SCULLY - ARAB TOY - sex stories


For about ten minutes it was perfect. Mulder beside her, on horseback,
heading for the Pyramids in time for the sunset. Scully purred inside and
gave a grateful thankyou to Skinner for having arranged this break for them
and then insisting that they went. What could be better?

As Mulder's horse lowered its left front leg to the desert, it suddenly
caught sight of a scorpion, tail raised, just in front of it. The horse
screamed in panic, threw back its head and bolted straight ahead. Taken by
surprise, Mulder lost contact with one of the stirrups and it took all of
his agile strength to hold on as the horse galloped away. He did not have
time to think about Scully as he was too busy saving himself from crashing
to the ground.

In shock Scully's horse took off as fast as it could run, but away to
the right, at right angles to Mulder's disappearing tracks. Scully was no
horsewoman but she had been told that the secret to staying on was to grip
with your knees. She lowered her head against the rushing wind and gripped
as hard as she could, determined to stay on no matter how fast the horse

For ten or fifteen minutes the horse rushed across the desert sand until
its strength began to weaken and the panic drained out of it. Scully found
that she was panting for breath as they eventually came to a halt in a
circular dune. Looking up and around her for the first time since the
horse had bolted, Scully realised that she might be lost. In principle it
should be easy. Turn around and go back the way they had come. But the
desert wind was strong enough to brush away their tracks and the horse
might not always have run in a straight line.

With a determined look in her eyes Scully turned the horse's head and
kicked in with her heels to drive it up the sides of the dune. A while
later and all that she could see was sand. Dammit, she thought, why didn't
I bring a compass or something? A radio? It was beginning to get dark and
she didn't like the feeling of being out here in the scary desert on her
own. She tried calling for help, shouting for Mulder, but her voice seemed
to be thin and wispy, blown away in the wind.

Standing as tall as she could in her stirrups the only feature that
broke the endless sand was a thin dark line over to her left. There were
no other clues to aim for, so she turned towards it. To her great relief
as she neared it, she saw that it was a basic road. Something man made at
least, and that promised rescue. With greater confidence Scully turned up
onto the road and encouraged the horse to trot a little faster.

Darkness fell but there was enough light from the moon to see the road
clearly, so Scully pressed on. Tired and almost in a trance as she trotted
slowly through the dark desert, the first light broke ahead. Scully
stopped the horse to see what it was. In a moment it was clear that it was
the headlights of a vehicle and it looked as if it was heading towards her.
Scully found that her heart was beating hard as she hoped that the car or
whatever it was would come down her road and not turn off, leaving her
alone again.

Sure enough as she waited, the lights came closer until she could see
that it was some sort of 4 x 4 jeep heading towards her. Scully slipped
down from her horse and stood in the middle of the road, her arms out,
waving the jeep to a halt in front of her. Bathed in the bright, yellow
lights of its headlights Scully could see very little of the vehicle or its

But the jeep pulled to a halt in front of her and an Arab slipped out of
the driver's door leaving the engine running. Scully had the impression of
a brown leathery face, used to the sand and desert, and noticed the
moonlight glinting off a gold tooth as he spoke to her. In broken English
he demanded:

"You American? You Scully?"

Scully was so relieved to hear her name that she felt tears welling in
her eyes.

"Yes, oh yes. Thank God! I'm so glad to see you...."

"Come, plis."

The Arab gestured towards the jeep and led the way. Scully followed,
her horse behind her. Instead of taking her to the passenger door, the
Arab headed for the back of the jeep. By the time Scully had reached him
the doors were open and he was poking around inside the back. Scully
thought that he was making space for her to climb into the back and happily
ducked her head in through the back doors. As she did so a strong brown
arm wrapped itself around her and a pad of chemicals was pressed into her

Exhausted from her adventure and taken by surprise, Scully barely
struggled before the chloroform hit and she collapsed limply into the back
of the jeep.


Scully's next memory was of a courtyard filled with noise and light and
movement. As her groggy senses returned she found herself outside, both
hands tied behind her back, guarded by a dangerous looking armed man.
There was shouting and bustle but she couldn't really understand what was

Ahead of her were wooden gates into a large building and after a few
minutes the gates burst open in a blaze of torches as 4 men strode towards
her. One was obviously in charge and Scully could see that all the other
men now waited for his orders. He stood in front of her, holding his torch
high over her, an interested, amused grin on his face as he checked over
his prize.

In fast Arabic he gave instructions. One man was sent to one side and
set light to whatever was inside a large steel drum, which began to blaze.
The armed man behind Scully must have been told to grip her firmly from
behind as another 2 men closed in on her taking their daggers from their
waist belts. Scully pulled but she was firmly held.

Laughing faces pushed close to her as the knives pressed towards her.
The leader watched, amused, hand on hip in front of her. For a moment
Scully thought that she was about to die and had a sudden rush of feeling
for all the things that she had meant to do and had never done. But the
knives were only for her clothing. From either side of her the men sliced
and pulled, stripping away Scully's jacket, her blouse and slacks until she
was left in her bra and pants. She flushed, feeling vulnerable and
defenceless surrounded by all these strange men who held her in their

Another order and the clothes that had been cut from her were picked up
and dumped into the flaming drum. A wave of panic rose through Scully as
she thought of her money, her IDs, credit cards - everything - lost so
casually. But she was distracted from the burning drum by the leader
moving smoothly towards her. With an air of ownership he reached forward
to Scully and sliced through her bra and then either side of her panties.
As they fell to the ground, Scully knew that she was helpless and exposed.
His hand reached out to squeeze her left breast experimentally. His thumb
brushed across its nipple and then released her.

More orders. Sharp foreign commands and the leader turned on his heel
and went back into the building. Three of the men picked up Scully - one
at her head and the other two at her feet - and carried her across the
courtyard. She could not see where they were taking her and so had no
warning as she was thrown into a tank of blue, grey chemical sludge.
Spluttering and coughing Scully broke surface and found that she was in no
risk of drowning. It was easy enough for her to stand and the sludge only
came to her waist. But the chemical smell was overpowering. Then she
realised. She had been put into the sheep dip. The Arabs had disinfected

Shivering in the night air and more than a little offended, Scully was
dragged up out of the tank and was led inside the main building. Corridors
led away to the left and then down stone stairs into an open room with high
ceilings. An enormous black Negro, bare to the waist, stood in front of
her and it seemed to Scully that she was passed over into his care. With a
great, black, hand at the back of her neck Scully was steered through an
ornate door into what she was soon to find was the harem.

Her nose could smell perfume and she caught the low giggles of other
women, even though she saw no-one. The Negro was silent as he led her to a
small cell, which clearly was to be hers. Pressing her into the stone
wall, he untied her hands and then, without releasing her, attached her
left wrist to a manacle chain that led to the corner of her bunk. The
chain allowed her to move around her cell but not to leave it. All there
seemed to be was her bunk, a hole in the ground for a toilet and a tap for
water. There was no door to the cell but, with the chain, there was no
need for one.

Left on her own, Scully found that she was exhausted. The day had been
too much for her and she curled naked onto the bed, hardly aware of the
hard chain, as she drifted easily off to sleep.


When Scully woke her mind was full of unanswered questions. Where was
she? Had she left any clues behind for Mulder to track? She guessed that
she had been kidnapped and was now being held in a wealthy Arab's harem -
but why? And how had the driver of the jeep known her name? How could she
make her escape?

Very little happened that day until early evening. She remained chained
in her cell. Twice the large Negro came in with a tin bowl full of food -
rice and vegetables - which he left with her. She supposed that she was
meant to drink water from her tap. She hoped that the water was clean and
safe around here. Wherever that was.

Three times young girls appeared at the door of her cell, staring at her
and giggling before running lightly away. She tried speaking to them but
none of them seemed to understand her English. She saw that they were
barefoot, stripped to the waist and only wore a thin, short dancer's skirt.
Their wrists were always cuffed although the tiny chain that linked them
seemed almost light enough to break and certainly left them enough movement
to feel free.

Late in the morning she had realised that it was time to relieve herself
in the hole in the floor. Strange as it seemed to do this publicly in
front of an open door, she accepted that this was something that she might
have to get used to. There did not seem to be any paper to wipe herself
with, so she backed into the tap and cleaned herself with the flow of

Thoroughly rested and almost bored, Scully was relieved when the Negro
eventually came to unlock her from the cell and led her out. She noticed
that he never spoke and wondered if he was a mute or had had his tongue cut
out. A little way down a corridor in the harem she went through a door
into a room centred on a round bath, sunk into the floor. The bath was
full of water, smelling of lavender and jasmine, and seemed deliciously
warm. Sighing with pleasure, Scully was only too willing to sink into the
water and let it slide over her.

Two of the other harem girls with the light, jingling chains on their
wrists came in and began to wash her down. At first it seemed strange and
Scully wanted to stop them, to tell them that she could manage fine without
them, thank you, but their hands persisted and she relaxed, letting it

Warm water, soft hands, soap and soft clothes moved luxuriously over
Scully's body. Well, she thought, if this is what harem life is like,
perhaps I could get used to it! Even when hands ran over her nipples or
pressed down between her legs, Scully did not push them away. In fact she
was sorry when they moved briskly away and wished that they would linger
some more.

Relaxed and feeling fine, all too soon the bath was over and she was
being encouraged to step out. Scully was led out of the bathroom to
another room on which there was a flat table covered in some sort of soft
cloth. Another two of the harem girls waited here for her. With smiles
and hand movements they showed her that she was welcome and invited her to
lie down on the table. Smiling and friendly, Scully pulled herself up onto
the table and lay back flat.

Again hands moved over her, but this time they seemed to be full of oil
and perfume. She was being rubbed and massaged and stroked in a wonderful
sensual blur. Her eyes closed, Scully rolled and moved with the pressure
of the hands, happy to be kneaded and squeezed as they worked the perfumed
oils into her skin.

Up and down each of her fingers, between her toes, behind her knees,
across her belly and in the small of her back the slippery, warm hands
worked. Scully could feel her blood tingling at the nerve ends of her skin
all over her body.

She was hardly jarred from this blissful relaxation when the Negro's
large hand came down on her shoulders, pressing her firmly down onto the
table and holding her still. Lower down the girls each took hold of an
ankle and pulled her legs down and apart, tying them to the table legs with
some piece of cloth. Lifting her head, Scully was aware that her private
area now lay open to view. But the movements of the girls was so friendly
and slow that she dropped her head again, trusting that all would be well.

Small scissors clipped at her red public hair, soap was applied and one
or other of the girls worked on her with a razor. Somewhere deep inside
her Scully registered that she was being shaved nude down there, but it
didn't seem to matter that much.

In a moment it was done and she was being patted dry between her legs
with a soft towel. Her ankles were left tied and spread wide across the
table though. It seemed as though the girls now concentrated entirely on
the few square inches hidden between Scully's legs. Working gently but
firmly fingers oiled their way round her vulva lips, squeezing and
squashing. Someone slid down to oil around and then into her anal opening.
A moment later two finger were either side of her clit, stroking it and
squeezing and encouraging it with oiled softness. Scully could feel
herself flushing with excitement and was sure that her lips were puffing as
she lubricated easily.

She kept her eyes shut, as she was frightened to spoil it by looking.
Instead of fingers it now seemed as if there were four mouths working all
over her. Soft lips traced patterns across her skin, pinched lightly at
her breast, licked lightly over her lips or gently pressed into her vagina
--but never very far.

Scully began to moan and lift, trying to press into the tongues and
mouths, working with them but each time they seemed to lift and start again
elsewhere. Waves of sensual pleasure flowed through the redhead, each one
building but never reaching breaking point.

Over and over it went until she was in a daze of sensual feeling, on
edge and beginning to crave the release of breaking through into a climax
which was always taken away from her.

At an unseen signal from the Negro the four harem girls stepped back and
released her ankles from the table. Instead, 4 lengths of white, silken
cord was tied to her wrists and ankles and she was helped to lift herself
up from the table. Confused, Scully looked around at the excited faces of
the girls and let herself be guided by them.

Lightly on their bare feet the girls followed the Negro out of the harem
into the main part of the building, leading Scully by her four cords.
Through room after room the group went until the Negro made them paused as
he knocked loudly on the great door in front of him. When he heard the
permission to enter the Negro stepped aside and motioned the girls forward.

Scully barely had time to notice that she had entered a room filled with
about 6 seated men when the harem girls around her plunged face down onto
the floor, prostrating themselves before the men. Tugged by the cords,
Scully realised that she was expected to do the same and rather clumsily
lay down on the cold stone floor, face to one side.

She heard the sharp Arab male command that made the girls pick
themselves up and Scully allowed herself to be pulled to her feet. She
found herself standing in front of the six men. The man who she remembered
from the courtyard the previous evening was there but to one side. At the
centre of the room, clearly the most powerful man in the room, was a sheikh
who looked to Scully to be in his mid forties. She noticed his eagle's
nose and the way that his eyes stared at her over thin lips, in a way that
was so hidden that she could not read his thoughts.

He seemed to pause for a moment, thinking and then nodded permission to
the harem girls waiting on him. Scully was turned and pulled lightly back
to the centre of the room.

Fixed in the floor was a stone, circular carving. Almost waist high to
her the top surface of the ornately-carved circular column had set into it
a tremendous, black, glistening phallus. Making Scully gasp at its
associations in her panicky mind, it must have risen 9 inches from the
stone column and was the width of her upper arm. Spiralling down and
around the phallus was a twisting ridge, a raised vein of black wood
deliberately left by its carver.

Almost before she had taken this in, Scully was lifted in a daze by the
harem girls who insisted that she lower herself down onto the black
phallus. Scully was uncertain whether to resist or not. Her blood was
still hot from her treatment in the harem and craved just this sort of
pressure in her vagina. A small, weaker part of her wanted to scream and
run away to safety.

With girls' hands on her back and supporting her thighs, Scully found
herself sliding slickly down the pole as it began to push its way into her.
Her own juices , roused and ready, made it easy and impossible for her to
resist. Her weight was enough to bury her steadily, inch by inch, onto the

When the girls could see that she was firmly embedded, more than half
way down the black pole, they released her but spread out across the room
holding on to the cords, still tied to Scully's wrists and ankles. The two
girls holding her wrists stood to the side of her so that her arms were
pulled out to the left and right as far as possible. The other two harem
girls held her legs 45 degrees apart and forwards, parallel with the
ground. There was nothing to stop Scully from sliding slowly down the

At a sharp clap of hands from the sheikh the girls began to run
clockwise around the carving, pulling Scully round with them as they ran.
The room was suddenly full of Arab ululating as the girls made that eerie,
throaty call as they speeded up. In a few turns Scully felt herself sink
to the very bottom of the phallus. Somehow gravity had forced all of it
inside her and she could feel the head squashing high up inside her
pressing up against her cervix.

Scully began to feel faint and dizzy as the girls raced around, spinning
her as fast as they could. The men began to clap out a steady rhythm to
encourage them to keep up their pace.

She noticed that each time she spun there was a point where the raised
vein of wood, higher than the rest of the pole, pressed into the bloated
end of her clit in an electric way. Scully moaned as the heat and friction
built inside her. Without really planning it, she began to squeeze
together and lean her pelvis slightly forward in time to catch the moments
when the vein made contact, stroking her clit and riding the pole.

The red-haired agent lost track of where she was, naked and shaved, a
prisoner on view in some Arab palace. All she knew was the overwhelming
heat and sound and stamping and the blood moving through her. Scully
wanted this orgasm and nothing else mattered. Everything in her gripped
and squeezed and concentrated as she began to climb up towards her climax.
She was not aware that she began to gasp and moan out loud and that her
chest flushed deep red as the blood rose into her extended nipples. It was
only at the moment that she broke and screamed out in deep fulfilment that
she realised that she was now the only sound in the room. Everyone else
had become silent to listen to her.

Gradually the harem girls came to a halt, their cords slack, releasing
Scully to rest her feet on the floor, still deeply embedded on the pole.
The men leaned back and began to laugh and talk quietly amongst themselves,
lifting their drinks.

There seemed to be some discussion and Scully guessed that they were
talking about her and her performance in front of them. As it was all in
Arabic, of course, she could not understand any of what was said and could
only half concentrate on the sound anyway, as her body began to return down
to normal again.

Unknown to Scully, they were deciding what to do with her and the sheikh
had just decided to give her to his favourite daughter, Amel, as a pet.
Scully was to be converted into a bitch.


The next day Scully was visited in her cell by an Indian tailor who
measured her head in great detail. Her mouth was measured open and closed.
By the following day Scully was being fitted into her new dog's head.
Something like a Great Dane, the head was moulded to completely cover her
down to her upper lip. Eye holes were left so that she could see out
easily enough, but everything else disappeared.

There was a separate piece to match for her lower jaw. This seemed to
be glued directly onto her skin, under her chin and right round her bottom
lip. The lower piece was linked to the main part of the head by studs
which allowed her to open and close her mouth as usual. There was also a
detachable strip which fitted right across her mouth which kept down her
tongue and made it impossible for her to speak aloud. This was tested and
then removed for the moment.

Once the dog's head had been fitted over her, Scully's hands were each
sewn into pads to make them into proper paws - soft on top and with firm
surfaces underneath for her to walk on. Other pads were tied around her
knees and feet to complete the transformation.

Scully had been altered magically into something like an old Egyptian
goddess. Here animal head and pads were a lighter tan than the rest of her
naked body - but together she seemed a fabulous mythical creature.

Where the head piece ended at her neck she was fitted with a proper dog
collar in black leather, studded with spikes and fitted with a loop to take
her lead. This completed her costume and from that point on she was forced
to live like a dog, only walking on all fours.

She no longer lived in her cell in the harem but was moved outside to
the kennels. For two weeks she was left to learn her new role. Her kennel
consisted of a run of grass backed onto a small covered hut space. The
wire roof of the run (and the hut) were no more than 3 feet high, which
meant that Scully could lie down or move on all fours - but could no longer
stand up and walk as a human.

Within days she was used to shuffling around her run on her hands and
knees. It began to seem natural to have her breasts swinging down from her
chest, her rear in the air. She hardly noticed the mask.

Her hut was where she ate and where she went to the toilet. Each
morning a servant would ring a bell at the back door of the hut. Scully
the dog quickly learned that the correct response to the bell was for her
to enter the hut, present her rear end and let out whatever waste was ready
to fall. If she followed that pattern she was rewarded with a dog dish of
food for breakfast. The tin dish was placed on the floor of the kennel hut
and Scully learned to eat as quickly as possible, throwing chunks of the
dog food to the back of her throat. The servant picked her dish up and
took it away when he was ready to leave, whether she had finished or not.
She hated the taste of the dog food but she would starve if she didn't eat
it. That was her only meal in the day.

After two weeks of this training she was ready to be presented to Amel,
the sheikh's youngest child. The servant who came each morning to feed and
clean Scully one day clipped a lead onto her and led her out from the back
of her hut. Something in Scully knew that it would be a mistake to try to
stand up again and so she padded along behind him as best she could.

Amel's room was in the women's part of the great house, quite apart from
the central areas. Amel turned out to a dark-haired, coltish girl of ten
years, just getting used to her new height and small, budding breasts. Her
eyes were wide with happiness and she clapped in pleasure to see Scully led
into her room. The servant bowed, reached forward to unclip Scully's
collar and left them alone together.

Patting her thighs Amel called her dog to her and Scully found herself
placing her head into her young owner's lap. Pleased, Amel began to stroke
her head, ears and shoulders, rubbing her lightly as she prattled on in
Arabic, telling Scully her plans for their life together.

Provided that Scully remembered to keep to her role as a pet dog, her
life was much more comfortable than it had been in the kennels. Amel has
put a soft dog bed in the corner of her room, for Scully to sleep in. In
the dining area where Amel ate with some of the younger children, Scully
had her own dish. She was still given dog food and still only once a day.
But now she was encouraged by Amel to 'sit pretty' at table, begging for
scraps. They would go for walks together and Amel would make Scully chase
a ball and bring it back to her. But things changed after the party.

One afternoon five other small girls around Amel's age were invited for
a party meal. Amel of course included her new pet and Scully had been
petted and pulled at by most of the children. The girls had eaten as much
as they could and were beginning to break away from the tables to begin
playing games together. The tables were still covered in food and the
smell began to haunt Scully. After such a long time of dog food she
yearned to stuff cakes, tarts, biscuits, everything and anything into her
mouth. Thinking that she had not been seen she edged nearer one of the

Her first snatched bite was successful and Scully managed to quickly
swallow down a mouthful of cake. But as she came back for a second bite, a
small hand reached out for the same piece. The girl pulled, Scully pulled
and, when the girl saw that Scully was winning, she screamed as loudly as
she could. Everything in the room stopped as all eyes turned on the girl,
who was called Saheel. She pointed accusingly down at Scully, denouncing
her in a shrill voice.

Unfortunately for Scully, the scream had also brought one of the
sheikh's men into the room. He had been left in charge of overseeing the
party and knew what the sheikh would say to him if one of the guests left
unhappily. Calling out for assistance from more men in the corridor he
quietened the young girls and announced to that them Scully had been bad
and so must be punished.

None of this was understood by Scully, of course, who knelt at the edge
of the room wondering what was happening. The first that she knew about
her punishment was when 2 men came into the room with rope and pulled her
forwards. Her front paws were tied in a knot together and the rope thrown
up over a beam, so that she was pulled up into the air until her feet were
only just touching the ground. A second rope was tied to one of her ankles
and was tied off sideways to the edge of the room, so that the dog was left
a strange figure, half human, half dog, hopping on one leg, the other leg
raised out to her side.

Amel's party guests were encouraged to form a circle round the helpless
Scully. Saheel was invited to begin the punishment and with relish she
stepped up to swing as hard a she could at Scully's inviting backside.
'Smack!' 'Smack!' Grunting with effort the girl laid into her soft flesh
with her flailing hand. Red areas gradually spread across her tender
buttocks as the palm connected again and again.

Until this moment Amel had instinctively seen Scully as her property,
her new toy. She would have protected her ownership rights if challenged
by one of her sisters or brothers. But now, watching her friend laying
into Scully with all her strength, a deep exciting began to build in her
lower regions. With a call to the other guests to 'get her' Amel moved
into the attack.

Suddenly Scully was being smacked hard by all 6 of the feverish girls.
Now they fell all over her body as the girls reached for free areas of the
tempting target. Swipes rained on her breasts, smacking them hard to one
side only to be hit back in the opposite direction again. Her belly, her
cunt, back, thighs, legs - nothing was spared in the bombardment.

Laughing and enjoying the girls' assault the man who had arranged
Scully's roping untied the knot that held her hands high in the air and
lowered her down. He tied her off again so that her body was now on the
floor but with her hands still high above her and the same leg still tied
off and raised sideways. The mob of party girls fell on her greedily.

There was little room left for swinging slaps, so the girls began to
experiment with pinching her. Left over food, squashy sweet puddings, were
slopped onto her and rubbed over her naked body. Scully writhed and
twisted, battered from all sides. Sometimes her raspberry nipples were
squeezed tightly between small fingers and thumbs and pulled out as far as
they would stretch. Other girls delighted in using their fingernails to
dig in and create sharp pains.

Unfortunately for Scully, Saheel had particularly long and sharp
fingernails. Saheel's sexual curiosity and experience was more advanced
than Amel's and she began to concentrate her attack on Scully's open
genitals. With her leg tied up and to one side, Scully's lower lips were
half open to the invasion.

Saheel began pinching her way up Scully's outer lips, digging in as hard
as she could with her nails. She admired the pattern of deep red lines
that her nails made in Scully's flesh as she worked her way to the top.
From one side she moved to the other until Scully's lips were puffy and
bruised from her attack.

Dipping her fingers into a bowl Saheel smiled happily as she rubbed a
large piece of ice-cream up and down Scully's inviting clit. The cold
shock of the ice-cream jolted through Scully, making her hips buck off the
floor. Excited blood stormed into her clit, swelling it so that its proud
head pushed out free from its hood. Saheel was waiting and flicked it hard
in greeting.

Dipping her left hand again in more ice-cream, Saheel set up a new
vicious pattern of attention on Scully's bloated clit. Four times she
would sensuously stroke and squeeze her way slowly down the length of her
clit barrel and then her nails would bite in for a biting pinch. Then the
slow strokes again.

Saheel's right hand reached out and scooped up more puddings from the
table above her and began stuffing Scully's cunt with the sloppy, squishy
mess. Scully could no longer find the boundary between pain and pleasure
as she writhed under this rhythmic attack. Her cries became loud enough to
distract the other girls who were tiring of their play.

As they gathered near Saheel, working on Scully's private parts, Saheel
looked up and smiled at her audience, inviting them to watch. For her next
trick, Saheel plunged her hand deep into Scully's cunt, sliding easily in
on the pudding sludge that now filled her vagina, mixed with Scully's own
frantic juices. Clenching her small fist deep inside Scully's cunt, slowly
and deliberately Saheel begun pumping her right arm in the helpless Scully,
while her left hand still worked at her clit.

It was too much for Scully to endure and very quickly her body bucked
and writhed in response to the invading fist. As the other girls quietened
in fascination, the room filled with Scully's gasps and moans as she
pressed towards her orgasm. The harder she called out the firmer Saheel
pumped her cunt and the tighter she squeezed around Scully's clit. In a
great explosive spasm Scully came, her cunt ejecting Saheel's hand and a
squelchy mass of liquid pudding juice, that dribbled down the outside of
her lips. The party had been a success.

Alone of the party guests, Saheel stayed on with Amel, sharing her room
for two further days. It was Saheel who showed Amel how she should liven
up her afternoons.

In the quiet heat of the desert afternoon, the two girls would lie along
side each other on Amel's bed. Saheel would strip off below the waist and
then call Scully to her. Scully was pulled into a position at the end of
the bed, kneeling on the floor, so that her chest and front paws lay on the
bed. Saheel would open her legs and pull her thighs out and back towards
her head with her hands, leaving her cunt open to the dog. Scully would
begin to lick.

Once initiated into this delicious pleasure Amel took to it like an
addict. Even after Saheel had returned to her own home, every afternoon
Amel settled back excitedly onto her bed, spread herself and Scully
performed. A new element was added to their play when Amel surprise her
with a lash. Even lying on her back, Amel was able to crack down with the
lash onto Scully's back and rear whenever she wanted her to lick harder or
faster. Sometimes just because she felt excited. Scully simply accepted
it as part of her new life.

In that Arab culture there was an ancient belief that young girls coming
into womanhood should be wet-nursed with breast milk, to encourage their
own breasts to grow fully and to be ready for their own children.
Elsewhere, in the centre of the palace a decision was taken to make use of
Scully for this purpose. Which meant that Scully needed to be pregnant!


A doctor now began to visit Scully in Amel's room every few days. Amel
would hold her pet still at her head, while the doctor inserted his
thermometer into Scully's vagina. Her diet was changed too to increase her
chances of a healthy pregnancy. Scully hardly noticed.

When the right day was reached in her fertility cycle the sheikh ordered
that Scully should be brought to his dining room that evening so that her
mating could be the after-dinner entertainment.

In a waiting area, near the sheikh's rooms, Scully was thoroughly washed
and cleaned to make her ready. A manservant rubbed down and oiled her
exposed flesh, taking great care to leave liberal amounts of oil in her
cunt. This time the tongue strap was fitted across her lower jaw, making
it impossible for her to speak. Then they waited for the sheikh's signal
that the meal had ended and the entertainment could begin.

As Scully was led into the room on her leash, she found herself in a
cleared, empty space. Around half of the room were arranged couches and
chairs where the sheikh and his guests lounged, relaxing and ready to enjoy
her performance. A shocked jolt ran through Scully. One of the men
watching was Mulder! A confused mass of electric thoughts ran through her
mind. What was he doing here? Had she been traced? Would Mulder rescue
her? Would be recognise her? And a blush that he should see her naked,
tits hanging down and ass in the air as she shuffled across the open floor.

Confused and disorientated, Scully paid no attention as her collar was
attached to a chain that ran to a heavy stone block in the centre of the
room. The chain's length was set to allow her freedom to run anywhere
within the cleared arena. Behind her the manservant pulled a small jar of
red liquid from his trousers and a soft brush. Opening the jar and dipping
his brush, the servant bent to paint the liquid onto Scully's exposed outer
lips and then, pushing the brush, much more liquid deeply into her cunt.
The liquid tingled but Scully was still too shocked by the unexpected
appearance of Mulder to pay any attention.

Final bets were placed between the Sheikh and his guests and then at his
signal, two hunting dogs were released into the arena from opposite sides.
One dog was the pride of the sheikh's hunting pack, the other was the
champion of one of his guests. The bet they had taken was to see which of
the two dogs would fuck Scully first!

With a snarl the dogs initially raced at each other. But their senses
were hit by the irresistible perfume from the liquid in Scully's snatch.
This had been taken from bitches on heat and instantly overwhelmed and
confused the great dogs' chemistry. Breaking off from their attack they
both moved to sniff at Scully's rear, one eye on each other, watching for a

Scully's shock from seeing Mulder broke as she woke up to what was
planned for her. Amazingly, although there was nothing to stop her from
standing, she had now spent so many weeks on all fours as a dog, that her
reaction was to run away from them to the limits of her chain on her paws.

As soon as she ran the dogs chased her, used to hunting down helpless
prey. Scully twisted and turned, dodging from one side of the ring to the
other while her audience cheered and encouraged their favourite dog. As
she thrashed about the dogs' instinct was to close her down and capture her
so that there was little competition between them. One would pounce
towards her from one side, while the other would chase from the other side.

Sharp teeth closed round Scully's arm and she froze to a halt, terrified
of being bitten. The dog holding her arm in its jaw panted and held her
still, concentrating on bringing her under control. Immediately the other
hound took his chance and pressed its cold black snout deep into Scully's
crotch. Scully jolted but did not dare to move in case she was bitten. A
long red tongue reached into her and lapped into her soft insides, opening
and invading her deliciously.

Further down the hound's prick began to fill with blood, excited by the
heady smells of bitch on heat that soaked Scully's cunt. Red pink mottled
meat emerged and began to twitch as the dog rapidly moved up a gear. The
dog holding tight to Scully's arm felt the aromas and chemistry too.
Unsure as to whether to let go of her and drive away his rival, for the
moment he growled his warning and continued to hold on tight.

Scully felt stiff flesh stabbing hopefully at her inner thighs as the
beast hunched over her, pressing for entry. A wave of panic and refusal
swept through her and Scully dropped her hips to the floor to deny him
entry, being careful not to move her captured arm. The frustrated dog
barked angrily and stepped back from her.

This started a fight between the competing hounds and that allowed
Scully to pull herself up again and scuttle to the end of her chain. But
there was nowhere for her to hide. After a good deal of growling and
biting play the two dogs again were overcome by the delicious, urgent smell
from Scully's rear and loped over to chase her.

Three times this pattern was repeated. One or other of the dogs would
begin to mount her, Scully would drop her hips to the floor to refuse him
and a fight would begin again. It was clear that one of the dogs was
beginning to dominate.

At a signal from the sheikh handlers stepped forward and held on to the
collars of the hunting dogs, holding them back. The servant who had
prepared Scully for the event, came forward and pulled a cloth bag over her
head, blinding her completely. A low bench was brought into the arena and
place just in front of the sheikh and his guests. Scully was dragged to it
and strapped down, belly to the bench top. Her legs were pulled forward
and tied so that her rear was left hanging out and exposed at a perfect
height for the dogs. Another brush load of the red liquid was pushed into
her cunt, making the dogs instinctively lick at their pricks.

At once the dogs were released and pounced towards her. Although they
snarled and paraded at each other it was clear that one of the dogs had
given way and made no real attempt to hinder the leader as he began to lick
his longue tongue deep into Scully's vagina. Scully tried to wriggle but
found that she was now too well tied. There was nothing that she could do
to protect herself further. Blind and unable to move, she realised that
she had no choice but to open herself to what was inevitable.

As the perfume worked its powerful effect on the beast at her rear,
again swollen, mottled meat - like a salami sausage - reared out beneath
her. With a last growl over its shoulder at its defeated rival the
triumphant hound hunched in closer and stabbed at her opening. Three or
four attempts later his prick found her sopping hole and plunged in. Some
of the audience groaned, others cheered as the winners of their bet were

Tongue lolling out from his drooling mouth, the beast began to drive his
prick into Scully in a fast rhythm. The other dog sat back licking at its
groin where its own prick could now be seen coming ready for action. The
bench and Scully tied firmly to it was shuddering with the strength of the
great dog's urgent stabs as he forced into her again and again. Scully's
inner walls were stretched wonderfully wide as they gripped around his
insistent meat. She panted and gasped in time to his dominant thrusts, no
longer conscious of anything but blood and cunt.

The bulge at the lower end of the hound's prick emerged from its sheath
and began to expand. It pressed deeper into Scully and she became aware of
this new, greater pressure forcing her to expand even further. Tied as she
was there was nothing she could do to close herself against the invasion,
even had she really wanted to. The bulge was pressed and hammered against
the muscles of her inner lips on every thrust and the flesh gradually gave
way. She opened and now the bulge was inside her, her cunt gaping wide.

Scully hardly noticed as she was overcome by the rising torrent of her
own passion as she raced towards her climax. The hound threw back its head
as deep inside her it began to squirt powerful jets of fluid against the
mouth of Scully's womb. The impact broke Scully's own tension and spasms
of passion raced through her womb and vagina. Frantically her muscles
gripped the meat inside her as if to swallow it into herself even deeper.

Panting, the hound began to pull out from her as the spurts and trickles
from the end of his prick wound down. But his bulge was still held tight
by Scully's instinctive needs and his prick would not slide out from her.
Growling he tried again and then stepped over her in classic style and
there they stayed, locked into each other, for the minutes that it took
Scully to calm down to the point where he vaginal muscles were able to
release him.

When the dogs had been led away by their handlers, Scully was left on
her bench. The sheikh turned to Mulder and asked:

"Well, Mr Mulder, have you seen anything better in Washington?"

Mulder had to admit that it had been exciting. The bulge in his
trousers made that difficult for him to deny. He was still confused as to
exactly why Skinner had sent him here. He had been more than usually
mysterious on the subject and he still hadn't picked up any clues. But,
yes, as he was here anyway, he might as well enjoy himself and sample the
local delights.

The sheikh lent towards him, as if speaking to him confidentially.

"Mr Mulder. As a personal favour to me, would you do me the honour of
relieving yourself by fucking her?" The sheikh smiled but his hard eyes
hinted that it was a request that would be difficult to refuse.

Mulder gulped and thought quickly. This was not his normal style but
the Bureau would want him to keep such a powerful contact happy. And after
all he was feeling more than a little horny after the show.....

Making his way down to the cleared area, Mulder was very aware of the
other men present. It felt a little too much like having to pee in public
for him to be entirely easy with the idea. But no going back now. He
unzipped, pulled out his half-bloated prick and began to stroke it easily
as he knelt down behind Scully and between her legs. Gripping her above
her hips he thrust home.

He shuffled in a little closer and found that his hands could squeeze
and grip on her squashed breasts as he began to settle into his rhythm.
The breast-flesh felt great and his fingers instinctively pulled and
stroked at her mounds while he slid backwards and forwards into her. It
didn't take long - he was too excited and over-aware of the audience half
watching him. Mulder spurted and sighed as his sperm splattered against
Scully's craving cervix and began their way towards her womb. No thought
crossed his mind linking this creature beneath him with the vanished
Scully. And as for Scully, blind in her head bag, she did not even know
that she had finally achieve her great ambition of making it with Mulder!

Scully spent that night tied to an inclined board, head down and feet
above her, as the Arabs who owned her made sure that the sperm worked away
as deeply inside her as possible.

For days after the exhibition Scully was quiet and confused at her
feelings. Dismayed and embarrassed at the powerful exhibition she had made
of herself. Confused and despairing that Mulder's reappearance had not
apparently led to her rescue. And so she resumed her life with Amel as
before. Gradually she became sure that she was now pregnant.

For the final month of her pregnancy, Scully was moved out from Amel's
room and returned to her old kennel run. Her bloated breasts and huge
stomach hung down so painfully that she would often lack the energy to do
anything but lie on the grass as the days passed. The doctor was again
visiting her, watching her nearing term and making sure that she had what
she needed in her food.

When the day of her delivery eventually arrived and she went into
labour, Scully was moved to a different cage. Outside the cage, watching
her curiously and giving orders was a dark youth, Amel's oldest brother
Ahmed. Ahmed had returned from his schooling in California and clearly
expected the servants to obey his instructions.

Scully found that she was bound standing, legs out wide, right up
against the bars of her cage. With a shock she realised that she was
expected to give birth standing up. She just had time to notice a basket
being pushed under her when a hood was thrown over her head and once again
she was blind. In the darkness Scully rode the waves of the contractions,
breathing to lessen the pain. She barely noticed the hand that reached in
to the cave to experimentally squeeze her bulging breasts.

As delivery neared the doctor injected Scully with a strong sedative
that made her pass out. She did not see the healthy girl baby fall down
into the basket, nor her placenta. The baby was removed to somewhere in
the palace where it could be raised according to the sheikh's wishes.
Scully was taken back to her kennels.

When she resumed consciousness she was alone and confused. Her body
ached for her baby. Had it been alive or was there a problem? Scully
desperately needed to know. For a few days there were no clues and Scully
was bleak and despairing. Then one morning, when the bell went as usual,
the servant showed her a basket out of which tumbled four cute, tiny
puppies. Her laughed pointing at her, as if to say that they were hers and
left them together.

Scully did not understand. Surely it was not possible? She blushed to
remember the entertainment that she had put on with the hounds just before
she became pregnant but ....... It couldn't be, could it?

At the same time her deprived mothering instincts reached out to the
cute, perfect creatures and she lay in the grass trying to greet and
welcome each one. Playing and exploring, pretty soon the puppies became
hungry and nature took its course. First one, then another puppy latched
onto Scully's supercharged nipples and began to suck. It seemed so natural
and so good that Scully reached out to encourage them, closing her eyes as
she stroked their soft fur. Sometimes sharp little teeth would bite into a
nipple, making Scully yelp and try to pull them away, but the puppies
quickly learned their new feeding routine.

The trouble was that there were four of them and only two breasts, so
Scully seemed to spend a large part of every day rolled on her side in the
grass as one or other of her children sucked greedily from her. The milk
in her breasts began to come through more strongly each day and she began
looking forward to satisfying the little creatures. As the nourishment
flowed through her breasts and their strong suction squeezed at her
nipples, down below trickles of pleasure seemed to build inside her, making
her shift restlessly.

Occasionally Amel came to watch her with the puppies but more often,
Scully noticed, it was Ahmed with his cruel young eyes who came to gloat
over her. She had an uneasy feeling about him.


Scully had begun to think of the puppies as Eenie, Meenie, Miny and Mo.
She began to notice the differences in their character and tried to be fair
and share her milk with them equally, holding back the greediest and
patiently encouraging the slowest. They grew larger day by day and Scully
found that it was an enormous pleasure and satisfaction that it was the
milk from her own body that was raising them.

One bitter day an order was given somewhere in the palace and her life
with the 4 puppies came to an end. Apparently her milk flow was now ready
for Amel and the puppies disappeared, never to be seen again by Scully.
She was taken from her kennel run back to Amel's old room. The old pattern
of life with Amel, as her pet, returned, except that now Amel was expected
to drain Scully's milk twice a day - first thing in the morning before
getting up and last thing at night. For this Scully was allowed to climb
fully onto the bed, stretched out, while Amel suckled at her swollen tits.

Scully registered the loss of her children as a deep wound but found
that she couldn't really focus on it. Perhaps they were putting something
in her dog food? For whatever reason her mind seem to close down rapidly
to the present. When Amel's lips were wrapped round one of her nipples,
pulling more strongly than the puppies ever had, those same warm, good
feelings ran through Scully's lower belly and down into her womb.

One morning, just after Amel had drained both Scully's tits, Ahmed burst
into her room with a friend - Saeed. The two youths were about the same
age, as far as Scully could tell. An urgent Arabic conversation between
Ahmed and Amel apparently led to an arrangement between them that Ahmed
could borrow Scully for the day to play with. From the tone of their
voices Scully guessed that Amel had not been entirely happy about this
deal, but that it was assumed that she had to give way to her older

Scully was led through the palace on her lead and into Ahmed's rooms.
Laughing the two boys slammed his door, locking them in. Stripping off,
Ahmed threw himself back onto a huge, soft bed, patted the bed and called:

"OK, little doggy woman. Time to show me some French mouth work." It
was the first English that Scully had heard in months and it came as a
shock. Even as she obediently climbed forward onto the bed, between his
open legs, her mind began to run with possibilities. Could she win him
over and use him to send a message to the Bureau? But as she looked up
into his face and opened her mouth to speak, a strong hand at the back of
her head forced it down to meet his prick. Perhaps later?, she
half-thought to herself as her tongue and lips closed around his warm

Ahmed sighed and lay back, surrendering himself to the great pleasure of
being serviced by an American slave. All the insults and indignities he
had suffered and borne in California were being answered as Scully's hot
little mouth began to fill with his stiffening prick. Ahhhhh, good, he
murmured to himself.

Scully's ass hung over the end of the bed temptingly and Saeed did not
hesitate to help himself to the offer. Spitting saliva onto his fingers,
Saeed reached in to lubricate Scully's lips. More saliva and he stroked
his way up to her clit and then again down the inside of her outer lips.
Wrapped around Ahmed's prick, Scully simply wriggled her ass a little in
response. His trousers were pushed impatiently aside and another stiff,
young prick pushed its way firmly into Scully.

Excited, Scully set her hips to push back against his attack and rolled
up and down Ahmed's swollen member in the same rhythm. No longer feeling
any shame, Scully was truly becoming the animal she seemed. Her blood
seemed to heat so quickly now to respond to the slightest opportunity for
pleasure and satisfaction.

But this time there was to be no orgasm for Scully as both boys quickly
burst inside her, spraying the back of her mouth and her cunt with their
sperm. Pulling out they left her unsatisfied, wriggling slightly on the
bed as she tried hopelessly to bring herself off.

Dressing himself Ahmed smiled down at Scully.

"Now a little fun, I think. For me, I mean, not for you!"

"Can .... Can I ...." Scully started to speak, her voice strange and
rough through not having been used for so long. But immediately Ahmed
frowned and found a handkerchief or rag to stuff into her throat to silence

"That isn't what your mouth is for, you stupid bitch" he said crossly.
"Don't ever try that with me again."

She was pulled into the next room where she could see at once that
preparations had been made for her visit. A vertical board had been fixed
at one end of a table. On its top edge there were cut two half circles,
spaced so that when Scully was pulled hard up against the board, her
milk-filled breasts were the only part of her that spilled forwards over
the board.

Her hands and feet were tied out sideways to hasps attached to the
board. Securely in place, Scully could barely move. The two boys lifted up
the last piece of board, also with two small half circles on it, which
fitted down so that Scully was caught tightly into a version of the
mediaeval stocks. All of her was hidden behind the board except her
breasts which squashed tightly through and bulged outwards on their own.

Her head pressed to one side by the upper section of the board, Scully
did not see the youths select the whips to use on her for their exercise.
In fact they were made of 8 or 9 thin, fine thongs tied to a handle.
Enough to sting sharply but not enough to cut or bruise deeply.

Ahmed, who was fascinated by her overlarge breasts, chose the breast
side of the board. Saaed took her rear with its opportunities for back,
buttocks, thighs and cunt. The thongs began to whistle through the air and
Scully began to jerk. Even through her gag her moans and grunts of pain
could be heard. But they were ignored as the boys happily laid into her.

Ahmed for his part began with a sideways swiping cross-blow that tried
to knock one breast against the other. Forehands and then backhands rained
onto Scully's mounds, making them bounce temptingly. When he tired of
that, Ahmed began flicking the thongs to see if he could crack them right
onto her nipples, curious to see if he could sting them erect.

On the other side of the board, Saaed cracked his whip across Scully's
open buttocks and then wrapped the thongs around her inner thighs. She
groaned as the whip bit into her. But for the boys it was blissful to
release all their pent-up violence and anger onto the stupid American

Scarlet lines criss-crossed Scully by the time they became bored and
called a halt. It was time for something else. Ahmed's hands squeezed
Scully's full tits as the milk store gradually built up again inside them.
They were great. He wondered if they could be made even bigger.

A little time later and the boys had equipped themselves with two large
pitchers of sheep's milk and a pair of hefty syringes. Grinning at each
other they settled in on the breast side of the board and set to work on
improving Scully's breasts still further.

Syringes were dipped into the milk, filled and then needles were stuck
into Scully's tits so that each load of milk could be injected into her.
The breast tissue resisted a little, but if they pushed hard at the
plungers sure enough the milk flowed into her.

The needles hurt, each time they broke into her and Scully tried to
twist to protect herself but she was tied too firmly to her side of the
board. She felt the warm gush of fluid forced into her breasts and
wondered what it was that they were doing to her.

Syringe after syringe was emptied into her and the level in the pitchers
was noticeably lower before the boys could definitely agree that her
breasts were getting bigger. Forced to expand as the milk was injected
into them, Scully's tit flesh could only stretch and get larger.

They began to feel increasingly strained to Scully as they were forced
to grow but it just seemed to encourage the boys further. It was more of
an effort now to push down the plungers, to drive in another load of milk
but they kept on until it seemed impossible to get in any more. Small
droplets of milk already formed around Scully's nipples as milk was forced
out but the boys could not see if this was her own or part of the sheep
milk invasion.

Delighted, the boys congratulated each other on the hefty weight of
bloated tit that they had created. It was time for a break and they
cleared away the equipment before settling in for a short game of darts.
The targets were obvious and they decided that the rules were one point for
the main area of breast, three points for the aureole and five for the
nipple itself. First to get to one hundred and the points only counted if
the dart stayed in right up to the moment where it was collected.

The boys drew a line and began. From her side of the board Scully
jerked as she was struck by the sudden sharp pain of each dart sinking into
her painfully stretched breast flesh. Long before either of the boys had
reached a hundred points, she had fainted away into unconsciousness.

The boys left her there while they went away to eat their midday meal
and only returned sometime later. They had been listening to stories of
the exhibition Scully had given on the night she had become pregnant and
so, when they returned, it was with their own favourite hunting dog as well
as a vegetable from the kitchens. They wanted to carry out an experiment
on their American victim.

Scully was awake and conscious again by the time that they released her
from the boards. Ahmed smacked her across the face to liven her up.

"Wake up dog woman. Time to meet the leader of the pack." Reaching
forward he removed the gag from Scully's mouth, warning her that if she
tried to speak he would arrange for her tongue to be cut out - even if he
would personally be sad to see it go.

Back in Ahmed's bedroom, his hunting hound was encouraged up onto the
bed. Stroking him gently Ahmed spoke quietly to him as he rolled the dog
over onto his back, feet in the air.

"Come here and get your mouth working, bitch," he ordered, "but
carefully now. Don't upset him!"

Ahmed firmly but gently held the hound's front legs above its muzzle and
Saeed reached through to hold onto its lower legs as Scully lowered her
mouth. What choice did she have, she asked herself. But another part of
her knew that she was a dog now and welcomed the contact.

Unable to hold the dog's prick sheath in her paws, she could only apply
her lips, sucking lightly up and down the end of his sheath. As soon as
some floppy pink flesh emerged her tongue took over, flicking back and
forwards over the soft, squashy dog-flesh. As she worked, blood flowed
through the hound and the pole began to expand. In a few minutes her lips
were barely able to reach around the swollen, mottled flesh, shining wet
with her saliva.

Satisfied that his dog was ready, Ahmed stopped her.

"Time for you to sit down to your work, I think, bitch. But first I've
something for you." Turning Scully's backside towards him, Ahmed reached
for the large purple egg-plant he had brought with him from the kitchens.

"Just making a reservation for later," he laughed as the vegetable was
slid firmly into Scully's cunt. "Lucky that you still have somewhere left
for your doggie friend, isn't it?" he joked.

In a daze, Scully climbed over the hound's spread body and lowered her
hips towards his monstrous prick. Slippery from her mouth it slipped
easily towards her rear hole. For a moment it seemed impossible that the
prick would find a way into her, but pressing down with her full weight,
Scully drove it home. The dog twitched but, held on its back, could do
little to fuck up into Scully's tight rear. Instead it was Scully who had
to begin the lifting, falling movement from her hips that worked her flesh
tightly up and down his pole.

The egg-plant pressed through from her vagina, so that her skin tubes
stroked the eager dog-flesh in a perfect, flexible way. The dog moaned but
lay still as Scully went to work. A huge smile spread over Ahmed's face as
her expanded tits began to bounce and fly. Gravity was a wonderful thing!

Her vagina felt deliciously stuffed full but nothing scratched the itch
at her clit. Hump as she might, up and down, Scully squirmed
unsuccessfully trying to get an edge to begin the drive towards her own
release but nothing worked. Frustrated she worked furiously until
suddenly, deep inside her, she felt the hot splash and squirts of dog cum
bursting free. Scully groaned.

"Good, bitch. Now I think it's time to open up the way for some more
visitors, don't you?" mocked Ahmed as he reached towards the egg-plant.


For two days Scully resumed her old, peaceful life as Amel's pet,
wondering all the time if she had escaped from Ahmed's clutches. She did
not have long to wait. This time it was in the evening, as Scully was
beginning to look forward to Amel suckling at her full breasts, when the
dark boy burst into the room, followed by one of his young servants.

Again arrangements for her were made in a flow of Arabic that Scully
could not understand. She could see that Amel was not entirely easy with
Ahmed's orders but, as before, was bound to obey her oldest brother in all
things. Amel looked down and Ahmed strode confidently out. Scully was led
away after him by the servant, in the direction of his part of the palace,
her full breasts swinging beneath her.

When Scully reached the room in which the boys had played their game of
darts with her tits, Scully was relieved to see that there was no longer
any sign of the board that had been set up for her. This time though there
was a new bit of furniture in the room for her. In one corner Ahmed had
order his servants to build a cattle stall to hold Scully. Ahmed had
decided to take over control of Scully's milking!

Her stall was simple but solid. The back of the stall was a strong
horizontal beam set at the height of Ahmed's waist. Scully allowed herself
to be pulled up from her normal all-fours and bent across the beam. In
front of her, as she stretched forwards, was a vertical plank across the
frame of the stall, with half-circle cutouts for her neck and wrist paws.
Not resisting, Scully's head and hands were put into place and the top half
of the plank was closed down and locked.

By the time that her ankles had also been clipped onto the stall, Scully
was bent over from the waist, her top half held firmly in place parallel to
the ground, her ass in the air. She was aware that, in this position, all
three of her holes were exposed and vulnerable. But as it happened Ahme

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Női kukkolók
Bdsm porn story
Nude Girls

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