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Sub woman mistake

Dinner was quiet that night. Diane was still digesting the fact that she'd
almost been caught by her daughter in an online cyber session. After dinner,
Jim had some research to do and he commandeered the computer. She went out for
a drive. She was edgy, anxious about how to keep her two lives separate. She
found herself in a local Border's Books, thumbing through magazines on house
decorating, but her mind walking up and down the hall at the Palmer House

She shook her head to clear the thoughts then went and bought herself some
coffee. Sipping it slowly, she closed her eyes and drifted. Her head was
filled with thoughts of the encounters over the last week, interspersed and
merging with visions of some of her online sessions. This is scary! she
thought. I'm enjoying some of it...

The thoughts were still dancing around inside her head when Diane pulled up in
the driveway. There was a strange car on the street in front of the house. Her
first thought was that someone was spying on her. When she saw it was empty,
she was afraid one of the blackmailers had come to give something to Jim.

Once inside the house, she found everyone getting ready for bed. No mention of
anything. Must have just been a neighbor's car.

"Do you want the computer?" Jim asked. "I'm finished and I'm going to bed

She hugged him and gave him a small kiss. "Yes, I guess I'll do some looking

Diane closed the door behind her and logged on. There was no mail.

She decided to get a good night's sleep.

+ + +

The next day, Diane woke early. She made breakfast for Jim and poured herself
a strong cup of coffee. She checked email again but there was nothing.

She cleaned the kitchen, straightened some things around the house. Her energy
was rampant, unfocused. She found herself moving things from one end of the
room to the other, then back again.

Diane checked her email several times before going off to the gym. Liz ran her
through her routines but made no comments at all about what she might do when
she left.

Back at home, after a light lunch, she checked her email. Dozens of letters
from people who described themselves as 'local to Chicago'. She deleted them
all. Nothing from SumwonElz. Diane leaned back in the chair. She was afraid.
Now that there was nothing coming, it felt like she missed it. She started to
wonder about herself, about her stability. That she might miss hearing from the
blackmailer... What did it mean?

She ran some errands that afternoon, driving to the bank, grocery, and to a
craft store. There was nothing she really needed, but buying craft items
seemed so normal compared to her life over the last 2 weeks.

At home again, no email. She went to the kitchen and started putting dinner
together. They ate together, watched some television, and eventually headed
for bed. Jim fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow. She tossed and turned
until around 11, then went to check email again.

There was a message. It read:

"1:30 this morning. Davey's Bar on B---- Street. Blue jeans, grey sweatshirt,
conservative white bra and panties. comb your hair and wear heavy makeup. Blue
eyes and red lips. There will be a red truck in the parking lot."

That was all. There was no contact or chat from SumwonElz. She looked at the
clock. It was 11:20. She crawled back into bed and set her alarm clock.

At 1:10, the alarm clock buzzed. She reached for it, but not before Jim rolled
over and opened his eyes. "What's that?"

"Oh, I was napping today and must have set it for 1 a.m. instead of 1 p.m." she

He chuckled. "Women!"

She waited until he was breathing steadily before she slipped out of bed. She
went to the basement to find the clothes they wanted - there were plenty of
extra down there waiting to be ironed or carried upstairs. She dressed as they
instructed, brought her make up with her in the car.

The drive to the bar was not long. She stopped a few blocks away to put on her
heavy makeup. She watched in the rearview mirror as she turned from housewife
to whore. She pursed her lips and looked at herself. Not bad looking,

The minivan pulled into the parking lot and she parked it. When she stepped
out, she took a deep breath and enjoyed feeling the cool air. Since she'd
started exercising, she was feeling better and she looked down at her belly.
It was looking nicer too.

There was a red pickup truck not too far from the front door. She saw two men
standing beside it, sipping beers from bottles. Diane picked up her small
purse and started across the distance between them.

"Hey, it's SubDiane!" one of them nudged the other.

She was stunned to hear her online name said out loud. It sounded a little

"Hey, Diane! It's me 1derBoy!" one of them stepped up to her and put out his
hand. She shook it and gave him a puzzled look.

"You know, from the chats? We met in 'long legs, short skirts'. You did me
ten ways from Sunday. It was great!"

The other man stepped closer, nudged his friend aside. "I'm XMANX, we met in
the SubF4U chat a while back." He didn't shake her hand, just looked at her
like a wolf looking at a chicken.

Diane didn't know what to say. She'd never considered that some of her tricks
might be chat partners. That seemed to change something for her.

"Well, listen, honey, we don't have all night. I brought a little something
for us..." He raised a handful of papers and slapped them with his other hand.
"Chat logs. Now, Davey and I have something in common here. Look, right on
page four..."

Diane looked at the chat log. He pointed at a passage in which she invited the
two men in the chat room to take her at the same time.

"Yeah, Tom and I had the same fantasy and we played it on you. When we heard
you were available, it just seemed natural we'd take the next step..."

They walked her to the truck and invited her to sit between them. Tom drove
them to a nearby hotel and they walked up the stairs and into a room.

"Hey, you got any preference which of us works you from which end?" Davey
laughed. He gave Tom the high-5. They were taking off their clothes already,
both looking at her as they did.

"Come on, honey, let's get this show on the road."

Diane felt herself give up before she even resisted. She pulled the sweatshirt
over her head then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She was standing there
in the bra and panties when Davey stepped over and grabbed her arm.

"What the shit kinda hooker are you? This looks like my mama's underwear!"

Tom laughed. "Hey, maybe she's moonlighting. You a waitress or something,

Tears welled up in her eyes as they clapped each other on the back and stared
at her. "Well, hey, at least her ass looks sweet. Turn around and let us see
you, honey."

Diane turned her back to them and put her hands on her face. She sobbed as they
talked about her, what she'd look like with her legs spread, with her titties
hanging down, on her knees with her ass up in the air.

"Come on, come on, get that shit off!" Davey said between chuckles. She
stripped naked and got on her hands and knees.

Davey stepped around front of her and squatted slightly. She opened her mouth
and took his cock in. He pushed the limp flesh between her lips and she moved
her tongue around the head. Tom knelt on the carpet behind her and she heard
him spit on his hand, felt him rubbing it on his cock. Humiliated to be acting
out this chat in real life, she closed her eyes and focused on Davey's dick.
It was getting harder. She thought if she could just work him fast enough, she
could finish him off, then concentrate on Tom. But Tom was already hard and
shoving himself between her parted cunt lips. They were pushing and pulling in
rhythm with each other, her in the middle. Each would push deep into her, hold
it for a few seconds, then pull back out. After several minutes of that slow
working, they both started moving faster. In minutes, they were moaning and
hammering away at her from each end. Davey was the first to go, shooting his
warm cum into her mouth. He kept her head close and she had to swallow it to
keep from gagging. Tom heard Davey coming and that pushed him over the edge.
She felt him grab her tight and plant himself deep inside, shaking her hips
with his hands to try and make himself cum.

"Oh yes! You live up to your reputation, honey!" Davey said as he pulled his
pants back up. She stood up and walked to the bathroom. She ran the warm water
over a washrag and pushed it between her legs to soak up the cum that was
dripping from her.

"Yeah, a nice tight little pussy, Diane. You gotta keep it like that for me,
OK?" Tom laughed and he and Davey talked to each other about which end of her
they liked better. They agreed they'd have to do her again, switching places,
before they'd really know.

She walked out of the bathroom and saw them standing near the door, both
dressed. "Well, hon, hope you get home safe and sound. The cash is on the
dresser there." She looked where he was pointing and there were five $50's laid
out in a line. "Nice doing business with you."

They walked out and closed the door behind them.

Diane fell on the bed and cried. After a while, she looked at the clock. It
was 3:30 in the morning. She had to get home. There were no taxis on the
street. She tried to get into the hotel lobby but it was locked. She knew
better than to ring to ask to use the phone. There was a pay phone on the next
corner. She walked down the block, careful not to make eye contact with anyone
in either of the two cars that passed her.

The taxi driver brought her back to the bar and she drove home. She changed
clothes and scrubbed her face clean in the basement bathroom before going
upstairs. Jim hadn't stirred in his sleep. She climbed in and slept as far on
her side of the bed as she could.

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