A day with 3 whores - sex stories

A day with 3 whores

A couple days later I was lying in bed with Beth after having an outstanding
post-breakfast fuck with her, and we were discussing my adventures with Karen
Waner. I was actually a bit reluctant to talk about it, since it seemed
something rather special in its innocence and purity. At the same time, I
wanted to talk about it precisely because it had been so special to me. Beth
was the only person with whom I could talk about these things of course,
besides being probably my best friend.

And, because she was my friend, I worried about Beth because she seemed to be
getting more and more into the kinkier aspects of Reward-enabled sex.

Just that morning, for example, she had been telling me about how much she
enjoyed being fucked by two or more men at the same time - usually having one
in her pussy and one in her mouth, although occasionally adding another in
her ass. She suggested that we try it. I told her I wasn't into threesomes,
unless they were majority female. She smiled and called me narrow-minded, an
insult I was prepared to deal with.

However, I suggested an alternative. I wasn't prepared to share her with
another man, I said, but I was willing to share her with myself.

"Huh?" she said, then lit up with a sudden smile as she saw where I was going
with the idea. We were at that moment already in bed, engaging in ordinary
missionary style sex (which, boring as it may sound, remains my favorite). I
simply rolled over, so she was on top of me, and created a clone of myself who
promptly drove his (my?) cock into her ass.

It was strange, to say the least, to be simultaneously fucking a woman in the
cunt and the ass. It was strange to be watching myself having sex with a
woman. It was strange watching myself watching myself. To summarize: It was
strange. And since both cocks and all four eyes were connected to the same
brain, I was on sensory overload.

Beth was enjoying the heck out it too. She loved sex in all its forms, but
she was, as I mentioned, developing a definite preference for the bizarre.
And being fucked by two men who were one man certainly qualified under that
heading. "Oh god, Tom, that's good," she said huskily. Both of me agreed.

A few moments later, though, she decided that she needed a cock in her mouth,
too, so I added a third version of me, who stood over me and stuck his/my
cock into her mouth. I was going nuts with the multiple sensations, as was
Beth, and we both came very quickly (or, all four of us came very quickly).
The sensation of having three ejaculations at once is something that I won't
even bother trying to describe.

I made the clones disappear after their work was done, and Beth lay on top of
me for quite a while, then said, "Wow, we've got to do that a lot more

"I'm not so sure," I replied from beneath her, my cock withering slowly and my
breathing returning to normal. "I don't know if even Reward could prevent me
from having a heart attack on a steady diet of that."

She laughed gently and rolled off me. This was one of the most pleasant parts
of most days for me. The long, laughing conversations I would have with Beth
after or between fucks. She'd tell me about her adventures, while I'd talk
about work or my visits to other worlds.

For a while, I hadn't told her about my marriage to Sharon, worried about how
she'd react, but Beth had merely found it amusing - getting a great laugh out
of our altar fuck (and pointing out, quite properly, that I had little room
to talk about her kinkiness, after pulling off something like that).

She continued to be puzzled about why I put up with Chris. "Look, you've got
lots of alternatives," she was telling me. "You could change her. . . ." I
shook my head. Beth knew that I was adamant on the point of not changing my

"She's your friend," I pointed out. "Do you want me changing your friend?"

"Just a little?" she wheedled, but conceded the point, knowing that I wasn't
going to yield on it. "Well, okay," she went on, "you could divorce her - I
mean it's not like you don't already have another wife. Hell," she added,
inspired, "you could even kill her without anybody catching you."

Even coming from Beth, this shocked me. "Okay," she laughed, "maybe that's not
such a good idea."

We veered off this topic, since it was one we knew we would never agree on,
and I told Beth about Karen Waner. She understood perfectly why it had been
so special for me. And she had a great idea for me.

I had told her about my desire to fuck Cassie, but also that I had felt a lot
of guilt about my pedophile feelings, ever since I had first had Cassie and
Little Bit almost a year previous.

"Instead of fucking Cassie yourself, why don't you have your little boy self
do it?" she suggested. "You didn't feel guilty about Karen, because she was
having sex with a boy her own age - so do the same with Cassie."

I liked it.

Despite her sympathetic viewpoint, there was a part of the Karen story that
Beth didn't understand - baseball.

"I can never understand why men get so hung up on that stuff," she said
musingly, "but if it made you happy, I'm glad for you."

I didn't care for her condescension, and pointed out that Karen had thought it

"Good for Karen," she said with a laugh. "C'mon, Tom, don't get huffy. Tell
you what," she tried to coax me back into a good mood, "just to show I'm
sorry, your kind mistress will allow her humble slave to lick her pussy."

This was a game Beth and I played periodically, where one of us was the slave
for the other, loyally serving his or her master. I laughed at her effort, and
meekly positioned myself over her cunt. "If I lick my mistress's pussy well,
perhaps she'll allow me to lick her asshole?" I begged whiningly.

"Shut up, slave," Beth snarled. "Just do as you're told."

"Yes, mistress," I replied, chastened, and set about my task. I licked at the
edges of her cunt, then into her vagina, slurping up my leftover semen. Then I
went to her clit and sucked and licked it.

Beth groaned, then ordered, "Two tongues, slave!"

I knew that meant she wanted me to lick her clit and put a long tongue far up
her vagina at the same time one of her favorite Reward tricks. I did so, and
she quickly came. I stayed in her pussy for a while afterward, licking up her
juices, then lay beside her again, as she recovered from her orgasm.

"That was really good, Tom," she said softly, "thanks."

"Any time," I replied.

Beth was pensive for a while, thinking. Then she said, "You know what I want,
Tom? I want a real slave."

I was puzzled. "But you've already got all the guys you could ever use - and
you can make them do anything you want, so I don't get it - what do you

She thought for a moment. "I mean like the pictures I've seen of doms - I
think that's what they're called. You know, with the black leather teddies,
and fishnet hose, and all that. And they've got stiletto heels and a whip,
and they've got some guy tied up, eating their pussy."

Like I said, Beth was developing some interesting tastes.

"Well you can do all that if you want to," I said. "What you need, I guess,
is a place to do it right - a dungeon."

"Yeah," Beth said excitedly. "That would be cool - a real dungeon."

I thought. I mentioned that we had just added a basement to our house, so
naturally my thoughts ran in that direction. I gave Reward a command, and led
Beth into her walk-in closet. She followed, wonderingly.

In the back I touched the wall, and it opened, showing a staircase of
ancient, damp, worn stone, with walls dripping moisture, lit by torches in
wall sconces. We walked down, our steps echoing, and found at the bottom a
room fitted with every type of ancient and modern torture device. It came
complete with several victims chained to the wall - handsome young men with
chains on their ankles and/or wrists, who cowered in fear as their cruel
mistress strode into the room. The cruel mistress found to her surprise that
Reward had clothed her in exactly the manner she had just described.

Beth looked about with eyes glistening with excitement. "Yeah," she breathed,
"this will really be fun." She checked out her slaves. "You know," she said,
"Reward really does good work - these are some prime hunks."

"I'm glad you approve," I said, "because you're sure as hell not getting me
down here."

Beth shook her head with a laugh. "You know, darling, I love you dearly, but
you really are a terrible prude some times."

I agreed, and after a good-bye kiss I left her to go to work. As I was
climbing the stairs, I heard her tell a slave, "You - suck this pussy NOW.
And you damn well better do it right, or I'll whip you." Then she laughed.
"Hell, maybe I'll whip you anyway."

When I got to the office, my assistant, Wendy, was waiting for me. Wendy, as
I mentioned previously, had been hired when Sharon quit when we got married.
She had been hired when I sent a personnel requisition form over to Human
Resources, telling them that what I wanted was a brainless fuckpuppet.

HR ran a help wanted ad under the heading "Brainless Fuckpuppets", and a week
or so later Kathy, the HR person, came by my office, saying, "Tom, I think we
found just exactly the sort of assistant you're looking for. She's has an IQ
in the low/average range, she's very pretty, she has a great body, and under
'interests' on the application, she put down, 'I like to fuck.' In the
interview, when I asked about books, she said she likes to read 'dirty
books', and when we discussed movies, she said she likes 'dirty movies, the
dirtier the better.' At the conclusion of the interview, she pulled up her
skirt and asked if I'd like to lick her pussy."

"Sounds about right," I agreed. "Send her on over and I'll interview her."
After I had interviewed her in multiple positions, I agreed that Wendy was
eminently qualified for the job, and she was hired on the spot, though I had
Reward rein her in a bit, in the interests of office decorum..

Wendy was 22, 5-5, 115, and had a 35C-23-35 figure (enough numbers?). She was
blonde (of course) with a cheerleader attitude - always chipper and perky as
hell. Previously, she had worked as a receptionist at a radio station, where
her principal responsibility apparently was to fuck the clients, so they
wouldn't pay any attention to the station's lousy ratings.

Unfortunately, a new program director was hired, ratings picked up, and Wendy
was let go. However, some people just have the knack of always landing on
their feet (or, in Wendy's case, on her back), and Wendy, having been fired
as receptionist at a second-rate radio station, was hired as assistant to the
exec vp of the hottest ad agency in the region. Go figure.

So, as I arrived this morning, Wendy was waiting at the door of my office with
my coffee. She was dressed in one of her tight little miniskirts, just barely
acceptable office attire. "Hello, Mr. Mallory, I hope you had a nice drive in
this morning," she chirped with a huge smile. She followed me into the office
and put the coffee down on my desk, where the morning papers were already

Then she smiled again. "Do you want to have me now, Mr. Mallory, or would you
like me to come back after you've read the paper?"

I told her I wanted to read the paper first. I knew she'd be disappointed
because she loved our morning sessions - hell, she loved any session, any
time, as long as it involved having a cock inside her. But she never showed
any disappointment; the smile and chipper voice were constants. "Okay," she
said, "I'll just wait outside until you're ready. Let me know if you need
more coffee."

In about fifteen minutes I called her and she entered the office expectantly,
but I just asked for more coffee. The thought occurred to me to tease her all
morning just to see what would happen, but I decided that would be cruel.
About a half-hour later, as I finished up the sports section, I called her in

"Yes, Mr. Mallory?" she asked, starting to close the door, but looking at me
to get a signal.

"I think I'm ready for you now, Wendy," I said.

"Oh good," she replied. "How do you want me?" she asked, beginning to
unbutton her blouse. Wendy had a terrific set of tits that stuck out like
nose cones -- she was justifiably very proud of them, and her first act on
these occasions was always to open her blouse.

I told her I thought I'd like her bent over my desk, and she obediently
leaned over and pulled her short skirt up. Wendy never wore underwear of any
kind, of course, since it might delay her fucks by a few seconds. She spread
her legs and reached back, smiling at me as she asked, "Ass or pussy?"

I told her I thought I'd prefer her pussy right now, and she pulled her labia
open, looking back hungrily at the cock approaching her opening.

I slid my cock into her vagina, remarkably tight despite having been a
heavily traveled thoroughfare over recent years. She immediately pushed back
against me; one of the things I liked about Wendy was that she needed not a
minute of foreplay to be going at full power. Not that she didn't like
foreplay, too -- she liked anything involving sex, and was ready to play for
hours if that was what I wanted. She just didn't need it - she was always
ready to fuck.

Which was what she was doing now. She expertly picked up my rhythm and
perfectly matched the motion of her hips to mine. When I was in and we were
going, she released her pussy lips and put one hand to work stroking her
clit, while the other played with one of her breasts.

She turned to smile at me and asked, "Do you want my tits?"

I couldn't turn down such an offer, and reached around to fondle her
beautiful, firm breasts as they hung down from her ribcage. I stroked them
softly (hard/soft, gentle/rough, she loved it all) and she came.

Wendy had quiet orgasms, which was probably just as well, considering how
many she had. In this fuck, she had three, the second coming when I stuck a
finger in her ass, and the third a few minutes later when I shot my load up
her cunt.

As soon as we had both recovered, Wendy was immediately on her knees in front
of me, cleaning me off, then pulling up my pants and putting my cock away
with a fond farewell kiss. "Mr. Mallory, have you ever gotten a girl
pregnant?" she asked as she got up.

I stared at her. I knew she wasn't bright, but . . . the pictures of my kids
were on my desk - she had just moved them aside while we fucked.

She giggled. "Oh I know you're married, and you've got kids. What I meant was,
have you ever gotten anybody other than your wife pregnant?"

I didn't feel like explaining The Mallory Empire and my various other lives,
so I just said no.

She was absently using a tissue to swab up some of the excess semen running
down her legs. "Well," she said, looking up from her work, "I've been
thinking about having a baby -- would you like to knock me up?"

This wasn't a question for which I had a ready answer, so I just suggested
that we should think about it and discuss it later. She agreed, with one of
her gorgeous smiles, kissed me, and, stuffing a couple tissues up her pussy
to keep things in place until she could get to the ladies room, she left,
telling me to call when I wanted to have her again.

The afternoon involved a reminder of unfinished business and a lesson in, if I
may be so grand about a piece of ass, a dream deferred.

The dream in question was Debbie Kowalski. Remember her? Many months before
-- the previous summer, to be exact -- Debbie had come to work in our office
as a summer intern. She immediately sent my blood pressure skyrocketing, and
I had planned, on a number of occasions, to slip my dick into her, but never
got around to it - probably because I tried to get fancy instead of just
taking her. I even created Tom O'Malley for the express purpose of bagging
Debbie, but he got distracted by Ashley Benedict.

Summer ended, Debbie went back to school and, for the most part, I had
forgotten her. The lesson? Sometimes if you put something off, it becomes an
obsession, but also, sometimes you just pretty much forget about it.

I had forgotten about Debbie Kowalski, but here she was back in my office. She
would be graduating in a couple of months and had decided to come by to visit
that nice Tom Mallory guy to see if he could offer some career advice.

Having her sit in front of me in her demure, well-cut business suit reminded
me why I had once wanted her so badly, and I decided I might as well have her
today, which would probably be the last time I'd ever see her, so there would
be no regrets.

For the most part Debbie wanted to know whether I thought she should take a
position with an agency in LA that had made her an offer, or take another
offer to join the marketing department of a manufacturer in Texas.

I questioned her for a while about her career goals and what she knew about
the two firms. After a bit of discussion and a few leading questions on my
part, she had pretty much settled on taking the Texas position.

Finally, she began to get up from the couch where we were both sitting. "I
know you're busy, Mr. Mallory, and it was really nice of you to give me so
much of your time."

"No problem, Debbie," I replied with a smile, "I'm always ready to help a
young person get started."

I had Reward plant some ideas in her.

"I really wish there was some way I could repay you for all your help," she
said. This inability to properly show her gratitude seemed to bother her

"Don't worry about it," I assured her.

Suddenly she brightened. "I know what," she said happily, "how 'bout if you
fuck me? Would you like that?" She began unbuttoning her blouse.

"That would be very nice, Debbie," I replied, leaning forward to feel her
large, soft breasts, as she finished unbuttoning her blouse, "if you're sure
it's no problem."

"Not at all, Mr. Mallory," she replied with her friendly smile. "It's the
least I can do for you after all your help."

With that she removed her bra, allowing her big breasts to break free. They
were actually a bit of a disappointment, after the long expectation, but I
quickly decided it was only the expectation that made the reality pale -- by
any other standard, Debbie had a fine body.

Her breasts were larger and less firm than I usually hope for, but they
weren't bad. The rest of her, which was being revealed quickly, was A-1. When
her skirt and pantyhose were off I was treated to a firm, round ass and long,
shapely legs. Her belly was hard and smooth, and as her panties came down her
legs, they revealed a nicely trimmed small pussy with protruding inner lips.

"You've got a beautiful body, Debbie," I told her quite truthfully.

She smiled happily. "I'm glad you like it," she said, standing up to face me
as I sat on the sofa. Her pussy was approximately at eye-level, and she
opened it to reveal a lovely pink grotto between the big inner lips.

I put my hand forward to stroke her, rubbing one of her lips between thumb
and forefinger. She sighed and closed her eyes, jutting her hips forward to
ask for more. I put out a finger to find her vagina. She wasn't yet wet, so I
just rubbed lightly at the entrance, slowly drawing enough moisture to go
forward a little. Then my finger was in all the way, and Debbie's legs were
spread, her hips thrusting her cunt forward to ride my finger.

Soon there was another finger in her, and then a thumb on her clit. "Turn
around, Debbie," I urged her, and she immediately put her lovely ass in my
face, then bent over and reached behind to pull open her cunt. Again I
fingered her for a while, then leaned forward to begin licking her. She was
hot and wet now, and she pushed her ass back against my face, trying to get
my tongue farther up her vagina. Meanwhile I added a finger on her clit and
another finger in her asshole, and in just a few minutes she was coming.

I eased her down onto the sofa, where she could recover from her orgasm. She
leaned against me for a few moments, then thanked me. "I was going to do you a
favor, with a fuck, but you did me one," she said with a kiss. She nuzzled my
neck for a minute, then whispered in my ear, "How'd you like a blowjob?"

I acknowledged that it sounded like a great idea, but I also had another one.
I asked Debbie to wait just a second, which she did, though a bit puzzled,
while I went to the door. Opening it a crack, I called Wendy in.

Wendy, of course, was not in the least surprised at finding a naked girl on my
sofa, exclaiming, "Wow, she's cute! Can I play with her?"

Debbie was taken aback, but I didn't give her a chance to question. I sat down
and said, "How 'bout that blowjob?" Debbie shrugged to show that she was game,
and knelt on the floor between my legs. Wendy, quickly stripping, knelt behind
her. As Debbie took my cock in her mouth for a few exploratory licks, Wendy
began massaging her ass and reaching around to squeeze a tit. Debbie didn't

It was a pretty good blowjob, but I got most of my thrills from watching the
lesbian show as Wendy began licking and biting Debbie's neck while playing
with her tits. Her left hand was hidden from me, but it appeared to be in
either Debbie's butthole or pussy. It was busy somewhere in that
neighborhood, anyway.

Debbie, who was initially dubious about the proceedings, seemed to be getting
into it pretty quickly, and the effect was felt on my cock. As her hips began
to move with the fingerfuck Wendy was giving her, her mouth began to move
more quickly on my cock. And as she got more excited, she began to moan in
pleasure, which created an interesting vibratory effect as my cock moved down
into her throat.

After Debbie began humming her pleasure as I stroked into her, I needed only a
few strokes before I directed a stream of sperm down her throat. Debbie seemed
hardly to notice, however, so concentrated was she on the ministrations of

As I pulled my withering cock out of her mouth, Debbie sank slowly to the
floor and spread her legs to allow Wendy easier access to her cunt. Wendy
continued to finger her, and now began licking Debbie's tits. Soon, though,
Debbie pulled Wendy up to her face to kiss her -- from the looks of things,
however hesitant she was at the outset, this would not be Debbie Kowalski's
last lesbian experience.

I had Reward supply Wendy with a strap-on dildo, and as the two young women
embraced, Wendy slowly began to insert the big fake cock into Debbie's rather
small cunt. I enjoyed the sight of the little pussy stretching open and Debbie
spreading her legs farther and farther apart in an effort to give Wendy room.
Soon, however, the dildo was in and Wendy was slowly stroking.

By that point I was thoroughly aroused by the show, and needed someplace to
put my cock. I thought of my morning experience with Beth and decided to make
a fuck sandwich out of Debbie. Actually, Wendy would have been easier, since
she was on top, but today was Debbie's day, so I had them roll over. With
Debbie on top, riding Wendy's big dildo, I stepped up behind her, pulled her
delicious ass cheeks apart, and put my cock at the entrance to her ass.

Debbie turned around and said, simply, "Oooh, I've never done that." No
objection was made, however, as the head of my cock slowly pushed open her
sphincter. She was ready to try anything.

The tight virgin ring gave way grudgingly, but after a few moments, I had an
inch or so of cock inside her. Debbie slowed her ride on Wendy to give me the
opportunity to get in her, and began pushing back against me to help in the
effort. While they waited, the girls played with each other's tits. "Cool,"
was Debbie's only comment when I told her I was in.

Now I began to slowly pull out, then in again, while Debbie again began her
ride on Wendy's dildo. It took some effort to get our timing right, but
eventually we were all stroking together and Debbie, in the center, came

Wendy and I paused while Debbie moaned through her recovery. I hadn't come
and, much as I was enjoying Debbie's ass, I wanted some of her pussy, too.
When Debbie had recovered, therefore, I suggested a shift in positions.

"I think you owe Wendy a good suck," I suggested to Debbie, so I had her get
between Wendy's wide-open legs, while I got behind her. Debbie was new to
cunnilingus, but, judging by Wendy's moans of pleasure, she was a quick
learner. Meanwhile, I was enjoying Debbie's tight little cunt, which was
thoroughly warmed up when I got in.

The harder I fucked, the harder Debbie sucked, and Wendy's hands were soon on
her head, pulling her in. Then Wendy wrapped her legs around Debbie's head and
began fucking her face. Wendy came first, bucking her hips harder and grunting
loudly as she did. Debbie was right behind, collapsing face first into Wendy's
pussy. The convulsions that shook her body had me shooting into her a second

The three of us lay in a heap on the carpet for quite a while, then we slowly
climbed up off the floor and began to get dressed. I thanked Debbie for the
fuck, and she thanked me for the career advice.

As she was leaving, I noticed she stopped at Wendy's desk to give her her
phone number.

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