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The Storm (F/m, regression, no sex)

The sky was lit from horizon to horizon by a millisecond blast of
lightening. The windows in the Fast Mart rattled a moment later with
the peal of thunder. Wendy Carlton looked out into the night,
anticipation building within her belly. The Storm was finally brewing,
and would soon hit the town of Mountain Falls. She smiled and hummed as
she swept her store.

Jack "The Ripper" Burns looked up into the sky with a growing sense of
unease. He skulked from shadow to shadow, feeling more the hunted than
the hunter. Stormy nights like this one promised to be were usually the
best for his line of work. So why did he have such a gnawing fear about
this job?

Wendy counted out change for the nervous pup in the raincoat. The
coming Storm, or maybe just the idea of it, emboldened her to suggest
the traveler stop for the night at the Motel 8, the only motel the local
economy would bear. The pup, until tonight like any typical know-it-all
male, had just started his patronizing reply when another deep rumble
sounded. He nodded nervously and hurried on his way.

Jack sat in the bushes casing the Fast Mart. His watch read 11:45 In a
half hour, the store saw only 2 customers, including a police cruiser
about 11:30 just like last night. He would wait 10 more minutes, then
start to work. It was gonna be child's play. The store clerk was a
babe, too; this promised to be a fun night. Thunder bellowed from the
black sky and Jake fought to avoid crying out in fear.

Wendy sipped her slushy, listening to the announcer on KRSH FM. Her
voice was more hypnotic than usual, and her traveler's advisory held a
weighty tone. If nothing else, this told Wendy that her sister expected
this as not only a storm, but The Storm. And poor Wendy just had to be
alone tonite. "Goddess, please bring me a male to care for," she

"STEP AWAY FROM THE COUNTER, BITCH!" Jake shouted from beneath his ski
mask. He clicked the safety off his Glock 9mm. He felt the adrenaline
rush as he locked the door and turned the Closed sign around. His eyes
never left the babe. God damn, she was gorgeous! "We're gonna have
some fun, and if you ARE fun, you just might live." He leered.

Wendy stepped back a pace, indulgently obeying the little male the Great
Mother brought her. His demeanor, his words, and the bulge in his pants
all suggested the little male intended to rape her. That this was not
his first such sin was obvious to her, that it was his last would soon
be equally obvious to him. She looked up into his brown eyes. She even
managed to keep a straight face. "Please don't hurt me."

Jack smiled beneath his ski mask. This babe really was gonna be fun.
In the words of the locals, he had hit the mother lode. He waved the gun
menacingly. "Get in the back room, sugar, then we'll talk about it."
He laughed. "Who knows? I just might NOT hurt you!" His words were
punctuated by a loud blast of thunder.

Wendy slipped quickly around the counter as rain started drumming loudly
on the roof. She smiled at her male as he looked about, confusion and
fear mingling across his features. She approached him confidently,
watching his fear grow into fright as the rain intensified into a real

Jack sank to his knees, shuddering, trying not to panic. Why was he so
afraid? She was coming toward him. Would She help him? He never felt
so afraid. He knew he was bad, should be punished. Was She going to
hurt him? The sky was lit by lightening as thunder again shook the
building. Jack's heart pounded in terror.

Wendy's heart ached with concern for the frightened little male before
her. She watched as his fear gave way to terror. He huddled under her,
moved between her legs as she neared. She gently took the gun from her
would-be assailant and set it down. Wendy spoke softly, sweetly,
soothing her shaken male, as he knelt whimpering at her feet.

Jake timidly kissed Her feet, begging for Her forgiveness, pleading for
Her not to hurt him, asking for Her protection. His voice was near gone
from terror. He was paralyzed with fear. She squatted down, Her thick
legs on either side of him. He felt Her gentle touch as She put Her
arms around him protectively. He heard Her speak,the words a gentle
counterpoint to the fierce rainstorm.

"There, there, my little one. Momma's here, and Momma won't let little,
um, Shawn come to any harm. You're my good little Shawn, and I love
you, little one. Momma's gonna love you, and protect you, and nourish
you, and be in charge of you forever, and you will always be mine. Do
you want that?"

Jack, looked up into the nicest, most wonderful face he had ever seen.
His eyes were swallowed in the gaze of the most important and perfect
person ever. She was waiting for something. For his response. Inside
he knew that this was somehow the most important decision he had ever
made. He nodded, wordlessly but sincerely.

Wendy sat cross-legged, holding her little Shawn tightly as the storm
raged outside. She felt strength course through her as her male
diminished in size and strength in her grasp. It was exciting, very
fulfilling, and even a little frightening. She felt the permanent bond
forming between them as she gave him the certainty of her care in
exchange for his strength and will.

Shawn Carlton sat in his Momma's lap, feeling her big strong arms around
his small frame. Momma removed the ridiculously large clothes from him,
and held his naked little body to Her. He felt so safe and warm in Her
arms as She rocked him gently. The fierce storm outside was a minor
distraction. All that mattered was Her soft blue eyes, her sweet voice.

"Thank you, Goddess," Wendy prayed. Shawn's regression was nearly
complete. Seeing her infant son cradled in her arms, she felt she was
never happier. "Love you, little one," she told her little male baby.
At his wordless cooing resonse, she felt her heart well up with maternal
love and she felt the milk in her now full breasts let down.

Momma unbuttoned her blouse, and put Shawn to Her breast. He was
hesitant at first, then his confidence in Her care and love grew. He
grasped her large round breast in his small stubby hands, stuffed her
entire nipple in his little toothless mouth and sucked hard. Shawn made
little whimpering noises as Mommy's milk filled and distended his tummy
and made him sleepy. Soon his soft snoring was unheard over the sound
of the Storm.

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