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Don't worry, little bitch

I lay Melany on the couch and get up to intercept Rosa befor she
tries to roll off the bench. She's coughing up alot of saliva - probably
from Spike - and sounds like she's going to get sick.
I wrap my arms around her shoulders and put her head on my chest and
whisper to her, "Shhh. It's over. Your okay now. You did a good thing.
You can relax. Let Spike clean you up now." I hold her legs apart so
Spike can lick up the bloody semen. "There. Now doesn't that feel good?
Good girl." Rosa sobs against me but doesn't struggle.
Melany lays on the couch watching us. She's confused about what
happened, but I can tell that she feels good in a way she's never
experianced before.
I can see Maria is afraid and on the verge of crying so I tell Melany
to go and distract her. She takes Maria to chair on the far side of the
room and they play kissing games. Maria starts to giggle.
Rosa says, "I wanna' go home."
I tell her firmly, "You can't go home now. If you ever want to go
home again, you have to do everything I tell you!"
Rosa starts crying harder. "I want to go home now!"
I put my hand on her cheeks hard and turn her face to mine. "Listen,
you little cunt. Your in no position to do anything right now. If you
don't do EVERYTHING I TELL YOU, I'll make Spike do alot worse things to
you than you ever dreamed of. You got that? And ONLY if your good, will
I finally let you go home. Am I clear?" Rosa stares at me with fear. "I
said 'AM I CLEAR?'!"
Rosa nods shakily.
"Good." I ease up. "Now lets get you ready. Come Spike."
I pick her skinny body up and take her to the bed room. Inside is a
large four poster bed made with solid wood beams and hooks and rings
around and above all over. I put her on the bed and tell her, "Don't
move. Watch her, Spike." and open a closet with all kinds of straps,
bindings, and outfits.
I take back a handful of things and start riveting nylon straps to
her ankles and wrists. Each strap has a one inch ring sticking out on
the inside on the wrists and ankles, and is permanent.
Last, I put a dog collar on her neck. It's studded just like Spikes.
As I clip a leash on her, I tell her, "This is because you are Spikes
bitch now. When ever he wants to fuck you, you must let him. Don't fight
him, he'll hurt you pretty bad and he'll still fuck you in the end." She
looks at Spike and shudders.
"Don't worry, little bitch, he's had you just now so your okay for a
while. And he won't do anything to you if I'm doing things to you." I
Turn around and grab a large stuffed bear that's a little bigger than
Rosa. It has a harness in front of it and a big rubber dildo sticking
"Okay, little bitch, lets see if we can open you up some." I lay the
stuffed bear on it's back on the middle of the bed. "Now lay on it!"
Rosa looks at Spike and Spike growls at her. She moves over to the
bear and stands over it on all four with her legs spread. Rosa looks at
me and I nod and she sinks on to it letting her arms and legs spread
apart. The rubber cock bumps against her still sore little cunt.
"Come on, Rosa, you know where it's supposed to go. Get it in you."
Rosa pushes up on the bears arms with hers and slowly works her
little butt down over the dildo.
"All the way!"
She pushes down hard with her skinny body and forces as much as she
can up into her. While she's pushing, I strap the harness onto her
tightly, ramming the rubber cock hard into her tight vaginal wall. Rosa
lets out a whimper.
I then clip straps to her wrists and ankles securing them to the four
corners of the bed leaving a little play for her to sqirm with. I then
plug in a power cord to the bear and Rosa gasps as the mechanical dildo
pulses and wiggles inside of her.
"You'll be strapped to this every night. Not only does it bend inside
you, but it also inflates as much as you can stretch inside, deflates,
and then inflates again. Each time you'll be able to stretch open a
little more Enjoy."
I stand there and enjoy watching her struggle against the straps, and
listening to her moans until I'm turned on.
I go out to have Melany.

Melany and Maria are kissing more seriously now. I'm happy with that.

"Maria, I have an outfit I want you to try on." I hold up a small
black latex body suit. "So take off your clothes."
Melany and me both help Maria take off her little dress, panties,
undershirt, shoes and socks. The latex suit is tight to get on her, even
for a four year old. When it's finally on Maria looks at a black latex
dildo sticking out the front. I slide Melany down to the edge of the
chair and spread her little legs apart.
"Now, Maria, stick your dildo into Melany right there over and over
again." And I show her how to do it. "Don't forget to kiss her too."
As the four year old humps and kisses the six year old, Melany starts
to kiss back and puts her hands on Maria's butt to pull her into her
I admire Maria's black, shiny, latex covered body. Her tight tiny
butt thrusting into my lover, and Melany is really getting into it. I'm
rock hard.
"Can I join?" I ask them.
Maria steps back, the dildo glistening, and I pick Melany up and set
her on me, facing me, as I sit in the chair. Melany grabs my cock and
cuides it into her and starts to rock her hips like I taught her. Maria
doesn't know what to do.
"Come here, Maria. you can still stick it in her. I'll show you." and
I pick her up and set her on my lap right behind Melany. I guide Maria's
dildo into Melany's ass and pull her closer by her latex covered butt.
Melany closes her eyes and breaths heavily. Maria has her arms around
Melany with her head against her back looking off to one side.
Melany and I are getting into it. Maria is just doing what she's
told. My lover and I are beginning to get sweaty and Maria is probably
getting sweaty from the body suit.
The three of us rock back and forth until I finally cum into Melany.
Melany doesn't cum but she enjoys it anyway. I put my hands on Maria's
tiny body to stop her motion and I hug her close, sandwiching Melany
between us. Melany puts her arms around my neck and pulls my face down
to hers and starts kissing me deeply with her hot, sweaty mouth.
She kisses me with hunger like she's not yet ready for me to be done.
She explores my mouth with her pointy little tounge, trying to force it
in deeper, but it's not long enough to reach my throat. I open my mouth
let her have at it, enjoying the feel of her innocent, new found lust.
Melany then starts to rock her hips again. She needs release! Cripes,
she's only six years old and already she needs to cum! I might be able
to make her cum here, but if she cums watching Rosa's torment, it'll be
faster and I'll be able to fuck her more.
I push her face back. "If you come with me, I can give you that
feeling that you want again." I tell Melany. "You want to feel it?"
Wide eyed and breathless, she nods her head quickly. We get up and I
take both little girls hands and lead them to Rosa's bedroom. When we
get there, Melany stops to watch Rosa. The dildo in Rosa is at the point
of inflating in her and as it stretches her insides again, she make
grunting sounds and her arms and legs strain at thier ties. At its peak
inflation, Rosa's anus puckers out as her cunt is grossly distended.
Melany is almost panting. Spike is asleep in the corner, so I pick up
Maria and set her down behind Rosa and tell her to stick her dildo up
her sisters ass. Maria smiles, she likes this game.
I then stand Melany at the side of the bed so she can get a full,
close view , bend her over on the bed, spread her little legs apart
wide, get on my knees and start fucking her. Melany gasps and grabs at
the mattress to push back at me. I push into her gently at first. As far
as I can, which is about half my cock now. She's stretching out more.
When I hit bottom, I give her a little extra push and Melany barks
out an "Ah". I pull out of her and do it again. In and out, in and out.
I start to feel up her childs body, over her flat chest, down her
baby-fat stomach to her upper legs and thighs. Over her knees and up the
back of her legs to her soft butt cheeks. I jam my thumbs at where her
legs meet her butt and pull them apart as I enter her. I actually get
another inch of my cock into her. I don't pull out but keep pushing into
her hard. Melany is breathing very fast and is still pushing back at me.
I put my hands on her waist and continue pushing.
I feel her cervix start to open up and Melany catches her breath as I
push the head of my cock all the way into her not yet developed womb.
"That's it, baby!" I tell her, "Your taking all of my cock! I'm
gonna' push all of it in you!!"
Melany turns her head to look back at me. Her eyes are wide, her
mouth is open, and her face is red. As I push the last of me into her,
she begins barking out short vowels of pain and pleasure. Her eyes start
to tear up and they run down her face.
"Okay, Melany. Watch Rosa." Melany turns back. "Maria, pull back on
your sisters hair!"
Maria leans forward and grabs two handfulls of Rosa's hair and pulls
back hard. Now we can see Rosa's face. Her eyes are red and watery and
her mouth is open. Just in time, because the dildo is starting its
inflation cycle again.
I lean over to Melany, "Watch her, lover. She's going to cum."
I begin moving in and out of her a little at first, and then more.
Rosa is grunting, her eyes are now shut, and she's pulled her lips back
so we can see her new front teeth, gaps, and some baby teeth. Rosa has
another dildo in her pushing at the inflated one.
Now I'm fucking Melany good. As I plunge deep into her, she's making
high pitched honking noises. I grab a handful of her hair and pull back
on it. This sends her over and she looses control of her legs as we
suddenly lunge forward to the bed. When we hit, I pound deeply into her
and fall on her with all my weight. Melany cums wildly, flopping her
arms and legs around as I finally go over and cum too.
Now most adults can't cum this strong and I pity them. I've got to
keep this child!

When we're done, I pull out and unplug Rosa's rape bear, but leave
her strapped to it. I take Maria out of her latex body suit and towel
her sweat off. Rosa and Melany are already asleep, Melany curled up by
the stuffed sex toy that Rosa's on top of. I cover them with a blanket
and Maria follows me out as I get something to eat.

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