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Starfuck: The Corrs

If you don't know who the Corrs are, I advise you to keep an eye
on MTV!

From my office, I study the array of monitors relaying pictures
from the multiple cameras positioned throughout the club. The
entire floor is covered, and, with the press of a button, I can
zoom in close enough to study an individuals eyebrow. No expense
was spared - though, of course, the money used was most certainly
not my own. 'Beelzebub' is the most fashionable, not to mention
exclusive, club in London. How could it otherwise given the
persuasiveness of its proprietor. A quite wonderful scheme; why
waste time chasing the latest celebrity slut, when you can get
them to come to you? Added to this, I get the chance to sample
the hottest amateur talent in London - the hottest girls are
dying to get into this club - for those rare nights when I opt
out of the celebrity menu.

Tonight will not be one of those nights. Something - somebody -
has caught my eye. I zoom in; study her features a little more
closely, study her breasts. Caroline Corr. The drummer in the
famous band of gorgeous Irish siblings. Caroline is twenty-five
years old, and is known as the friskier of the three sisters (not
too difficult given the group's preference of the earlier, and
somewhat less famous, Madonna); a fan of Radiohead, the Verve. I
have researched quite thoroughly; I believe one should know one's

She's wearing a long velvet dress, appropriately green in
colour. I attempt to see if she's wearing a bra, but, as she
dances, it is too difficult to obtain a clear picture. I think
it's going to need closer attention.....

"Good evening, Miss Corr." Shaking hands with the charming
couple, I introduce myself. "Having got the formalities out of
the way, I determine to get down to business. In an instant, my
will is completely imposed. Briefly, I turn my attention to the
boyfriend; "Go into the back. Ask for Maxine. Take her home
with you." As he troops off to perform my orders, I can now
concentrate fully on the first of my collection of Corrs.

I lead the silent Caroline Corr up to my office / bedroom. It's
funny, the Corrs' image is that of traditional values, values I
am re-enacting here; Caroline is now totally subservient to my
will, my slave - the rightful place of the female sex. Having
said this, once I am done with the Corrs, I intend to alter their
image rather drastically. From good Catholic girls, to cheap,
good-time sluts. I'll be interested to see what happens to their
album sales.....

For now though, I am satisfied to work with the specimen I have
in front of me. I satisfy my curiosity as to bra or no bra, I
have Caroline strip off her dress. Her tits hang free, only
partially obstructed by her long brown hair. Altogether more
surprising is that her cunt is totally unobstructed - no
knickers. It seems her tag as the 'wild Corr' might be
appropriate after all.

As I undress, I study these revelations. Her breasts are small
but pert, with her nipples quite obviously erect. Without any
prompting from me, she's getting turned on. Her public hair is
clipped short - apparently the way her boyfriend likes it.
Enough study; I was always more of a believer in particle

"Caroline, come here." She obeys immediately. "Undress me."

She begins with my shirt, slowly unbuttoning before easing it
from my shoulders. Then she starts on my trousers, pulling them
swiftly to the floor. As her hands touch the waistband of my
boxer-shorts, I stop her.

"No. Not your hands. Use your teeth."

This takes time, but is an exquisite sensation. Having taken
the waist-band between her teeth, she starts to ease them to the
floor. In the process, she must pass my penis, which, heavily
erect as it is, will not be the easiest thing for her to
navigate. My hopes are proven correct. First her neck brushes
against me, followed almost immediately by her chin. Then
contact ends as she pulls back, attempting to ease the band of
the shorts beyond my cock. Then her chin touches me again, and
her cheek; until her face - her mouth - is directly adjacent with
my penis. Unable to help myself, I pull the shorts from her
mouth, grip her hair with my hands, and skewer her head forcibly
on my cock.

For the next fifteen minutes, I fuck her face with wanton
abandonment. Feeling myself approach the edge, I pull Caroline's
even further onto me, forcing her nose into my pubic hair. My
penis is embedded deeply within her throat as I feel my first
twitch, and immediately I empty my load into her stomach.
Caroline's response is to cough, to splutter, to choke on my
sperm - evidently, she hasn't done this before. She'll soon

The next evening, the Corrs are due to play Wembley Arena. Late
in the afternoon, I allow Caroline to dress - although I choose
her clothes for her. This consists of a tight tanktop, and a
pair of obscenely tight shorts. Since she arrived with no
underwear, she leaves with none. She is to act as my insider,
insurance that I can obtain access to the stars before their show
- to ensure I can get access to their greatest asset; Andrea

Getting backstage is no problem. Once there, I am greeted by
Caroline - still dressed as I arranged her - who presents me with
a slow, sexy kiss. I can tell her siblings are shocked,
surprised at so open an act of intimacy towards someone they see
as a stranger. Having disentangled herself from my lips,
Caroline introduces me to the rest of the band; Sharon, Jim, and
Andrea. Shaking hands with each in turn, I take the time to give
these two new toys the once over. Sharon is twenty-eight - three
years older than Caroline, four years older than Andrea - and
very much the serious muso, prone to gushing about her favourite
composers; Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Britten. Unfair though the
comparison is, judged by the standards set by her two younger
siblings, Share is rather plain. Not particularly unattractive,
just too....serious. Then again, compared to Andrea almost
everybody looks plain. She is absolutely gorgeous - sexy, sharp,
approachable, with a smile to die for, and killing 'come to bed'
eyes. In a word, perfect.

Flexing my mind, Sharon and Jim immediately join Caroline within
my power. I make no attempt to infiltrate Andrea, who looks
startled in the sudden change in her siblings countenance. I
need not speak, my slaves already have their instructions.

Andrea's face moves from startlement to shock as Jim and Sharon
begin to kiss. It soon becomes apparent that their attraction
will not end there - within seconds a topless Sharon is busy
sucking on her brother's dick. While Andrea is understandably
distracted, Caroline steps up from behind her, pulls her close,
before beginning to massage the singer's breasts through the
fabric of her dress. For a moment it seems as if Andrea will
reciprocate, until she defiantly shrugs her sister away.

"What's happening?" Her voice is anxious, panicked. "What are
you doing?"

Nobody deems her question worth of a reply; Sharon and Jim
continue to frolic unself-consciously, while Caroline has turned
her lecherous attentions to the physique of her master - me.

"Go masturbate yourself. You may not come." Caroline
immediately drops her shorts and eagerly sets to work, freeing me
to turn my attention completely to the youngest sister.

By now, Andrea is terror-stricken. She still cannot grasp what
is going on, but she has realised that I'm the centre of it all.
What she doesn't realise is quite how in control I am. As I
approach her, I begin to alter her mind. The fear I keep, but I
begin to add arousal. She's going to hate this, but she'll
orgasm any way. Although she struggles, tries to run, I have
slowed her down - she never has a chance.......

I grab her arm and spin her around, forcing my tongue into her
mouth. She attempts to fight against me, but a sharp slap across
the face ends this struggle. Hoisting her from the ground and
throwing her over my shoulder, I carry her over to the bar.
Given the Corrs' squeaky clean image, the top of the bar is
surprisingly cluttered with bottles of alcohol. Momentarily
stifling all of Andrea's resistance, I swiftly sweep these
obstructions from the surface. Andrea is then released - both
mentally and physically - as I cast her brutally down onto the

Perhaps I should detail what she's wearing - although, given
present circumstances, this might seem more than a little
superfluous. The slinky black dress clings fetchingly to her
figure, revealing the curves while obscuring the particulars.
This dress is complemented by a pair of diamond stud ear-rings, a
gold bracelet, and black stilettos.

Andrea continues to struggle, though this proves futile as I
grip the straps of her dress and pull, tearing the fabric from
her skin. She is wearing a lacy black wonder-bra and matching
panties. I stop her struggling with a single thought, and she
lies there on her back, her eyes wide with fear, yet unable to
help herself. I begin to paw her, groping those tits through the
bra, before ultimately dispensing of it altogether. Her breasts
do not disappoint. They are by no means large, but the are firm,
and, to judge by the look on her face, eminently sensitive. As I
begin to slather over Andrea's tits, I summon Caroline, who
undresses me obediently.

Once I am naked, I allow Caroline to lubricate my cock with her
mouth, while I peel Andrea's panties from her skin. The youngest
Corr is now totally nude. She has slightly longer hair around
her pussy than Caroline, clearly they don't share boyfriends.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Andrea?"

I force her to answer. "No....." Her voice is barely audible.
She's fighting this all she can, futile though resistance
obviously is.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes...." What a delightful surprise. I suppose I should have
expected it. She is an Irish Catholic after-all.

I am ready. Pulling myself from Caroline's mouth, I rub my dick
against Andrea's increasingly wet crotch. Her weak protests are
becoming swamped increasingly by her moans. After teasing her
for a few minutes, I push in. Hard. In one swift movement, her
hymen is shatter, an event accompanied by the satisfactory sound
of Andrea screaming. I can feel her blood on my cock, though
only momentarily. Almost immediately it becomes mingled with her
sexual juices.

I fuck her roughly for ten minutes, denying her the ability to
orgasm. In the meantime, her screams have become excited moans,
then frustrated moans, then screams once again. Finally, we come
together; she suffers a climax that convulses violently through
her being. She begins to sob - a combination of pain,
humiliation and intense relief.

This respite is not long lasting. Merely the eye of the storm.
I am already hard again (years of practise.....) and I turn her
over, positioning her on her hands and knees. Caroline leaps up
onto the bar and sits spread-eagled just in front of her sister's
face. I begin to rub my cock against Andrea's arse. While she
attempts to protest, Caroline seizes the opportunity to push her
cunt into the singer's face - clamping her thighs on either side
of Andrea's head. As I begin to work my way into her hole,
Andrea's cries are silenced by Caroline grinding her pussy into
her face.

I soon start to pump myself back and forth within Andrea's arse,
and looking at Caroline's face, her sister must be starting to
reciprocate. Slowly, Caroline relaxes her grip and eases back,
allowing me to see Andrea's tongue as it snakes after her

We all come together, Andrea handling her sister's orgasm better
than I would have expected. As I set them in a 69 position, I
steal a look over at Jim and Sharon. They're still at it -
however will they find the energy to go on stage?

They hit the stage some twenty minutes late, all revealing in
that post-coital glow. I stay to watch the show, having decided
to teach Andrea the pleasures of a gang-bang before the night is
out. My pupil takes to the stage in a skin-tight pvc top, and a
skirt made from the same material. This latter garment is quite
obscenely short, barely covering her still wet cunt. Indeed,
during to her exuberant stage show - in which she simulates oral
sex with a bottle of Evian - there is many a moment when this
skirt rides high enough to provide the spectators in the front
row with a very pleasant surprise.........

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