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Astrid first striptease

Astrid sat in her kitchen at the table staring at the phone. She didn't
know if she could bring herself to make the call. She had thought deeply
about it for several days now; since the final demands had been arriving
she know she had to do something. How could she have let herself get into
debt. It had been difficult since her husband left six months ago. But
she had looked after the two young children; they had new clothes, enough
to eat and the house was clean and comfortable. Now she would soon loose
the house if she couldn't pay the bills. She had married at seventeen.
The children came along quickly and now at twenty one she was all alone.

She reached hesitantly for the phone but put it back down. Why was she
so afraid? She was after all only going to call her elder sister Paula.
Surely she could confide in her? No that was not the reason. Paula and
Astrid were very different. Paula has always been the wild one, the black
sheep of the family. Astrid had done well at school and had held down a
clerical job until the first child came along. No, Astrid needed some
practical advice from her sister. Paula had once worked as a stripper for
a couple of months in a club in a nearby city. She had always made light
of it saying she didn't care who saw her naked so long as they paid; she
boasted about how much money she made. Paula was now happily married to
Mark who knew her past and accepted her as a real person. Now Astrid was
alone and needed money badly and her sister's words echoed again and again
in her head. Did she really care who saw her body? Would she be too
embarrassed to do it at all? Did she have a good enough figure? These
thoughts raced through her mind as reached again for the phone.

Paula was sympathetic on the phone. What a nice warm heart thought
Astrid; she remembered how critical she had been when she found out that
Paula was stripping. Paula and Mark lived a short car ride away from
Astrid and Paula had offered to call round in the afternoon before the
children came home from school. Astrid felt relieved that she had at least
started to talk about what she had in mind. Well truthfully she did not
know what she had in mind. She believed she was capable of taking her
clothes off in front of an audience for money. She had never even seen a
striptease act but she had a mental picture of a stage and lights and eyes
in the darkness staring at her breasts. She shuddered mentally. Only her
husband and one previous boy friend had ever seen her topless. Was she
really prepared to show herself off?

Paula arrived early afternoon. She gave her sister a big hug and held
her close.

"You must be in real trouble if you are think of doing this" said Paula
"Your so meek and mild and timid I can hardly believe it".

Astrid explained her financial position. Paula nodded and sympathised.

"OK. How can I help you? What do you want to know?" offered Paula.

Astrid asked about money and working hours. She was concerned that she
would have to have sex with the customers or let them touch her. Paula
reassured her that this was not so, at least in the club where Paula had

"What will I have to do exactly" said Astrid rather embarrassed at
having to ask "I mean, I know I will have to dance and take my clothes off
but I've never been to a strip club. Is there an audition for new girls?
Will they teach me what to do?"

Paula smiled "Oh your poor darling. You have no idea have you but
you're still prepared to do it!. When do you want to start?"

"As soon as possible. I need the money now." replied Astrid.

Paula explained what would be expected of her sister. All the girls at
the club have to strip completely nude she explained. Yes, there will be
an audition where the new girl has to undress completely for the boss.
Astrid nodded that she understood that this was as she expected. You have
to be very sexy she explained - you are competing with real young girls.
Some are only sixteen you know. That's the minimum legal age for strippers

"There's no modesty allowed you know" said Paula "The spotlights pick
out every detail and the first row is just a foot or so away. Still want
to do it?"

"Yes. I can do it" replied Astrid without thinking too much about the

"OK. I'll phone Bob - he's the club owner and see what he can do for

The phone call with Bob lasted just about five minutes. Yes, they were
looking for new girls. Yes, if Paula said her sister had a good enough
figure then no problem - bring her along. Yes, today would be fine. Yes,
she can watch the show for a while and decide for herself before she has to

"Can you arrange someone to look after the children after school?" asked

Astrid nodded affirmatively and Paula finished the phone call with Bob
saying that she and her sister would be down there within an hour.

Within an hour thought Astrid. Oh my God within an hour I will be in a
strip club looking for a job. She trembled.

Astrid phoned a friend to arrange for the children to be picked up and
the sisters set off in Paula's car.

"We just have to pick up Mark and we'll be right down there." said

"Pick up Mark?" questioned Astrid.

"Oh yes. You don't think Mark wants to miss your first strip do you?"

Astrid gulped. She had known Mark for about three years; he was here
brother in law. And now he was going to watch her debut strip. For the
first time in all the reasoning and heart searching she now realised that
she was not just going to be naked in front of strangers in a sort of
general sense but that people who knew her personally would soon see her

Mark got in the car.

"So you're going to go though with it?"

"I need the money very badly" said Astrid.

"Don't worry about it darling" said Mark "You've got a terrific figure.
I can hardly wait to see your tits and your pussy."

"Don't be so crude" interrupted Paula "Astrid is very nervous and she
need encouragement not your crude comments".

Somehow Mark' crude comment put it into perspective for Astrid. She was
going to be showing men her tits and her pussy for money.

The club was in a basement. The entrance at street level was brash with
neon lights. The three stepped inside and Paula asked for Bob. They
greeted each other like old friends although it had been about three years
since Paula worked there. Bob was extremely pleasant and reassured Astrid
that she would find it an agreeable place to work. Bob escorted his three
guests down the stairs in the club itself. The stage was small but
brightly lit just as Paula had described. The were about 15 rows of seats
about 10 seats wide ranged each row a little higher than the one in front
so that even from the back the audience had an excellent view. The front
row naturally had a superb view being just about one foot from the edge of
the stage. The first couple of rows were occupied. The place seemed quite

As they entered the rather small blonde girl on stage was sitting on a
chair facing the audience. She had her legs wide apart. Her cunt was
plainly visible. Astrid starred for a moment. Would she have to show so
much too? Paula had not discussed the fine details. They settled in their
seats at the back so as not to disturb the paying guests who were engrossed
in the view on stage and had not noticed the arrival of the Mark and the
two girls.

"Do all the girls open their legs like that?" whispered Astrid to her
sister. She was really asking if she too would have to open her legs like
the girl who had just left the stage.

"Of course" answered Paula "It's a strip club and that's what the men
pay to see"

Astrid was in a daze as the curtains opened for the next girl, a tall
dark hair beauty. During the first record she danced and lifted up her
skirt a couple of times to show her white panties. The second record was
devoted to the undressing part of the act. As the third record started the
now naked beauty pulled the chair into the middle of the stage. She sat on
the front edge of the chair facing the audience. As she leant back she
lifted her legs to point her toes up at the ceiling. She had a beautifully
backside, now perfectly presented to the admiring audience. Then she
parted her legs to form a vee. The view of her pussy was magnificent. She
held the pose for about half a minute or so stroking the inside of her
thighs. Mark glanced away from the stage at Astrid. Her eyes were glued
onto the girl on stage but her expression was blank.

She could never display herself like that. She just had not expected
this level of revelation. What had she expected? Topless - yes of course.
Nude - yes that too. A glimpse of pussy - she could have faced that as
well. The girl on stage was now standing with her back to the audience
with her legs wide apart. She leant forward and touched the floor in front
of her. Inside Astrid was screaming - no please not me I can't.

The dark haired beauty left the stage to a hearty applause.

"She's super isn't she" said Paula to her sister.

"Did you do that too" asked Astrid with a nervous tone.

"Yes of course I did. That's what I was paid for" answered Paula.

They watched another three girls perform. The basic act was the same.
First record dance. Second record strip. Third record pussy show.

By now Astrid had calmed a little but she couldn't face the idea of
displaying herself in this way. She told her sister so. Paula quietly
reminded her about her financial situation and asked her to rethink.

"If you're one hundred percent sure you can't do it I'll call Bob and we
may as well go now" said Paula.

"Watch another couple of girls and think it over" said Mark.

"Let her make her own mind up" retorted Paula "you just want to see here
spread her legs."

Paula's thoughtless remark shocked Astrid. So Mark and all these men
were going to see her spread her legs. So what she thought. That's what
they pay for - it's not going to hurt me. So what - I'll do it.

"I'll do it" she said to Paula

"And you should move down to the front so you can get real good view of
my tits, my arse and my pussy. And when I spread my legs I'll make sure I
get as near to your face as I can." snapped Astrid to Mark.

Paula and Astrid left Mark to find a seat at the front while they went
to find Bob.

Astrid was somehow curious to know what would happen at the audition.
After what she had just seen on stage she felt there was nothing worse.

"Do I have to spread my legs now for Bob?" asked Astrid.

"And some of his friends too and they'll take photos. Still want to do
it?" was the reply.

She should have reckoned with photos too. There were photos of all the
girls in the foyer - soon hers would be there too.

Bob's office was quite small. A desk, three chairs, a filing cabinet -
very plain. Bob sat down behind the desk and the two girls sat facing him.
After taking down the details he needed from Astrid, her full name,
address, date of birth, telephone number he simply asked her to undress.
It was just a casual statement, just like asking for her address. She
hesitated for a moment.

"Stand up and take your clothes off" he repeated. This was it. She was
about to undress in front of a stranger for money. It was surprisingly
easy. She somehow felt relieved as she stepped out of her panties. Bob
surveyed her body from head to foot. It seemed like ages. He had her turn
round and face away from him so he could admire her backside too.

"You saw the type of show we put on" he said. Astrid nodded. "You have
no inhibitions about spreading you legs?" Astrid nodded. Had she really
nodded a yes to this? "OK sit on the front of the chair, put your legs
over the arms and lets just prove that you're a girl. You can never be
sure these days."

Paula was watching how her sister reacted. Astrid did as instructed
without a moments hesitation. Prove you're a girl she thought to herself.
How many girls before me has he made do this? Several hundred? So there
she was totally naked and everything on view. Bob turned the desk light
round onto her for a better view. Astrid did not let this disturb her. He
picked up the phone and asked someone to come to his office and bring the

"You need your hair trimming" said Bob looking straight at Astrid's
cunt. He gave a little smile and picked a small electric trimmer from the
desk. He had not even bothered to ask Astrid if she was agreeable. "Just
between your legs so the men get a nice clear view."

"I'll do it for her if you don't mind" interjected Paula. Bob looked
clearly disappointed but handed the trimmer to Paula without further

Paula knelt in front of the chair and set to work. In a few seconds she
had expertly removed the excess hair from Astrid's crotch without reddening
the sensitive skin at all. She stood up and admired her work from a short
distance. She nodded, satisfied with how her sister looked

"Until you get into the swing of dancing I want you to follow the rules
carefully. First record dance. Second record strip. Third record show
off your cunt." explained Bob as Astrid sat somewhat uncomfortably with her
legs over the arms of the char. "I will be timing you. The total time of
the act is a little less than ten minutes. I want your tits clearly on
view for five minutes and your cunt for two. If I can't clearly see your
cunt for a full two minutes you don't get paid for that strip at all. I'll
tolerate a bit with your tits especially if you dance well. When you have
more experience we can relax the timing. Do you understand?"

Astrid nodded. Two minutes that's nothing she thought.

"Punctuality is essential. You will have scheduled times allocated. If
your are late at all I dock half the pay for that strip. If you are more
than one minute late - no pay. Clear?"

Astrid nodded just as the office door opened. In came two men. She
suddenly felt very naked and exposed. Her freshly shave crotch was well
lit from the desk light. The two men's eye were examining her already as
they stood in the doorway. Bob introduced them as Tony and Mike, bouncer
and technician.

"She's Paula's sister. A real good looker isn't she" said Bob, his
first comment in praise of Astrid's figure. She smiled.

"Look how her cunt lips stick out. The regulars are going to love her."
add Bob.

The praise had lifted Astrid now she felt just like a piece of meat.
Yes she was about to sell views of her cunt with those lovely sticking out
lips. She felt humiliated. She kept on smiling; somehow she had the smile
as a natural defence.

Mike shot the photos. About 20 or so including ones with her legs wide
apart and close-ups which would be of interest to a gynaecologist. She had
already signed her consent and she knew although nobody had talked about it
that these photos and others shot during her performances would end up in

The whole audition had taken about twenty minutes and Mark must have
been wondering when he would get to see Astrid strip, or indeed if she had
chickened out at the last moment. Paula rejoined him in the front row
where he had also kept a place free for her too. The other men starred at
her quizzically as she took her place next to her husband. She ignored
their looks.

The curtains opened and the same blonde girl they had seen at the start
took to the stage again just as Paula took her seat. "Just this one now
then it's Astrid's turn" said Paula.

Bob had meanwhile taken Astrid, still fully naked into the backstage
dressing area. She applied her own make-up only rather more than normal.
Bob brought her the clothes for her act. Nice and simple for the first
time was his motto. White panties, white bra, pink negligee high-heal
shoes. That was it. Bob reminded her again about the timings.

"Remember don't take anything off at all during the first record - just
dance. Halfway through the second record your bra needs to come off so
that we get five minutes of your tits. Take your panties off only at the
very end of the second record or the start of the third. Remember to keep
your legs apart for most of that third record or we won't get a full two
minutes with your cunt on show. Clear?"

Astrid nodded.

There was a round of applause as the blonde girl finished her strip.
This is it thought Astrid my first strip, somehow like loosing my virginity
again. The blonde girl walk into the dressing area and Bob ushered Astrid
forward onto the stage.

The chair stood in the middle of the stage. Astrid walked over and she
stood beside it. She felt her legs turning to jelly as the curtains opened
and the first record started. In less than five minutes time she would be
topless. In seven or so minutes she would be totally naked then she would
spend at least two minutes with her legs wide apart revealing everything
she had - yes proving without a doubt that she was girl as Bob had so
delicately put it, and Mark her brother in law would see everything. The
curtains were fully open. There were Mark and Paula directly in front of
her. The room had filled now with the office workers who popped in for an
hour or so on their way home. She looked deeper into the room. Most of
the seats appeared to have been taken and several men were standing at the
side near the front. So many men she thought. She began to dance. Would
she really be able to bring herself to do it. Her legs began to feel
firmer as she moved around. She felt more confident as she saw the
admiring looks from the men. Mark's eyes never left her. She was
beginning to feel good.

The first record ended. Astrid felt more confident. The dancing had
warmed her up and the nervousness had all but gone. She slipped out of the
negligee almost as soon as the second record started. She placed it
carefully over the back of the chair. Then she sat on the chair her back
to the audience. She reached up behind her back for the clasp on her bra.
She could feel the two hundred eyes staring at her but especially those of
Mark. It filled her with an excitement she had not felt for a long time.
She let the bra straps fall from her shoulders, and after waiting a moment
slipped out each arm in turn. Holding the bra cupped to her she stood up
and turned to face the audience. All eyes were on her as she turned again
and lifted her bra up above her head. She looked down at her breasts. She
liked what she saw. She spun round to face the audience again.

Showing her tits had been easy. She sensed that Mark was getting
excited. And so he should thought Astrid to herself I have great body and
I'm proud to show it off. My God thought Astrid did I really just think
that. What is happening to me. She kept smiling.

She remembered how the other girls had stripped. She remembered how
sexy they seemed when they opened their legs even though they still had
their panties on. She tried it. On the chair and lying on the stage. The
reaction from the audience encouraged her. She looked into Mark's eyes.
They were somehow daring her to do it without her panties.

Astrid sat down on the chair facing the audience just as the second
record ended. She looked straight at Mark. He now had a serious somewhat
superior look on his face. He knew Astrid now had a no choice but to carry
on. After thinking for years what his sister in law was like in the nude
he was now about to find out. He liked what he had seen so far. Now let
see your cunt was the only thought in his mind. Astrid somehow read his
thoughts. So this is what you've wanted to see for quite a while - now you

She raised her legs up toward the ceiling and slipped her panties past
her bottom. It was just enough to give a little glimpse but as she held
her legs firmly together a glimpse was all the Mark got. She brought her
legs down gracefully and slipped her panties down past her ankles. She
then stood up and kicked them aside. Mark had his first view of his naked
sister in law as she danced nude around the stage. She remembered Bob's
instructions. Two minutes legs apart or no pay. This was it - now or
never. Again she sat on the chair facing the audience. She pulled the
negligee from the back of the chair and let it fall between her legs as she
moved them apart. She leant right back on the chair and raised her legs in
a vee, as far apart as she could. The negligee still hid her last secret.
She looked Mark straight in the eye and let go the negligee. To her
amazement he kept eye contact with her instead of staring at her cunt like
the other hundred men. Then he weakened and he too cast his eyes down at
her beautiful flower. She felt she had won. She had outstares him.

Astrid slid herself forward off the chair, her legs still wide apart,
remembering what Bob had told her - a full two minutes - most of this third
record. She was now sitting on the stage with her back against the chair.
She gently pushed the chair back until she was lying on her back. Again
she lifted her legs into a vee offering the audience a perfect view. She
rolled onto her side still keeping her legs apart. Mark was drooling.

Astrid got to her feet and took the one stride right to the front of the
stage. She then placed her left foot on the back of Marks seat. Her right
foot was on now on the edge of the stage as she lowered herself onto Mark's
face. Her cunt was now inches away from him.

"Got a good view?" she whispered. She was enjoying it more than she had
ever expected. Two hours previously she had shuddered at thought of being
naked in front of her brother in law. Only an hour or so earlier had she
realised that stripping in this club meant not just showing her tits but
also "proving she was a girl" by showing off her cunt. Can an hour or so
change a shy girl into one who loved displaying herself. Astrid was amazed
at her own transformation. As the music stopped and the applause rang out
she was elated beyond belief.

The curtains closed. She gathered up the negligee, bra and panties and
walked into the dressing area. As she entered a tall red-head on her way
on stage told her that hers was the very best first strip she had ever
seen. Astrid was bubbling over. Bob greeted her with a big hug.

"That was great" he said "If you want to continue your next strip is at
seven thirty exactly. OK?"

Astrid nodded in agreement.

Mark and Paula entered the dressing area. Astrid was still naked, just
holding the neglege to her chest. "Absolutely super" said Mark "Even Paula
couldn't do better".

Paula reacted. "You've never seen me strip" she retorted "You made me
promise not to strip again when I met you."

"True, but .."

"So can I do a strip now?" asked Paula.

"No I didn't really mean it like that" replied Mark.

"It's OK for my little sister to be leered at but not if I do it - is
that it?"

"You're a hypocrite Mark. Do you know that? You just wanted to see my
cunt didn't you? What do you think of me now" said Astrid, knowing how she
had outstared him.

"I think you're great but I really don't want those men to see Paula
liked that". Marks words had a hollow ring. He looked at Paula and then
to Astrid and back to Paula.

"OK" he said starring Paula in the eye "but only if you show pink".

Astrid was lost. What did he mean by that.

"Right" said Paula "If that's what you want I'll do it".

Mark had meant it as a bluff hoping that Paula would refuse. They had
often talked about her stripping career and he knew that Paula hated
showing pink. She was quite prepared to open her legs wide and give the
men a perfect view of her cunt but actually spreading her vaginal lips and
showing inside had always upset her. True she had done it on several
occasions. There was always a bonus payment for doing this "little" extra
and Bob usually arranged that once every two hours or so one of the girls
would do it. It helped to keep the customers there and spending money.

"OK with you Bob?" asked Paula.

Bob naturally replied positively saying how much he would like Paula
back stripping for him whether she showed pink or not. He checked the
schedule. Astrid was to strip again at seven thirty., then Karen at seven
forty, Paula at ten to eight. No he could fit Paula in at ten past seven
if she could be ready by then. Paula agreed at once. Mark was taken
aback. He really had expected his wife to refuse. Now he faced the
prospect of having to see her degrade herself on stage. He knew she hated
doing it. Why had she agreed?

"Tony, can you make sure Mark gets his seat in the front row again" she
asked the bouncer.

Naturally that would be no problem. Astrid had in the meanwhile dressed
again in her normal clothes which Bob had brought down from his office.

Mark left with Tony and Astrid quietly questioned her sister about the
previous conversation. She was quite pleased that her sister would also
strip that evening but in her innocence she had no idea what "showing pink"

Paula explained. Astrid took a deep breath. "I wouldn't mind doing
that either" she said. It was as if she was hearing someone else say the
words. "How much extra do I get paid Bob?" Where had her shyness gone?
Bob was caught a little off guard as he then explained to her how the bonus
payment worked.

Bob was a real arsehole thought Paula as he explained in vivid detail
what would be expected from Astrid for the extra money. Why does he always
want it done as if the girls are clockwork toys. We are real people Bob.
"Six minutes with your legs apart and at least two minutes of pink First
record strip, second record show your pussy, third record all pink -
stretch it wide open no half measures. Do you understand? OK?". Astrid
nodded. "If Paula can do it so can I" she said smiling lovingly into
Paula's eyes. After years of living very different lives the two sisters
were beginning to know and love each other more than ever before.

As the curtains opened for Paula, Astrid had positioned herself in the
back row so that she could take in the whole scene. Mark had his seat back
in the front row. What a shame thought Astrid, Mark knows what he's going
to see only too well. He's seen Paula's cunt often enough at home. He
should be here at the back so he can see all these men leering at his wife.

Paula's experience certainly showed. Although it was at least two years
since she had stripped on stage, the smooth, sexy movements told it all.
Astrid thought of her own mixed feelings as she stripped. She had not
wanted to open her legs and show off her cunt but she did it and enjoyed it
despite the embarrassment. Now her sister was going to do show herself off
in a way she really hated just to spite her husband. How would she be
feeling now?

Paula was naked by the end of the first record. The show had hardly
begun. There are only a limited number of ways a girl can show her cunt
off and Paula knew them all. The second record ended with her in the now
usual position on the front edge of chair with her legs wide apart and
pointing up at the ceiling. Looking straight at Mark she pulled on the
skin of her buttocks in order to persuade her lips to open. She gradually
spread her fingers out and pulled more on the skin so that a large area of
pink glistened in the spotlight. She never took her eyes off Mark. The
audience never took their eyes off her. I can't follow this thought
Astrid, Paula's much too good at it.

Paula stood up and took the one step to the front of the stage. She
knelt in front of Mark then leant right over backwards opening her legs
further and further. She then started rubbing her clitoris and groaning
clearly even over the music. Paula was getting carried away. She wasn't
just play acting. She rolled on her side. One leg outstretched on stage
and one up in the air. She then slipped two fingers well inside her cunt
and proceeded to masturbate. Several men began to clap. This clearly
egged her on. By the time the music stopped she was panting. The applause
was overwhelming. Mark was almost crying. Not a lot but Astrid saw it as
he made his way to the back.

"I shouldn't have dared her like that" said Mark.

"No you've let the genie out of the bottle" said Astrid. "Aren't you
going to stay to watch me do it too. You enjoyed my first strip, you'll
certainly enjoy seeing me show pink".

Mark couldn't hold back the tears. He made his way outside. Astrid
laughed to herself and made her way back stage. She stopped as the
curtains were opening for the next act, a rather plain young girl of about
sixteen or so. She watched for two records until the youngster was naked.
She waited just long enough to see her "prove she's a girl" then she
hurried off. Two minutes to get ready for my "show pink" strip. I can
compete with sixteen year olds she thought.

Astrid's "show pink" went down very well indeed. She was now on the
payroll and stripped another three times that evening Paula persuaded Bob
to pay her on a daily basis for the first month in order to help her out of
her financial crisis.

Since then both Astrid and Paula have been stripping regularly and they
have become very close friends as well as sisters. Mark has learned to
live with the genie he has let out of the bottle.

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