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Pretty blonde fukced hard story

His young blonde girlfriend was pretty alright, pretty naive!
She insisted on saving her precious virginity for marriage, but whenever he
bitched about it too much, she submitted to giving him head. And on the
anniversary of their first date, when he told her he wanted anal sex, she was
ready to submit to that as well. She was naked and being pushed face down on
the bed before she realized that 'anal' didn't mean 'once a year'! She bit her
lip and endured that painful buggering, secretly happy about the
misunderstanding. She was still technically a virgin!
Fist Fucking! Fist Fucking! That's all she ever heard anymore. Clint's
last girlfriend (bitch) had, it seems, let him tie her up and 'fist fuck' her.
Finally, she gave in. "FINE! You can fist fuck me. But I don't see why you
have to tie me up first."
"So you don't change your mind and try to squirm out of it." He told
"Whatever" And she lay down as he tied her feet to the bedposts and her
wrists to the headboard. "I don't see how you can fuck my fist when they are
tied so close to the headboard." He smiled, giggled, and then burst out
laughing! She was so clueless about what she had coming. He gagged her with
her panties, and knelt by her buttocks.
He massaged the sweet young cheeks, slowly parting them to drink in the vision
of the tiny pink hole in between. The tanning oil that he dripped onto her
back and buttocks was very warm, hot actually. It had been out in the sun all
day. She was startled by its heat, but relaxed as he rubbed it into her back,
then her upper thighs. Then his hands glided smoothly to her buttocks, oiling
them in a circular motion which alternately spread then pressed her firm buns
together. Then he pulled them wide apart, doing his best to keep the slippery
skin separated with one hand. She gasped as more hot oil was dripped right
into her crack, each drop stinging like candle wax, especially those which
landed right on the bulls eye of her butthole.
Then both hand were back on her cheeks, the thumbs sliding into her crack
and moving uncomfortably close to her asshole. As one of his fingers suddenly
penetrated her tiny anal hole, Fay stiffened. Her mind leaped back to the time
he had painfully buttfucked her. "Fist Fuck me! Right now!" She shouted, her
words somehow audible through the gag. She wanted to distract him, get him to
place his cock into her tiny little fist before he got some bright idea about
shoving it up her ass.
"OK, baby, you asked for it!" He pulled his finger out of the little pink
hole, balled up his fist, and pressed his entire fist against the greasy hole.
Then he pushed firmly, denting the entire ring inward. Then he shoved with
brute force, putting all his weight into the task at hand. As her anal ring
was forced into her body by the unyielding, blunt fist, she saw a flash of
bright colors explode behind her eyes. Then the rings resistance failed as the
big fist punched through. Everything went black as the sphincter muscle locked
snuggly around his thick wrist.
She came to slowly, aware that she was lying in a wet spot. Had she peed
the bed? She tried to roll out of it, but quickly realized that her hands were
tied and that her butt was being fucked! Slowly, some enormous phallus was
being pulled out of her body through her asshole! Then it reversed directions
and slid back in, just as slowly. The whole area between her asscheeks was
sore, and her entire crotch was throbbing quite painfully. She could feel her
heartbeat in the ring of muscle that clamped firmly onto whatever it was that
was working its way back and forth into her guts.
"What's happening to me?" she thought, and then opened her mouth to ask that
very question out loud. As she encountered the gag, she remembered a little
bit more about her situation. Her boyfriend had been rubbing oil on her and
then, and then he had pressed his fist against her butt. And he was still
there, kneeling behind her-not close enough to have inserted his cock into her
ASS! OH MY GOD! What had he done to her! He was ruining her body! Killing
her! She must be dying, right? You can't just have an arm shoved up your butt
and still live, right? But even as she fully regained her consciousness, the
arm continued to piston back and forth between her wide-spread buttocks.
She panicked, trying desperately to pull away with all her might. She
squirmed wildly, screaming wordlessly into her gag. But, pinned to the bed,
there was no where for her to escape. She was squirming around her impalement
more than away from it, and he mistook her writhing as a signal that she had
finally begun to enjoy it. He was certain her screams were exactly what he
wanted them to be: Screams of ecstasy! And so he increased the pace, ramming
his hairy arm faster and deeper into her ass!
The additional pain made her fight harder. Her increased struggles made him
fist-fuck her more vigorously. The more she struggled, the harder and deeper
he punched into her body.
Then something wildly unexpected happened. Her clit began to tingle. Her
whole crotch was being manipulated, pushed and pulled as her rectum traveled
repeatedly up and down the length of his forearm. The sensitive nerve endings
of her anus had been numbed by the brutal attack, but they were somehow
connected to her vaginal erogenous zones. Her pussy lips fluttered, the walls
of her love tunnel suddenly secreting a copious flow of unneeded lubricant.
For the first time she realized how sore her sensitive nipples had become from
sliding around unprotected on the percale sheet. Sore, but hard as diamonds!
God, if only someone was there to suck on them right now! It would take her
mind of the awful, obscene, agonizing rectal attack. If only Luke Perry was
sucking on her tits right now, alternating from one to the other! And if only
Leonardo DiCaprio were licking the excess juice from her pussy!
Suddenly her boyfriend, (or was it a masked Negro intruder, like in her
fantasies?) placed his free hand on her left buttock, to control her violent
thrashing. God how she loved having her buttocks grabbed. From her ass, from
her pussy, from her tits, a warm flush of euphoria rushed toward her brain
stem. AUUUUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! She wailed into her gag, swooning as waves of
pleasure washed over her body as she came. Her traumatized sphincter muscle
clamped rhythmically onto his invading arm, squeezing tightly enough to slow
his thrusting. Her orgasm was so intense, she almost passed out again. The
pleasure was fleeting, however, pushed aside by the reality of the ordeal. Her
body went limp as his arm quit moving for the first time, buried nearly to the
elbow inside her.
It hit her all at once just how sore she really was. Her whole body ached,
but especially her asshole and her nipples. And then the humiliation kicked in
with full force. What had he done to her? What had he done!!! Tears welled up
in her eyes as she began to softly sob as he gently pulled his arm back, her
guts clinging tightly to his skin as though they didn't want to release it.
His slow withdrawal created a vacuum in her intestines, and suddenly she had a
really bad tummy ache to go with all her other discomfort.
For some reason, his slow retreat hurt her just as badly as his violent
punching motions had. Suddenly, several inches slipped out all at once,
causing her to gasp. The tortured ring of weak muscle now encircled his wrist.
Best way to do this is fast, like a band-aid he thought. She felt him brace
himself, holding her butt down with his free hand. This is gonna hurt! she
realized, and then suddenly, he yanked it out! She was certain she actually
heard a sound as it pulled back, like that of a cork coming out of a champagne
bottle. She inhaled sharply at the added agony of her worn-out muscle being
stretched to the limit once more. Her inward gasp caused her panty gag to
enter her windpipe. She gagged, coughed and choked, pulling the material
outward with her tongue.
Her boyfriend stared with amazement at the huge gaping black hole which used
to be her cute little pink anus. When he saw that she was having trouble
breathing, he reached up and pulled the gag from her mouth entirely. "So, how
did you like your first fist-fuck, Fay?" She couldn't help but laugh,
realizing that she had misunderstood his sinister intentions once again. Some
days it just didn't pay to be a blonde.

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