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Sex slave trade 2.,

wher ethis wil go: she gets to Habib, begs him for more of the drug. He
accommodates her in return for favors. Soon, She begins paying for it. Len
gets upset that she's spending money. Oscar gets upset that she's doing drugs.
At oscar's insistence, they take her to a leather store and have her fitted
with a harness and plugs that keep her from giving sex to habib. There is also
an ingenious spring device that fits in her mouth. She can open or close it,
but it prevents anything from entering her mouth any deepr than the teeth.
Barely interferes with her speech, but it hurts a little. So, she can't give
head either. Unless they allow her to. The device is very uncomfortable and she
promises not to do it, just to get it out of her mouth.


Oscar was petting her forehead gently. She had her eyes closed, the back of
her head rested on the inside of his left thigh. She took a deep smell of his
crotch. She loved the sweet, deep male smell of him. When he was gentle like
this wat he only time she worried at all about Len. Seeing his wife's cradled
between the legs of their black master (what other word could she use these
days?), she worried that Len might feel just how reliant they both were on
Oscar's whims. As long as she kept Oscar satisfied, she felt the tension
between the men could be kept to a minimum.

"You have already begun to swell," he said softly, reaching his free hand down
for her left breast. He was right, she'd already gained two inches and one cup
size. Soon, he belly would begin showing as well. The thought brought her
another flash of passion between the legs.

He rolled her nipple gently between his fingers and she closed her eyes. She
allowed herself to forget the four other men in the room who were watching the
two of them. As usual, Oscar had made them wait outside while she serviced
him, then enter the room to wait their turn.

"You see, my friends? Did you notice what she did as soon as I began pulling
on her soft, brown nipples?" She blushed slightly - he was right. As soon as
he'd cupped her breast, she'd allowed her right knee to drop back down to the
bed. Now, she lay with her feet just inches from her ass, left knee still bent
and high, but the righ knee flat on the bed. She knew this had opened her cunt
lips and that the men were watching eagerly.

"She assumes this position for me often. It is one of the several I prefer."
He continued to massage the brown area around her nipple, she moaned slightly.
"She is my own personal cum dump, into which you may deposit your seed." She
took another deep breath. His use of the term still turned her on. "As you
know, it will not fertilize her. She already carries my child."

One of the men stepped forward. "I have wrestled the other three and beaten
them all. We wrestled nearly twently minutes. I prevailed."

"Show off muthafucker!" one of the others laughed. "Just get your cock into
that white bitch's little pussy and let's show her how it's done!"

"Yeah," one of the other jeered. "Looka how hungry the bitch is! And she
ain't hungry for that thin little pink cock her white man came with...!"

The three of them all laughed as the first man knent on the mattress at the
foot of the bed. He rubbed his cock lightly and it grew stiff. "You like
this, mama?" he asked as he moved closer.

"Give it to me!" she answered. Oscar kept her head there in his lap, one hand
on each side of her head now, holding her steady. "I'm all yours."

The man pushed raised her left knee and raised it up. He took her right knee
in his other hand and put both knees over his shoulders. Then, he let her
slide down slowly into place. Her ass rocked back and forth slowly as he
reached between her legs. He guided the head of his cock between her outer

"Ah, here we go bitch, here we go..." he repeated softly as he pushed the head
into her. She moaned and relaxed her cunt muscles. She felt the head enter.
After all this time, she still loved the feeling of the thick head spreading
her cunt lips wide. It was nothing like fucking Len or her other white lovers.
Even the ones with long cocks never seemed to have the thickness of her black
lovers. He worked his way up into her for what seemed like five, ten, twenty
long minutes. She felt the walls of her cunt widen, her insides rearrange
themselves to allow him maximum penetration.

Then, he was withdrawing. She felt like her entire insides were being pulled
out after him. Like her entire bowels were unloading, her entrails being
pulled out through her narrow opening. Then, he was pushing them back into
place. Back into place. And further. Everything compacting against her
stomach, her lungs, the base of her throat.

"Oh, fucking damn, yes, oh fuck me fucccck me..." she moaned, already losing
control after Oscar's buildup. She started bucking against him, forcing his
cock deeper than even he had been moving. She sped up, rocked against him,
throwing her head right and left between Oscar's thighs. She leaned her head
back, smelled his asshole, the smell of his shit from earlier mixed with his
sweat, his cum, her juices, her saliva from when she sucked his sock. She
pushed hard, felt his the wiry hairs at the base of his cock scrubbing her
nose, lips, chin.

The man was losing control rapidly. His dreams of riding Oscar's whore were
vanishing in the silky pleasure she provided. She knew how to work him and he
couldn't resist. He came in just eight minutes. When he unloaded, it poured
into her for hours, her screams of pleasure muffled by Oscar's thigh, which she
was again pressed tight to.

He pulled his cock out of her, wiped it clean on her cunt hairs, then invited
the next man.

"Bitch tight, or maybe this big horse's cock of mine just makes it feel that
way !" he laughed.

"Fuck yourself, nigger! If she like that little boys cootie of yours, she'll
love this MAN's cock!" They laughed and changed places. "You hear me, ho?
You gonna get a REAL fucking now." He rammed his cock into her sopping wet
cunt, felt the head hit home somewhere around her stomach. He pulled out,
slammed in, worked her hard. She didn't slow down, met his every move. When
he showed signs of slowing down, she'd tighten the grip she had on him with her
thighs, pressing against the small of his back with her heels.

"What's the matter," she asked. "Getting a little tired?"

She knew they always took that as a challenge. He worked her harder now,
pulling his head all the way to her outer cunt lips before plunging deep into
her. With each stroke now, he tried to pull nearly out, ram nearly all the way
through her. She moaned and humped, pressing her crotch against him, trying to
get the maximum pressure on her clit. Finally, she came, the convulsions
inside her cunt taking him over the edge. When he'd unloaded, he collapsed
between her legs.

"Oscar, what a muthafucker!" He laughed. "You done turned the bitch into
something special...!"

Oscar leaned forward and pushed him off of her. "Get your lazy ass outta here
and give someone else some room."

Len entered the room, told Oscar that it was nearly ten p.m. -- the time they
generally let her go to sleep, unless something unusual had been planned. He
looked down on the bed and saw Sue there, hands between her legs, holding
herself open for the next man. There was a pool of cum on the sheet between
her legs, the insides of her thighs were glistening and her cunt hairs matted.
He felt his cock get hard and a smile spread across his face.

"Two more, Len," Oscar announced. "Unless, of course, you'd like to have a go
at her as well?"

Len was in a good mood. He walked across the room, leaned down and kissed her
belly. "Oh, I'll have her for the rest of the night. Don't worry about me..."
He smiled.

Two of the men looked at each other and shook their heads. "The white boy
knows what his bitch likes, doesn't he?"

"Hey, asshole," Len said, turning around quickly. "You're dumb enough to do my
warm up work for me, why should I turn it down?" He turned back to Sue. "You
just fuck her. Me, she loves."

Len walked back to the door, waited just long enough to watch the third man
kneel down between Sue's legs while she held her lips open wide. He smiled and


Len sat down at the small table at the back of the barroom. He opened a
notebook and reviewed the numbers. Thirty-five hundred dollar. Still it
seemed like a pittance. Given their situation - and the unlikeness he'd ever
find a decent paying job again - that was not nearly enough.

As he looked back at the numbers for the last few weeks, it looked like she'd
been bringing in less recently. The numbers of visitors hadn't really changed.
And Habib had paid very well the first few times. This time, it seemed like
he wasn't coming through.

A short man approached him, looked around the bar several times, then sat down.
"You Len?" he asked.

"Who's asking?" Len returned.

"Don't fuck with me, I'm a friend. I have something to talk to you about. I
think Oscar might be in trouble."

Len leaned forward. This wasn't something he'd expected at all. How and why
would Oscar be in trouble? And, if he was, Len wasn't aware that he and Oscar
had any common friends, let alone any who would tell Len about Oscar's

"How am I involed?" Len asked.

"You rely pretty heavily on Oscar, don't you?"

Len nodded. No one really knew details, but it was common knowledge that Len
and Sue were living in the whorehouse.

"There's trouble with the man who's been buying the babies. I don't think he
was aware that they were mixed."

Len shook his head. That had been one of the major factors they were all
relying on. For some reason, Oscar had picked Sue for his crazy scheme, and
their entire lives had been destroyed. Oscar was really all they had left and
if he was in trouble...


Sue braced herself against the shower wall with her left arm. With her right,
she adjusted the water until it was as hot as she could stand it. It had been
a long evening and was going to be a shorter night. Oscar had her work an
entire 12 hour shift in the bar for him -- nine customers with their paltry 25%
split -- then took her up to his own room for two hours. As always, he was
insatiable. She didn't know where he got his energy or stamina, but she was
always completely exhausted after a session with him.

The hot water ran down the back of her body. She let it caress her, turned
slow circles so it would warm her everywhere. Thoughts of Oscar wouldn't leave
her. He'd had her do a slow dance to a CD of saxophone music he had playing.
Now and then, he'd hang his ass off the end of the bed, cock erect. She'd
dance toward him, straddle his hips, and take his cock up into her, all in time
to the music. She'd sway left and right, move up and down, never allowing him
to penetrate all the way. The head entered, she withdrew. As she grew wetter,
she slid a few inches of the wrist-thick shaft into her. Then, she'd withdraw
again and dance in the middle of the room.

After a few of these dances, he's shake his head and point to his cock. She
knelt in front of him and took the head into her mouth. She'd suck while he
made small moaning sounds, encouraging her. Then, he'd push her gently. She'd
stand and dance again. Her heat grew and grew as he teased her. Soon, she was
spreading her cunt lips open, crouching, pushing her hips forward trying to
entice him. He'd smile, put out his tongue. She danced closer, trying to get
him to lick her. He would flick his tongue lightly, then withdraw.

When he finally did fuck her, it was on his back, hands behind his head, a
contented smile on his face. She did all the work. She rocked back and forth,
clenched and released her pussy muscles, rose up to her knees, held his member
with her hand, pushed herself down, rubbed herself hard against his pelvis to
make certain it was all the way in. Clenched with her insides again.

He'd indicate to her when he wanted to cum. No matter how close or far she was
to her own orgasm, she knew this would take her over the edge. She'd start with
the slow, deep fuck he loved. Then, she'd raise herself up and take just the
head. She didn't move, just clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles. He
never failed to pull his head forward with his hands and moan something obscene
to her.

She'd continue this ten, twenty times. Then, she'd slide just a bit deeper and
do it again. She'd repeat this until the entire shaft was up inside of her.
By then, she was always nearly ready to cum. She knew the rest of his pattern.
She'd lean forward, brace herself with fists on the bed, right beside his head.
She'd lean forward and offer her nipples right wherever his mouth was.
Sometimes he licked, sometimes he sucked, sometimes he bit. Sometimes he
ignored them. That turned her on, not knowing.

Once she was in this position, the real fucking started. He'd begin moving his
hips up and down, fucking her at whatever speed he liked that night. She was
to remain perfectly still. He sometimes fucked shallow, sometimes deep,
sometimes fast or slow. It was all up to him at that point. If she lost
control and began fucking back, he'd leave her like that. If she allowed an
elbow to bend or a nipple to drift too far from the reach of his mouth, he'd
withdraw his cock and send her to her room. She'd learned that her excitement
was too great and that this was a very real punishment.

So, she obliged him in every way. Nothing he ever wanted was beyond her now.
And this was little to ask - her stillness.

He'd asked much more. The first few times she'd had to lick around his asshole
had taken her some getting used to. Sometimes, she'd have to lay on the bed
beneath him, mouth open so wide it hurt her jaws, with both of his balls in
her mouth. She'd jack him off with her hands while her tongue licked between,
around, and all over his sack. She'd often come away with hairs between her
teeth and sore jaws. But, it was what he demanded.

The hot water of the shower caressed her and she put her hand between he legs.
Then, she remembered it was a night for Habib. She quickly finished the
shower, dressed in her "uniform" and went to bed.


Habib stood holding her tight against him. He kissed her and she kissed back.
The herbs had taken her somewhere else again and she didn't know what it was
exactly she was feeling. It was something long and hot, moving around inside
her mouth. Something of her own was moving with it. Sometimes they would move
together, sometimes apart. She pressed agianst it. It pressed back. She
sucked it. It grew longer and went down her throat. She felt it inside her
belly, moving around. The feeling excited her and she squeezed the muscles of
her ass. Her asshole opened wider and she felt something there too. It was
something long and thin. It seemed to have something very large at the end, it
was probing deep inside of her. She felt her arms move around Habib's neck,
tighten, loosen, tighten again.

An orgasm grew inside of her -- she never mistook that feeling. It was a
swelling that started at the base of her body -- right between her cunthole and
her asshole. It spread slowly, warming up the entire bottom half of her belly.
Then it shot up he spine and came back down through herthroat to her belly and

But something was there. When the electricity moved through her, she felt it
encounter something stiff and huge inside of her. It was that huge probe
again. There was something very thin and long attached to it, something that
protruded from her asshole. But inside of her, it was very unusual. She
opened her eyes to look at Habib but couldn't see him. She only saw a pair of
eyes, no face. She closed her eyes again and surrended to the feeling.

It was the right thing to do. The orgasm was released almost immediately. Her
body spasmed, her feet left the ground and went up somewhere around Habib's
back. She felt something supporting her, she assumed hands underneath her ass.

There were other hands on her body. She felt something warm and scratchy
pressing against her back, something similar against her belly and tits. Dimly,
she remembered that she was sandwiched between Habib and the strong-looking,
squat man he'd brought with him. After giving her the herb, Habib had invited
the man to sample her asshole. She'd heard him open a bag of some sort, turned
to look. He'd purchased some odd contraption that fit over his cock. It was a
series of four large metal rings, connected by a leather strap. As the herb
had taken affect, she hadn't bothered asking whether he was going to fuck her
like that. She knew. And in seconds, it no longer mattered. Her body was
getting that familiar feeling and nothing could matter. That was when Habib
had inserted his long, snake of a tongue into her mouth.

The men held her like that, fucking her on and off, switching places, for
nearly an hour. She was not allowed to sit or lay down. Neither of them
wanted to use her cunt. They took turns, Habib with his long, thin cock that
penetrated so deep she worried he'd cause her to unload her bowels, and Habib's
friend with the thick, mechanically enhanced rod that rammed into her with a
strength she'd only known from Oscar.

As the drug started wearing off, she was allowed a few moments with no cock
inside of her. She caught her breath -- she'd long since stopped counting her
orgasms -- and braced herself against a chair.

"I want three hundred dollars," Habib's friend told her.

She gave him a puzzled look. "Excuse me?"

Habib took her by the shoulders and pulled her close.

"Sue, it's been nice fucking you for free, you have a nice silky mouth and a
sweet asshole. But, you must understand that this herb does not come free to

She stared into his eyes, dazed. "What the hell are you talking about?"

He gave her a wide smile as he stared directly into her eyes. "I said, these
herbs are not free. This is the man I purchase them from."

She turned and looked at the short, dark man. He smiled and bowed slightly.
"I have been talking with Habib about you. He told me all about your asshole
and he was competely correct. I think I will enjoy fucking you now and then.
And, when I do, you can pay me."

"For the drugs."

Habib smiled. "Well, for the drugs certainly. But, I've been thinking that
you should pay me for the fucking as well."

"You're out of your mind."

"No, I'm not. Think about it. You love this much more than I do. I could be
fucking any of a number of whores like yourself. Some might not be as eager as
you, or as pretty as you, but face it, as your boys say - they're all pink on
the inside?"

"You're out of your fucking mind if you think I'm going to pay you for fucking
me. That ISN'T how it works!"

"Not with most whores. But you are special. Let's try this again. Do you know
anywhere else you can get the herb you love so much?"

She shook her head.

"And certainly, you know by now that you cannot get it from either of us
without fucking us?"

She shook her head again.

"Well, it's pretty damned simple then, isn't it? You can either say goodbye to
me tonight forever or you can go find three hundred dollars somewhere."

Sue felt herself tense up. She'd never been in a situation like this before.
It was impossible to justify spending money for sex, not when she had a steady
stream of cocks parading through her life. But money for the herb, that was
another story. She wasn't sure she could do without it.

"How often?" she asked.

"When we want," the second man answered.

"You and I will remain on our usual schedule," Habib said.

"This will be expensive," she complained.

"Work harder. Perhaps I can find additional customers for you," the new man
said. "I sell these devices to many men at my bookstore and some of them are
not certain their lovers will enjoy them. Perhaps I can charge them something
to try the toys on you. You and I will split the proceeds fifty-fifty."

"Wait a minute! How many kinds of those things are there?"

"Not for you to worry about," said Habib. "Simply yes or no."

"Oh my God, you can't mean this...!"

"I can and do. You have ten seconds." Habib looked at his watch.

She walked behind the bar and picked up the combination box she and Len kept
their money in. She twisted the dial and pulled out six $50 bills.


The new man unsnapped the cockrings and handed them to Sue. "Here, clean these
for me."


She washed herself gently. She was surprised to find there was no blood, she
was certain the cockring had done something to her. Her surprise turned to
pride. Then, it turned to acceptance of her current way of life.

She crawled back into bed and curled up against Len. He rolled over and
caressed her. She kissed him on the cheek. He opened his eyes and pulled her
close. He pushed her legs apart with his knee and slid in between them.

She felt her emotion rise up inside her, she was immediately hot for him. She
did the things he liked with her fingers on his back, pulled him close, let him
take his time and fuck her long into the morning...

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