Surprise at the Gas - sex stories

Surprise at the Gas

"Treaver you horny bastard, show goddamit." Jim Verhem swore for the
20th time in the last hour fidgeting with impatience. Fuck Dick Tracey,
Mag PI and all those fucking TV dicks that enticed him since childhood into
being a private investigator he thought. Cocksuckers were laying on a
beach somewhere sipping drinks and here he was sitting in his car staking
out a rental at 12am Friday night when he should be out getting laid.

Actually Jim had it good and knew it. Only 19 and he had his own
apartment nice possessions and money overseas making more money. True he
was still in tight-ass Kerring pop. 50,000 but only in a small city like
this where the market was too small could a 19-yr old set up a successful
shop. But Treaver Reice was the smartest, sneakiest most careful cheating
husband he'd ever tried to nail. Most of the horny bastards smelled pussy
and all brains left town. But Treaver was different. It didn't help that
the woman he was screwing was cheating too and had just as much to lose.

Jim panned his surrounding's with the video for the 10th time checking
his setup. It was perfect. He was in an alley amongst other cars. To his
left was the Gas & Go. Across the street was the rental that one of s
Treaver's buddies owed. It was above an insurance agency and had just been
vaccinated and Jim was betting on this being the next love nest for Treaver
and upstanding Mrs. Sparks. During the day he would be easily spotted but
at night the street lights and those from the Gas & Go cast a reflection
that made detection impossible except from the rear of the alley. Jim had
placed a recording mike through the window. With the video it should be
enough to net him $5,000. If only the bastard would show.

Catching a truck out of the corner of his eye Jim panned his camera over
to the Gas & Go. Maybe it would be a nice looking girl or two. Jim
snorted as the beat up old Mazda pulled up. Bill Dunbass Spicer. Bill was
his age, ignorant and going nowhere and fast. His resume could be summed
up in two words Bad News. Jim panned the video over to the passenger seat
to see what pig Bill was sporting tonight and almost dropped the recorder.

Lori Patterson!!!!!!!

Lori Miss Goodey Tooshoes Ice Bitch Social Queen Fucking

Jim strained his eyes trying to confirm the impossible. But no there it
was clear as day. Lori Patterson in Bill's truck and she didn't even look
held against her will. Jim hit the record button and grinned evilly. No
telling what kind of trouble this would cause her if it got out. Lori had
destroyed his social life and broke up his relationship with Kim. Jim
ogled the thought of Lori's father seeing this.

Lori must have been thinking along the same lines. She was nervously
looking around and fidgeting while Bill pumped petrol. Bill finished and
walked into the store. Lori seemed to relax a little as she assured
herself no one was around. With this being Kerry no one was libel to come
along either even though it was Friday night. Jim kept filming,
luxuriating in pleasant thoughts of revenge.

Jim's revelry was shattered by the sound of a gunshot and then another.
"Shit.' Jim exclaimed realizing it came from the Gas & Go. That dumbass
robbed and shot Fat Freddie. But wait the shots sounded like they came
from two different guns. Jim's assessment was confirmed as Bill came
limping out of the store gun in one had and a bag in the other. As he
rounded the front of the truck he stumbled into the bumper and dropped the
bag onto the pavement bills scattering.

Bill hesitated unsure what to do and then climbed into the truck.
Instead of taking off they appeared to be arguing. Jim wondered what the
hell was going on. Before long Lori got out of the truck and calmly
scooped the money into the bag and returned to the truck. Bill hit the gas
and they were gone into the night. Jim lowered the recorder stunned. He'd
almost convince himself it wasn't real when the store alarm went off.

"Shit, shit, shit." Jim wondered what he should do. If he was exposed
he might as well kiss the Treaver case goodbye. But shit Fat Freddie
probably needs help. But shit, he hated that bastard. But fuck he's a
human. A police siren in the distance made his mind up. Hell they can do
more for him than I can he thought. Jim quietly backed the car out of the
alley and off into the night he went.

Lori sat numbly in the passenger seat trying to hold the hysteria back.
Jesus Christ she thought. All she wanted was a little fun not a criminal
record. Think Lori think, what in the hell was she going to do. Suddenly
Bill broke the silence.

"Didn't even squeal wheels. My uncle taught me that," Bill stated
proudly. "Cops can trace tire prints. How we have the dough to go to the
late show over Bristol like you want."

Upon hearing this insanity Lori flipped. "You asshole we're not going
to Bristol, Your shot. You stupid fuck what the hell do you think your
doing robbing a store. To hell with you let me out." When Bill didn't
comply Lori grabbed the stick shift and yanked it into neutral. "Hey..."
Bill started but was interrupted by Lori who started hitting him and
screaming for him to stop. Bill had no choice but to hit the break.

Before the truck came to a halt Lori jumped out and started into a half
run down the street. "Hey wait a minute babe" Bill began drifting beside
her. He was immediately cut off.

"You stupid ass get it out of your head, We're not going to Bristol.
You're shot and need to get to a hospital. The cops will be looking for
you too."

With that Lori cut right down an alley. Bill suddenly realized the
police siren in the distance. Cussing women in general he put it into
first and pounded the gas.

Lori walked the streets sobbing and trembling slightly. O God she
thought, what am I going to do. Looking around she realized she was near
her best friend Mary's house. Maybe she could go there. God no she
started, What was she thinking. Mary would spread the news fast and wide.
Well it was only about 10 or so blocks to her house, She would have to huff
it. Shuffling along she tried desperately to check her tattered emotions.
She was doomed.

When the news got out through Bill when he was caught or from a witness
she would be up the river. At best her father would literally send her to
a convert or at worst she would be in jail. The last thought scared her so
badly she broke down sobbing again. Lori was unable to think much the rest
of the way home. Upon reaching home Lori raced up to her room and flung
herself onto her bed. In the safety of the bedroom she let it all out and
the tears flowed. Never moving an inch she cried herself to sleep.

Across town Jim sat on his couch watching his video. He had to watch it
twice jaw hanging before he could bring himself to believe it. It just
didn't make sense. On the third go around his PI skills took over and he
removed his emotions and started analyzing it calmly. After watching it a
couple more times he teased out the truth. On the surface it looked like
Lori Patterson was a willing participant in a robbery turned sour. Hell
there she was in the truck with Bill pointing angrily at the fallen bag of
money and then when he didn't move to get it she did.

But Jim new Lori and Bill both, And people in General. He deduced
correctly that Bill had refused to leave without the money. Now most girls
would have froze or freaked. Lori wasn't most girls. You didn't get to
the top of the social ladder in Kerry with just good looks, Even with the
ones she had. She had quickly deduced dumbass Bill wasn't moving without
the money so she calmly did what was necessary to get herself out of there.

With that puzzle figured Jim sat thinking of what he should do next.
His first instinct was to take the tape down to the station and gloat in
the glory of Lori's downfall. Two things made him hesitate though. First
there was Treaver Reice. Treaver was going to put two and two together no
matter how good a story Jim could concoct as to why he was taking video at
midnight. Course he could send it to them anonymously but Treaver would be
suspicious and the paranoid bastard would probably cut the affair off.

Second was the general fact that in a small God fearing slightly
paranoid city like Kerry the ideal of a PI sneaking around town checking up
on people wouldn't go over good. Kerry had all the vices of anywhere else
but with the bible thumpers around it was kept under raps. The penalty was
social blackballing and financial ruin. Jim prospered because he was low
key. He knew as soon as he was well known he would have to close up shop.
If it were sent anonymously it would be the great mystery. People would
not rest until it was solved.

Well maybe I'll get lucky and it won't be needed. Jim yawned and
decided to let it rest until the morning.

Lori woke the next morning in a start. She was dirty and her face was
tear encrusted and she had that unkempt feeling from sleeping in her
cloths. Thank God here parents were out of town so as not to see her in her
horrid state. She stumbled out of bed and got a drink wondering why the
police hadn't come and got her yet. Well might as well get cleaned up.
She'd as so look good for the hangman, as not she thought darkly.

Coming downstairs later she got a bowl of cereal and sat down in front
of the TV out of habit. Across town Jim was doing the same. The affair
was of course all the rage. Kerry had one TV station and not much news.
They had cut regular programming to cover the big story. First was Dave
Thompson the police chief standing roadside with his big gut jutting out
trying to sound important.

"We observed the subject fleeing the general area of the crime at a high
rate of speed. Becoming suspicious we attempted a traffic stop to check
him out. At witch time he took off and we began pursuit. The suspect then
lost control and slid into the ditch. The suspect exited his truck weapon
drawn. At that time my partner and I opened fire, striking him numerous
times. He was pronounced dead on the scene." The camera paned over to
Bills truck. It was lying cockeyed in the ditch. There were several
bullet holes in the truck along with a fair amount of blood. There was
more yakerty yak no more useful info.

Next was the video from the security cameras. Leave it to dumbass Bill
to pick the only joint in town with cameras Jim thought. The out of town
company had it installed when they bought the place out of habit. The
first camera showed both sides of the counter. Bill came in and got right
down to business. Pulling his piece he demanded the money. Fat Freddie
complied, putting the cash in a bag and setting it on the counter. But
when Bill glanced outside he saw his chance and went for his gun. Bill
realized it a split second to soon for Fat Freddie and plugged him one in
the chest. Fat Freddie was thrown against the back wall by the force of
the slug. His gun discharged, striking Bill in the side.

Fat Freddie hit the floor and Bill grabbed the bag and stumbled out the
door. The next camera showed the door from inside the store however a soda
machine and some hanging plants obscured most of the view outside. Jim and
Lori realized watching the rest of the clip that she had never been exposed
and you couldn't even tell there was anyone else in the truck.

Lori's mind raced in high gear. No one as far as she new had seen them
together or knew where they were going out. Lori had chosen Bill because
him and Mary had had a thing going in secret and he'd never told even after
she was finished with him. Something about how his uncle had taught him to
keep his mouth shut about affairs. Bill had taught Mary a lot about sex
and Lori was hoping he'd do the same for her. For the first time hope
began to surface in Lori's mind. True someone could have seen them but
probably word would have already reached Dave Thompson by now. Kerry was
gossipy and word traveled fast. Dave hated her father with a passion and
would break the sound barrier getting over her if he suspected. Still
someone seeing her might still be asleep or out hunting, working or such
but if it didn't come out in the next couple days it probably never would.

Jim sat thinking along the same lines but knowing less about Lori and
Bills whereabouts before hand and therefor less sure. "Shit that cunt
might walk if I don't turn her in.' he fumed. Fucking bitch, he thought.
Still he held out hope not knowing.

His thoughts were interrupted by the telephone.


`Jim it's Kevin. How it is.' Kevin was the resident PI in Bristol and
Jim's mentor. Kevin had taught him the ropes and Jim was the son Kevin
never had. Although well educated Kevin preferred a strange blend of
street slang mixed with getto talk in private. Jim accommodated him.

`Finest Kind.' He replied.

`Now lookey here boy. Got so sweet ass work for ya.'

`Ug.' Jim replied meaning "tell me more"

"Cake walk all you need is to sit on your ass and do some picture
taking. Cake walk.'

`Whys you not doing it then?'

`Cause the fucken' teamsters done struck. Fucken' Boss Hog wants video
of the picket line case the baboons start going apes-shit.'

`Uhaugh.' Jim grunted understanding.

'35 sweet ass little bills an hour. Adds up quick.'

`Done. When you need me.'

`Get your ass down here boy.' Kevin spat



Jim hung up the phone cussing. Great just what he needed. Getting
dressed he reconsidered. With the shit hitting the fan Treaver would
probably cool off for a while. Probably scare him a little. If his car
had been seen by the Gas & Go questions would have probably been asked.
And it would get him some thing to occupy his mind and wallets while things
around here settled out and see whether or not Lori would be exposed.

Anyway it really was a cakewalk. This was the reality of being a PI.
Boss Hog was the name Kevin used for Mr. John Davenport, The richest and
most powerful man in Bristol. Now Boss Hog gave Kevin a lot of background
and security checks. Gravy money, Couldn't afford to piss him off.
However this was a dangerous job for a local.

Not at the present, However people have long memories over suck things.
Someone spots Kevin taking video of the picket lines and a year later Kevin
might be greeted with a half-dozen or so pissed off truck driver wielding
tire irons in a dark alley.

As Jim finished dressing an evil thought crossed his mind. Would it be
so bad if no one ratted Lori. Well then he would be the only thing between
her and the can. Jim's fertile mind began figuring the possibilities.
Either way she was going down. `Serve the bitch right.' Jim mused happily
as he locked the front door.

Two weeks latter Jim sat happily at his desk rapping a cassette for
mailing. The Bristol job had been great. The goons had gone a little
apeshit. Enough to call for long hours but not so muck as to bring any
danger. He had cleared almost 5 grand. And while he was there he finally
nailed Treaver. Funny all the time he'd spent doing good detective work
and he got him finally by good old dumb luck. Jim spotted him in Bristol
and figured he could only be there for on reason.

Sure enough he followed him and found him and his flame with their guard
down. Not only did he get the bedroom recordings but also some good shots
of them dining and walking through the park petting. When he presented
them to his wife she was so happy she laid another 5 grand on him and then
just plain laid him. And best yet Lori had not been exposed. Jim had had
a lot of idle time watching the picket lines to plan. And it was looking

Two hours later Jim sat nervously watching Lori's house through binocks
from a couple blocks away. This was the weak part of his plan. If anyone
intercepted the tape his plans were fucked. Jim's heart jumped when Lori's
bus came into view.

Lori sat dejected on the bus. 18 years old and she was still riding the
bus. Godam parents wouldn't even let her buy a car on her own until she
graduated. Fucking bible thumpers. This wasn't what really bothered Lori.
It was just a vent for her frustration and worry.

Lori was scarred and what really scarred he the most was ending up like
her mother. Bored housewife with no hope of excitement or advancement
other than what your hubby achieved. Always the junior partner in the
deal. Her escape lay in college and a good tech degree. Against her mother
wishes her father had consented to her attending the out of state college
he'd attended.

But she had to make it to fall without pissing off her parents. True
she was 18 and could go where she damn well pleased without her parent's
approval but go where. Kerry didn't teach their daughters much that
translated into marketable skills other than being a house wife. The best
job she could manage was maybe a waitress or secretary. True she could use
and discard men like Mary did but that didn't appeal to Lori. The thought
of having an affair with a pudgy old fart just to get a promotion or such
didn't sit well with Lori, In fact it made her sick. She was the
homecoming queen and she'd be damned if she'd stoop so low.

What appealed to Lori was Getting a tech job where your brain counted
more than your looks. With that she could get her own nice car and house.
And in her bedroom she could put a dumb ass hunk like Bill to keep her
pussy happy. Christ she was honey. 5 months to go could she hold out?
Lori had slept with 2 guys on 4 different occasions. But as soon as they
got some the idiots couldn't resist running their mouths forcing Lori to
break it off. Luckily Lori had been careful and it was their word against
theirs and no one believed them. At least she was on the pill so wouldn't
be getting married anytime soon. Mary got them from out of town for both
of them.

It'd been stupid to go out with Bill. Dangerous as hell in fact. If
her parents caught wind of anything at all she be going to some private
girls school where the most technical course would be operating a sewing
machine. But Christ she needed sex and bad. She thought of Mary and how
she'd described in lurid detail how Bill had held her down and teased her
clit with his dick until she begged for him to fuck her. Lori's pussy
began to wet.

Thank God the bus was pulling onto her street. Her parents were away on
one of those bible retreats they were always going to. Lori had managed to
skillfully embarrass her parents. Seemingly innocent the whole time so as
not to invite punishment till they had decided it best not to include her.
First thing she was going to do when she got home was to do a sexy
striptease she'd been practicing in front of the mirror. She'd pretend she
was seducing a hunk and then lay on the bed and frig herself to orgasm
imaging him pounding her with his monster cock.

Lori jumped off the bus and ran up the porch stairs almost overlooking
the small package leaning against the door. Curiously she examined it
while unlocking the door. It was addressed to her with personal and
confidential written on it. A small tingle of dread coursed up her spine
as she realized it had no return address, postage or postmark.

Locking the door Lori ripped the paper off the package to reveal a video
cassette box. As she pulled the cassette out a piece of paper fell out
onto the floor. Picking it up she felt another tingle of fear as she read
`If you want to discuss this tape meet me out front of Coopers Pharmacy at
5:30.' Don't be silly she chided herself. It's one of your girlfriends
being mysterious or even a guy trying to meet you.

However she couldn't bring herself to ignore it and went into the living
room and popped it into the VCR. Lori plopped down on the sofa and hit
play with the remote. When the picture came up Lori gasped in horror and
the remote fell from her numb fingers. Terror wrapped her entire body and
threatened to choke off her breathing as she watched her and Bill at the
Gas & Go. When she got out of the truck and calmly collected the money her
heart froze in place.

Lori couldn't move or even think and sat froze like a statue long after
the video ended and white fuzz took over. Her body was coated with a cold
clammy sweat. How long she stared at the screen she couldn't start to
guess. Finally she was able to move her trembling hand to where the remote
had landed and after several tries managed to rewind it.

She managed to get through the second showing without freezing, And by
the third was calm enough to start analyzing it. Remembering the note she
grabbed it and channeled all the adrenaline that was threatening to
overwhelm her into reading it. Lori's mind sucked up every detail of the
note as if she could force by shear will the one Question, Who! But it was
hopeless. The note was printed on computer paper and was unsigned with
nothing on the back.

Lori grabbed the remote back and rewound the tape and likewise vacuuming
the tape of every detail. It was worse than bad. It appeared without
question that Lori was a willing and even a directing participant in a
robbery that had led to murder. If this ever saw the light of day she'd be
locked away for life. She had to get the original and any copies. Lori
had no illusions as to this being the only one.

Lori grabbed the note, wrapping paper and removed the cassette. Running
upstairs she put them in her best hiding place. She had to make the
meeting. Looking in the mirror she realize for the first time she was
covered with sweat to the point it soaking through her dress. Shit she
couldn't go out looking like she just ran a marathon. Glancing at the
clock she sighed with relief. She had a little oven a hour. She had to
look her best. It was going to take all her skills and luck to get the
tape and she needed every advantage.

At 5:15 Lori walked out of her back door and strode purposefully towards
Coopers. You would have never guessed only an hour before she'd received
the shock of her life. Her hair was combed, blow-dried and she'd done a
very good makeup job. It accented her best features but wasn't overdone.
Her spring dress pushed her ample breasts up but still allowed them to
bounce slightly as she walked. It flowed around her curvy hips and flowed
enticingly around her perfect legs.

She was a knockout and had the confident air that would blow over most
people, Male or female. Jim saw this through his nocks and smiled.
Perfect, just perfect he thought. She hadn't freaked and was dancing to
his tune. Jim waited till 5:40 to pull around to Coopers so as to get Lori
worrying and keep her off guard. Rounding the corner he saw it worked.
Lori was standing in front of Coopers examining every car that went by with
a worried expression

When Lori saw Jim pull up she gulped. Jim had good reason to hate her.
This might not be easy she thought her confidence waning. Jim hit the
window button and simply stated.

`Your waiting for me. Get in.'

Lori shivered. `Why?'

`So we can talk'

`Can't we talk here' Lori stalled desperate for time to think


When Lori didn't move Jim said `OK, guess I'll go by the police
station.' And hit the window button.

`OK.' Lori quickly caved and got in the car.

Jim pulled away and drove through town like he was on a Sunday drive
seeming unconcerned with anything. Lori sat with her hands clasped on her
lap with a scared puppy dog look. She couldn't bring herself to start
small talk and dreaded broaching the subject of the tape. Finally when it
became apparent that Jim was not going to break the silence she screwed up
her nerve and said.

`Where are we going.'

`To my place.'


`So we can talk.'

`I thought you wanted me to get in so we could talk in the car."

`Changed my mind' Jim calmly stated.

Lori couldn't control herself any longer. Jim's calm causal manor had
completely unnerved her.

`Now look here Jim I don't know what your up to but I'm not going to
stand for It. You give me that tape or I'll make it hard on you.' Lori
snapped mustering all the confident dominating air she had used on her
peers at school. Jim simply looked over at her. She had the scared
defiant look of a cornered chipmunk trying to bluff a wolf. Jim reveled in
the look. Lori Patterson, Homecoming Queen Bitch cornered. He decided he
liked it this way and if he couldn't have her this way he'd see her in
jail. To Lori's horror Jim started laughing.

`Silly girl you have no way to make it had on me. Now you just sit
there quiet like a good girl until we get there.' Jim managed patting Lori
on the leg. Lori jerked her leg away and opened her mouth to speak.
Before she could Jim broke in with a cold quiet, low tone.

`However on the other hand I'll be happy to take you home if you like. I
bet I could sell the tape for a pretty penny. Imagine Lori Patterson, Home
coming queen involved in common robbery and murder. You know you don't
stand a prayer after your father got the FBI to raid the local friendly
poker game for the powers that be. Lets see, Chief of police, The DA, The
most respected doctor and businessman, a judge etc. Lucky they didn't have
cash on the table but chips instead. Still it cost them plenty in legal
fees and bribes, And any chance for Dave Spicer to move up. They would
give their left testicles for a chance to put the lofty Mr. Patterson's
daughter in prison. Now what's it going to be my place or the police

Lori sat dejectedly wringing her hands and finally managed `You.. your

` Good now keep quiet.'

Lori sat quiet as a mouse as Jim drove. She didn't have to guess at
what Jim wanted. And there was no doubt she would give it. But would her
body be enough? Jim pulled into his parking lot and killed the engine.
`Come on" he stated calmly getting out. Lori followed like a condemned
prisoner walking to the gallows


Lori's Life

Chapter 2, Lori's first blowjob

By Cole Collins

Jim unlocked his door and went in plopping down on the couch. Lori
stood at the doorway scared to break the threshold and put on her best meek
poor girl begging for mercy look. Jim ignored it and said, `Come in and
lock the door.'

Lori dejectedly did so and when the lock clicked she winced like an
electric shock had hit her.

`Stand there.' Jim said pointing to a spot about 4 feet directly in
front of him. Lori slowly shuffled over to where Jim had indicated and
stood silent head down, hands clasped in front of her.

`Look at me.' Jim said. It took Lori several tries but she finally
managed to bring her eyes up to meet his.

`Take off your cloths.' Jim stated causally.

Lori looked one last time seeking mercy. Finding none she averted her
eyes and reluctantly kicked off her shoes. Slowly Lori began unbuttoning
her dress. It took along time. There were a lot of buttons and with
everyone that popped out Lori felt a nail was being hammered into her
coffin. Most guys would have become impatient. Jim luxuriated in every
button, Soaking up every move like a fine wine not to be gulped but to be

This was like hitting the lottery. Only in his wildest dreams had he
ever imagined Lori would be standing in his living room stripping. Lori
worked her way down her chest. With every button her ample tits pushed her
dress apart exposing more of her white lacey bra. Slowly down she went,
past her flat young stomach till the top of her panties came into view
finally running out of buttons.

Lori brought her hands up and unsuredly took the button lines in each
hand and seemed to pull them together as if to try to close her exposed
cleavage. Jim growled and Lori reluctantly continued her hands upward to
the lapels. Slumping one shoulder she drew the dress backwards over her
shoulder freeing it. When she repeated the process on the other shoulder
her tits jutted outwards causing Jim's dick to harden.

Slowly the dress came down till Lori stood holding it like a sack around
her waist. Jim finally tired of waiting and growled. Startled Lori let
the dress fall.

`Get the rest off.' Jim coldly stated.

Lori slowly moved her hand up to the middle of her breast where the bra
clasp was and pulled. Lori's tits pounced forward released of their bonds.
When she thrust her chest out to get the shoulder straps off Jim gasped in
appreciation. Lori's DD tits bounced forward and quickly reformed. Like
the firmest jellow they quivered without a shadow of a sag.

Lori looked at Jim still hoping for a reprieve. Seeing only an
expectant look she slowly peeled her panties down her thighs and let them
fall to the floor. Jim ogled her body like a dog eyeing a T-bone he was
going to consume. Which was what Lori felt like. A piece of meat on
display. Embarrassed and degraded Lori crossed her arms vainly attempting
to cover her tits and snatch.

`Stand up strait and move your hands I want to see.' Jim said.

It took several long moments but Lori screwed up her nerve and moved her
hands to here side and stood up tall and strait with a defiant look on her
face. Jim had been waiting for this. Lori was a proud smart girl and
unlike most attractive girls she new she had a great body. He would have
to break her but for how he was content to ogle her body. Lori stood still
meeting his eyes proudly whenever his meet hers during their wanderings up
and down her body. She was determined not to let him break her sprit

Jim took it all in. Damn Lori was awesome. Her legs and hips were
curvy and sleek but without a hint of fat. Her bush and hair were a soft
chestnut with the former trimmed close to accommodate a high rise bikini.
Her stomach was flat but soft. Lori's tits were probably her best asset if
one had to choose. DD or maybe heavy Ds they quivered unsagging. Jim
thought of Jellow again. Her arouras were large but light so as to blend
gently into the perfect whiteness of the breast.

She still had a light tan left over from last year. Jim wondered idly
how she had managed to acquire a skimpy bikini tan with her parents being
such tightasses. Her face was a dream. Long strait blonde hair with a
little bounce but no super poof job. Bright white perfect teeth shown
through pouty slightly thick lips that looked like they'd been designed for
sucking cock. Her eyes were a soft blue. They gave her a doleful innocent
look but had a sparkle that spoke of a hidden naughtiness that beckoned.
Lori didn't have the super tight, stacked hardbody look of some models or
the top-heavy, skinny "Barbie" shape. Instead it was a full but thin, soft
bouncy look of a fuck Goddess. Jim's prick throbbed.

`Turn around and let me see your ass.' Jim managed not meeting her eyes,
still brain fucking her tits. Taking this as a small victory Lori
pirouetted smartly around. Jim's dick went from hard to steel when her ass
came in view. It was ample but O so tight. It road high on her hips with
a firmness only the young could manage. Jim smiled, He'd be spanking that
ass before the night was over. But first to business, He had a filly to

`Bend over and grab the table Lori." Jim smirked.

Lori hesitated hating the taunting tone of his voice.

`Now wench.' Jim growled.

Hating the ground Jim walked on Lori bent over and grabbed wood.

`Arch your back. Stick your ass up higher slut.'

Gritting her teeth to hold her tongue Lori complied.

"That's a good slut.' Jim smirked enjoying the view of Lori's pouty
vagina, Christ he thought her pussy lips look as if they could suck a good
cock. `Now wiggle your ass around. Rotate it slowly and pump it in and
out slightly bitch.'

Lori shot strait up and whirled around. `What in the hell do you think
I am she practically screamed. Some kind of cheap street whore. I'll be
goddamned if I'll prance for you like some porn queen.' Lori lectured in a
high and might manner.

There was much more, some concerning his ancestors was pretty
imaginative and crude. Jim refused to let any affect him in anyway. He
simply sat coldly staring Lori strait in the eye. Jim's lack of reaction
cause Lori to run out of steam and when she slowed enough for Jim to get a
word in edgeways he interjected. `Remember Stacy Owens.'

What in the hell does Stacy have to do with this Lori shot back.' But
less sure being thrown off kilter with the sudden change in direction.

`Plenty.' Jim stated in a cold cruel voice that made Lori shiver.
`She'll probably be your roomie down in the State Penn." Jim paused to let
it sink and continued. `Do you know what happened to Stacy after you made
her an outcast like you did me?

Lori slowly shook her head scared by this new turn of events.

"Well I'm sure you know she ran away?' Lori nodded her head. `Striped
of any self worth she drifted down to the big city. To make a long story
short she ended up hooked on heroin and tricking on the street to support
her habit. A week after her 18th birthday the cops raided the crack house
she was staying in. Her pimp boyfriend had it all set up for her to take
the fall. She got 10 years, no parole under the new federal guidelines. I
hear she's one of the top dogs down Bristol.' Lori started turning pale as
Jim paused to let this sink in.

`Know how the government runs the prisons Lori?'

Lori shook her head.

`Well basically it's like this. The good people want the goons locked
up but they don't want their hard-earned money spent on prisoners. They
want it spent putting more goons in Jail. So the prisons chronically
understaffed come up with the only viable solution. They allow the
strongest goons favors like early parole and visiting privileges in return
for keeping the rest of the goons in line. Now when Stacy hears your
coming it shouldn't be hard to arrange the new living arrangement. Lori
turned dead pale as this sunk in.

`Now Lori will break you and quick. First she's smart. After all she
was your main competition for social queen. Second she stronger. Your
comments about how she resembled Frankenstein's Daughter come to mind.'

Lori shook violently. A woman could humiliate her with a cold cruel
intelligence a man could never manage.

`She'll have you a well train pussy eater in no time. After she tires
of you she'll put you out for block whore. Now block whore is the lowest
form of life possible. In return for whatever meager possessions the
prisoners can scrape up for the block boss. You'll service their most
perverted whims. For the price of a single cigarette you'll eat steel wool
nigger pussy till your tongue falls off and thank them for the privilege of
servicing them when your done.'

`You'll be a big hit with the girls. Punching your ticket and getting
you to refuse will be the main attraction. Then they can watch the Boss
put the uppity homecoming queen in her place. Ever have a soda can stuffed
up your cunt.... How about your ass.'

Lori lost what little color remained at this and sunk to the floor
unable to support her weight.

` Even if your lucky enough to avoid Stacy the end will be the same.
You'll never hide that proud princess look. When you see the light of day
you'll be a worn out whore. You'll have no where to go, I can't see anyone
not disowning you. You'll probably end up a street whore giving head 5
bucks a pop. You'll be a cheap one all right the girls will be sure to
destroy your good looks they'll be so jealous of. Actually it probably
won't get that far. One day when Stacys not looking you'll hang yourself
with a bed sheet to escape the torture.'

Jim paused for a long time for all this to sink in. Then with the
coldest cruelest voice he could muster he quietly stated. `So you see Lori
today you became a bitch. The only question remaining to be answered is
whose bitch you'll be. So you'll get on you knees and beg me to let you be
be my bitch. Make it dirty and make it cheap. And if you beg good enough
and perform well enough I'll let you be my part time whore and the rest of
the time you can have a life. Displease me and Stacy will get your ass and
probably your soul as well.

Lori sat trembling and sobbing. Then she grabbed the "have a life" part
and latched onto it like a drowning soul holds a piece of plank. This man
held the keys to hell. He was only a man though, If she could please him
he might be merciful. Stacy was a woman. She would crush her unfeelingly
until nothing but a shell was left. Lori practically flung herself at
Jim's feet.

`Please Jim let me be your bitch she moaned.'

`I said dirty and cheap, whore.'

`I've got a nice body she purred. Sitting up on her knees she cupped
her tits and thrust them out. `My tits are big and firm.' Lori squeezed
them enticingly trying to sell her goods.

`You call that dirty? Spread your legs

Lori was a natural actress and desperate to boot. Sitting back with one
hand still kneading her tits Lori slowly spread her knees and thrust her
ass up lewdly. Taking her hand off her breast she moved it down her
stomach till it was past her crotch bringing it back she pushed her finger
between her pussy lips.

`See I've got a nice pussy. I've only slept with a few boys and it's
nice and tight. Jim couldn't believe this. He had expected Lori to submit
but not this fast or far. Lori couldn't believe it either but she was
desperate. Jim could be bluffing. But she couldn't take a chance. He'd
probably fuck her to relieve himself tonight but tomorrow he might decide
to turn her in anyway. She had to hook him tonight and good, otherwise she
was good as dead, or worse. This was no time for subtleties. Climbing
back to her knees Lori rubbed her pussy with one hand and kneaded her
cupped tit with another. She took the hand in her pussy and brought it to
her lips. Slowly she licked her finger smiling all the time.

`I know let me suck your cock.' Lori purred.

Jim looked doubtful

`I've never done it but Mary's showed me a lot.' Lori went on too scared
to try to bullshit Jim. `Yes she's showed me with a carrot. I can even
deep throat I bet.' With that Lori popped her finger into her mouth all the
way to the knuckle. Sucking hard she slowly pulled it out. At the last
second she pulled it out fast with an audible pop.

`Well now your change of attitude pleases me.' Lori beamed with a good
girl shine. `Lets pick up were we left off.'

Lori got to her feet and turned around grabbing the table. Arching her
back she started to grind her ass seductively.

`Wanta fuck your bitch doggy style Jim.' Lori breathed. Jim considered.
Lori still could not believe she was doing this. I've been around Mary to
long she thought

`Later maybe. You say you give good head, well do you swallow wench.'
Lori hesitated in mid grind.

"Well Ahh I.' She stuttered.

Jim's happy horny face went cold terrifying Lori. `Your back to begging
cunt. On your back bitch. And this time you'll beg with your body. I
don't what to hear a sound out of your mouth. If you do well enough I'll
give you the privilege of swallowing my cum. If you don't, You'll get

Lori quickly complied. On her back she propped herself up with her left
arm and used the right to play with her tit. Moving lower, She began to
work on her pussy giving Jim her best come hither look. Before long her
face began to redden. Jim could see why. Her pussy was starting to juice.

`Horny sluts getting wet is she.' Jim smirked.

Lori's face reddened further. Keep working it whore. I want it nice
and Juicy.'

Lori complied and before long she couldn't restrain a moan. The
situation though totally degrading was turning her on like fire. Jim let
it slide happy with the turn of things. He sat there with a satisfied
look. Encouraged Lori worked a finger into her hole soon she was moaning
loudly. Jim was stunned beyond belief. Lori tightass Patterson was
friging herself with wild abandon on his living room floor. Her hips moved
up to meet her finger with every stroke slapping loudly. The come hither
look was replaced with a strained look of utter lust, her eyes were glued
to the huge bulge in his pants. Finally Lori couldn't contain herself any

`Please Jim your bitch is ready to fuck. Please stick it in me
anywhere. Fuck my whore ass. Lori panted.

Jim couldn't hold back. Afraid to speak of even move much he simply
gestured to his pants. Lori leapt to her feet and went for his zipper.
Sinking to her knees she fumbled his button off and struggled with his
zipper. Jim's cock sprang loose from its confines and slapped Lori's chin
with an audible smack. A drop of pre-cum hung from her lip. Her tongue
darted out and lapped it up. She grabbed the base of his cock with one
hand and stared at Jim's cock.

It was about 8 inches and thick. Veins popped out and it was so hard it
was almost blue. Lori admired it and her pussy wetted even more. Lori was
scared. Not that she was going to do it but that she that she wanted to.
Like a virgin on the brink she hesitated. Jim looked at her and grunted.'
Suck it bitch.'

Lori took half of Jim's raging hardon in one gulp sucking hard. She now
put Mary's lurid cocksucking tales to good work. Sliding her hand up and
down in rhythm with her mouth she squeezed with her hand and sucked merrily
with her mouth. Her tongue played around his cock. With every stroke her
mouth went lowered and deeper. Lori's finger had slipped back into her
cunt and it kept time with mouth.

It was now a race to see who would cum first. Jim won. His balls
quivered and tightened up like a drum. Suddenly his cock exploded and
filled Lori's mouth with a torrent of sperm. Unable to swallow as fast as
her mouth filled Jim's cock popped out of her mouth as she gagged. Sperm
splashed over her pretty face. Jim grabbed her hair with both hands and
slammed her mouth down hard till her lips were mashed hard against her
hand, which was flattened against the base of his cock. With the monster
cock half way down her throat it deposited his seed directly in her throat.
Somehow she managed to keep it going down her though even though she gagged
and even managed to get some sucking action going.

` That's it you cheap fucking, cocksucking whore. Suck it.' Jim moaned.

That last little bit of humiliation pushed Lori over the top. Her
thighs began to quiver. Her building orgasm began in her cunt and raped
her body like a blanket. Lori's whole body began to shake as she was
seized with waves of pleasure. Afraid she'd bite him Jim pulled her by the
hair off his cock till her lips were an inch away from his dick. Lori's
hips buckled in ecstasy and her hand squeezed Jim's cock in a death grip
Small globs of semen peppered her face as they continued to cum.

Afraid Jim would be mad at her for not keeping her mouth on his cock
Lori shot her tongue out as soon as she came down enough to think. Jim
grunted and pushed her hard backwards. She stumbled and landed with a
thump on her ass. `No more you slut, Its tender.'

Jim gazed down at Lori with a contended horny smile. Lori moved one
hand as if to wipe her face. `No you don't bitch.' Jim said, `I like you
just like that.' Lori dropped her hand to her side. `Don't move.' She was
sprawled on the floor, legs wide half laying with her arms propping her up.
She was breathing hard and her tits bounced hypnotically with every breath.
Lori was a mess. She was covered with sweat. Generous juice's were
smeared around her crotch and still leaked as small aftershocks
occasionally racked her pussy. Her mouth and chin were covered with jiz.
The rest of her face and hair had cum spots plastered here and there.

As her pussy subsided their convolutions Lori began to realize what had
happened. Lori's face began to redden. She had sucked his cock like a
pro. She was nothing more than a common slut. And worst of all she had
loved it all. Christ she'd come like a banshee and he hadn't even fucked
her yet.

With that she looked at Jim. He sat looking like the King of the world.
He gazed down at Lori like she was a simple animal that could be commanded
at will. When her eyes came to rest on his dick her pussy tingled as she
wondered if he would get hard again and fuck her. God she hoped so. Lori
was shocked by her thoughts and her face turned scarlet. She shook her
head as if to shake off the evil thoughts that made her pussy betray her.
Small globs of semen flew.

`Well now seems my horny bitch likes sucking cock. Don't you slut.' Jim
broke the silence.

`Shamed beyond belief Lori couldn't manage an answer.

`I'm waiting for an answer wench.'

`Ye.... Ye.. Yes Lori finally stuttered.

`I can't hear you bitch. Louder and with more feeling.'

Lori knew what he wanted. She had to do it and make it good. Screwing
up her nerve she put a smile on her face. In a throaty voice said, `Yes
your bitch loves sucking your cock and swallowing your cum.'

With that Lori ran her tongue enticingly around her mouth catching a
good amount of cum and took it in her mouth. Smiling seductively she
swallowed it with a gulp. Lori's head slumped in udder shame and despair
unable to look at Jim. Jim sat there soaring on a power buzz watching her
as she waited for the next humiliating command that was sure to come. To
her surprise he relented.

`Very good Lori. Very good indeed.' Jim said.

Lori caught herself enjoying his praise cursed herself for being a

`Well you're a mess. Go ahead and get in the shower.' Jim said not

Lori looked up shocked by this command. Hopefully she looked over at
her scattered cloths.

`O no you won't be needing them for a while girl. I want you pretty and
powdered. Clean your pussy real good I might get hungry. There's makeup
and a blow dryer in the medicine cabinet. In 45 minutes I want you spread
eagle on my bed. Now hop to it.' Jim ordered.

Lori seethed in anger at his commanding tone. But she was smart enough
to hold her tongue. She have to dance his tune until she could figure a
way out of this. After he fucked her with that beautiful cock that is.
Shocked further by her evil thoughts Lori arose with a huff and pranced
into the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom Lori sank down on the toilet and tried to get
her self together. Too much had happened in such a short time. She
couldn't begin to understand. On the one hand she was utterly revolted by
the degradation she was suffering. On the other the more she suffered the
stronger she wanted it. Lori was of quick and strong mind. By the time
she finished peeing she had shoved her tumblent emotions to the side and
got on with what she had to do in a detached manor.

Lori jumped into the shower quickly washing off making sure her pussy
was good and clean. She efficiently dried her body and hair. Lori then
examined the makeup. It was of good quality but the colors were on the
risqu**e9** side. The eye shadow was called "passion." The lipstick was
bright red. Jim wants his bitch done up sluty for the boning she thought
and her pussy began to tingle.

Lori's canned emotions burst loose at this. She grabbed the counter in
a vise grip. Anger, hornyness, hate, confusion and a 100 other emotions
swirled unchecked in the poor girls' mind and she almost broke down. She
stood there battling her emotions with the outcome in doubt. Finally her
desperate mind snatched a solution. This wasn't Lori Patterson homecoming
queen high school senior. This was Lori the college student. Free to
party. Lori dug one of her more perverted alter egos that she used when
fantasizing out and stepped into charter.

Thus fortified Lori began putting on her makeup. She laid it on heavy
and looked into the mirror thinking of how she looked like a hot slut. Her
pussy began to juice and this time instead of fighting it she let it flow.
Her left hand snuck down and rubbed her pussy walls sending electric
tingles down up her spine. Stop that she chided herself you've got a hot
stud with a gorgeous cock waiting for you. Hurry up and you'll get laid
but good tonight.

She had just finished the last of it and snapped the lid shut when like
on cue Jim yelled from the bedroom, `Times up wench get your ass in here.'
Lori came to the bedroom door and paused and did her best grand entrance
pose. She looked at Jim hardening cock and licked her lips seductively.

`Your bitch is ready for a good fucking.' Lori purred.

Jim's eyes took her in and whistled operatively. `Damn if you ain't.
On the bed and spread em.'

Lori slinked over to the bed wiggling her ass seductively as she went.
When she reached it she bent over till her palms rested on the mattress.
Looking back at Jim with sexy smile Lori began grinding her ass playfully.
After a few moments of this she climbed onto the bed stretching out.
Slowly she rolled over onto her back spreading her legs. Jim just stood
there taking it all in. Lori looked at how hard Jim's dick was and her
pussy tingled in anticipation.

The ideal of being a bitch wantonly spreading her legs for Jim sent
passion tearing through her loins. Lori knew she desperately wanted, no
needed that cock in her. Lifting her ass she started rubbing her cunt with
one hand and playing with her tit with the other, trying to entice Jim into
fucking her. Jim was content to watch for the moment. Soon Lori was
rubbing her clit furiously and moaning.

`Fuck me Jim.' Lori panted.

`Soon but not just yet,' Jim said. `Put your hands behind your head and
keep them there.'

Lori wined in frustration but complied. When Jim made no move towards
her Lori began grinding her hips hoping to draw him in.

`Come on Jim, my pussy's hot and ready.' She purred. `Fuck me, fuck me
hard. I need it so bad. Pleaseeee,' Lori pleaded with a desperate edge to
her voice.

Jim mover towards her and Lori's ass lifted in anticipation. But Jim
had other things in mind. Climbing between her legs he stopped at her tits
and began gently run his tongue around the edges of her nipple. Jim's
tongue sent of wave of passion through Lori's body and she moved her hands
down to try to draw him up to fuck her. Jim reached around and slapped her
hard on the side of her ass.

`I said hand behind you head slut.'

Lori squealed in pain and horny frustration. She tried to return her
hands but they refused to move and kept moving on there own violation. Jim
took her nipple between his teeth and bit down semi hard.

`Augh!!' Lori squealed and buckled. Her hands lost there own violation
and returned to her head.

`Now keep em there or I'll take a belt to your ass bitch.' Jim said

`The thought of an ass wiping sent an electric shock through her cunt
but scared Lori enough to keep her hands behind her head. Jim continued
his slow assault on her tits rolling his tongue around her nipples and
occasionally nibbling gently on them sending waves of pleasure through her
body. Jim finished with her tits and moved his tongue down and soon
reached her belly button tracing a circle around it. Lori realized where
this was going and excitement flooded her cunt.

He was going to eat her pussy!!!

Lori was gone by now. Her body jerked spasmaticly and she was moaning
loudly. Lori had fantasized about getting her cunt licked often by men and
sometimes by women and now it was going to happen. Jim rapped one arm
under her leg and up and across her lower belly. The other he placed over
her other leg and reached under, grabbing her ass cheek. Thus immobilized
Lori lay at his mercy. Jim's tongue traced a slow line around her vulva
closing inward with every circuit. Lori tried disparately to shove her
cunt into his tongue but Jim's hold was iron clad and he continued his slow

Finally on one of his passes Jim's tongue leaped deep into her love
canal. Lori screamed in ecstasy. A monster orgasm began to build. Jim
sensed it and darted his tongue in and out several times pushing her
higher. Taking his tongue Jim began running it up her crack. When he
reached her clit he flicked it several times and mashed it hard. The Dam
burst. Lori couldn't control her hands any longer. They flew downward and
seized Jim's hair and welded his tongue to her clit.

`Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!' Lori chanted in
a singsong voice as one long Orgasm ripped through her body. It went on
and on. Jim never moved his head but managed to rub her clit up and down
slightly, prolonging it.

Jim new he should be worried about air but was to busy gloating to be
concerned. He had her. If the tape fell off the side of the earth
tomorrow the bitch would still be his to rut. Finally she began to subside
and he managed to twist his head slightly to the side and suck in some
oxygen. Pinching her ass sharply Lori yelped and release her legs and
hands for a split second. Jim took the opportunity to move the tongue down
to her hole and jam it in as far as it would go. Lori spasmsed and locked
down her legs and hands again as aftershocks nailed her. Jim stayed
unmoving for a full3 minutes milking her until he felt his lungs would

Pinching her ass again he jerked his head away. Jim rose up to his
knees and surveyed Lori. Bathed in sweat she lay like a limp rag doll,
head louling to one side. Her breath came in long deep gasps making her
bosom rise and fall in sexy rhythm. Jim's dick would take no for an answer
no longer. He climbed into the saddle. Lori looked up with a happy fucked
face as she felt him place his cock head against her door.

`Do Me.' She panted.

`Lick my face clean whore,' Jim countered.

Lori balked. She was too tired to argue but could not bring herself to
lick her own pussy juices from his face. It was too disgusting. Jim
didn't attempt to force her. He simply started to pump his cock gently
against her opening careful not to brush her engorged and tender clit.
Lori began to stir. Before long her passion had rebuild and she
desperately needed the cock that was teasing her vagina inside her.

`Please.' She squirmed, raising her hips trying to capture his member.
Jim simply backed away keeping her unfulfilled.

`Clean my face bitch,' Jim repeated.

Lori squirmed to no avail. Finally passion overdid prudence and her
tongue snaked out tentatively and tried a sample. Her juices mixed with
Jim's sweat had a bittersweet taste that enticed her. Jim's teasing cock
and the `dirtiness' of it all sent chills of lust through her loins and
soon she was lapping in wild abandon. Jim rotated his face slowly so Lori
could get every inch. When he was clean he took Lori's mouth into a deep
passionate kiss and pushed his cock through the door.

Lori tensed. God it was huge. Jim likewise froze. Dam this cunt was
tight. Good thing the pussy was sloping wet or it would have ripped the
skin off his dick he thought. Jim waited till Lori relaxed and pushed his
dick in a little further. Lori tensed again and Jim relented, waiting
again till she relaxed before resuming his assault. So it went till he had
buried his cock full tilt. Jim paused a good while to let Lori's pussy
adjust to his girth and to savor his victory.

Lori's mind was a kaleidoscope of pleasant thoughts. God he was hung.
Her pussy had a over stuffed satisfied feeling. Damn what a great lover.
He was taking her slow unlike the fumbling boys she'd had before. God!!
It felt so gooood! Lori clenched her pussy involuntarily. Sensing she was
ready Jim started a slow pumping rhythm. Gradually he quickened till he
had a good deep steady `I've brought a lunch' rhythm going. Jim's tongue
fenced Lories. Before long Lori joined in thrusting her hips upward in

Lori built to a deep solid orgasm. It wasn't as intense as the first
but felt somehow more fulfilling and satisfying. Jim never let up or
changed pace and before long she was shuddering in the throes of another.
Jim held out till another one hit her and could wait no longer. Picking up
his pace he pounded relentlessly. Lori flopped her head side to side lost
in passion. Finally Jim's balls tightened and he slammed his dick, balls
to the wall and his cock exploded.

Lori wailed as Jim's semen triggered another strong orgasm. She grabbed
him in a death grip and held on seemingly in desperation. Her pussy
clenched Jim's dick sucking his seed. Long after he was spent it still
massaged it trying to get more. Finally her body could function no more
and she collapsed into the bed totally spent. Jim lifted himself up onto
his palms and surveyed her. Lori lay there covered in sweat breathing
hard. She was only semi- conscious. Her only movement came when an
aftershock nailed her and her hips spasmed weakly and she would moan
gently. Enjoying the scene Jim left his prick inside her till it softened.
Yes he gloated the bitch is mine, all mine. Finally he pulled his now soft
dick out. When it came out with a pop Lori moaned like a part of her soul
had been removed.

Jim left her there in her semi-lucid state and went to the toilet. When
he returned she had curled up into a fetal position and was dead asleep.
Her long blonde hair sparely covered her face like a see thru nighty
accentuating rather than covering her beautiful face. Laying there she
looked so innocent and vulnerable. Jim felt his dick stir. Looking down
he saw it was hopeless. He had busted two monster nuts. His balls felt so
swiveled they might withdrawal into his body and disappear.

Sighing Jim went out to the fridge and got a drink. Sitting on the
couch he lit a cigarette. Sipping his drink he enjoyed the tobacco. The
only time he smoked was after sex so he took his time and savored it.
Finishing he went to check on Lori. Finding her still conked he went to
the bathroom and showered considering what he should do with Lori. The
thought of letting her sleep her so he could get some more in the morn
appealed to him but he reluctantly decided against it. Better not let
things get to cozy to fast. After getting dressed he gathered Lori's
clothes and put them at her feet. Shaking her gently at first then harder
when she didn't respond he said to the barley coherent blonde, `Wake up
Lori, It's time to go home.'

Lori looked up at him only half comprehending.

`Time to go home,' Jim repeated.

`Here's your cloths,' Jim stated pointing at the pile at the bottom of
the bed.

`Take your time but don't take all night.'

Lori rose unsteadily reaching for her cloths and headed for the
bathroom. Satisfied she wouldn't go back to sleep, Jim went out to the
living room and hit the remote, plopping down on the couch. A good time
later Lori appeared. She had tried to straiten herself up with mixed
results. She was generally disheveled and looked tiered than the Kings
whore come the revolution.

`Come on,' was all Jim said.

Lori followed him unsteadily to his car. They drove in silence towards
her home. Lori mind was a wreck. It was almost like being drunk. She
wanted to kiss him, hit him, cuddle with him, kill him, love him, hate him.
What do you say to your blackmailer who has just used you like a piece of
meat and given you the best orgasms of your life. To open her mouth would
be like putting a bull in a china shop. Most boys couldn't keep their
mouths shut but Jim simply drove in silence. It was that quiet confident
air which scared Lori the most. Finally as they pulled into her driveway
she couldn't stay silent.

`Wha... What's next,' She managed.

Jim came to a halt and put the shifter in park. Draping his arm over
her seat he looked her in the eye and said. `I honestly don't know.'

`Please Jim, I don't want to go to jail,' Lori pleaded.

`Well now I honestly expected you to lay on your back and be a frigate
bitch. But you're one horny slut. Do you think you can keep it up.' Jim

Lori face turned red and she fidgeted in embarrassment. `Ye... Yes,'
she finally managed.

`Hmmm I could use a part time bitch. Want the job?

Lori managed to nod. Jim reached his right hand over and cupped her
breast. Squeezing her big firm tit he said. `Well tell me you want to be
my bitch.'

Lori squirmed slightly. She felt her twat tingle at his manipulations
and hated her body for betraying her. Finally she forced a smile onto her
face and said as sexily as she could manage, `Please Jim let me be you
bitch. I want it.'

Jim smiled and lowered his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss. Lori
responded fooling herself she was doing it cause she had to. Jim pulled
away and said, `Your parents are going on one of those retreats on
Wednesday ain't they?' Lori managed to nod. `Well get dressed to kill and
come over after you get out of school. It's only a half-day right.'

Lori nodded. `I'll give you a tryout for the new position. 2 O'clock
and make the outfit sexy.'

`OK,' Lori managed humiliated beyond belief. She had to "try out" to be
a whore.

`See you then.'

Dismissed Lori climbed unsteadily out and went into her house. Climbing
the stairs she collapsed exsausted onto her bed. She was spent physically
and emotionally. As the confronting familiarity of her room and own bed
surrounded her she began to relax and unwind. As she drifted off to sleep
she thought to herself, five orgasms, I had five orgasms tonight. Lori new
she shouldn't like this but didn't care. As she drifted into dreamland the
last thing she remembered was Jim's big cock and a smile came to her face.

Across town Jim could do little to sleep. His mind raced full tilt. I
fucked Lori Patterson like a stud Bull he gloated. She sucked my cock and
swallowed like a funnel. I treated her like a two-bit whore and she loved
it. Jim couldn't believe he had been so cool and collected throughout. He
was feeling the adrenaline rush you get after a good fistfight. For hours
he lay going over every detail in his mind again and again. Throughout a
thought of something amiss kept nagging the corner of his mind. Finally it
came into sudden sharp focus.

It couldn't last!!

The dominant side of Lori would surface sooner and later and begin
scheming for control. It had to be kept in check somehow. Awake more than
ever Jim began scheming himself and when the light bulb went on his heart
skipped a beat. Shit I just might pull it off and he began to plan
furiously. Finally satisfied he tried to sleep. He was like a Coker who
was exsusted but the brain refused to shut down. Sighing he rose and went
to the kitchen. He got his bottle out and too 3 healthy swigs of Jack.
Putting it away he retrieved a joint from its hiding place and took a
couple of hits. The pot buzz made him crave a smoke and he indulged.
Finally the booze, pot and tobacco mellowed him enough to sleep. His
dreams were that of tits, ass and pussy and they all had one face. Lori's.


Lori's Life

Chapter 3

Deep throat and Lori's first photo shoot

Lori knocked on Jim's door and waited nervously. Jim was sitting on the
couch ready for her. His plans were set but he made her wait. His dick
was already rising but his unhurried calm manner helped keep Lori off
center. After a full minute Jim answered, come in.'

Lori came nervously in and stood in almost the same spot she had striped
on Friday. S

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