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Aliens and orgies 1.

Every muscle went instantly limp and they fell, the natural limits of their
joints causing them to tumble back, arms slipping from around each other,
bodies parting as they sank into a pair of crumpled heaps. Strangely, the
surface they landed on was surprisingly soft, as if they had been tossed like
rag dolls onto a deep, rich feather bed. The thunk of their landing faded
with a strange, hollow echo and they lay, immobile, breathing deeply, slowly,
in a shattered daze. As their minds began to slowly collect, they first
became aware of the low, distant hum that seemed to permeate the very air
around where they lay. Then, slowly, they opened their eyes. What they saw
was mostly a gently glowing whiteness that seemed to fill the entire
universe, having no recognizable source. Rather it seemed to ooze from every
direction. Robert was the first to try and move, his natural instincts
telling him to seek out any danger that might lurk in this strange, unknown
environment. But he quickly discovered that he was unable to command any of
his muscles to do more than flutter or twitch helplessly. It seemed as if the
only thing he could control was the direction his eyeballs were focused, and
as he flicked them around rapidly, scanning his surroundings, he could make
out very little that made sense. A shock of panic roared through him.
Where was Debbie? What had happened to them? And where was he? With a
supreme effort he focused his concentration on the muscles of his shoulders
and legs and strained with all his might. Vibrating like plucked bowstrings
they obeyed and he succeeded in forcing his torso over onto his side, though
the effort exhausted him. Yet as his head lulled over he caught a fleeting
glimpse of Debbie’s legs splayed and limp somewhere beyond his own. She was
here, with him. But was she all right? Suddenly a high, reedy, thin
voice echoed through the air, as if from some unseen speaker. "Please do
not attempt to move. You are in no danger. You will regain control of your
body in a very few minutes. Attempting to move now may result in muscular
damage. Everything is all right. Just relax." Part of Robert’s mind
instantly became wary, but the gentle, soothing tone of the voice did help
calm him and he allowed his muscles to go limp. The strange sensation of
twitching, fluttering and tiny flexing rippled along his arms and legs and
even across his stomach, and he was vaguely reminded of that experiment back
in high school biology where a dead frogs leg was touched with a wire
connected to a battery and kicked out mindlessly. He took advantage of
his helplessness to do a quick inventory of his physical condition. As far as
he could tell from the sensations his skin were transmitting to his brain he
was dressed only in his jockey shorts and the half unbuttoned shirt with the
tight collar that had caused him such discomfort during the wedding ceremony.
Rented tuxedoes, he thought idly. And it struck him that the flash of
Debbie’s legs he’d seen had been encased in the white, shimmering stockings
she’d worn under her wedding dress. In fact, he realized, the last
conscious thought he could recall before finding himself in this strange
place had been of stepping up, wrapping his arms around Debbie and kissing
her. Then….. then what, he wondered. Then here. But where in hell was here?
He drew in a deep breath and attempted to wiggle the fingers of his left
hand. He found that though feeling a bit stiff, he was able to command them
to slowly ball into a fist and uncurl to their full length. He repeated the
experiment with his right hand. Next he slowly flexed his wrists and slowly
made a functional inventory up the length of his arms to the shoulders. The
voice had been correct. He was coming out of it, whatever it had been in the
first place. Finally he was able to plant a palm against the soft,
almost spongy surface on which he lay and push himself up, slowly turning his
head to where he had seen Debbie. She was there, and she was moving, her
posture like that of a small child asleep, one arm resting across the corset
at her stomach, the other drawn up, the fingers laying limply against her
face. She appeared to be sleeping. A wave of relief passed over Robert. She
was all right, he told himself. Then he slowly turned his head and scanned
their surroundings. He saw that they were, in fact, in a large
windowless room, every surface composed of the thickly padded white that
seemed to glow at him from all sides, above and below. By squinting he was
able to judge that the ceiling must be ten feet overhead and the walls were
at least twice that distance away on any side of them. He looked down at
where his palm was pressed into the floor and wiggled the tips of his
fingers. It felt like soft suede leather drawn loosely over thick, soft
padding but it too seemed to glow gently from some inner light. He
looked slowly around the room once more, trying to pick out anything that
would indicate a door or window but able to see little in the fog of light
that assailed him from every direction. "Hello?" he called out.
"Anybody out there?" His voice sounded strange in the room, as if it
wanted very much to echo but was being swallowed and smothered by every
surrounding surface. "What’s going on" he called. "Where are we?" There
was a very faint click and the high, gentle voice returned. "Please do
not be alarmed. You are perfectly fine. Explanations will be made shortly. No
harm has come to you." Robert snorted quietly. "Terrific" he
muttered, turning his attention back to where Debbie was lying. Her eyes were
open now and she was actually stretching, as if coming awake from a deep,
restful sleep. But as her mind seemed to drift up through the haze her face
grimaced and she moaned. Then she rolled her head and focused on where Robert
was already, slowly, painfully, working his way up onto his hands and knees.
"Robert?" she said quietly, her voice quiet and tense. "Just relax, honey"
he said, soothingly, managing finally to get over onto all fours and clumsily
maneuver toward her. "I think we’re okay." "Where are we" she asked, her
own gaze slowly sweeping the space. "I don’t know. But we’re not
alone." Her eyes turned quickly back to him and there was concern in them.
"It’s okay" he said reassuringly. "I don’t think anybody wants to hurt
us." "But" she said, now beginning her own struggle to sit up "what
happened? How did we get here?" "I don’t know, sweetheart" he said, finally
dropping over onto his haunch beside her and turning into a sitting position.
"But I damn well had better find out." Debbie managed to push herself
up onto one hip, bracing herself on a locked arm, reaching out with the other
to touch and hold his elbow. "Robert, I - " she said, her voice tense.
He laid a hand across her own at his arm. "Shhh" he said,
soothingly. "Don’t be afraid. We’re going to be all right. I promise." They
looked at each other and his warm, reassuring smile seemed to be all she
needed to build a calmness upon. She smiled back and he felt her fingers
squeeze his elbow gently. Suddenly there was a loud hiss from the wall
which they were both more or less facing and their attention was pulled in
that direction just in time to see a vertical gap running from ceiling to
floor begin to open, like an invisible elevator door parting. Inside the gap
stood a shadow, back lit by an even brighter glow from beyond the opening.
Surprisingly, the figure, though clearly human, appeared quite short and
rotund, almost dwarfish. Robert and Debbie exchanged a surprised glance
and quickly turned their attention back to the figure who stepped briskly
into the room and approached them. As it neared they could clearly see that
it was a man, no more than four feet tall and quite stout, wearing a long,
straight cut light gray tunic. He stepped up to within a few feet from where
the stunned couple sat on the soft surface, his arms apparently clasped
behind his back. "Well" he said in a high, reedy though surprisingly
pleasant voice "I see you’re recovering nicely. Please, come with me."
With that he turned on his heels and took a step back toward the glowing
opening in the wall. "Wait a minute" Robert bellowed, half in annoyance,
half in surprise as he awkwardly pushed himself to his feet. The
figure stopped, turned and regarded him with curiosity. "Yes?" the little
man asked, calmly. "What the hell" Robert roared "is going on around here?
Where are we? What did you do to us?" The little man seemed to absorb this
as if it were nothing at all out of the ordinary and tossed off a bland,
tolerant smile. "All your questions will be answered shortly. Please, come
with me." And once again he turned and was moving in brisk, stunted steps
toward the opening. Robert looked down at Debbie and they exchanged a look of
bemusement. But then Debbie shrugged and extended a hand which Robert took,
helping her to her feet. She wobbled slightly as the sharp heels of her shoes
sank into the padded surface, but Robert steadied her and, hand in hand, they
followed the little man through the gap in the wall. Beyond was a long
hallway, again every surface emitting a dim, shimmering white glow, that
seemed to extend into infinity in a straight line before them. But at least
the floor was hard and solid and Debbie was able to completely regain her
balance. The little man set a brisk pace and the couple found they had to
take surprisingly large strides to keep up. Slowly, out of the fog-like glow
before them they were able to make out a shape of something in the hallway,
also white on just about every visible surface. As they approached they
realized it was some form of sleek-looking little cart. The little man paused
as he reached it and turned, extending an arm to indicate the small, padded
seat that faced back the way they had come. Robert and Debbie stopped,
exchanged another glance and another shrug and stepped over to slip onto the
seat. It was a tight squeeze, their hips pressing hard against one another
but it wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. The little man slid into the
small operators seat, flipped a switch and the cart started down the hallway
with the high, quiet whine of some sort of engine. As surprised as they
were Robert and Debbie said nothing during the brief journey, though they did
grip each others hands a bit tighter when it seemed that the little cart was
cruising upwards to a rather harrowing speed down the tunnel. But the ride
was smooth with no hint of any irregularity in the flooring. Robert once
attempted to turn his head around, catch a glimpse of where they might be
heading, but the tightness on the seat prevented this. Besides, as the
hallway passed out behind the cart, they could see nothing that appeared to
indicate anything like doors or openings or breaks of any kind in its long
length. Wherever they were, this was one mind-bogglingly long way to get
there. Robert saw Debbie’s head move out of the corner of his eye and he
turned to find her looking at him, a warm smile on her face. She mouthed "I
love you" and squeezed his hand. His own smile brightened and he nodded at
her. "Me too" he mouthed. Then their attention drifted back to watch the
interminable hall falling away behind them. It seemed to the them as if ten
minutes had passed by the time they felt the little cart begin to slow, and
they had no way of judging how rapidly they had traveled. But at last the
vehicle drifted to a stop and the whine of the engine died out. Even as
Robert was turning to see what was happening the little man slid from the
drivers seat and extended an arm, indicating a small recess in the wall.
"This way, please" he said with pleasant efficiency. Again the couple
exchanged a glance, this time a sigh and rose from the seat, following the
little man into the recess which turned out to be an elevator with a small,
almost indistinguishable control panel in one corner. There appeared to be
only two buttons. The little man pressed the top one. The doors slid closed
and the couple felt the elevator begin to rise as they instinctively brushed
and then held hands. Perhaps it was the familiarity of the
surroundings, perhaps it was simply that their alertness was beginning to
return but Robert suddenly realized that he was still dressed only in his
half-open shirt and jockey shorts. With a start he looked over and realized
that Debbie was still dressed only in that mouth-watering collection of tight
satin and lace and garters and stockings. She seemed to notice his sudden
movement and looked at him, her eyes displaying concern. Robert flicked his
glance down at her body and she instantly realized what he meant. Her lips
curled in an impish, carefree grin and she shrugged, as if to say there was
very little they could do about it at this point, and turned to look,
casually, at the door of the elevator. Robert was surprised by this
attitude and almost began to become annoyed at her casualness, but then
quickly realized that she was, indeed, correct. What could they do about it
for now. Still, he did reach casually up with his free hand and absently
begin buttoning the shirt. The elevator rose for more than a full minute,
and as they felt the pressure begin to build in their ears and then pop they
exchanged another glance, sharing an unspoken concern about just how high
they were going. At last they could feel the elevator slow and glide slowly
to a stop. The door slid open shocking them both at what lay on the other
side. It was the deep, rich wood paneling of a tastefully carpeted and
furnished hallway. Many rich paintings in ornate frames adorned the walls and
as the little man stepped from the elevator and turned back to them, once
again extending his hand in indication for them to step down the hallway to
the left, they noticed that the furniture, small tables and lushly
upholstered chairs was quite rich and ornate. As they shuffled from the
elevator the little man stepped off once more, leading them down the hallway
and turning to stop in front of a rather nondescript looking door on which he
knocked. As he waited he turned to them with the bland smile of a minor
functionary, not terribly interested in more than completing his current
assignment and moving on to the next one. The door opened a few
inches and the young couple could make out the shadow of someone in the gap.
Whoever this was he also, surprisingly, appeared to be quite short. A moment
later the door opened fully and the little man who had led them tossed them
one final smile and extended an arm, indicating for them to enter the room.
As they stepped forward the little man turned and strode off down the hall,
his task, apparently, completed. Even before they were fully into the room
Robert jerked to a halt, his eyes widening, mouth falling open in surprise.
The space was odd in that it was not a box shape but rather a large oval. To
the left of the door through which they’d entered were a bank of tall windows
in front of which sat a huge, ornate desk, allowing the person sitting
between it and the windows to look over at the ornate main door opposite it.
But what had shocked Robert was the large image in the very center of the
carpet that filled the room. It was a large circular seal featuring a bald
eagle and ringed around the outside with the text "Seal of the President of
the United States". Behind him Debbie slipped into the room and also
shuddered to a stop, her back stiffening in surprise as her eyes picked out
the same images as her new husband. Slowly they turned to exchange a
wide-eyed look of shock and surprise. "Greetings!" called a high,
sharp voice and both the couple’s heads snapped toward the desk. Stepping
around the corner of it was another little man, this one even shorter than
their original guide, a cotton candy fluff of white hair piled on his round
little face as he strode toward where Robert and Debbie remained rooted in
surprise. He too wore the gray tunic buttoned to the neck even as he
approached them, his face beaming, arms extended in welcome. "Come in,
come in!" he called, waving his extended hands for them to move further into
the room. Robert looked around and noticed yet a third little man
standing, half-hidden by the door through which they’d passed. He was
completely bald, gaunt with sunken eyes and a sad countenance and his tunic
was also the uniform, nondescript gray. Robert stepped uncertainly into the
room, pulling a slightly wobbly Debbie along behind him and the gaunt little
man pushed the door closed. "No need to stand on ceremony here" the white
haired little man was saying as he gently ushered them toward a large sofa
standing at an angle to the desk, "we’re all very informal. Besides, I
suppose we should apologize for… pulling you out so unexpectedly, so to
speak." The little man chuckled and gestured for them to take seats
on the couch which, after a sideways glance at one another, they did. For his
part the little man waddled his short, round bulk to a large, wingback chair
and had to practically scale the seat before he turned and settled back into
it, crossing his legs which jutted straight out extending only a few inches
over the seats edge. "Now" he continued, suddenly all business "I suppose
you have quite a number of questions you would like answered, but we really
have very little time, so allow me to give you the ten cent explanation if
you will, after which I will elaborate on any additional curiosities. Fair
enough?" Robert and Debbie exchanged a glance and slowly nodded. The
little man shared the nod and settled even deeper into the folds of the plush
leather upholstery. "Very well. Well, first of all, as you must have
figured out by now, I am the President of the United States." As if to
forestall their expected objections to this he added quickly "not the one you
know, of course. . My name is Jubilation Gazatchorn. And it is my honor to
meet you. You see… well, I can’t think of any other way to put this than to
just say it…. The long and short of it is…. you have been lifted out of your
own time and brought some three hundred and sixty seven years, three months
and fourteen days into what would be your future." He paused, allowing
the statement to penetrate, then continued briskly. "Now I’m sure you
want to know how we did this, and also why. I’ll try to explain but you must
bear in mind that temporal continuum physics is not my particular specialty.
However, I will endeavor to enlighten you as best I can." "This isn’t
happening" Robert muttered dully, staring open-mouthed at the rotund little
man who seemed to be practically swallowed by the richly upholstered chair.
"We’re dreaming. Or crazy. Or… dead." "Oh, I can assure you" the little
man said with a patient smile "it’s quite real. Believe me. After all, how do
you feel. Doesn’t it feel real?" After a moments assessment of the
sensations bombarding him Robert had to admit to himself that it did indeed
feel quite real, down to the slight tingle of the hairs on his bare legs
caused by the motion of air in the room. He shot a glance at Debbie and saw
from her expression that she also had decided that this was not some sort of
mad dream. He turned back to the little man who seemed to take this as a sign
for him to continue. He nodded once and laced his fingers in front of
himself. "Basically, about fifty years ago or so our scientists stumbled
on a way to accelerate sub-atomic particles beyond the speed of light. In
essence, they managed to cause these particles to reverse their temporal
direction… to go backwards in time, so to speak. After much experimentation
they discovered if they could concentrate enough of these particles they
could literally tear a hole in the fabric of time-space… a sort of worm hole,
I believe they call it. And that by controlling the exact speed these
particles achieved, as well as the frequency of their vibration they could
tune them so that the other end of the worm-hole could be made to appear in a
particular and specific time-space. It’s sort of like tuning a…" The little
man tossed a glance at the gaunt, bald man who now stood, arms folded before
him, solemnly, in front of the desk. "Radio" the gaunt little man said in
a surprisingly baritone voice. "Ah yes" the President said, turning his
attention back to the overwhelmed couple. "A radio. Only instead of picking
up different channels, it will open in different times and places throughout…
well, throughout history." The little President smiled as if mightily
pleased with himself, then continued. "We, that is our scientists,
conducted numerous experiments, always at very low power settings, you
understand, and determined that while we would not be able to send anything
through this wormhole, it was theoretically possible to bring something back.
They conducted several small scale tests over the years and succeeded in
retrieving a number of small items. Exactly one year ago they finally managed
to retrieve, in tact and perfectly healthy, a live bunny rabbit from the
sixteenth century. Isn’t that marvelous?" The little President was
beaming now as if being able to shoot a rabbit several hundred years into the
future was a major accomplishment. "Well, when that happened, we knew
we had the tool we needed to help solve our…" He hesitated as if
catching himself just before revealing something best not spoken of, flicking
a glance at the gaunt man standing before the desk. "Our… problem." he
said quietly. "What problem" Robert said, now suddenly suspicious.
"All in good time" the little President said, then continued his explanation.
"That, in a nutshell, as you used to say, is how you were brought here. If
you would like a more detailed technical explanation, I’m afraid you’ll have
to ask some of our technical people. And frankly I don’t think you’re really
ever understand it all that well. But, that brings us to why you were brought
here. And that, I’m afraid, is a much more complicated and delicate subject."
The little President pushed himself forward on the chair and slid down
to the floor. Taking a moment to pull his tunic back into place where it had
risen up behind him, he laced his fingers behind his back and strode, slowly,
his face now turning grim, toward the high bank of windows behind the desk.
"A little over two hundred years ago everything in this city… this country….
No, on this planet, would have been terribly familiar to you, I’m sure."
The little President moved solemnly around the desk and stopped, his gaze
directed out the gauzy curtains at whatever might lay beyond. "People
were…." He paused, sighed and continued "well, very much as you are. Tall…
strong… full of energy and purpose. Promise. That’s what they had. The
promise of a wonderful future. Certainly technology had continued at a steady
pace from your day. Our systems became smarter, more efficient. They helped
us solve many of the problems that were plaguing us even in your day."
He turned to regard them, his day almost sadly wistful. "Even a
hundred years after your day, there was no more hunger, no more oppression,
no excess of disease. We were working our way, as a species, to that paradise
we had always dreamed of. One of the things we finally, at long last, began
to concentrate our efforts as a species on, was the exploration of the
mysteries of the outer universe. We colonized Terrel Arid… you would have
known it as…" He tossed another glance at the gaunt little man.
"Mars" the man said. "Yes" the little President said, turning back to the
couple. "Mars. And we were even sending deep space probes flashing across the
open, empty reaches of the universe in search of… well, anyone else who might
have been out there." He paused, thoughtfully and heaved a large, sad sigh,
turning his gaze once again back to the windows. "And then, about two
hundred years ago…. we found them." A deep silence settled over the
room for a long moment as Debbie and Robert waited for the little official to
continue. At last he drew in a deep breath, as if steeling himself to
continue. "They intercepted one of our probes. It contained a digital map
on how to find our planet. If it hadn’t, most likely they never would have
even known we were here. But they did. Alas. And they came. At first we
thought it was so wonderful, so thrilling, to finally know we are not alone
in the universe. That there are other intelligent beings out there, perhaps
our organic brothers and sisters. And at first, they did seem completely
benevolent. Even helpful. When we discovered that wasn’t the case…. It was
far too late to prevent our…… our conquest." The little man fell silent
once more, his head hung defeatedly as he stared at some infinitely distant
spot on the floor. After a long moment Robert cleared his throat and spoke
quietly. "Who were they? Space monsters?" The little President
slowly raised his head, his expression hard and cold now, directed out the
windows. "Oh yes" he said quietly, with surprising venom in his tone.
"Monsters. Vicious fiends." "So" Robert said, hesitatingly "what did
they do?" The little Presidents head suddenly snapped around and he
glared at Robert with a startling fury. His little arms shot out as if to
present his diminutive form. "This" he growled in quiet fury. "They
did this." There was a thick tension in the room for a beat, then the
little mans hands fell limply to his sides and he sighed. "Apparently it
was some kind of virus. A disease they carried and which we caught. It was
virulent and air-borne and incurable. And over the space of only two
generations it did this to us. Our average height shrank to thirty-six
inches. Our proportional weight doubled. Our bones became brittle and puny.
But worst of all…" He tossed a tight glance at the gaunt man before
continuing. "Worst of all" he repeated for emphasis "it left us unable
to….. to…." "Procreate" the gaunt little man said flatly. "Yes!" the
little President barked, a bit sharply. "Our… things shriveled to
uselessness. Our hormones were drained until we became weak, little replicas
of men, not real men at all. And it all happened within three generations.
When we finally woke up to the fact that what was happening was not just some
horrible phenomenon but an epidemic… it was already too late. And the most
terrible thing is…. they did it deliberately." The little President turned
and moved briskly to the desk, scrambling up into the chair and climbing
right onto the desktop, walking to stand at its corner, his head now above
that of the couple, forcing them to look up to him as his voice strengthened
and he became more animated. "It was a deliberate attack against us! An
engineered virus designed to sap our will, drain our strength and make of us
the helpless, ineffectual creatures you see before you. Of course, they
didn’t do it to all of us. Oh no! They kept a few, for purposes of their own
amusement, to sate their own…. Unholy lusts! They sank them into a slavery
far deeper than the human mind can conceive. For the rest of us, they simply
wanted us to rendered powerless, so that we would never interfere with their
monstrous plans to take over the entire galaxy. Because, you see, we were not
the first they had conquered in this way. Oh no. We were but one out of many.
By the time they arrived they had already subjugated countless other races,
other cultures, other planets. They mean nothing less than to rule the
universe." The little President stood, his chest heaving, eyes wide and
wild, arms raised. Then he seemed to come back to himself and slowly lowered
his hands, a weak smile spreading over his face. "Sorry. I sometimes get
a bit carried away." "Did this happen to everybody?" Robert asked, a small
shudder of disgust rippling through him. "No" the little President said with
sigh. He bobbed his head toward Debbie. "Some of them weren’t effected."
Robert was momentarily perplexed as he glanced at Debbie. "Them? You
mean… women?" "Yes" the President replied. "Being genetically so
similar to the original carriers of the disease, a small percentage of them
escaped any effects. But those that did were ruthlessly indoctrinated into
their ranks and most have left this planet long ago." "I’m not sure I
understand" Robert said, struggling to make sense of all he’d just heard.
"From infancy" the President said "they would be easily recognized in those
first few generations… the ones" again he nodded toward Debbie "of that kind
that had not fallen prey to the sickness. They were taken from their parents
to be raised by…. them. Now there are very few left. The only ones like her…
or you" the President said, directing his nod at Robert this time "are
visitors… tourist I think you called them. Or those who have been given power
or authority here." "But" Debbie said suddenly, her own curiosity rising
"you said that you’ve lost the ability to… you know…. Have babies. So how do
you…." She left the statement dangling in the air. "Why, by what
you used to call cloning" the little President said simply. He straightened
his back as if posing. "I am the seventh Jubilation Gazatchorn, cloned from
the sixth. And when my time runs short I will contribute my genetic material
for the eighth Jubilation. In fact, I or rather a previous version of me has
been President of the United States for close to one hundred years now."
"Wait a minute" Robert said sharply "you weren’t elected?" The little
man tossed a sidelong glance at the gaunt dwarf who stood unmoving and broke
into a baleful sigh.

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