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We met at the marina where Frank and Kris keep their boat. We were going to
Bluff's Island to a marina there for a weekend without the kids. We got the
boat underway after making sure all our gear was loaded on board. We figured
we had about 4 hours before we would arrive on the island. I had told Frank
about how I LOVE it when guys look at my wife's breasts, especially when she
knows that she is showing them. I had planned to have that happen on this
weekend, too. We had been with them once before on the island and flashing
her breasts was done all weekend that time, especially after she'd been
drinking. Since then, my wife and I have become much closer and I don't
pressure her at all to show herself off to my friends like I used to. This,
alone, has made her relax and, subsequently, made her want to flash her
breasts more often for me. This day, she was wearing a 2-piece bathing suit
that was a little skimpy on the top. When she'd move a certain way or bend
over, her breasts were clearly showing to anyone who cared to look. The only
thing that wasn't showing was her nipples. She knew that this drove me crazy,
and actually kept bending over "innocently" on the boat to make me happy.
But, I needed to set up a scenario to show off her entire chest to Frank
without making her feel either pressured or slutty. I was up on the flybridge
with Frank and the girls were down in the cockpit (back of the boat). Kris
was asleep on a lounge chair, so I yelled down for Kim to bring up three
beers and join us up top while Kris slept. We had already had two beers each.
Kim always loosens up more if another wife isn't there. She doesn't want the
other wife to think of her as a slut, even though the other wives usually end
up acting just as slutty after a few drinks themselves! To bring them to us
she would have to climb a ladder, and in doing so, would enable us to look
right down the front of her top as she arched forward to hoist herself up. I
told Frank to get ready for the show, and he was definitely ready for it.
When Kim got the beers she yelled for me to take them so she could hold onto
the ladder with both hands. I reached down to get the beers after she had
climbed 2 rungs to reach me. I made like I left to go bring Frank his. She
came up, figuring that we were both over to the port (left) side of the boat.
(Which is where the helm or steering wheel is). The ladder is on the
starboard (right) side, so she didn't think that anyone would be "looking
down" at her. She, because of that, wasn't as careful as she normally would
have been. When she started the rest of the way up, Frank and I quickly moved
to the top of the ladder so we could look directly down the front of her top.
Kim looked up and immediately realized that she had been set up. She just
laughed and called us both "pigs", but continued up the ladder, knowing that
both of her breasts, nipples included, were totally showing and that we were
loving every minute of it. I think she got a little turned on by all the
attention, because when she reached the top of the ladder, she bent over a
little farther than necessary to climb onto the flybridge. When she did this,
her breasts were REALLY in FULL view to Frank and I, and I KNOW she knew it.
That's what excited me the most! Here was Kim, knowing that Frank was staring
at her TOTALLY exposed breasts and she was allowing him to! WOW!! I had
devised another plan that would take this one step farther. I had told Frank
to "loosen up" Kim by talking to her about little things other than sex. I
purposely went down to the cabin to get the next three beers so they could
talk a little without me there. As planned, she loosened up right away
because Frank had not mentioned one thing sexual, even though he had just
entirely seen both of her tits. I came up the ladder and asked Kim to take
the beers from me. When she bent down, I said, "God, you have beautiful tits,
Kim". (She loves it when I compliment her about her body, and I know it
turned her on for me to say it in front of Frank). She blushed a little and
took the three beers from me. I asked her to give Frank his while I climbed
up the rest of the way. She handed Frank his beer and sat down. By then, I
was all the way up top too. Each of them was at the end of the bench. I said
to Kim, "Move over", and nudged her to her left towards Frank. She slid over
and sat between both of us (not that she had a choice). The bench isn't all
that long, so our bodies were kind of pressed together, and I knew that Kim's
entire left side was pressed against Frank. I made it even tighter by moving
a little closer to her, as if there wasn't enough room for the three of us.
Now I KNEW that she was pressed right up against him, and that her shoulders
were bunched up enough to cause her bathing suit top to gape out, exposing
her entire breasts to both of us again. I felt my hard-on grow even more
immediately. Frank stood up to make sure he didn't hit any lobster pots
(they're everywhere and very hard to see when you're sitting down). When he
did, Kim looked down to see what she had been showing clearly, and
immediately straightened up to fix her top. I gave her my "puppy-dog eyes"
(which always gets me my own way) and motioned for her to put it back the way
it was. I couldn't believe it when she did! I guess three beers had relaxed
her more than I thought! After a few minutes Frank finally looked down and
noticed what was showing. He started STARING down the front of her top at
BOTH of her tits, as if mesmerized! It was time to implement my plan! I made
it a point to mention that Kim had never piloted a 40' boat before. I said
that when you grab the helm of 40 footer, you could NOT let go for ANY
reason, because the waves will toss you around. (The truth is, you can let
the boat just about steer itself). Kim had no reason to disbelieve me, as she
knows nothing about boating. I had mentioned my plan to Frank about showing
him her breasts as we were pulling out of the marina. I told him to play
along with whatever I mentioned about boating even though it's not true. I
then asked Frank if Kim could steer the boat for a while. He said "Sure, but
do NOT let go of the helm!" She stood up (She's only 5 feet tall) and took
hold of the wheel. I, again, mentioned to her to make sure she NEVER let go
no matter what! After about 10 minutes, I told her that she should put on
some suntan lotion because the sun was very hot that day (Thank God!) She
asked me to take the wheel but I told her that she looked like she was having
so much fun that I'd be happy to put some on for her. She said, "You don't
mind?" Was she kidding? I gave Frank the high sign when Kim wasn't looking as
if to say, "Watch this!" I started to rub lotion on her shoulders and neck.
She didn't think anything was up at that point yet. When I got to her right
strap, I slid it down off of her shoulder. She shot me a look, but didn't
stop me, (figuring it was the side farther away from Frank who was standing
on her left). I said to her, "It's OK, I just need to put the lotion on you
without getting it all over your suit...Relax!" She seemed to relax a little,
still not knowing that this was all part of my plan! When I finished the
right shoulder, I left the strap down and started on her back. Within a few
minutes, I was over on the left side (nearest Frank). I started to make my
rubbing a lot more sensuous when I got to that side and I could feel her
almost go limp. I knew it really felt great to her! As I was rubbing her left
shoulder, I very softly slid the left strap down too. She didn't even seem to
notice, as she was almost in a trance because it felt so good and relaxing.
When the strap came down, the top loosened up quite a bit, and both of her
nipples popped into view. She didn't even notice that right away either! I
was going NUTS! I continued my sensuous massage of her shoulders and moved to
her back. When I got to the back strap, I moved it down a teeny bit and out
of the way so as not to alarm her. But, when I did, the whole top slid down a
little, exposing most of her tits and ALL of her nipples to the fresh air,
uncovered! She definitely felt that and jerked her head towards me,
wide-eyed. I told her to keep her hands on the wheel no matter what and that
I'd fix it. Yeah.......RIGHT! I moved the top back over her breasts but left
both straps down. She told me to put her straps back but I told her that she
looked great with them down! I shot her my "puppy dog eyes" again and
sensuously resumed my massage. She went back to staring straight ahead and
let me leave them down.....YES!! After another 10 minutes, I started to feed
her beer to her, since she couldn't let go of the wheel. (Remember?) She was
definitely buzzed by then, so I put more lotion on my hands and started to
lightly move both hands towards the front of her shoulders and even lower
toward her tits. She knew by now exactly what I was doing and it felt good to
her! She knows me well, and knows that I LOVE to show her off to everybody. I
think she finally just resolved herself to the fact that I really wanted
Frank to see her topless right then and there! Since she had already drank 3
beers and also since the massage was REALLY turning her on, I guess she was
finally overcome with the situation and allowed me to continue moving my
hands down farther. When I reached the tops of her breasts, I started to
slide my fingertips down towards her nipples. I had so much lotion on my
hands that I knew it must have felt GREAT to her! She said, "I'm trying to
concentrate on steering the boat, knock it off!" I said, "Do you REALLY want
me to stop?" She just looked at me as if to say, "What do you think?" After
that look, I moved my hands more until my fingers reached her nipples and I
started rubbing them between my thumb and forefingers. She really started to
go limp now! I knew I finally got her to enjoy things and not worry about
what Frank thought! It was then that I totally freaked both Kim and Frank
out. I said to Frank, "Frank, do me a favor and unhook this damned strap, I
have lotion all over my hands." Kim looked at me but didn't say a word, as I
was still softly rubbing her nipples right in front of Frank anyway. Frank
slowly moved behind Kim and unhooked her strap, causing the top to spring
away from her body, exposing her totally naked tits to both of us! I moved my
hands to cover both of her breasts entirely. The opened top was hanging on
her arms because of her being told not to let go of the wheel. I said, "Kim,
I got the wheel, let go a second." She let go and I removed the top from her
altogether. There she was, topless right in front of Frank! He was freaking
out! She was really horny by now, so I figured I'd pull out all the stops! I
had her grab the wheel again and told her how beautiful she looked. I asked
Frank how she looked and he just groaned, which turned Kim on even more! I
told her that we were going to play a little fun game to make the time go by
faster. I said that, no matter what happened, she could NOT let go of the
wheel even though we were right there to recover it if she did. It was then
that she realized that it had only been a line about not letting go before.
She just laughed and said, "OK, you got me that time". I started to rub my
hands ALL OVER her tits and nipples. She was going crazy now! I said to
Frank, "Frank, why don't you finish putting some more lotion on her, my hands
are getting tired." Kim just stood there, knowing what was about to happen
next. She had always considered Frank to be very sexy and had told me that
many times. She had even told me "stories" about a threesome with her, Frank
and I together. She always seemed to really get turned on by them even though
she was making them up for me. Frank put some lotion in his hands and began
rubbing it on her back. I could tell that Kim was really enjoying his touch,
probably because she had spoken about it (and probably dreamed about it
secretly) many times before. I told Frank that I already got her back, but I
didn't get all the rest of her. He slowly started to move his hands around
past her sides and under her arms towards her chest. His hands were almost
shaking, as he probably had also dreamed about this before, too! He hesitated
for a second so I said, "Don't be shy, hurry up, she's starting to burn."
That was just the icebreaker he needed, apparently, because he moved his
hands immediately to her chest and began rubbing her tits, nipples and all
over everywhere else, too! God, what a sight!! While he was doing that, she
was in ecstasy! I took advantage of that and got more lotion from the bottle
myself. I started to rub it on her thighs and up even farther, expecting her
to stop me, but she didn't! I started to slide her bottoms off and she
started to let go of the wheel to stop me. I immediately said, "Kim, you can
NOT let go of the wheel, remember?" She just closed her eyes and allowed me
to slide them down the rest of the way. Unbelievable! She stepped out of them
and stood there TOTALLY naked in front of both of us! She was SO turned on
now, and, obviously, so were Frank and I! I rubbed the lotion all over her,
not leaving ANY spot untouched. When I reached her pussy, I slipped a finger
inside and felt her dripping she was so wet! I continued to rub her for the
longest time while Frank kept rubbing her tits with more lotion. She had
NEVER felt this turned on in her life! Every time I felt her orgasm getting
close, I stopped and rubbed her ass instead. I know this was making her even
hornier, but I also knew what I was doing. I moved my hands up to her tits
and motioned for Frank to swap locations with me. He slid his hands down in
between her legs and immediately started to slip his finger inside my wife's
pussy. Wow, what a sight to watch! She realized that we had switched, and
that another guy was fingering her. She really went crazy, closed her eyes
and before not too long, started to build herself into an orgasm. Frank just
kept rubbing her clit faster until she moaned a moan I have never heard her
moan before and had an incredible orgasm, complete with shaking and jerking.
Wow!! I almost came in my pants!! She felt kind of weird right away about it,
but I hugged her tight and told her that she had REALLY turned me on more
than ever, and that it was perfectly natural to follow your instincts where
sex is concerned. She just hugged me back really tight and asked if she could
let go of the wheel now. Of course, we said that she could at that point. She
got her suit back on and we continued toward the island as Kris remained
asleep down below. I often wonder if Kris would have gotten angry or joined
in, had she been awake. I guess we'll have to find that out some other time!

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