The coaches bitch - sex stories

The coaches bitch

Conny- Beautiful seventeen year old with sandy blond hair and blue
eyes.The most popular girl in school.

Ms Allen-Forty year old girls basketball coach at Conny's highschool.
Tall brunnette with a strong facial charector(picture the average womens
basketball coach)

Joan-Captain of the girls basketball team.She is a seventeen year old
statuesque blond.

Kim-Same age as Joan. Another young amizon who is also on the girls
basketball team.

Mellisa-Second prettiest girl in high school next to Conny. She is
sixteen years old and has brown eyes,dark brown hair and a very
beautifly developed body.
part 1

'"I thought you said you where a virgin Conny!?" Ms Allen asked while
violently fucking me from behind with a dildo!
"Ah..ay..I am oh..oh Ms Allen!" I meekly replied as my highschool girls
basketball coach started raping me harder with all eight inches of her
dildo! I couldn't believe what was hapening to me. Here I was the most
popular girl in school getting fucked by Ms Allen, the most unatractive
woman on the schools staff. I had never fantasized about having sex with
another woman and if I ever did it would sure as hell would never be
with her! Like the rest of the women in my family I have always been a
tease with the guys I date, Always telling them I wanted to wait until I
was married to have sex. And there I was with my panties dropped around
my ankles, Ms Allen's hand up my skirt fucking me with a plastic cock
from behind and her other hand inside my sweater cupping my breast and
pinching my errect nipples.
"If you are a virgin then how come you aren't bleeding for me yet
slut!?" Ms Allen snapped. "Ah...Iee..I pppoped my cherry
mah...masterbating oh....oh Ms Allen I think I'm gonna cum!" I answered
with lust as I began to moan louder and louder. "Oh pleease M....Ms
Allen stop this I...I can't take this anymore!" "So you broke your hymen
masterbating-well lets just see how far you got those pretty little
fingers of yours up this tight pussy," Ms Allen said as she began to
shove the tips of her long fingers plus the eight inches of dildo deeper
into my pussy! My knees began to buckle as I started to climax while
breathing heavier and moaning louder. What was supposed to be a
punishment for making fun of the girls basketball team (I was calling
them flat chested girraffs and manish freaks) has turned into a
punishment of a different type. Ms Allen had initialy forced herself
on me during my detension punishment when she asked me why I was making
fun of the girls on her basketball team. I wondered why I was the only
one on detension in her office and then figured that this tall ugly old
bitch had some sort of vendetta against beautiful girls like me so I
gave her a very smart ass insulting answer. I told her that the girls on
her basketball team were freaks of nature just like herself. She then
stood up from her desk walked over to where I was sitting and pulled me
up by my hair! I let out a loud scream as she turned me around so that
my back was facing her. She started to fondle my breast and lift my
skirt to feel my ass and pussy! There had always been strong rumors
around school that Ms Allen was a lesbian and with her masculine
exterior I always thought the rumors to be true. I just couldn't believe
she was acting on her lesbian desires with me. I tried in vain to fight
off Ms Allen's forced advances, but she is so much more bigger and
stronger than I am. My nubile young body was no match for hers. I was
completely helpless while in her grasp. She laughed off my threats of
telling my parents,the principle, the police, everyone of her sadisticly
deviant acts! I started to think of the great scandal this would all
create and what would happen to my reputation! Ms Allen then told me by
the time she was through with me I would be begging for more. Cringing
at the thought I told her no, and that I was saving myself for marriage
and that I was a virgin. That statement only fueled her lust to violate
me as she began to pull down my panties. Ms Allen then reached into one
of her desk droors and pulled out a black dildo! Sencing what her next
actions would be I tried again to escape her tight grasp but still
couldn't. Then after teasing me with the fake penis she violenty shoved
it into my tight vagina! I screamed with horror as this ugly dyke began
fucking me slowly while whispering things in my ear like "You know you
like it," and "Take it all slut". Shaking my head in disbelief at what
was hapening to me, thoughts of me actualy trying to enjoy this entered
my head! I quikly tried to vanish those immoral thoughts by screaming
out protest at the same time letting out wimpering moans. Ms Allen told
me I could scream all I want and that nobody would be near the gym where
the office we were in was located. She also said that nobody knew I was
here and that I was supposed to be surving detension in the regular
detension hall. I then came to the conclusion that I had been set up by
this sadistic lesbian and then I knew the only way I could get out of
this was by letting Ms Allen have her way with me. I kept screaming in
horror as this bitch raped me of my maidenhood! I still let out protest
between crying and moaning, begging her to stop over and over.
And now as I begin to reach my climax I realize that the screams of
protest have become screams of extasy and that instead of begging her to
stop I will soon begin to beg her for more.
"I got this cock and half of my hand inside you now bitch!" Ms Allen
began to fistfuck me with her dildo stlill in her hand! I bit down on my
lip to keep from letting out anymore shamefull moans. but as her
fistfuck became more rythmic with my bodies lustfilled convulsions my
senses caved in to her forced ravaging of my young pussy!
"Ohhhh....MMMMs Alllen pleeeease don't stop! Pleeeeease mmmmmake me

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