I was asked by a =
female friend of mine from a local all girls college, if I could do her =
a big favor. She said that she had a friend who was turning twenty-one =
and some of her girlfriends were going to throw her a big birthday ....


Formerly - Tale of a Bored Housewife

ENSLAVED...(Formerly Tale of a Bored Housewife) (MMMF, FFFF, BEAST)

The beginning of this story was posted originally about 7 years ago
and made the rounds of various BBS. At that time the title was
ENSLAVED.....I think that title more accurately depicts what
happens to this woma....


Surprise at the Gas

"Treaver you horny bastard, show goddamit." Jim Verhem swore for the
20th time in the last hour fidgeting with impatience. Fuck Dick Tracey,
Mag PI and all those fucking TV dicks that enticed him since childhood into
being a private investigator he thought. Cocksuckers were laying on a


Rough mouth

My ears were going numb, the cock in my throat was too big for me as I gagged and choked on it. I wondered myself why I agreed to do it, ah yes, I remember now, I wanted to know how it feels like getting fucked in the face because I am an amateur in sex. And I agreed to do it with my monster sized-dick friend, Liam. The dick was slamming and thrust....


Starfuck: The Corrs

If you don't know who the Corrs are, I advise you to keep an eye
on MTV!

From my office, I study the array of monitors relaying pictures
from the multiple cameras positioned throughout the club. The
entire floor is covered, and, with the press of a button, I can
zoom in close enough to study an ....



For about ten minutes it was perfect. Mulder beside her, on horseback,
heading for the Pyramids in time for the sunset. Scully purred inside and
gave a grateful thankyou to Skinner for having arranged this break for them
and then insisting that they went. What could be better?

As Mulder'....


The Storm (F/m, regression, no sex)

The sky was lit from horizon to horizon by a millisecond blast of
lightening. The windows in the Fast Mart rattled a moment later with
the peal of thunder. Wendy Carlton looked out into the night,
anticipation building within her belly. The Storm was finally brewing,
and would soon hit the town of Mou....


Asstr originals

It was late last Friday night. My boyfriend and I were in the midst of a
furious fight over what had started as a silly disagreement on what type of
brownie mix to buy at the grocery store. Somehow that turned into a huge
dispute over his controlling tendencies. Men!

I stormed out of his house, slamming ....


The recurrent fall of Eve: 1952

somehow she never seemed not to be thinking about it, or rather never
seemed not to be thinking about not thinking about it, and she made such a
meal of thinking about not thinking about it that you couldn't help not not
thinking about it.

It wasn't really Marina's fault either, though she didn't make th....


I are his willing sex-slaves

* * *

I was sitting in the reading lounge at the library when this guy came
out-of-the-blue and took a seat right at the table I was sitting. There
was plenty of other tables in the place and no more than a handful of
people quietly reading... I was too startled to hide my annoyance but I


XL Swingers

We met at the marina where Frank and Kris keep their boat. We were going to
Bluff's Island to a marina there for a weekend without the kids. We got the
boat underway after making sure all our gear was loaded on board. We figured
we had about 4 hours before we would arrive on the island. I had told Frank
about how I LOVE ....


At the Cape (mf, exhibitionism, masturbation)

I can still remember the first time I got Kim to flash. We were on our
honeymoon on Martha's Vineyard at the Cape. We were at a place called Gay
Head and were walking up to the overlook of the cliffs etc. A guy was walking
towards us, (up an incline, looking down at us, so to speak). Kim and I had
just been talking abou....


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