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Sex slave trade

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is
coincidental. All names are fictitious. The acts described herein are
illegal, and are not condoned by the author. This work is to be read by
PERSONS 21 OR OLDER ONLY where such topics are not against the law.

If unusual sexual behavior offends you, please STOP reading here

(Note: this story was inspired by the short post from Mr. Jones titled "Black
Man's Cum Dump.")

wher ethis wil go: she gets to Habib, begs him for more of the drug. He
accommodates her in return for favors. Soon, She begins paying for it. Len
gets upset that she's spending money. Oscar gets upset that she's doing drugs.
At oscar's insistence, they take her to a leather store and have her fitted
with a harness and plugs that keep her from giving sex to habib. There is also
an ingenious spring device that fits in her mouth. She can open or close it,
but it prevents anything from entering her mouth any deepr than the teeth.
Barely interferes with her speech, but it hurts a little. So, she can't give
head either. Unless they allow her to. The device is very uncomfortable and she
promises not to do it, just to get it out of her mouth.


Sue looked at Len sleeping. He was curled up tight, head buried in the pillow.
He hadn't slept well for the last few nights and she was a little worried.
She pulled the blanket up over his shoulder and tucked it under his chin.

It was still dark outside, the sun wouldn't rise until 7 at the earliest. The
green glow from her wristwatch said 4:15 - Habib would be downstairs at half

She slid quietly out of the bed and moved silently into the hallway. The door
squealed a bit as she pulled it closed behind her but Len didn't stir. There
would be no one in the shared bathroom at this hour, so she entered, closed the
door, and turned on the light.

Last night hadn't been too bad. It was one of Oscar's nights and she'd had
almost no traffic. Two men came, both were gentle and considerate, both knew
about her and Len's money problems and tipped her generously. She ran the
brush through her hair and dusted a light violet blush across her cheeks, a
rich, dark violet for her eyelids and lips. Habib liked that color, told her
it reminded him of flowers.

She'd gone to sleep wearing the outfit he preferred, a deep burgundy thong and
a white camisole - both of an expensive fabric that felt like satin.

This would be the first time she struck out on her own. She'd talked with
Habib two nights earlier when he'd arrived with some friends to pay Len for an
hour with her. She did her best to impress them, then pulled Habib aside while
his friends were dressing.

"The herb you gave me the night you took me home. What was it?" He wouldn't
tell her, but said that it was available whenever she needed it. She told him
she needed it.

He'd been very calm and cool. He told her that he would order some and have it
in two days. They would meet at 4:30, they would have sex in one of the rooms
and he would give her what she wanted. She'd agreed.

In the intervening hours, she'd thought of little else. She knew from the
first time that she wanted to do it again, now that the time was near, the
craving was with her all the time. She still wasn't certain what had happened
that first time, only that it was wonderful.

At 4:25, she clicked off the light and walked barefoot down the stairs into the
bar. There was a dim glow from the neon signs, enough to allow her to navigate
through the darkness to the front door where he said he would meet her.

She monitored the street, body tensing with excitement at every sound of car
tires or footsteps. A wind kicked up and blew a piece of newspaper against the
door - she almost felt it. She felt her hand slide down between her legs and
touch lightly against her crotch. She was tempted to finger herself, give
herself a taste of what was coming, but resisted.

At 4:30, Habib rose from his seat at one of the tables and stepped into the dim
light of the juke box.

"Hello, Sue."

She spun around, shocked that he had been there all that time.

"How long have you been here?" she asked.

"Oh, Oscar has given me a key long ago."

She was surprised to hear that.

"Yes. In fact, I've looked in on you from time to time. Watched you sleep.
Once, I even watched your husband and you making love. A touching sight."

She felt anger rise but her desire for the herb killed it quickly. Habib
stepped closer, reached out and touched her hair.

"Especially when he talks to you about what he'd seen you do earlier that day.
Who you'd had in your mouth, how many members had penetrated your body..."

She closed her eyes, listening to his words, letting the humiliation wash over
her. Habib had been studying her, knew what she would react to. "Do you have

"Ah, my little one. You have no shame left, do you? Not even an insult for
me, for my watching you and your husband fucking?" He continued to caress her
cheek. "You remember what my friends and I did to your body, don't you?" He
reached into his pocket, withdrew a small capsule. "Exploring every inch of
your body. Knowing you would not resist." He pushed the capsule between her
lips, pushed it back into her mouth with his thumb. "And the nicest part was
not worrying about your becoming pregnant, yes? Knowing all the time that you
are already carrying a new life inside your womb..."

She swallowed the pill and listened to his words. She let them surround her,
knew that -- as it was last time -- his voice would be her connection to
reality once the herb took effect.

"And you are wearing what I bought for you?"

"Yes, I have been wearing it since 10 o'clock last night, as you instructed."
She felt her body lighten, knew the feeling was just moments away.

"Then, you know what I will want of you." She nodded, feeling his hand on her
face like a thousand feathers, a thousand pins, a thousand million little
fingers caressing her.

"Yes, I know what you will want." The words were almost tangible to her as
they left her mouth. She felt them build in her throat, move across her tongue
and out into the room.

"Well, then, why don't you go ahead and tell me?" He was teasing her and she
knew it. But, the feelings were there, she had what she needed. Everything else
was of no consequence.

"You will have me go to the kitchen. I will look in the refrigerator. I will
find where they keep the butter. I will dip my fingers into it, put it away.
Then, I will stand before you and beg you to let me make you happy..."

She was floating away now, her body alive to any touch. Soon, she'd need to
beg him for it.

" will say ’yes'. Then, I will tun around pull the thong down around my
knees, and smear the butter all over my fingers. I will slide my fingers up
into my asshole, lubricating myself for your Precious Member. I will do this
for several minutes, alternating fingers the way you taught me last time.
First the index finger, to the first knuckle, then the middle finger. Then,
the index finger all the way, then the middle finger. I will do this ten
times, as you instructed..."

She was getting weak in the knees now. Talking about this was making her hot.
She could smell the lubrication of her cunt. It was a strong, sweet smell. She
knew it would grow richer and muskier later.

" will approach me and unzip yourself. My mouth will make your Precious
Member hard, then, when you are ready, you will move around behind me and fuck
me up the ass. You will fuck me for a long time, holding yourself back from
cumming. While you fuck, I will feel your fingers on my clitoris. You will
play with it, massaging lightly, then quicker, then lighter again. You enjoy
hearing me beg and you will play me as long as you are able. Which was over 30
minutes last time..."

She started moving her hips, hoping to entice him. She reached out for him but
he took her hands and placed them at her sides. The drug made even those
movements exquisitely pleasurable.

"...when you finally cum, you will fill me up and then allow me to finish
masturbating myself. Then, I will bring a warm rag and clean you, removing any
traces of my ass and the butter from your Precious Member."

Habib smiled. "Open your eyes, little one." She looked at him. "Are you
enjoying my gift?" She nodded. "It's as I remembered it..." she mumbled, only
half pronouncing the words.

"Good. Go back to your bed, go back and sleep or fuck your husband. I demand
nothing of you tonight."

Habib kissed her lightly on the forehead and walked toward the door.

"Habib! Please! You can't leave me like this...!" She ran toward him, wrapped
her arms around his neck.

He pulled her off of him and let go. "I bring you a present and you demand

"I am not demanding..." she wrapped her arms around her knees, buried her face
in his pantlegs. "I am begging. I just assumed you would want..."

"You assumed wrong. I came this time as a friend. But, we need to talk about
the future, don't we?"

He pulled a chair from under one of the tables and sat down. "Come, stand
beside me." She rose and stood to his right. He reached for her and yanked the
thong halfway down her thighs. He pushed two fingers up inside of her and let
her move around on his hand as he talked. "You know, I'm sure, that I will
never pay for you again. From now on, we will have an agreement. I will bring
you the drug and you will perform favors for me. Is that satisfactory?"

She barely heard him, her entire focus was on the fingers. They felt like
snakes inside of her, curling, coiling, then expanding, reaching further and
deeper, then withdrawing. She loved the image. "Yes, that is fine," she

"I may bring friends. You will service them also."

"Yes, yes... deeper." She reached for her breasts, pulled at them, scratched
the tops with her fingernails.

"You may have it every second day. Some days, we will meet at this hour.
Other days, we will meet in the early evening."

She felt the orgasm rising, coming nearer, roaring in her ears. "More, three
fingers, four... please..."

He forced a third then a fourth finger inside of her, she bent her knees to
open wider for him.

"You will not deny me anything."

"I will!!!" She screamed as she started to cum.
Her hands went to her cunt and rubbed hard, quickly, slowly, quickly again as
she panted and choked out her pleasure.

"Sleep well, little one," Habib said as he walked out of the bar.

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