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First Woman

When Ali rang the bell at the Jordans', Tracy Jordan opened the dooralmost as if
she'd been waiting behind it.

"My, but you look ablolutely smashing this afternoon, Ali. Come on in."

Ali looked Mrs. Jordan up and down as well. Tracy Jordan was wearing an almost
transparent robe of some filmy material. Underneath the gown she had on a
strange bra, it had only the bottoms of the cups and they lifted her heavy tits
up and shoved them out kind of like a shelf. Tracy wore long, black mesh
stockings with a black garterbelt, and red patent leather shoes.That was all.

"Wow! That's some outfit, Mrs. Jordan."

"I'm glad you appreciate it, dear," Tracy replied. She locked the door again,
then turned to her guest. "Come on upstairs, Ali. I think just maybe I might
have a few goodies that'll fit you. We'll get you the rest of the wayout of
that constricting dress," she giggled. "I'll bet you had some heads turning
today, walking down the street in that. I think maybe you've grown just a
little bit across that chest since you bought the dress."

"I guess," Ali laughed, following her hostess up the stairs.
"Where's the rest of the family this afternoon?"
"Well, Ross is at work. So you see, we have the afternoon all to ourselves,
isn't that nice?"

In the master bedroom, Ali found that the bed had been stripped except for the
bottom sheet, and that Mrs. Jordan had placed a bunch of unfamiliar objects on a
small table beside the bed.

"All right, Ali, let's get you out of that dress, now," Tracy said."Here, let me
help you."

She stood behind the girl and sniggled up to Ali's firm, round, high-riding ass,
put her arms around the girl and hugged up against her, moving her hands up the
unbuttoned front of the dress and underneath the cloth, until she had one firm,
jutting tit in each warm hand.

"Now these are what I would call great tits," Tracy sighed. "They feel even
better than I thought they would when I saw them last night."

"Mrs. Jordan, what are you doing?" Ali murmured, her voice revealing a mixture
of alarm and pleasure.

"Just feeling your gorgeous titties, dear. And that's only the beginning. This
afternoon, you're going to learn that there are a whole lot of things that two
women can do together to have fun without men. Tell me,Ali, do you ever get
turned on, you know, sexually excited, by a pretty female face or body?" "Of
course not!" Ali protested without thinking. "I'm not, what do you call it,

"Now, now, I didn't mean that. I love to fuck, but I also love to fool around
with a lovely woman. I want to fool around with you, that's why I invited you
over this afternoon. No, don't say anything yet. You see, Ali dear, my husband
and I have taken a strong interest in you. We feel that not only are you about
the loveliest girl in this whole town, but you also have tremendous potential of
being one of the sexiest. It all depends on you, though. If you want to learn,
want to find out how to make other people feel good while making yourself feel
good at the same time, we want to help you learn. We don't want to force you in
any way. We want you to want to learn, to completely enjoy what we teach you,
even while you are learning."

"You sound like some of it might be unpleasant," Ali interrupted hesitantly.

"Not really, Ali. Some things may seem that way at first, only because they are
new to you, or because you might think them different or unusual or perverse.
But if you want to learn, really want to, I think you'll like everything we do,
at least I hope so." She paused, turned Ali around, then unbuttoned the two
buttons that held the dress together. "Now, let's get you out of the dress."

Tracy peeled the dress back from the girl's firmly thrusting tits, unableto keep
her eyes off of the gorgeous, pink-capped little mountains with their little
nipple-towers already erect and poking out like tiny twin cocks. The woman
slipped the light material down around the girl's slimly rounded hips and let it
fall in a pool around her feet. Ali stepped away and reached down to pick up
the dress. While she was bent over, Tracy Jordan swiftly thrust her hand
between Ali's legs and lightly gripped the girl by the cunt.

"Yeep!" Ali squeaked in shocked surprise. "What are you doing?"

"Just curious. Ross said you were a hot little thing, and I was just finding
out if he was right." Tracy laughed. "I don't know why I say 'little', you're
at least a head taller than I am. I guess it's because you're so young and
lovely and innocent and eager."

Ali giggled. "And what did you find out?"

"Ross was right. You are hot. Your cunt is creaming to beat hell already, and
I've hardly laid a hand on you yet. And look at your nipples! They're sticking
out over an inch and look like they're almost ready to burst. God, girl, your
nips are incredible, they look almost like little pricks on the end of your
fantastic tits."

Tracy didn't say another word. She couldn't, her mouth was full of one of Ali's
fantastic tits. As she sucked on the nipple and rolled it around with her
tongue, tiny droplets of a sticky, sweetish fluid oozed from the flat, hard,
pebbled tip. Tracy sucked harder, then took the other nipple between her thumb
and forefinger and began to twist it and roll it and squeeze it gently, then
with greater pressure.

"Oooohh! You're going to make me come!" Ali exclaimed.

Almost as soon as the girl said it, the first wave of passion spasms swept
through her, making her shiver with pleasure, her hips started to buck forward
and upward in fucking motions.

Tracy released her guest. "Yes, Ross was definitely right. You're hotter than
the legendary two-dollar pistol. Now, Ali, I want you to get on the bed. Put
your head down on the pillow and kind of stabilize yourself with your arms, but
spread your knees some and keep your gorgeous ass up in the air."

When Ali was in the proper position, Tracy poured some kind of warm oil on the
girl's ass, then massaged it lightly, working her fingers closer and closer to
the puckered little asshole. Then she took a tiny rubber syringe,squirted a few
drops on Ali's asshole, and quickly slipped the pointed rubber tip of it inside,
giving the bulb a light squeeze that forced more of thewarm oil up Ali's virgin

Ali started to protest, but Tracy urged her to be calm and patient. As soon as
Ali relaxed again, Tracy selected two of the strange implements on the bedside
table. The first, a large cock-shaped vibrator, was about ten inches long, and
inch and a half thick, and was soft and flexible like a real cock. Tracy coated
it with the same oil, then put it back. The second implement wasa thin,
flexible rubber rod attched to another vibrator. Tracy also coated it with oil,
then soothingly stroked Ali's oiled ass before bringing the tip of the rod to
the girl's well-lubricated asshole. Without turning on the vibrator, Tracy
gently eased the flexible rod inside Ali's ass, just afraction of an inch at a
time, until finally all eight inches of it were in.

Now she picked up the rubber cock. After first rubbing her fingers backand
forth several times along the opening between Ali's dripping cunt lips, Tracy
carefully slipped the monster cockhead of the rubber prick into the girl's eager
pussy. Slowly, gently, with a slow pistoning motion, Tracy worked more and more
of the big fake prick into the girl's cunt until eventually it was all inside
Ali except the control knob at the end.

"Okay, kid, brace yourself," Tracy warned.
"Because you're about to get the sensation of your life!"

With that, Tracy Jordan quickly switched both vibrators on. Ali's backarched,
her hips started humping like they were fucking a cock, and the girl shrieked a
long, low, keening wail as wave after blasting, spasmodic, orgasmic wave of
climaxes bolted through her. Ali's powerful young cunt muscles contracted so
strongly that the rubber cock was fired out of her pussy like the cork from a
popgun. The rubber ass-reamer rod was also forced out of thegirl.

Moments later, Ali lay collapsed on the bed, sweat streaming from every pore,
but a wide, satisfied grin on her swollen lips.

"Wow, Mrs. Jordan, that was really something else! I didn't much like it at
first, expecially when you poked that little rod up my ass, but when you turned
those things on, it was sensational!"

"Was it as good as getting fucked, Ali?"
"No way. That doesn't mean I didn't like it, 'cos I sure did. But itwas a
different feeling, at least it was for me. Like I said, I liked it, it was
fantastic, but I still like fucking better. Fucking makes me feel good all
over, and the feeling lasts a lot longer. This was just one monster wild
orgasm, and that was it. I guess I feel kind of let down afterwards."

Tracy Jordan disappeared into the bathroom, then returned a moment later with a
pan of warm water and a washcloth. She dipped the cloth in the water and
carefully rinsed the oil from Ali's ass, then dried her asscrack and dusted it
with talcum powder. When that was done, she had the girl lie on her back with
her legs spread wide. Tracy then gently and carefully sponged Ali's pussy with
the warm water, causing Ali to squeal with delight from time to time when the
warm wetness stimulated her taut clit, or felt especially soothing on her
lust-swollen cunt lips.

Tracy now inspected her handiwork closely, holding a light up to get a better
look at the sweet, juicy young cunt.

"Okay, Ali, I want you to watch what I do. You hold this mirror so you can
watch my face, my lips, and my tongue and see what they are doing to you. Let
me know what you like and what you don't like. But watch carefully, I'm going
to give you a test on what you learn."
"What do you mean, give me a test?"
Tracy laughed, "I mean, I'm going to have you do to me what I do to you. If you
don't get it right, you flunk."
"And what are you going to do to me if I flunk?" Ali giggled.
"I don't know, but I'll think of something. You'd just better not flunk!"
"What are you going to do to me, Mrs. Jordan?"
"Well, it's called a lot of things. It's called cunnilingus, and it's called
muff-diving and it's called cunt-lapping and it has a lot of other names, but
most commonly, I guess, it's called getting your box eaten. And I guess we're
probably familiar enough now so you can call me Tracy. Somehow, it just doesn't
seem right for you to call me Mrs. Jordan in this situation."

With the light shining on her pussy and the mirror positioned, Ali watched Tracy
Jordan carefully, at least at the beginning. She watched as Tracy's long, red
tongue slipped between her already creaming cunt lips and swirled up and down
the length of them, sending little lust-shivers through Ali. She watched as the
older woman licked around her already stiff clit, then closed her lips around
the tiny, erect little cock-like organ. Then Tracy, her teeth padded by her
lips, nipped Ali's clit.

"Yeeow!" Ali yelped as a major orgasm thundered through her body, leaving her
shaking and jerking and sweating all over.

Tracy wasn't done, though. As soon as the girl's hips stopped humping, she bent
back to Ali's cunt again. Now she parted the slippery, swollen lips with her
fingers, then bent her face down so her nose rubbed against Ali's still erect
clit, but Tracy thrust her toungue deep into Ali's cunt, first swirling around,
licking and sucking out the dripping cream, then searching upward, against the
forward wall, as if seeking something special. She found it.

Alberta Zimmerman, who practically never swore, hollered: "Holy fucking shit
almighty!" as she practically catapulted up from the bed, her muscles jerking,
her cunt twitching, her tits burning, her clit on fire as a tremendous orgasm
bolted through her like lightning, leaving her limp and quivering all over.

"Jesus Christ, girl," Tracy muttered, rubbing her badly bumped nose, for when
Ali's hips shot up, they slammed into Tracy's face. "There's sure no doubt you
have one and it's sensitive as hell!"

"Have one what?" Ali asked, still panting and trembling from the intensity of
the climax that had shaken her so.

"What they call a 'G' spot. It's a place up in the front, not very far inside
your cunt, but kind of hooked under, that's very excitable. Almost as much as
your clit. As a matter of fact, I'd say a whole lot more so in your case."

"Can I find it myself, Mrs. --um-- Tracy?"
"Sure, but be careful, it's easy to hurt yourself in there."

Tracy showed Ali how to find her G-spot, and Ali found it, causing another major
tremor to shake her again.

"Jesus, talk about quick on the trigger," Tracy murmured. "Okay, you've gotten
off several times now, Ali. It's time to put your new-found knowledgeto the
test. Ready?"

"I guess so. After I had those orgasms, I kind of forgot to watch what you were
doing, but I think maybe I can do the same thing. Will you tell me if I'm doing
it wrong and how to correct it?"

"Sure, kid," Tracy replied, laying back on the bed with her legs spread wide,
her already creaming cunt open to Ali's view.

Ali sprawled out on her belly between Tracy's legs and pulled herself up into
position where she could lick at the older woman's hot pussy. While Ali was
adjusting herself, she remembered the peculiar, wild orgasm she'd given herself
earlier in the day and decided that it must have been the same place, her
G-spot, that she'd hit then. That gave her a better idea of how to go about
getting Tracy off. The girl caught on quickly. Although the idea of licking
up the hot, gooey juices dripping from Tracy's cunt was at first kind of
revolting, Ali quickly discovered that she liked the tangy, sticky stuff and
quickly began to lap it up, swirling her tongue around the hot fuck-hole, then
pausing to lick at tracy's tiny, hard little clit. That fired off the older
woman's first orgasm, which Ali almost missed. Tracy's first climax of the
afternoon was a small, delicate shudder, followed by a kind of shrieking giggle,
not very loud.

"Are you okay?" Ali asked.
"You bet. I don't come as violently as you do, Ali."
"Boy, so that's what it was. You don't hardly come at all, do you?"
"It may not seem that way to you, dear, but you must understand that from inside
me it is quite satisfactory and extremely pleasant."

Ali decided that Tracy should have a bigger, better orgasm and thought she just
might know how to bring it about. She searched the general area inside Tracy's
steaming cunt with her tongue until a sudden quick upward lurch of the woman's
hips and another little giggle indicated Ali had found Tracy's G-spot. Ali
waited until Tracy's little twitches stopped, then began all over, almost from
the beginning. She licked around and around inside Tracy'spussy, purposely
avoiding her sensitive trigger spot. Then she did the same around Tracy's clit
again, just lapping around it without ever quite touching it with her tongue.

Ali's teasing tonguing was having its effect on her hostess. Tracy was getting
more and more agitated, more and more impatient.
"God damn it, Ali! You're doing that on purpose! I wanted you to get me off
some more."

Ali giggled softly but continued with what she was doing, which was getting
Tracy hotter and hotter. Ali had to hold onto Tracy's hips with both hands now,
Tracy was fidgeting and squirming around so much. Figuring that Tracy was ripe
and ready now, Ali gave her a final licking, then plunged her tounge into
Tracy's cunt, slathering it across the woman's G-spot at the same time she
rubbed Tracy's clit with her nose.

Ali was right, Tracy did have a bigger, better orgasm. She had a tremendous
orgasm! Tracy's feet shot straight out, stiffly. Her arms pounded on the bed.
Her hips humped up into Ali's face so hard that she bounced the girl almost off
the bed. She screamed out loud and screamed again, then doubled up as if in
pain, only to straighten out again as another massive climactic spasm rocketed
through her. Moments later, exhausted by the intensity of her orgasm, Tracy
lay on herside, still puffing for breath and sweating like a horse.

"God almighty!" she gasped, "I thought I was teaching you something new! Where
the fuck did you pick up that trick, Ali? Shit, I've never in my whole life
gotten off like that before!"

Ali looked at the older women shyly. "It's the first time I've ever done it,
Tracy. I just kind of thought about you having such tiny little orgasms that it
seemed kind of a shame, so I decided to try something a little bit different. It
seemed to me if I get off great from both my clitty and my G-spot, maybe you
would too, so I did them one at a time and it worked but not very big. So I
tried them both at the same time, and I guess that did the job?"

"It sure as shit did, Ali. And thanks. I guess I'm not too old to learn some
new tricks myself."

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