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Amber asks for an anal assault

Although she had heard that some women actually liked to take men's cocks in
their butt, she had always been a bit skeptical. It must hurt like the devil
to be stretched that far back there! She thought. Still, the forbidden, dirty
nature of the act made it a powerful fantasy, one that almost made her swoon.
SODOMIZED! The petite girl in the porno video was about to allow herself
to be sodomized. But how could that be?! The actor/stud had a huge horse
dick! And he was none too gentle, either. As he powered it between her buns,
the actress moaned on cue and read her lines of encouragement. Most guys would
read the starlets expression as ecstatic, but any woman could see she was in
serious discomfort to say the least. But as the well-endowed actor began to
thrust in and out, her look softened into one of genuine pleasure, then
Amber couldn't take her eyes off the screen. Clint had talked her into
watching this video, even though it was only their fourth date. She'd never
seen a porno before, but she didn't want to tell him that-she didn't want him
to think she was a prude.
Clint of course, had selected this flick carefully. Amber had sucked him
off on the first date; straight lay on the second. On the third date, they
shared a delicious 69, followed by doggy style sex. Clint had noticed how
favorably she'd reacted every time his fingers or tongue ventured near her anal
crack. He pulled from her sopping wet pussy and moved his cockhead up to her
tiny anus. She trembled. Bit her lip. Moaned. Tossed her head. Let him start
to press inward. Gasped. ’and then pulled away!
The threat of being buggered had been an incredible turn-on. But the
thought of the pain scared her--a lot. Now, as she watched "Debbie does
Buttman", she suddenly knew she must overcome her fear, endure any pain, and be
buttfucked. NOW!
"I want that! " she whispered to Clint, peeling off her clothes. "I want
you to fuck me exactly like he's fucking her! Do you understand?" She guzzled
the rest of her whiskey-sour.
"You mean up the ass?" Clint asked. He'd understood her meaning, but he
wanted to hear her say it. "It might hurt you a bit. I'm not as big as
'Buttman' there, but I'm no schoolboy, either. In fact, it might not fit at
"Yes, I want it up my ass! You MAKE it fit! And if it hurts me, that's
just too bad! Even if I cry out, even if I beg you to stop, don't you pay any
attention, you hear? Just fuck me there, NOW!
By this time, she was sprawled face down on the carpet, holding her
asscheeks wide apart. He knelt behind her, drooling spittle into her crack.
She felt his finger touch the star of her anus. A shiver of excitement washed
over her, her head tossed to the side. The TV came back into focus, and the
look on Debby's face was now one of very real pleasure. The orgasmic moans of
the young actress more than inspired her-they made her jealous.
Clint eased a finger past her tight anal ring. She gasped! Suddenly, she
knew for sure that she could come this way! She'd felt her own finger there
before, of course, but this was infinitely more exciting. Then she felt more
spittle, and the first finger was joined by a second. There was some pain
involved now, but in her determination, she thrust her ass back toward the
invading fingers, opening herself to the penetration, feeling her excitement
"DO IT! FUCK MY ASS NOW!" If she was gonna cum, she wanted it to be on
his dick, not his fingers. Meanwhile Debbie screamed in rapture as Buttman
slammed his member violently in and out of her perfect little ass. The thought
of the fireworks, which must be exploding behind the actresses now closed
eyelids, drove Amber insane with wild anticipation. "Shove it in me there, and
remember, don't stop--no matter what!"
Then it happened. The fingers pulled out, and were immediately replaced
by the swollen head of his cock. GOD, she though, feeling a twinge of fear.
That feels bigger than I remember it. And then he pushed forward, denting the
anal ring inward. Quickly she realized that she had made a terrible
miscalculation of scale. It wouldn't fit; it couldn't! What had she been
thinking! As he pressed forward again, she tensed, preventing him from making
any headway.
"Sorry, I guess it won't fit after all." She said, laughing nervously.
She had released her buttocks, and brought her hands up over her head,
preparing to roll over and offer her front side to him. But his hands replaced
her grip, spreading her buns even further. Then he pushed again, parting the
ring with the tip of his cock.
"NO!" she screamed, remembering with panic that she had ordered him to
ignore all such protests. Just then the big head shot forward, expanding the
rectal mouth beyond reason. The protective ring snapped closed behind the
coronal rim and onto his thick shaft.
"I am stopped." He said, "but not for long." Then he began to press
"OH GODDDD! TAKE IT OUT! Pleasssssseeeee?"
"Scream all you want, Amber." He whispered into her ear, relaxing onto her
back. "But I've got what you told me about not stopping no matter what on
video tape. That's right, while we were watching the porno tape, we were also
making one of our own. So don't even THINK about crying 'rape' after we're
done. I have evidence of your unconditional consent." With that, he thrust
forward viscously, burying his huge erection in the tight, rubbery confines of
her bowels.
"Oh GOD." She wailed as humiliation began to merge with the pain. A
feeling of total helplessness washed over her like a tidal wave as his rod sunk
to the hilt, his balls slapping luridly against the splayed open gash of her
hairy vaginal cleft.
"UUUUNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!! ’.PLEASE, you have to stop. I can't do this. I
thought I could, but I can't. If you take it out, we can do anything else you
want. ANYTHING!"
But Clint already had what he wanted most in the world: His thick cock
raping its way into a tight, virgin, unwilling ass. And so he began to screw
in and out of the narrow passage, bringing further cries of distress to her
trembling lips.
Her muscles collapsed, and Amber went limp as he began to brutally lunge
into her soft buns, sheathing his throbbing bone again and again.
Hot tears of agony and despair streamed down her face as she pushed her
torso up with her hands in a feeble attempt to pull away. He took advantage of
the arch of her back to slide his hands from her buttocks and up her sides,
scooping up the full womanly mounds of her breasts. He mauled them roughly,
adding to her pain. Finally, she lowered herself back onto the carpet,
flattening her tits into his palms so he could not abuse them as freely. Now
that his hands were trapped beneath her, she was also able to clench her
buttocks together, slowing his cockthrusts.
This was OK with him. He liked the feel of her boobs in his hands. And
he really liked the feel of her naked asscheeks squeezing tightly on cockshaft
like a pair of huge, fleshy lips. His monstrous cock pistoned deeply between
the humid cheeks, pumping relentlessly faster and faster into the very core of
her soul.
"UH’Uh’Uh." Amber panted, hyperventilating, her eyes bulging as the
impaling tool began to swell. It bloated out so hugely she though her
intestinal walls would give out. She was going to come apart at the seams, her
very personhood torn from her in the intensity of the inhuman penetration.
Clint gasped, tightening his grip on her lush breasts.
Suddenly, amazingly, inexplicably, the feeling was back! The feeling she
had felt when he first fingered her ass. The feeling she felt when she
masturbated with her own finger back there. The feeling she had right before
she was about to’
"I'm COMING! Cumming up your ASS!!!!!" Announce her rapist, as he
skewered his enormous cock to the hilt with one final, buttock-flattening
She felt the hot come bathe the brutalized walls of her rectum, falling
just short of the ecstasy that had been almost within her grasp. Another tear,
this one a tear of frustration, rolled down her cheek. She knew now, knew
again for certain that she could get to the fireworks via this route. But how,
how would she ever manage to get another guy to rape her this way again?

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