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A Wild Friday Nigh

I had just come home from work Friday night hoping to spend a quiet evening at home with my wife alone. When I walked into the house I didn’t find it empty like usual, instead I found two of the most beautiful women sitting in my living room. Curiously I asked them how they got in and what they were doing in my house. While they pretended not to hear me, they got up and walked toward me without a word giggling and smiling.

The brunet, a tall slinky woman, closed the door behind me while the blonde, an average bodied woman, took my hand and led me to the couch. After I was seated, they began to kiss on each other. Their tongues danced together in the open space between their lips and they moaned in pleasure ‘hmmm’. I could hardly believe my eyes at the sight. Next thing I saw they were removing their tight tops displaying four soft bouncy breasts. Their hands gently squeezing each others tits making their nipples stand at attention. They kissed again, harder than before, pressing their heart shaped pink lips against each others pleading plump breasts. Before I knew it they were on the floor eating each others pussy and I began rubbing up and down along the shaft of my cock. Our breathing got deeper and heavier while their moans got louder. When they finished that act I was beginning to get hard, but still not enough to do anything with.

Just as quickly as a blink of an eye they began to rub their lower lips together; their legs were spread, while almost in a back bend. The blonde was in control and spread the brunets bald pussy lips apart and her own neatly trimmed plump pussy lips apart exposing their clits to each other. Almost in slow motion the blonde moves in slowly connecting the bright red clit to the soft pale pink shiny clit. Together they drop their heads back, close their eyes and sigh in delight. Their hips rubbed forcefully against each other, I could hear the sloppy hot slickness of their pussies sloshing against each other. "Ooohhhh – hhhhmmm – right there – that feels so good – harder – faster – don’t stop" they pleaded with each other.

After they both got off, they came over to me and began to undress me. By the time my clothes were off, they were showering my body with sloppy wet kisses all over. One was kissing my face and playing with my ears and chest, while the other was sucking on my cock squeezing my throbbing balls gently but with force. When I was close to cumming they changed places stopping the train dead in its tracks. But this time one was sitting on my face and the other on my cock while they kissed each other. I could not see them but the sloppy sounds gurgling from their mouths filled my body with fire and ice. I had to cum I could not hold back and my body, my cock deep inside the blondes soaking wet swollen pussy and my tongue buried deep inside the brunets pussy bucking harder against her wet pussy walls. "Hhhhmmm" I sighed against the clit sitting against my lips with my hot breath escaping through my mouth. The brunet moans even louder "ooohhh yea RIGHT THERE." My body jerked inside deeply inside the blonde with each release of cum I landed in heaven.

After I came, they went back to each others body sucking on each others tits while my body came down from its high. I noticed that as they sucked and nibbled on their tits that their hands were going down between their own legs and rubbing furiously fast. They released their hold sat on the floor beside each other spreading their legs so that their pussies were open and facing me and their legs intertwined with each other. My cock jumped at the sight and rose to their delight. "Make yourselves cum, I want to watch you squirt at me. Watch me jerk off with you. Ooooohhhhhh." As they went on, they came to a point where so much juice was cuming out of their pussies that I just had to get down on the floor and help them by drinking up every little ounce of cum squirting out of they hot pulsing pussies by sucking them dry. First I ate the brunet then the blonde. Oh how I wanted to taste them together at once, these girls were hot.

When I became hard again, I pulled the blonde on top of me and made her lay down so that I could feel her luscious tits pressed firmly on my thunderous chest. The brunet wanted to join in so she came over to our heads and placed her thumping tits between our faces and worked them between our mouths. Our tongues danced in rhythm together as we both suckled and nibbled on her tits.

After I came again my wife walked into the room and I immediately went limp, "Oh, your home early. How was work?" she was saying pretending not to see the girls as they went on with their sinfully breath taking act of sex on my body.

I got up and followed her into the kitchen and asked her what was going on. She didn’t say anything, so I went back to the front room to keep our beautiful guests company. I later found out that she had planned this for months and was anxiously waiting for the day when she could watch me fuck another bitch. Next thing I knew my girl comes out of the kitchen with a video camera on and taping our every action and joins in with the girls. "OK, I paid you plenty to take care of my man, now take care of me. Come here and fuck my pussy." The girls made my wife get on all fours. The blonde crawled under my wife eating her bushy pussy and sucking on her hard clit while the brunet got on all fours behind my wife licking and poking my wife’s ass. My wife bucked hard pushing into both of them panting hard "hhhhhhhh – oooohhh – hhhhhhh". Again I was hard stroking up and down squeezing my balls and fingering my ass with my stiff fingers.

Susan, my girl, came over to me while the other two video taped us fucking and caressing each other. I came faster than I had been with the other two girls. My cum shot deep in her cunt, I kept going without stopping until my cock gave way going soft inside her squeezing cunt. I love her body better than anyone elses, it’s like no other. Her pussy is loose but she puts quite a grip around my cock when she is hot.

This party must have lasted most of the night as we passed out on the floor. When I woke up I was exhausted and so happy I didn’t have to work. When Susan woke up she crawled closer to me and we made love. We both tenderly ran our hands and tongues along each others body smelling of sweat and sex, tasting of salt. Aromas of three women’s essence filled the air with hot stale cum. I climbed on top of my wife and gently pushed into her pussy, she was loose and wet and I broke in with ease. She quickly constricted around my cock like a boa constrictor squeezing the life out of my cock lovingly with each withdrawal motion I made. My cock pushed forward forcing the constriction to loosen but only enough to engulf my thick throbbing cock swallowing inch by inch until it disappears inside her raging cunt. Our rhythm grew more intense the closer we came to cumming. Faster harder I pushed in, out, in, out. Tighter she squeezed contraction after contraction on my cock. She squirts warm clear sticky cum all over my cock and balls. "Don’t stop, you’re not fuckin done yet. Harder ~ harder ~ harder ~ faster ~ faster ~ faster! Hmmmm you’re hot. I love you. Ohhhh." I moan and groan with her sinking my body deeper into oblivion. My almost unconscious mind explodes, erupting hard and furious against her squirts. Finally the finish line is in sight we race to the end until both our bodies collapse in a lazy dream. When I could manage I sat up and looked at her body and noticed a bright red spot on her stomach which I had made bouncing up and down hitting her so deep and hard inside with my enormous cock. After we caught our breaths, she held me tight and asked how I liked last night.

"It was rather interesting and wild" I said kinda shocked. "What was it all about any ways?"

"I just wanted to surprise you" she said as I kissed her nose. "I wouldn’t take them on again if I had the chance." I pulled Susan closer and began to rub her down. We kissed, kissed so deeply that our tongues played ping pong with each others throats and we continued loving each other for at least another hour. This time it wasn’t really wild just a calm and innocent act of love caressing and holding each other.

First, I began to suck on her tits and tickle her sides. Then I sucked on her neck while my hand wonders downward to her fluffy bush. Next I was eating her like I had never done before, making her clit as hard as a boulder and her pussy lips swell like the Rocky Mountains until she squirmed all over the place. Then I went down inside her pushing my fingers in as far as I could. After she came again, she sighed and her body violently quivered against mine.

We both took a shower and then we relaxed in our California King sized waterbed naked for the remainder of the day watching the video that we made the night before. I guess now I can believe that there is always a first time for anything.

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