Medical students goes wild - sex stories

Medical students goes wild

We were Medical students, I and my beautiful fianc’e.

After graduating, we found it convenient to get married.
The ceremony was simple with a very small attendance. My wife's'
widowed mother could not come, as she was indisposed.

I joined a drug manufacturing company but my wife was employed as a
resident doctor by a local hospital. By the nature of her job, she was
usually assigned the night duty.

We hired a suitable apartment and settled to enjoy the thrills and
quiets of a married life. Peace and harmony were our companion until,
one day.

We were visited by a very beautiful lady who had all charms and
tenderness of the wilderness. Her eyes were light brown with long
overhanging lashes; her lips thin and coloured like rubies. Her neck
long and slender, auburn wavy hair played freely in the open air. The
firm and pointed breasts were large in proportion to her frame and their
contours could easily be discerned through the thin material blouse she
was wearing. The very thin waist steadily broadened near the hips and
gave her an aristocratic look. She had all the attributes of Venus,
Diana and Nemesis imbibed in one.
Her magnetic and elegant personality had such an awe that I faltered in
her presence and remained tongue tied while addressing her.

She was Helen, my mother in law.

I was shocked to learn that as she was very young to be a mother in law.
Why, she looked nearly of my age!
She had come to stay with us for sometime. She came alone as she was
separated from her husband on some grave grounds.

Helen, though, a woman of staunch disposition and extreme reservation in
approach, betrayed her conscience and coveted a youthful lover in her
arms. She had a singular obsession for me, could not arrest the flight
of her dreams, and acted as a licentious and a lustful woman, when we
were all by ourselves.

She tempted me by playing childlike games. She would torment the hair of
my chest, softly kiss my ear lobes, introduce her tongue in my mouth,
and constrict my swollen cock in her thighs. Sometimes she slapped my
bottom and on the pretext of searching my pockets, disturbed the
tranquillity of the sleeping Lion, all the time playing virtuous. I
tried my best not to make any advancement myself but could not resist
that bewitching woman.

Although, I had an exceptional liking for her in my heart and it was
immensely pleasing, but I, for some reason, remained passive. I did not
respond equally to her advances, perhaps out of fear of her impending
personality, or of my scruples, which until now, I thought, had never
existed. However, I never discouraged her or kept distance, on the
contrary, stayed within her reach.

We but cannot fashion our fate, nor guide our stars.
One night, when my wife was absent, Helen played her masterpiece. In my
presence, while undressing herself, she innocently remonstrated me,
'dear please turn your face around as I am changing and do not peep

I acceded to her request but stole a glance and gorged my eyes on her
naked body. Her spotless skin, smooth like snow, glowed and spread a
shine. Her breasts were two globes of decorative glass like that of a
marble statue. The nipples like rosebuds, were surrounded by flesh white
like milk. Her torso was small and well shaped; the buttocks were wide
and heavy. However, as she covered her cunt completely, I could not to
see anything beyond. That exposition caused an instantaneous erection of
my prick. She enjoyed it, but I was taken a prisoner to her charms.

She put on a petticoat and a tight blouse which made her breasts burst
out, and sitting on a divan called me in a husky voice, 'dear, come near
and have a look, I have developed some pain in my legs. Please see if
you can find anything different.' She lifted her long, supple legs and
showed me the region under her thighs, where the pain existed. It was a
dazzling sight.

The entire length of her slender shinning legs, thighs, bottom hole and
cunt were uncovered and open to flirtation. Two thick and fat lips
clasping each other in an endless embrace and a dark gash dripping with
the fluid of vice. The queen clitoris wore a crown of ruby and pulsated
with the throes of lust, and the pubis was decorated with very short
lustrous brown hair.

I was dazed to witness such a perfect spectacle and nearly swooned. She
spoke in a dreamy voice, 'darling, see and feel the swelling.' I slowly
caressed her silky thigh and nearly reached the vicinity of her cunt
which was slippery as an eel. We both uttered a long 'Seeee.' I jumped
forward contemplating to throw the minx on the floor and engulf my
desperate prick in her eager cunt. She also noticed a big bulge in my
trousers, and sensing her hour of triumph, was tempted to seize me by my
An unappealing disturbance at the door brought back the reason to her
mind and prompted her not to prolong the presentation. She quickly
adjusted her garb and I was cheated of the pleasure.

Things nevertheless did not go undisturbed very long and my prayers were
answered by the gods. At my job, one day I received a telephone call
from my wife. She said, 'dear, there has been an emergency in the
hospital and I am ordered to remain in my office for at least 24 hours.
I voice a feigned protect but she, very calmly, replied, "dear I hold my
profession in the highest esteem and it is entirely imperative for me to
honour my duty. I have talked to my mother who will take care of you in
my absence.

The tide of fortune had tuned in my favour. It must have been a reward
for some good deed that I must have done in the past.
However, I could not recollect a single incidence where I had been
beneficial to mankind.

That evening, I bought a bottle of wine and some other good edibles and
rushed to my home. I reached my house, softly rang the bell and the door

There she was standing on the door, a beauty from head to foot and
looked entirely unlike form her real self. She was wearing a light
makeup and a rose colour lipstick which matched the hue of her lips.

Her hair was neatly tied up in a small circle slightly over the upper
end of the neck. She had adorned her eyes with a black charcoal pencil
which made them look longer.

Eyes like pearls never found,
Hearts in her desire lay bound.

She was dressed simply and did not wear any expensive jewellery.
Beauty does not require adornment to impose itself.

I could hardly prevent myself from admiring her beauty and said, 'Madam
Helen, you look glorious today, please forgive my pertinence, I could
hardly conceal my appreciation for you.' She said nothing but laughed in
a tingling timbre which echoed through my soul. I kept looking as if
enchanted, but was shaken by her voice as she requested me to come in.
I recollected myself and entered the house.

I was invited to the dinner table which over flowed with refreshments,
elegantly prepared and artistically served.
They were all prepared by an expert hand who was Helen herself.
.In the candle light and with soft music, we ate a sumptuous meal.

She was wearing a scanty black velvet blouse with an under sized
brassier that exaggerated the contours of her exposed breasts, which
flushed against the silky material. I was seated at the corner of the
table and she sat on the chair nearest to me. The proximity of that
woman and the sight of her nearly exposed beauties were a pressure on my
nerves. My penis was at its full erection and my brain envisaged the
aspects of initiating this butterfly into the amorous sport. It was
difficulty to control myself, but the lady seemed oblivious of her
surroundings and preoccupied with her own thoughts and did not inhibit
the exhibition of the golden apples. I did not want to cut a sorry
figure by any hasty move that might cause any reversal of fate, or
jeopardise an opportunity of conquering her.

We conversed late until midnight when her eyes became heavy with sleep.
Her eyes were red with the drowsiness of sleep and when she raised her
both arms to stretch herself, she was a Venus de Milo come alive.

She said, 'dear now we must retire, but dear I would implore you to
sleep in my room as I am terribly afraid of spirits and thieves. It
would be improper to accommodate you on the floor but please excuse
my inability to provide you any hospitality as there is only one bed in
room.' I, too, eager to gain her nearness replied earnestly, 'dear
madam, please do not despair yourself, I can easily manage on the

She put on a flimsy sleeping apparel and immediately went to bed and did
not even care to cuddle or kiss me goodnight. That was odd, things were
going in a dismal direction. I was very sore at the apathy of my hostess
and took it as a lost crusade. I could not do much but look at her
graceful figure twisting and curling in the bed which overflowed with
her radiating beauty.

Her arms bare and the semi-nude rise of her breasts were open to
invitation, a lock of brown hair sported on her burning cheeks and half
opened quivering lips showed a row of sparkling white teeth. Her legs up
to the thighs were bare. The soles of her feet, the best moulded I had
ever seen, were so delicate, so soft and so shiny as if she had never
treaded on anything else but fresh flowers of the season. She was
sojourning the realm of dreams; a gaily smiled embroidered her lips.

She was a picture of the imaginary Sleeping Beauty who could only be
awakened by the true kiss of a prince. A commotion besieged my bosom and
I scolded myself for refusing to be seduced by that lovelorn butterfly
and not returning the advances she made to me repeatedly. I reflected on
the opportunities thus sacrificed. A touch of tears drowned my eyes.

Happiness was inches away from me, but I needed the strength of a Titan
to try anything heroic, and I failed in calling up my courage. I had
thought myself to be too pious to fall to such evil an influence but in
the end, I had to admit my cowardice.

I lay desolated in the bed and give up the thoughts of any ideal
romance. I visualised myself in the sweet arms of that majestic figure
and in that consolation fell into a deep slumber, dreaming about the
amiable openings she was supposed to gift.

"It is always darkest before dawn."
My defeat was not complete. The heavens smiled on me. I slept very
peacefully when suddenly at the middle of night I felt her foot touching
my body. In the beginning, I thought that I was dreaming or it was just
my imagination, but the performance was repeated and this time, she
fondled the knob of my penis with her toes. She was braver and would not
settle differently. I was thoroughly excited, an intense erection jolted
my whole body, and I dazed. Here was my ideal, a woman of such beauty,
such elegance that surpassed even that of my wife.

The ultimate enchantress had graced me with her intimacy; the sky was
within my reach. Nonetheless, I did not return the gesture, fearing that
it to be ill timed and may result in the loss of fortune, whatever. I
caught up my breath and waited for a candid invitation.

She dropped out of her bed, lay beside me and inch by inch neared. I
pretended to be fast asleep. That immobility gave her an added impetus
and she proceeded further. She put her hand on me and embraced me
affectionately. I decided to be inactive to make the iron as hot as
possible and that excited her more the more, as I had anticipated. Then
she held my hand and guided it to her cunt, I felt it pass through her
plump and hairy Mound. She rested my finger on erect clitoris and
motioned me to rub its head. I moved my hand according to her bidding
and tampered with her cunt which was wet and slippery like hot-ice.

She slowly stole her hands my to erect prick and arresting that monster
in her hands, played her soft finger along its entire length as if she
was measuring its size. I heard a gasp of surprise and joy apparently on
finding it to be a true instrument of satisfaction. To initiate my
participation, she quickly moved her hands on my excite organ, but I was
totally inhibited with fear and excitement. My inaction made her a bit
irritated and she saw what a naive I was!

By that time she had lost all her patience and whispered, 'darling, why
are you tormenting your unequal. Please pin her down ruthlessly and give
the coup de grace (A merciful stroke to kill the vanquished adversary)
and take away all her pains.' Without waiting for advancement, she
pulled me on herself and with her soft hands adjusted my erect
instrument on her vagina and slowly drew it inside her. It was like an
inferno, tight, hot, wet and slippery. She provoked me by tapping on my
to jump on her with all my courage and speed. Crazed with excitement,
she grazed my back with her sharp nails and furiously bit me.

My cock all inside, travelled without the slightest lethargy. The
feeling of that sudden concert was beyond words, nothing in the past had
given me such joy and satisfaction. I never had guessed this side of a
woman and her capabilities. We did not go very far as we were aroused
beyond our strength, my actions become very fast and she too pushed and
wriggled her torso in quick revolving motions.

We lost all restrains and our emotions became frantic; the 'coming' was
imminent. Her breath was hard and came in gasps and her whole frame was
thrilled by the sudden found happiness. She embraced me with all her
strength, her stiff clitoris pulsated, and her cunt throbbed powerfully
on my prick. She could endure no longer the acme of excitement and a
convulsion travelled throughout her entire frame.

Her silent shrieks were coming out from some deep chasm. She, caught in
a great paroxysm of a powerful orgasm, poured out a lava of great
magnitude from her inert volcano and drenched my tool with her feminine
outpour. She had discharged copiously as the water from a stagnant pool
that had suddenly found a way out.

I was bound and incarcerated and could no longer hold myself intact. Hot
and sticky semen gushed out from my prick in a furious spray of love and
I almost fainted in her arms with the excessive pleasure. The room was
pitch dark and only the sound of our hard breathing was audible. After a
while, she regained her senses, lifted her heavy eyelids, and whispered
in a tingly voice, 'darling, I love you, I love you.' I was spell bound.

After that fiery episode, we lay quiet and reaped the joy of our
harvest. At last, she opened her starry eyes and looked at me. The
colour of youth had returned to her face and perfect smile played on her
lips. She kissed me deeply and in a chiming voice said, 'darling, you
were magnifique. If I could, I would treasure you forever and sacrifice
myself to you. You are my emperor. Rule me gently, rule me ruthlessly,
or as you will. Darling let us not lose these precious moments. Let us
give each other whatever we have.'

I kissed her deeply and with one action remove her sleeping gown and
said, 'darling, let's fuck in the nude, it is an awesome pleasure that
way. I climbed on her and with one thrust drove my entire penis up to
its root in her cunt, crushing her pubic hair.

Now started a fierce battle of survival, with each of my pushes she
replied violently by squeezing her legs and thrusting her torso upward
to meet the challenge of my succeeding thrust. The collision of our
heated bodies gave forth a melodious thud. Thus, we travelled in the
plains and valleys of desire and devotion. We challenged each other's
vigour and none of us would lose grounds but since I was in full bloom
of my youth, she had to give in.

She trembled ferociously and screamed loudly, 'I want to die in your
arms tonight. Love me strongly, fuck me hard.' In an uncontrolled frenzy
of sexual outburst, she stung me all over, and with her teeth tore the
hair of my chest. She wanted to give big love marks on my neck,
shoulder, but I, with a nod of my head, forbade her the act

Her pink face became ruby red out of pangs of excitement. She shouted
word of passion as a prelude to an orgasm, 'Oh! My love, you are
squeezing life out of me, please tear me from limp to limp.'

She entwined her long legs around my buttocks and heaved upward to bring
her clitoris in direct touch with my prick. With each push, her clitoris
brushed along the entire length of my cock, giving her pleasure point an
additional knock. Her vagina strongly contracted on my penis and she
discharged viciously. She swooned with the excess of pleasure and after
a while she lifted her heavy eyelids, looked at me with an expression of
love, and said. 'Now my darling, revive my listless womanhood and bathe
my cunt with your precious Eau de Love.

I was also at the verge of my limits and shouted, 'Oh! My Helen, I love
more than I have ever loved anyone else. You have given me the nicest
treat of my life. Please let me enjoy the ecstasy for some more while.'

She compressed the head of the penis in her vice-like vagina and
revolved her pelvis in a circular motion, maddening me beyond
expression. I also reached my end and with a final push forced my penis
in her cunt, as far as would go, sent forth a torrent of sperm and
flooded her womb. Squeezing her cunt, she sucked in every drop of the
life-giving potion, nipped on the head of the penis, twisted her pelvis
back and forth, and most sensationally jerked her clitoris against the
root of my penis.

We were somewhat exhausted from that luxurious toil and dozed in a
stupor, in spite of that, the nature was in my favour. I regained the
stiffness as quickly and without the slightest warning to the unaware
lady, pumped my prick in her womb. She was astonished and declared in
open terms, 'darling, you are a scoundrel, but lovely and impatient.
Today you have ravaged and ravished me completely and still your prick
is not dormant. I would have profited if I had befriended a stallion, at
least he would not have your ingenuity.' The simile was maddening. I was

I bade her good night. She, with tearful eyes, suddenly embraced me and
sobbed loudly, 'my darling, I love you and cannot continue to be in this
world without your graceful presence. Please do not abandon me ever!' I
was overtaken in a rapture of melancholy and staggered out of her room
without even a word of consolation on my lips.

End.. but not The End.

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