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Rough mouth

My ears were going numb, the cock in my throat was too big for me as I gagged and choked on it. I wondered myself why I agreed to do it, ah yes, I remember now, I wanted to know how it feels like getting fucked in the face because I am an amateur in sex. And I agreed to do it with my monster sized-dick friend, Liam. The dick was slamming and thrusting backwards and frontwards in my throat as John held down my arms so I don't overreact. Look at his fucking smug face, I want to slap him in the face but the cock was too much for me to do anything. I gagged and cried a bit as I ran out of oxygen, choking. The dick eventually went out of my throat and mouth as I took a deep breath and gasp for air. It was only after one second when the dick went inside again as it fucked my throat too hard. Liam moaned and I knew what was coming, I tried to stop him but it was too late as cum filled my throat and mouth with spit and cum spilling down my face. It was finally over as Liam put his dick out from my mouth and throat. He smiled at me and ruffled my hair. "Good girl."
I looked at him with hatred and anger in my eyes, but soon lust filled my eyes as the dick went inside my mouth again.
"It's still not over?!" I thought to myself as the dick thrusted inside my mouth. I was feeling overwhelmed... I couldn't hold it anymore as I cum from my pussy and ass. Liam noticed this and felt satisfied with the result. He took his dick out and finally it was all over.

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