A Donkey Named Peter - sex stories

A Donkey Named Peter

Human sexual activity with animals is not as rare as has been
thought; a great deal of curious sexual experimentation goes on
between girls and their dogs and cats, between women and their
pets. Only a small percent continue it.
Roger Blake, Ph.D., in his book Beauty/Beast, Vol 1, writes:
"... the statistical possibilities are that one female in twenty
and one male among every twelve to fourteen are currently engaging
in bestial relations, have had sexual contact with animals, or
will have sex relations with one or more animals."
Extrapolation of the Kinsey reports' figures indicates that
right now there are approximately five million females in this
country who have, will have, or are having sex contacts with
Sex acts between women and larger animals pigs, ponies,
donkeys, horses is thought to be limited to commercial sex
circuses and exhibitions by prostitutes, but a secret, not-too-
rare area of such activity exists on the farms. There, widows and
young women often experiment with larger animals and sometimes
develop intense emotional attachments to their animals.
Recently a Swedish girl who posed for a number of
pornographic picture magazines with her stallion, pig, donkey, and
dogs and cat was interviewed and said she had been having sexual
contacts with animals since she was seven years old. She claimed
she'd rather have sex with an animal than with a strange man.
Why a woman seeks or accepts sex with an animal is a question
with many answers. One reason is that the raw, uninhibited power
of an animal is attractive to a certain kind of woman--the
masochist--who seeks punishment through the pain and humiliation
of sex acts with animals.
Roger Blake comments on this factor thus: "I feel that vast
numbers of urban women who are bestialists may also be masochists.
The contact with an animal 'is a degradation, 'proving' that they
are real 'bitches' to themselves."
Certainly this has to be part of the motive money is the
excuse--of the prostitute who perform sexually with animals in
"circuses" and exhibitions.
There is an interview in this book with such a woman who
"does it" with dogs.
True names and places have all been changed or omitted.

Chapter 1
April's Boy

One of the healthy, admirable things about today's youth is
its honesty, especially in relation to sex.
And among the most open and candid of young people today are
those generally described as "hippies."
It is my good fortune to know a number of them and to be
trusted by them.
I do not deliberately seek out sex histories from them, but
in long hours of talking about every subject imaginable, sex
always comes up and often we will bare our "secrets."
So it was when I talked with April about love in general and
how it can exist in the strangest places and between the
unlikeliest people.
The point arose that we are all animals and that a deeply
emotional love could (and often does) exist between an animal and
a human, and that it would not be unusual or unbelievable for
there to be a sexual element involved.
Dr. John F. Trimble agrees with this. In Female Bestiality
he writes: "In my opinion, most authorities seem to overlook the
fact that, in the case of domestic pets, the very reason for
having the pet is to have something alive that one can dominate
and love in a purely selfish (although sometimes apparently
unselfish) manner. The person bestows affection on the animal,
and where affection is possible, so is physical response and
Roger Blake, in his Beauty/Beast, Vol 1, mentions: "... I
have run across some cases of female bestiality where a very
loving and affectionate relationship has been inculcated for both
the mistress and her dog."
April nodded and frankly told me of a sexual thing she had
going for a while with her dog, a full-grown greyhound, when she
was still living with her dad on their farm where they raised and
raced a stable of dogs at the Oregon, Mexican, and Montana tracks.
She was fifteen at the time. She is now eighteen, living
with two young men as their wife and is apparently quite happy and
She agreed to let me tape her story and to put it into a book
if the opportunity arose. Of course April is not her real name.
"When Mom died, Dad sort of threw himself into making the
farm go and I guess I did, too. We lived and breathed greyhounds
and races and training. I went to sleep with dogs barking a few
feet from my window and woke up at dawn with them barking at the
sunrise and wanting breakfast.
"I was fifteen and I was itchy for sex but I didn't know it.
I had hot flashes and I was always squirming around in bed and
masturbating like mad before going to sleep, but I was a dope, I
just didn't think it was unusual. I guess it wasn't unusual,
actually. I was mature for my age. I had my growth, as they say,
by the time I was thirteen and that's about the time I started
masturbating like a mink."
"I didn't know it was 'bad.' It felt pretty damn good to me.
Physically, I needed a boy to fuck the shit out of me, but I
didn't know any, really, I didn't. We were on the go almost all
the time, driving up to Oregon for the track season or over to
Montana or down to the tracks across the border ... and I met lots
of men--shit, they were drooling all over me--but I was scared of
them and I was a silly virgin ... you know how it goes."
"And I had to take care of Dad--he limped around with that
short leg from the accident--and I had to take care of the dogs
"My special dog was April's Boy. That was his official name
for racing. I just called him Bo. He was mine, heart and soul.
He loved me and I loved him. He had the biggest, widest, brownest
eyes you ever looked into. He was so sleek and beautiful. He was
"I loved to hug him--I went out at night and went into his
private run and just hugged him! He was so warm and vibrant! So
full of energy and life!"
"He didn't win often. He could have--he had all kinds of
speed, but he couldn't learn to cut right on the turns. He'd be
ahead going into a turn and lose it all on the outside. Then he'd
get up on the finish, but always be third or fourth. It was
heartbreaking. He tried so hard. I cried like a baby when he
came so close."
"I guess the sex part started one night after I had been
masturbating like crazy for about an hour. I would get absolutely
wild from fingering myself off half a dozen times. I just got
hotter and hotter, squirming around ... my nipples stuck out a
mile, I was so worked up. Then and my clitoris. The more I
rubbed it the bigger and harder it got. Finally it was almost too
sensitive to touch. I just lay there in bed shivering and itching
and wanting a man's cock in me so bad ... but afraid to try it for
fear of getting pregnant and having a messy affair and being some
guy's property."
"I was thinking in straight, square terms then. And none of
the men I knew appealed to me as husband material."
"So I rubbed myself off all the time and thought about my
prince charming with a hard six or seven inches who was a
millionaire who would find me and marry me."
"The sex thing with Bo started one night on the farm after we
got back from a three-week run in Mexico. I started masturbating
to get rid of some sex tension that had built up and I got myself
all wet and juicy and I came off about five times, but it wasn't
enough. I was thinking more and more about sticking a banana or
something up in me and fucking myself, just to feel something up
where the itch really was."
"As you can see, I'm a kind of chubby girl with nice fat legs
and a nice fat ass. Also I've got a really nice pair on me.
Talking into a tape recorder like this is fun ... no one's going
to know my real name or where we live, so I can really level and
be flat-out honest."
"So--you're going to let this bit get into the book, too?
Why not? If I don't talk too much? I guess you'll cut out what
you don't want, huh?"
"To get back to what I was yakking about--good old sex--can
we play it back?"
"Okay, yeah. A lot of teenage girls masturbate a lot, a
helluva lot more than most people think. It's so easy after you
get the hang of it, and these days with sex education and anatomy
and books all around, a girl learns all about her body, especially
the clitoris and what it's for."
"So, I was rolling my clitoris around under my finger, in the
soup that accumulates in me down there when I'm hot and I started
sliding my finger into my vagina, too, as far as I could."
"I was technically a virgin because I hadn't been fucked yet,
but my hymen was gone from all the fingering I'd done in there."
"I was working myself up good again in bed that night, one
finger going in and out and the middle finger of my other hand
rubbing away on my clitoris. I was laying there naked, knees
wide, panting away, staring up at the dark ceiling."
"It still wasn't good enough, though. So I tried two fingers
inside. It was a different sensation and I went off again. But
that itch continued in a really heavy way. My whole vagina felt
... well, I was aware of it. I could feel the whole length of it
in my belly, reaching up inside me, like a ... like the inside
surface of it was sensitive. I know girls aren't supposed to be
able to feel anything in the vagina, but I swear I did. Still do,
actually. There's got to be some nerves in the lining."
"And I had this special itch way up at the top in my belly."
"Then I heard Bo out in his yard, whining and barking, like
he was calling me. He kept it up seemed like for hours. And I
couldn't get to sleep. I tossed and turned and my mind kept
ticking away and my belly glowed inside and Bo kept whimpering
"Finally, I put on a robe and went out to see Bo. I could
hear him whining. I was naked under the robe, and barefoot, but
it was a hot night and dry."
"I went into his run and petted him and hugged him. He was
excited. He was sort of shivering against me. His coat was
smooth and silky and he was very warm. I could feel his heart
going faster than usual."
"I couldn't resist--I opened my robe and pulled him against
my body. My breasts felt funny touching his fur. My nipples were
like hot, aching fingers."
"It was a special kind of turn-on. He was so human and so
loving and so alive! I crooned to him and petted him and rubbed
his coat. And I guess I cried a little, too. We were both
losers. He couldn't win and I was stuck with him and the other
dogs and with Dad. I wasn't getting to school enough. I didn't
see any way out. I thought my life would always be that way."
"Bo whined to me like he understood. He licked my face and
neck. God, I loved him. I hugged him so hard."
"I guess he could smell me--my wetness and how sexed up I
was. Maybe girls smell like female dogs. He started making
little sounds and making fucking moves. Aimless, because it was
just instinct and there wasn't a bitch around for him."
"It was a moonlit night and I could see. Bo had an erection.
I'd seen dogs with hards before, plenty of times, but there I was
hugging this man-sized dog, this warm, 'human' pet of mine, and
rubbing my breasts against him, and I was horny, and then ...
there's his prick sliding out all dark and wet and long."
"It shocked me. You know, it was like, 'Can't I trust even
you?' But then I knew better. He was in heat like me. We were
both in the same boat."
"Then Bo did something--wow, it blew my mind--he sort of
hunched over and started licking my breasts. Maybe it was the
salt in the sweat he was after ... but he started dragging that
long, hot, rough tongue of his over my nipples and it was like
jagged lightning!"
"I just gritted my teeth and enjoyed it! It was that kind of
sensation--intense and spine-curling. He was drooling a little.
His saliva dropped onto my belly. I rubbed it into my skin. I
was really hot. I was shivering like him every time his tongue
scraped over a nipple. The skin around my nipples was sensitive,
"I was sitting on the ground with my robe wide open and my
legs wide open, and he was crouched between my legs, slobbering
and whining and licking my breasts ... just as if he knew, like he
knew it was getting to me."
"I was ... it was a kind of moon-madness, I think. It was
past midnight, there was nobody around who could see. Dad's room
was on the far side of the house. I knew he slept like a log a
drugged log. He always took pills to sleep since the accident."
"So I just let Bo lick me and I kept rubbing his saliva into
my belly and then I was rubbing it lower and lower, till I had it
lathered into my mound-hair. He kept on licking me! He dug it!
My beautiful Bo really dug turning me on."
"I was breathing hard, just like he was, and before I knew it
I had a hand between my legs and was fingering myself again. I
was sopping wet down there. My clitoris was like a smooth, oiled
ball-bearing. God, it felt great! I rolled it and rolled it ..."
"I went off right away. I guess I groaned. Bo whined and
licked my face. Then he snuffled down at my ... I guess I better
call it what I usually call it--he started snuffling at my cunt.
Snorting, kind of."
"I took his head in my hands and talked to him. It was
insane. 'Want to eat your mommy's cunt, Bo?' I kissed him on the
nose. I petted him. He was trembling."
"I guided his head to my breasts and he started licking my
nipples again. He was drooling more than ever."
"My breasts had a hot feeling inside, like warm Jell-O was
inside, and the nipples were sticking out, still hard, still
sending shivers through me each time his tongue sandpapered over
one of them."
"Then I--I wanted to do something for him. He was suffering
so. He was so in love with me and so--human. He couldn't help
being a dog."
"So I reached up under him and I touched his penis--his cock.
It was like a red-hot poker, sticking out like that from his
belly. When I touched it he did a little dance, but he kept on
licking my breasts."
"I put my fingers around it and it was like holding a
slippery, jumping, hot candle. It was really all the way out,
too. It was surprising. Bo was a big greyhound, though. I think
his cock was at least seven inches long. Not very thick, though,
but long. Touching it made me feel funny in the gut."
"He started making short, sharp, fucking movements, sort of
automatically, with my hand holding his cock. It went in and out
of my hand like a greased piston. Fast. I can still feel it in
my hand. It was so strange and weird and perverted ... but I kept
on holding his cock and he kept fucking my hand so damned fast!"
"He was whining and making small chest sounds, sort of
growls, but not quite, and he started fucking my hand even faster!
It was sort of terrifying how fast he could make fucking
"And in the middle of his cock--about halfway down from the
end--his cock started to swell up. It got a kind of bulge in it,
like a knot. It was like an egg had grown inside his cock there.
It was hard and hot. It was all blood-gorged tissue. Dogs get it
there when they're really worked up. Sometimes the blood can't
get out again for a long time and the swelling stays there for
hours, all congested and painful."
"I knew Bo was close to shooting when I felt that knot get
big in my hand. But I didn't realize how close!"
"Before I knew it was happening--wow he was shooting all over
my belly and breasts. Squish squish squish squash!"
"It shook me. With my hand around his jerking cock I felt
that big throb, that swelling, each time he squirted--but so fast!
"Suddenly I was covered with his stuff and he was off and
away, sort of prancing around the run, frisky as hell, happy as
hell, with his tongue lolling out and grinning."
"A dog sure can grin. He was just like a man. I smelled and
I was icky and sticky, but I had to laugh, he was so funny."
"I patted him on the head and went into the house. I had to
hold my robe closed, but out away from my front so I wouldn't get
it smeared with his stuff."
"I took a shower and went to bed again. I went right to
sleep, too, which surprised me in the morning when I woke up and
realized it."
"I wasn't ashamed of what I'd done with Bo. It was just
something very private--just between him and me. I knew he
wouldn't tell ..."
"Oh, yeah, it happened again."
"I didn't think about it, I didn't plan for it to happen
again. But the same sort of pressures started working on me and I
was unconsciously intrigued, I guess, and wanted to do it again."
"During the time between when I went to feed him and exercise
him and train him, Bo was very good. I mean, he did everything
right. He even ran some races I didn't think he was capable of,
against three of our best dogs."
"Just for me, I think."
"But it was embarrassing sometimes he'd see me in the morning
and bark and leap up on me and his cock would slide out--all
shocking pink and wet and long."
"Right away I had to teach him 'NO!' After a couple times of
pushing him away and a hard voice he got the idea. He learned to
stay down and not presume."
"But he kept looking at me kind of puzzled and yearning and
hoping, all the time. He didn't forget."
"Well, finally, one night I was that way again. I went into
Dad's room and saw he was out sleeping like a dead man; just his
chest moving. Zonked on barbs."
"I went into my room and turned the light on and took off my
robe and pajamas and looked at myself in the mirror. Like I said,
I've got a fine pair of breasts and my nipples stick out good, but
the rest is nice, rounded fat. Plump ... pleasingly plump. I
haven't changed any in the three years since ... not physically
"I could hear Bo calling me ... sort of a low howl, and the
"I turned off the light and went to bed naked and tried to
sleep, but my hands kept going to my breasts and twisting my
nipples. Not a hard twist, just enough to make them tingle and
ache and feel funny."
"And then I was on my back, legs up, hands down in my crotch,
working away with busy--busy fingers.
"God, how I finger-fucked myself! Two fingers in and out as
fast as I could move them. I guess I was unconsciously trying to
imitate Bo's speed."
"But I missed his warmth and big, strong body and the feel of
his fur, and the way he panted with his tongue lolling out and the
way he licked me. And the way he responded to me, the way his big
brown eyes followed me everywhere."
"But even using my finger--two of them jabbing deep into my
cunt--I still had a tremendous orgasm. I closed my eyes and had a
vision--Bo fucking me with that long, hot, wet pink candle of a
cock of his--and I came like lightning hit my guts."
"It left me gasping and shaking. And I heard him out there
in the dark, calling to me. And I wanted to go to him."
"I fought it a little. I loved him and I knew he needed me.
But I was afraid of myself. I was afraid I'd offer myself to him.
It was weird. But a sex-ridden, all-mixed-up fifteen-year-old
girl can get so emotionally screwed up sometimes, it isn't funny.
My whole life was greyhounds, racing, and my dad (and he was
impossible to talk to ... he was like a hermit almost; he never
talked to me). I was in isolation, didn't have any girl friends
or boyfriends, and kept a lot to myself ... All I had was Bo."
"So I lay in bed with my fists clenched trying not to hear
him. And my belly was itching again and I was rubbing my thighs
tight together and my breasts were getting a hot feeling."
"Finally I just started crying and got up and put on an old
robe (an old robe deliberately) and went out to him."
"The other dogs smelled me, too, and they snuffled around in
their runs and houses and barked some, too. But Bo had a special
voice. I could tell his call every time."
"I let myself into his run and locked the gate. He seemed to
sense this was different than during the day when Dad or someone
else was around and he had to behave."
"He pranced around me, whining eagerly, smelling me, his nose
sort of flexing and wet in the dark, his paws making patterings on
the hard-packed earth."
"I said, 'Hi, Bo. Your mommy's here.' I knelt down on the
ground and took his long, muscular neck in my arms. I kissed his
sleek head and whispered in his ear."
"He started trembling in my arms and rolled his eyes and his
rump started to wriggle and bob up and down."
"'Ohhh, does April's Boy have a yen?' He was whining loudly.
I stroked his back and side and slid my hand down under to his
upcurving belly and back to his loins."
"It was out, all right. The minute he felt the touch of my
fingers he started jabbing the air."
"I took my hand away. 'Don't you want to lick my breasts,
Bo?' I opened my robe and exposed my breasts. I took his head in
my hands and guided him."
"He snuffled at my breasts and then his tongue fell out of
his mouth and slurped up over my left breast."
"It sent shivers through me. I petted him. I cupped my left
breast and offered it to him again. He licked it again. My
nipple felt like a Fourth of July sparkler! 'Oh, good boy, good
boy ...'"
"He got the idea I liked it. He kept on licking with that
long, warm, groovy tongue."
"I leaned back to make it easier for him to lick, and then I
was flat on my back on the ground and he was standing over me, his
long neck reaching down to me, his tongue slurping over my naked
breasts, leaving a trail of saliva all over and I just let him
lick me where he wanted."
"I was in a kind of dizzy spell. I was sort of paralyzed. I
couldn't seem to move."
"He licked closer and closer to my crotch. Then he snorted
and snuffled and his tongue sort of slurped right into my crotch,
right into the juices."
"Talk about electrifying sensations! Talk about dreadful
delight! My head was swimming. My heart was going thunk-thunk-
thunk! My guts were icky with scaredness, and his saliva was
cooling, drying on my breasts and belly and his tongue was lapping
in my crotch, slapping up against my cunt!"
"My legs opened up all by themselves. He was dragging that
long, wet, silky-rough tongue up into my crotch again and again,
right over the lips of my cunt, tasting my juices and liking it, I
guess. He was snuffling loud and putting that cold wet nose down
in there, too."
"I think my clitoris was sticking out like a sore thumb
because his tongue was grazing over the tip of it. Jesus Christ,
what a screamy-creamy feeling! My ass lifted off the ground each
time he slithered that tongue up my slit. I was frazzling."
"I mean I was coming! He kept up that licking there for a
minute or two and I was in orgasm every second."
"Then he broke and ran around me in small circles, barking
and whining. His cock was sticking out like a poker under him."
"I just laid there and was dizzy. It was like a dream."
"I called him to me. He came and lowered his head and licked
my face. I laughed and petted him and pulled him around so I
could get my hands on his cock."
"He pranced and stepped on my chest and then got one hind
foot next to my head and one hind foot next to my right armpit."
"He was right over me! I got my right hand around that long,
moist, red cylinder of a cock and put my other hand on his back to
steady him and keep him in position, and he started fucking my
"I was looking right up at it. He was hunched, his ass down,
jabbing away--right in front of my face."
"It was like looking down the barrel of a cannon. I knew
when he shot off, it would go all over my face and get in my hair
and everything."
"But I didn't care. He was so exciting to watch! His ass
was working so fast. That thin, long cock was moving in my fist
like a piston. He was so alive, so eager, so basic and
unrestrained. God, I loved him! He never held back--not in a
race, not in his love for me, and not in enjoying sex."
"I wanted a man like Bo. I guess Bo spoiled me for men for a
long time."
"That swelling started to build up in his cock, like a big
egg forming halfway down, getting thicker and thicker and rounder
and bulgier, till it was like a kind of hilt that stopped my fist
from sliding down his cock any farther. But there was still about
four inches in front of that swelling knot. A greyhound is a big
dog, and he has a long cock, altogether, when it's all slid out."
"Anyway ... I felt the first pulse in his cock and the first
shot hit me in the throat. It was like a soft bullet--I could
really feel it hit. And then it was shooting all over! Two or
three times a second!"
"Now this'll turn you off--but I got some right in the mouth
... yeah, right square into my mouth so it was way back in my
throat almost, right on my tongue so I got a good taste of it."
"Well, you know, I'm--I've sucked off a lot of guys ... I
swallow their semen--my husband's semen all the time now. I dig
it. They each taste a little different."
"But Bo tasted sort of bitter, like creamy pickle. And it
made me gag and spit and almost vomit. I rolled over and drooled
saliva and made ugly noises ... I wanted to be sick."
"But the taste stayed in my mouth and I finally got up on my
feet and let myself out of his run and stumbled back into the
house and got a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator and took
two or three big swigs of it."
"That killed the taste and I went in and took a shower and
washed my hair."
"The funny thing was by the time I was in bed again I was
giggling over it and I went to sleep like a rock."
"Things were okay for another couple weeks. But I started
having dreams. Very vivid, real dreams--about Bo. I kept seeing
him jumping in the window and jumping up on the bed--in my dreams.
And I was shameless. I pulled him down under the covers next to
me and pressed up against him. He was very warm and I hugged him
and I was naked against him."
"I played with his cock and slid down under the covers and
put my cheek next to that long tube of a cock. He smelled very
doggy and dirty under there, but I didn't care."
"In those dreams I did weird, awful things. One time I was
under the covers and I had his cock in my fist next to my face,
and he was jabbing away, and I put my mouth over the end of it.
Try sticking your finger into your mouth--no, try sticking your
finger in rancid butter and then sticking it in your mouth and
jabbing it in and out real fast, as fast as you can! That was
what it was like in my dream--and then suddenly the covers were
jerked away and there was my dead mother glaring down at me. She
had eyes of fire that burned right through me."
"She didn't say a thing. I just shriveled up. And Bo was
suddenly gone and I was alone and awake and crying."
"But those dreams didn't stop me. I loved Bo. I kept
thinking about his tongue licking between my legs ... and the
tremendous sensations it gave me."
"So ... I guess it had to happen eventually ... I got up one
night and checked to see that Dad was zonked out on pills and I
went out and brought Bo into my room."
"He was nervous at first so I just petted him and got him
used to jumping up on the bed. I didn't try any sex with him. I
just soothed him and lay against his warmth and was quiet. And I
talked to him, too, low and confidential. I told him all my
"After a couple hours I took him back to his run."
"The next night I got him again, around midnight, and took
him into my room ... and up on my bed. I couldn't get him to stay
under the covers. It was too warm for him. So I used him to keep
my naked body warm. It was a beautiful thing we had. He was very
well behaved. He licked my face a little, and I petted him, but
he didn't get excited sexually unless I was. I guess it was my
smell that turned him on if I was worked up."
"So you guessed it. About the fifth time I had him in my
room, when he was used to it and at home with me on the bed, I
started petting him, running my hand down to his belly, to that
furry bulge that holds a dog's cock."
"Bo started licking my face. I squeezed that furry holster
of his and rubbed it gently ... and little by little his cock
started to swell up and slide out."
"I was naked. And I guess seeing and feeling his cock slide
out like that sort of turned me on, because I got the itch good
and strong in my belly, and I wanted him to lick me again, on my
big breasts and between my legs. I guess I started to ooze a
little down in my slit."
"Bo smelled me. He was laying on his side but he wanted to
stand up. I held him down and kept on tenderly fingering his
cock. I got a shivery feeling up and down my back. I slid my
hand up and down that long thing and I wanted to try it ... I
really wanted to see what it would feel like inside me."
"You have to understand--it's important--Bo wasn't just a big
dog to me. He was somebody who loved me and I needed his love.
He adored me. The way he looked up at me with his big brown
liquid eyes sometimes ... it just turned my heart to water. My
heart just did flip-flops. He was a person in a dog's body. He
could almost talk to me. I got so I knew exactly what he was
thinking and feeling."
"So when I took him into bed with me--it wasn't terrible or
perverted. It was just pure love. But I was a pretty mixed-up
kid. I really didn't know where my head was at."
"I crooned to Bo, and whispered to him and shushed him when
he started to whine too loud or tried to bark. And he knew he was
supposed to keep quiet inside the house, there in my room. But
sometimes he got really excited and forgot."
"I finally let him stand up on the bed and start to lick me.
I whispered to him and petted him and guided his head to my
breasts. He remembered and his tongue slurped out and started
wetting my breasts and nipples, and his muzzle and lips, too, like
a slobbery kiss, warm and wet."
"My breasts got even heavier and fuller. My nipples felt
like steaming rocks."
"The itch deep in my belly was like poison ivy inside, but
with a funny heat."
"I slipped a couple fingers of my left hand down inside me
and slushed around and in and out, but it wasn't much good. It
just got me hotter."
"I smeared the juice all over the outside of my cunt. Bo was
getting more and more eager."
"I took my hand from his neck and he had his muzzle down
between my legs right away."
"It was incredible the way he worked his long tongue there.
He slobbered a lot and I knew it was wetting the blankets, but I
didn't give a damn."
"Bo seemed to just love the taste of me. He seemed to be
trying to get his tongue way into my slit."
"I was hardly aware of what I was doing. I just suddenly had
my knees high and wide open and was reaching down there to spread
myself even more for him. And I was shaking like a leaf. God--it
felt like ice and syrup and sand-paper with velvet--that tongue!
That long, slithery tongue!"
"Bo had me gasping and panting like a bitch in heat. I was
kind of delirious, I think. He kept up that tremendous licking
for the longest time!"
"The more I got the more I wanted. I loved it, I loved him
"Something clicked in my head and I turned over and got up on
my hands and knees. I spread my knees wide so it would be easy
for him."
"My guts were icky with fear and sort of sexy dread. But I
was hot as hell and I wanted Bo's long, thin hot cock inside me."
"He didn't know what to do at first. He jumped around on the
bed and licked my ass and down into my crotch, but he didn't think
of mounting me, not right away."
"I talked to him low and soothing, and finally I just waggled
my ass and waited. My heart was thudding in my chest like it had
boots on. But that itch in my belly and my love for Bo kept me
"He knew I wanted something, he just couldn't figure out
what. I just didn't look enough like a female greyhound to make
his instincts work."
"But he was all hot and bothered, too, and after a couple
minutes he sort of accidentally mounted me for a second, then slid
aside and off. But--wow--I had a second of feeling his cock jab
at my crotch."
"I encouraged him and eventually he hopped up on me again.
His front paws were on my back and shoulders and he was panting
and jabbing away at my crotch again."
"He didn't get in--he was between my thighs, hitting my ass
... but he stayed in position for about ten seconds, and I made
encouraging sounds and said, 'Nice Bo, good boy!' and like that.
I tried to reach under and grab his cock and put it in, but he
didn't know enough to be still for a second--he just kept humping
away blindly."
"Then he slid off and pranced around me on the bed, then
thumped down onto the floor, and jumped back on the bed--with that
long pink rod sticking out of him underneath."
"He made a lot of noise--the bed creaked and rattled when he
jumped around on it, and he shook the house when he jumped down to
the floor. I mean, he weighed over a hundred twenty pounds."
"If I hadn't known for sure my dad was doped to sleep I
wouldn't have dared bring Bo inside."
"But then he got an inkling of what I wanted, because I was
still crouched down on my knees like that and I was calling to
"He jumped up on me again and started jabbing. And it
happened. Jesus, did it! Suddenly he found the hole and I almost
screamed! It was just wham--six or seven inches of dog cock was
plunged into me!"
"Then it was gone and he was outside, jabbing away, trying to
find the glory hole again. Because Bo knew--he'd had just that
little split second taste of me and he wanted more."
"He kept scrabbling and with his paws on my shoulders and
back ... he kept sliding off one side or the other and having to
jump up again."
"And he kept trying to hold on--and he was excited, too, and
he dug his claws into my skin. It hurt too much--and I was afraid
he'd break the skin and rip me."
"So I turned around and calmed him down and petted him and
then went to my closet and put on an old leather jacket I had. It
felt cold and clammy on my bare skin--it was unlined--but it would
protect my back. I left the front open and got back on the bed
where Bo was sitting, panting, grinning, his tongue lolling,
"I got into position again on hands and knees, my bare ass
hanging out, and he right away jumped up on me from behind."
"It worked--the jacket worked fine--he could get a hold in it
with his paws and didn't slip off me."
"And he seemed to know I had put on the jacket for his
benefit and that I wanted more fucking. He kept on trying to find
my hole again."
"And he finally hit gold! He popped into me again, and he
gave a little yipping bark of delight. And this time he didn't
pull back too far and lose it."
"All I knew was sparkles and stars. He had that hot rod all
the way in and was humping like a piston. I was electrified. He
was like a spear up in my belly and it was reaching some place
very special. The itch spot was getting rubbed and thumped real
"I was kneeling there on my bed, my head hanging down, my big
breasts hanging down, wobbling with the movement of his fast bumps
up against my ass, gasping and panting while wonderful Bo was
panting over me, doing his little dance on the bed, and fucking me
like mad all the while."
"It was all so frantic and quick! Bo didn't know anything
but machine-gun speed. It was just incredible. The first few
seconds scared the shit out of me. I was afraid of getting hurt
inside or something, because he was really in me! I'd never felt
anything in that far! And being fucked for the first time that
fast--all out--was almost terrifying.
"And getting fucked by a dog--an animal--even a loved animal-
-was kind of a shocker, too. I really loved him and I knew dogs
better than I knew people. I knew Bo better than I knew my own
dad. Dad hardly ever spoke to me. But still--I knew it was a
perverty thing. Not exactly normal."
"So it took me a while to get used to it all. I mean, it
took me about three or four fucks that way before I got so I could
relax and enjoy it a lot."
"Bo didn't shoot off in me that first time. I got scared--I
thought I heard Dad getting up and I stopped it. I made Bo calm
down and held him in my arms to keep him from trying to mount me
and making those loud half-barks."
"I listened hard but the house was quiet. I finally put on a
robe and crept down the hall and looked in on Dad. He was in that
drugged sleep, quiet, long, deep breathing. I can tell."
"So I went back to my room, and played with Bo--let him fuck
off in my fist, and got him to lick my cunt some more. But my
insides felt a little bit sore, and I decided to wait a few days."
"But I could hardly wait, after that night. I was all creamy
inside, and hot. But I forced myself to wait till the small
irritation inside went away."
"So two nights later I made sure Dad was zonked out and then
brought Bo inside to my room. He was eager--he knew what we were
going to do. I had to shush him because he was so excited he
started to bark impatiently a couple times.
"I got naked and put on the leather jacket first, even before
I let him lick me. God, how he loved to lick my cunt! And how I
loved to have him do it! I opened up for him and pulled my slit
open with both hands--everything was exposed--all juicy and ready-
-and he slurped out that long, wet, slab of rough pink velvet and
lapped away ..."
"You've got to believe I came in a minute. My clitoris was
getting the full treatment. I was whining almost like he was."
"The more he licked at me the more hot I got. I had an
orgasm and that started the itch in my belly, somewhere under my
belly button. Then I had another orgasm and my whole pelvis was
glowing. Boy, did I want to get fucked."
"I guess when you're a kid a half-crazy, neurotic girl like I
was ... still am, too, I guess--you sort of lose touch with the
world--with what's really right and proper. Things seem right to
you that practically everybody else would throw up over."
"I didn't really think what I did with Bo was so terrible.
It didn't hurt me, physically, or emotionally. It's supposed to,
I guess, but I don't think it did."
"Come right down to it, you know, I think I just needed love
then ... and Bo loved me, and I needed to give love, and I focused
on Bo ... and I think the physical sex part wasn't as important as
maybe it seems."
"Oh, shit, I don't care! I dug it! I might as well level.
I enjoyed it. I mean, once I got used to it, and Bo got the hang
of fucking me, it was terrific. It was so wild it sends shivers
through me now."
"No man in the world can fuck a girl like a big dog, if he's
trained right, and there's love in it. That sounds crazy, I
guess. But I think it's true, and I'm not just copping out. It's
not just an excuse."
"Anyway ... that night I turned over again and he got up onto
me from behind, and jabbed away for a few seconds, looking for the
right place ... and I finally reached under and back and took his
cock in my fingers--jesus, it was so wet and hot and stiff! -and
I aimed it and he plugged into me."
"He was so excited he lost it ... and I reached under and did
it again. I got about ten seconds of fast, hard thumping, with
that rod going up into me like a bullet each time."
"It took my breath away, and I was a little scared again. An
animal--a dog--is so unrestrained! He's very basic. Ruthless."
"Anyway, I had to reach under and grab his cock and point it
right, about a dozen times. And the last few times he got hip ...
he waited for me to put it in the right place. He was learning!"
"But I didn't let him shoot in me that night. I was getting
sore way up inside again. It was a mixed feeling tenderness and
pleasure. I had the feeling if I let him go ahead I might come,
but the pain would get too keen, too. But we fucked a lot longer,
that second time, and I knew it was just a matter of getting used
to having him fuck me that deep and that fast."
"So I waited five days before doing it again. And then six
days after that, and the night finally came when I knew I was
ready to go all the way and let him fuck me all he wanted."
"I knew I could take him. I wasn't afraid. I made damn sure
Dad was doped up with his two or three heavy barbs."
"I went into his room and shook him to see if I could wake
him. He was like a warm corpse. I even half-yelled in his ear.
He only frowned and turned over. I was safe."
"I went out and got Bo. He scampered around me on the way to
the house, snuffling at my robe, trying to wedge his head in
between my legs. I had to push him away and whisper, 'Not yet,
"I went into the kitchen first, and he followed. I got some
leftover gravy from the refrigerator and started it heating in a
sauce pan."
"I had a weird, perverty idea. I knelt on the floor and
whispered sweet, soft words to Bo and petted him. He tried to
push his head between my thighs and I let him. I leaned against
the stove and opened my legs and let him lick my slit. He
trembled and whined as he did. It got me hot in a minute."
"When the gravy was warm, but not hot, I took it into my
bedroom and Bo followed eagerly. He could smell it."
"I took off my robe and put on the leather jacket and let it
hang fully open. My big breasts kept it open, too."
"I smeared some warm gravy on my breasts and called to Bo. I
was sitting on the edge of the bed. I sank down to my knees. He
whined happily and started licking the smeared gravy."
"It was wild. I leaned back against the side of the bed and
stuck my cheat out and let him lick me clean. Then I smeared my
breasts again ... and again ... He licked endlessly, willingly.
My nipples were on fire and my whole breasts felt like warm
"He didn't need any urging to put his narrow muzzle down into
my crotch. I stood up and sat on the edge of the bed again and
opened my legs wide for him."
"Bo snorted and snuffled and pushed his snout right in, deep
between my thighs and started working his tongue on my slit."
"I wanted more contact. I pulled my legs up till my knees
were pressing against my chest. My cunt was wide open to his
"He slithered his big long tongue all over me there, licking
and dragging it over my protruding clitoris till I was moaning--it
was sparkles of pure pleasure."
"I couldn't stand it any more, after about four or five
minutes of it. I got up in the middle of the bed and knelt in
position for fucking."
"I didn't have to call Bo. He jumped up right away and his
long poker was sticking out. He climbed up with his front paws on
my back--in the jacket--and his tail was swishing back and forth,
wagging, and he knew to wait till I reached under him and guided
his cock."
"I was breathing fast and deep. I was still a little queasy
in my guts, every time he got into position and poked that rod so
far up into me."
"But I wanted it! And I got it!"
"Jesus, the shock of that thing going in the first time, no
matter how juicy and worked up I was, was something! It always
hurt some, and my insides sort of spasmed."
"But Bo didn't care about me. He was a fucking machine once
he got inside. He loved the feel of my cunt inside."
"Christ, I can't get over how fast he could fuck. It took my
breath away. But that long cock of his sliding in and out so
quick was a turn-on for me, too. That sensation of being
penetrated--that rod slamming way up into my belly like that,
pounding away like mad against that spot--the uterus or cervix, I
guess ... it just about turned my brain to jelly."
"Bo wasn't perfect. He kept losing me and I had to reach
under all the time and put him back in. But even with all that--
shit, I had me an orgasm that just about turned me inside out."
"That furry sheath at the base of his naked cock kept rubbing
and bumping against my open slit as he fucked me. It tickled the
hell out of my clitoris. That drove me crazy--and at the same
time all that pink rod was driving into me like he was churning
butter ... yeah, he was churning my butter all right!"
"It only took me a minute to make it. From all that licking
he had done beforehand--I was primed."
"I was panting and waggling my ass and damn near screaming,
it was so good. And then I felt that knot start to swell up in
his cock ... and it was in me!"
"I guess you've heard the story about how a dog can get stuck
in another dog if the knot gets big inside the bitch. And the
idea is it can happen to a woman if a big dog is fucking her and
he gets scared or something and the knot swells up and he can't
pull out."
"That's bullshit--at least as far as a woman is concerned.
First of all, the swelling isn't that big. It hurts a woman who
isn't used to taking a big man, but that knot can't get stuck in
her. It'll only stretch her, and if she's hysterical, too, it
might cause her to freeze and clamp down, which could hurt even
more--but the dog could still pull out."
"So when I felt the knot forming in Bo's cock it didn't scare
me. As a matter of fact--it started to feel extra good--like a
kind of big French tickler. It popped in and out of me and rubbed
my clitoris going in and out. It was a weird sensation, that knot
going in and out of me, and the end of his cock reaching all the
way up in me--and then some!"
"It's an experience, getting royally fucked like that by a
big, loving dog like Bo. But I guess just the thought of it would
blow most girls' minds."
"Anyway, Bo was really working hard--fucking me like a
maniac, and getting ready to shoot off in me. He was growling and
whimpering all at once, and prancing around behind my ass while he
plowed into me."
"I was getting up into orgasm country again, very fast. It
surprised me and made me feel really perverty to make it twice,
because it was proof I really dug getting screwed by a dog. The
first orgasm you could say was sheer excitement and the novelty
and mostly psychological. But the second time was the convincer.
And I was getting that hot fluttery feeling in my belly and
everything was tightening up."
"I went off just after Bo started shooting. I could feel
that stuff squirting out in my cunt, up inside, it shot out of him
so fast and hard."
"I didn't care--I was making it, too, and that stuff made the
fucking sort of sweeter and more intense."
"Then Bo was finished and off me. He just wasn't interested
anymore. He jumped off the bed, grinning, and snuffling around,
looking for a place to sleep, I guess."
"I just sort of slowly folded down flat on the bed, with that
stuff of his dribbling out of me, running down my thighs."
"I was numb in the brain and sparkling in my belly, and sore
in there and sore around the entrance, too, from the way his knot
had been rammed in and out so fast and hard."
"But I didn't regret it, then. I don't now, either. I
really don't."
"After a few minutes I went into the bathroom and washed up.
Then I put on my robe and took Bo out to his run and locked him
"I had to change the top blanket. It was too wet and icky in
spots. I put the pan of gravy back in the refrigerator."
"Sure, a week later I got hot pants again and went out and
brought Bo inside. And we did it again and I came three times."
"The next time was three days later and I couldn't get
enough. I started to think about training some of the other dogs,
too. I was kind of crazy. I was sex-mad."
"My affair with Bo lasted almost six months after that first
good fuck with him. We never got caught."
"But then--poor Bo got killed. It was a fluke thing ... he
got out of his run one time when I was in town--he dug his way
out--and I guess he went off to look for me."
"Some stupid kid out hunting in the hills shot him. Said he
thought Bo was a deer. Bullshit! He just wanted to kill
something--just wanted to aim and shoot something alive."
"I was heartbroken. It was a crisis for me. Dad put me into
a boarding school to 'straighten me out.' And I gradually got
back to normal. Anyway, I ran away and came out here and started
mixing with people."
"I met Tom and started shacking with him, and Phil joined us,
and I've got all kinds of friends now and a place in the world.
I'm about normal, I guess."
"I don't think I'll ever make it with a dog again, though. I
don't think I'll ever get that close to a dog again, or need a
dog's love and affection that much."
"Bo was my whole life for nearly a year. I still puddle up
and cry sometimes when I'm blue and I think about him."

Chapter 2
And Doggie Makes Three

The phenomenon of couples, almost always men and their wives,
almost always in their late twenties on up to the fifties,
training dogs (usually big dogs) for sexual purposes, is both
fascinating and disturbing.
Such activity is minimal, and secret, and it exists almost
exclusively in the "swinger" area of middle-income, bored, mate-
swapping, jaded, thrill-seeking people in large cities and their
In Beauty/Beast, Vol. 1, Roger Blake supports this view:
"From my own research among swingers and wife-swappers who have
sex-parties today, some of which are almost on a par with the
fabled Roman Orgy, bestial acts are the latest in fad. During the
ten or more years that swinging and mate-swapping have become so
widespread and popular (almost paralleling the 'sexual
revolution'), I have noticed that they always seem to be looking
for something different. It seems, at times, that many of them
are obsessed by what they feel is 'the attractiveness of evil.'"
A historical note might be added here, for perspective.
Allen Edwards and R.E.L. Masters, in their The Cradle of Erotica
mention: "Historically, bestiality has commonly been put to more
therapeutic uses in the West, especially as a remedy for venereal
diseases (to which end it is also employed by Muslims). Europeans
have further attempted by bestiality to cure cases of satyriasis
and nymphomania. And aging males, brooding regretfully over their
declining virile powers, have also sought to find in intercourse
with various beasts an improvement of their potency--a search
sometimes crowned with temporary success, since any novel erotic
act may in some cases, and for a time, revive flagging appetites
and capacities."
Within the "swingers" there is an inner, exclusive group of
"super-swingers". Those who, for complex emotional reasons, will
try anything and are attracted to the idea of sexual relations
with an animal, the dog being the most handy and easily trainable.
As the following interview shows, the "doggie training"
couples are not easily discouraged and count it as a mark of pride
and accomplishment to have a disciplined, well-trained dog.
It takes months to properly instruct a dog in his sexual
duties, and persistence and dedication is required of its owners.
In The Animal Lovers it is stated: "The Rosenfeld survey
reveals that the majority of female bestialists prefer dogs, both
for sexual intercourse and for cunnilingus. A California woman
told me: 'Properly trained, a dog can french a woman much better
than a man. For one thing, his tongue is larger, and a dog seems
to enjoy the actual taste of the secretions ... often he (her
poodle)--will french me for as long as an hour!'"
The interview below came about as the result of misdirection;
I was interviewing a couple about their wife-swapping activities
and attitudes, when the husband let slip something about their
dog--a beautiful, full-grown German shepherd--who was lying at his
wife's feet, watching me alertly.
The wife colored slightly and said, "If you're going to tell
him about that, I'll leave."
She was calm but uncomfortable. I was not a close friend,
actually almost a stranger, and not someone with whom she herself
could immediately talk so honestly and openly.
I knew the husband fairly well, though. He grinned and
winked. His wife left and he went into the other room to talk to
her for a minute, then returned.
It was okay to tell me about it but not in their apartment.
She didn't want to be "in hiding" in the bedroom while he gave all
kinds of intimate details to me.
But it was alright to go over to my place for the questions
and answers. As he described her attitude later, in the car, she
was willing for him to tell me everything about her and Khan and
himself, but she couldn't bear to be present. I wasn't "one of
us" and while I could be trusted (she knew me by reputation
mostly), she still didn't have the sangfroid required to sit with
me and talk about it herself, into a tape recorder. An
understandable attitude.

The interview:

"Khan is one of the family now. In a way we center our whole
lives around him. We never had any children."
"We got him as a puppy. We bought all the books on how to
take care of him and how to train him. When you live in a city
you have to have a well-trained dog."
"We taught him to sit, heel, come, and stay. Then to beg,
roll over a few standard tricks. Once we got him to know he was
important and we loved him and he would be rewarded if he did
well--it was easier and easier. Khan is a highly intelligent
"You know we've been in the swinger scene for four years.
It's changed a lot ... people accept it more now, and join in
"We enjoy it, but after you've been with about a hundred
different couples and single girls, the variety of human types--
physical and personality-wise, well, it repeats--you begin to see
patterns and duplications. And after a while ... most of the
people you meet and go to bed with are all the same. You get
"Our starting in with Khan, sexually, began as a joke.
Marsha was lying in bed, naked, beside me, and we were just
playing around a little. It was after midnight and the TV was on
at the foot of the bed. A talk show was on. Some doctor was
saying sex is good."
"Marsha is impulsive; she said, 'Pricks are good,' and she
rolled over to me and started sucking me off. I was soft at the
start, but she is an expert at it. Inside twenty seconds or so, I
had a helluva hard on. She was using her 'swoop' style--long,
slow sucking, where she takes practically all of a penis into her
mouth and throat, and pulls back slow and easy, then swoops down
and takes it all again."
"I worked a finger into her and started finger-fucking her
slow and easy. She stopped sucking to say, 'bowling ball,' which
is a code, sort of, to mean the way you grip a howling ball, which
means sexually ... Well, she turned around so her back was to me
and she was leaning over my belly, with her rump in easy reach of
my right hand."
"She likes 'bowling ball'; it's a variation that gets her
really worked up. When Marsha is really lathered she is like a
sex maniac. I knew she was interested in a good, long sex-time.
"I started fondling her cheeks and running a finger down into
the crack ... down into her crotch to her vulva.
"She wriggled her hips and sucked me better and better. I
got my first two fingers into her, then ran the ball of my thumb
over her anus ... and then pushed my thumb into her--then I had
two fingers in her vagina and my thumb in her rectum--like
gripping a bowling ball."
"She gave a little bubbly moan and wriggled her rump against
my hand. I kept my fingers and thumb moving in her. She was
swooping faster and faster, taking all of my penis with an open
mouth, then clamping tight on it for a long, slow withdrawal."
"I was getting to the point of no return. She knew it, too.
She kept right on. She started moaning all the time, low and very
expressive ... which meant she was getting worked up to a high
pitch. She is very sexually involved with the oral thing--she can
get very aroused from sucking. She says the feel of a hard prick
in her mouth and the business of mouthing it and tonguing it and
feeling it get harder and harder and longer and longer and finally
gush off ... it makes her so horny she has to have a lot done to
her for a long time to satisfy her built-up yen."
"I knew when she reached that enthusiastic sucking and low
moaning stage I had a long night ahead of me going down on her and
using some of the devices on her."
"The 'devices'? Mostly the vibrator and the dildoe with the
ticklers and the pommel. It's a strap-on model, with a hollow
inside I can wear it when I'm too limp, or so another girl can use
it for variety. Believe it or not, most of the women are
intrigued by a strap-on dildoe. They always get around to trying
it on and using it. They all secretly want to be men, I think.
To see what it's like to fuck a woman. They pose in front of a
mirror wearing the thing and giggle and laugh ... some girls get
hysterical from laughing. Some get very disturbed, too, because
wearing it has a strong attraction--they respond to the secret
bull-dyke element in themselves and it scares them. Give a woman
a dildoe like that and watch her reaction; it's very instructive
in human nature."
"I let myself go and gushed into Marsha's mouth, just as she
wanted me to. It was fantastic. When she knows you're about to
go off she clamps tight around your penis on both the up stroke
and down stroke, and works her tongue like a snake."
"I was empty for the night--we'd done it the night before,
and I'd gone off three times then--so there wasn't much left."
"She sucked me dry and rolled onto her back. She said, 'Get
me a soda, honey, please.' She always likes to drink a soft drink
after sucking somebody off."
"I went into the kitchen, naked, to get a can of cola, which
was all we had in the fridge at the time, and stopped to pet Khan.
His sleeping box is in a corner of the dining room."
"He followed me into the bedroom. I didn't hear him on the
carpet. He was beside the bed before I realized anything."
"The point is--there was Marsha with one leg hanging down off
the bed, using the vibrator cup on her clitoris, and she was lying
there with her eyes closed, that soft smile on her lips I know so
well, and her hips jumping and squirming ..."
"I said, 'Look who followed me in here.' She looked and
said, 'I need a good active male about now.' She put the vibrator
aside and reached for the cola. She laughed and patted Khan's
head. 'You want to fuck your mommy, darling?'"
"He loves Marsha. He started licking her leg. He smelled
her vulva--I could see his nose twitching and flaring."
"She let her thighs fall open further. She petted him. She
sipped from the cola and smiled at me and winked. We watched to
see what he would do.
"Khan sniffled at her crotch, looked at her, looked at me,
for a word of disapproval or approval, for some guidance."
"Marsha smiled and said, 'Good boy, Khan. Do your thing,
boy.' And to me she said, 'Do you think ...?'"
"Khan sniffed at her again, then, experimentally, licked her
there, just once. He looked to her again, then at me."
"Marsha had a funny look. She said, 'Do we dare?'"
"I was curious ... and I wondered how far she would go. I
said, 'Go ahead. See what he'll do.'"
"She giggled, 'What if he bites?'"
"He's too well-trained. He wouldn't hurt you."
"She took a deep breath and turned off the vibrator. Its
humming bothered Khan. The sound probably set up ultrasonics or
something in his ears. She sat up and shifted a little more on
the bed, so that he could reach her crotch more easily. She
patted his head and scratched his ears. 'Do it again, Khan. Lick
your mommy.' She gently pulled him closer."
"He rolled his eyes and looked at me. I sat on the floor
beside him and patted his side. I ruffled his coat. 'Good boy.
Do it.'"
"It was as if he understood me. We were both smiling and
happy with him. He laid his chin on Marsha's thigh and looked up
at her, so sorrowfully, but with that keen intelligence that you
see in German shepherds."
"She kept petting him and then shifted her crotch closer and
closer to his muzzle. 'Don't you want another taste, Khan?' She
was saying it lightly; it was a joke, nothing serious."
"He licked her there again and was petted and crooned at.
His tongue curled out and he licked her persistently for about ten
"I could see his tongue slide over her vulva and the tip even
slithered inside, into the really wet surfaces of the labia, and
probably over her clitoris."
"I saw her face when that happened, too. Her eyes opened
wide and she gasped once. Her stomach

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