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Traffic was slow again as she headed for the gym. She felt the stiffness in
her knees and elbows - lack of sleep always did that to her. She was tired from
last night. Jim had woke her up early and asked for breakfast, which she
cheerfully provided. By the time he left, she had only another hour or so to
nap before getting up and dressed for the gym.

The parking lot was not crowded, she got a spot near the door. At least
something was going right!

Inside, her trainer Liz was right there as usual. Liz gave her a smile and
followed her into the changing room.

"Tired?" she asked.

"Well, I didn't get a good night sleep..." Diane muttered. She pulled off her
pants and pulled on a pair of blue exercise tights.

"I guess not, with those two country boys going at you all night..."

Diane spun her head to look at Liz, but Liz had turned around and was walking
out of the room. She knew! She wasn't just a trainer they'd hired, she was in
on the whole thing! Was she part of the group that had been in the hotel room?

Feeling disoriented again, Diane finished changing her clothes. She walked out
into the gym and looked for Liz.

"Over here," she heard Liz call. Liz was standing beside a large weight
machine and holding two handles attached to metal wires. "Come on, I want to
start working on upper body strength!"

Diane took the grips from her and was nearly pulled over. "This is too heavy,"
she protested.

"Nope. You can do it. Let's go!"

Diane grunted as she tried to pull the cords. The weights came up, slowly, but
they came up inside the machine.

"Ten of those, then a rest," Liz told her.

Diane wanted to yell at her, scream "you're one of them!" but she was
distracted by the stretch of her muscles and the feeling of determination to do
the damn exercise no matter what.

"Hey, listen, honey. I just want you to know, you're not the only one, OK?" Liz
said. "Ten of those, then meet me at the treadmill."

Diane braced her feet on the floor and watched Liz walk to the front desk.

When she finally came to the treadmill, Liz was waiting. "You're doing nice
here, I like the way you look. We're going to work your arms a bit this week,
but keep up on the other things as well. You're up to, what? about 100

Diane nodded.

"Good. I want you on this treadmill for 30 minutes, then find me and give me
120 crunches." Diane set the treadmill at a fast pace, then walked away without
another word.

She walked away again. Thirty minutes? At this pace? This was quite a jump
from yesterday. She stepped on the machine and was nearly thrown off. She
gripped the handrails, got her legs running, then jumped back on the treadmill.

By the time she reached the fifteen minute mark, she was soaking with sweat and
panting heavily. This must be double what we did yesterday! she thought. Her
arms were pumping hard and she felt the burning in her legs and calves.

When the timer finally went off and the machine slowed down, she was dripping
sweat and could barely catch her breath. She looked around the room for Liz
and saw her standing near the free weights, staring. No time to a break.

Diane stumbled to the water cooler and took a drink. Then, she walked to where
Liz was standing.

"I can't do this..." she puffed out.

"Nonsense. You're in wonderful shape, from what I hear. Now, get on that
incline board and let's see 120."

Diane's eyes grew wide. "Incline board? We've never done that."

"First time for everything, honey. Let's go."

She reached and locked the board into first position - Diane's feet would be 12
inches or so higher than her head.

Diane lay down on the board and locked her ankles under the pads. With her
knees bent and hands behind her head, she started the count. Pulling herself
up in this position was harder than anything she'd done before. "One..."

Liz stood beside her the entire time, encouraging her, demanding she not stop.
"You can do it, let's go. Remember, there's really no choice, is there?" After
an eternity, Diane finished number 120 and dropped her head down, panting and

"Get up. We're not done."

She rose to her feet, steadying herself against the wall. "I can't even walk,

"All right. I'll give you a break today. Get naked and take 15 in the sauna.
I want everything sweated out of you."

Diane staggered back to the dressing room and peeled off her exercise clothes.
Grabbing a towel from the rack, she made her way into the sauna.

It was a dry sauna and she laid the towel down on the redwood bench before
sitting down. There were two other women there. One was an older woman,
probably in her 50's. She was in good shape, her skin was somewhat leathery,
but her muscles showed good tone. The other woman was grey haired and somewhat
older. Her breasts sagged and the skin hung from her arms and thighs with
little muscle covering the bone.

They looked at the door, then looked at Diane. She had her arms at her sides,
knees relaxed, legs slightly apart. Her eyes were closed but when she opened
them, she saw both women staring directly at her.

"Hi," she said, trying to be cheerful.

The women looked at each other and smiled. The younger one pointed her finger
at Diane.

"I like the way her mouth is shaped. I'll bet she's a good cocksucker."

Diane leaned forward, certain she'd heard wrong.

"No, I don't think so. Looks like a nice motherly type to me. Quick one with
the lights out."

She laughed nervously, certain they were joking, testing her in some way as a
new member of the gym.

"Do I know you?" she asked, trying to break the ice.

"No, Diane, you don't. But we know you. Now, please keep quiet," the older
woman said. She turned to her partner. "As I was saying, a nice twice-a-week
fuck, lights out, on her back, whispering sweet nothings to him."

"I don't know. I'll bet she takes it both ways. Look at her knees, I'll bet
she's been on her knees sucking cock at least twice this week already!"

Diane's head was swimming - did they know something or had they overheard her
name in the gym? She wanted to get up and run out of the room, but Liz had
told her to stay and she did not want to get on her bad side.

"Diane? Would you spread your legs a bit wider? We'd like to see what he's
selling these days."

She felt her stomach knot. They knew. They were in on it, Liz was in on it,
and they were putting her on display here in the sauna for these crones.

Tears welled in her eyes - they immediately dried in the heat.

"Come on, honey, don't be shy. We're all women, you know..."

The two of them laughed. "Come on. Feet up on the bench and open up!" The
woman's voice was stern now, like a schoolteacher scolding an errant child.

Diane leaned back and closed her eyes. She spread her knees and reluctantly
raised her right leg. She planted her foot on the bench.

"Both feet," the older woman reminded her.

Sobbing now, Diane raised her other foot. She felt the hot air between her
legs, on her thighs and her exposed cunt lips.

"Open yourself up a bit." She wasn't sure which of them had said it. Things
were blending together now. She reached down with one hand and spread her lips
slightly apart.

"Oh, come on, you can do better than that. Here..." the younger woman stood up
and lunged at Diane. She stuck her thumbs up inside Diane and used them to
spread her open wide.

"This is nice. I'll bet those boys loved you last night, hm?" She ran her
fingernail over Diane's thigh, tracing a small figure 8. Then, she let go and
went back to her seat.

Diane kept her eyes closed, sobbing softly, hands on her ankles to keep her
feet from slipping off the bench.

Several minutes later, she heard them get up and leave the room without a word.
She put her feet down and her legs back together. Liz came and knocked on the
door. She opened it and stuck her head in. "You did OK. You can get dressed
and go home now."

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