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Susan my milky anuty

Dawn just sat and stared at me, trying to make sure she had heard me
correctly, and understand what I meant by it. Susan caught on a lot more

"You mean......Dawn.....and a stake ?" Susan stuttered out her
sentence. "Surely you can't expect her to....well, you know."

"Listen Susan, I'm not 'expecting' anything. You're reaction shows that Dawn
really does mean everything to you, and according to Dawn that's the value to
you of my stake. You are only willing to take the money if you win it fair and
square. You've pretty much set the stakes yourself, and it's completely up to
you if you want to take the bet. I'm not going to push you into anything, it's
your decision totally. Though I have to say that the potential winnings
certainly interest me very much."

With my cards well and truly on the table, Susan and Dawn sat in silence
taking, in what had been proposed. Susan took a long drink from her glass. I
sat back in my seat, and this time I openly looked Dawn up and down slowly,
undressing her with my eyes as I went. "Very much." I repeated, and smiled
faintly as Dawn looked back at me, before I let my eyes drop to her legs and
stockings once more.

Dawn realised what had happened to her skirt, and what I was staring at. Once
again, she blushed, more deeply this time, and went to adjust her garments.
As I looked at her, our eyes met again and I shook my head slowly and mouthed
'no' to her. Her hands stopped as they gripped the edge of her skirt, unsure
what to do next. She looked over at her mother, who clearly wasn't aware of
our private peepshow, then back at me. Five or six seconds passed while Dawn,
with her skirt held in her hands, stared at me as she considered what to do
and what her actions would mean. Slowly, she let go of the edge of her skirt
without moving it, and put her hands back to their previous position. She was
now deliberately exposing herself to me.

Despite her youth and the heated situation, or perhaps because of these who
knows, Dawn was now clearly aroused by the attention she was receiving, as her
tightly covered breasts were now clearing showing rapidly hardening nipples.
This was self-perpetuating too, because she was aware of it happening and knew
that I would be able to easily see them, turning her on more. I couldn't help
but think how damp she may be getting too.

I could see she was turned on and she knew it; I wanted her and she knew it;
she wanted me to see and we both knew it. She swallowed nervously, and turned
to her mother for a reaction to my last statement, hoping that she could calm
the horny feelings inside her. She couldn't! She’d never felt more turned on,
or been wetter in her entire life and she wasn’t entirely sure why.

Susan put her empty glass back on the table, with a clear look of resolution
in her eyes. She spoke more assuredly again.

"Well Adam, even if I could consider such an outrageous wager, I couldn't
offer my daughter to you against her will. I'm pretty sure she's a virgin,
and knows little of sex, so she'd be in no position to decide for herself.
I'm sure you understand that this makes the matter out of the question, as
much as we need the money. I couldn't make that sort of decision for her, and
as I said, I don't think she can make it either. I wish there were another
answer or another way, but...."

I interrupted her once again. "Tell me Susan", I prompted, "what is an obvious
sign of sexual arousal in a woman ?"

"What ?" she asked, slightly confused by my question.

"Well, how could I tell if a woman was sexually mature enough to be really
turned on ?"

"Err...", Susan said quietly, "..well I suppose the most obvious one is erect
nipples. But I don't understand what...."

"And if I were to point out that arousal to a third party, do you think they'd
be embarrassed ?"

"Of course they would.", replied Susan, "What's your point ?"

"Oh it's not my 'point' that's the issue Susan" , I said, amused by the pun,
"it's your daughter's 'points' that are of interest to us here."

Susan looked at me slightly bemused, but as she turned to Dawn, her look
changed to one of surprise. Her daughter was blushing and looking slightly
nervous. It was only a split second before she spotted Dawn's erect nipples
pushing hard against the thin vest top.

While Susan was realising that her daughter was, by her own definition,
clearly both turned on and sexually mature, I thought I’d take a chance and
try to push the point home.

"So Susan, if a woman was *really* aroused, what very intimate sign would
there be ?"

She glanced at me for a second before resuming the appraisal of Dawn's excited
state, because she knew the answer immediately and wanted an answer to it as
much as I did.

"I suppose......she'd be......wet...down there." Susan said, both as an answer
to me, and a question to Dawn.

Dawn's response was her blush changing to an even deeper crimson, and the
slight lowering of her head in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. We all
knew that was the most positive answer to Susan's question, and Dawn nodded
very slightly as final confirmation.

My earlier thoughts about her wetness were delightfully confirmed, and
Susan's line of reasoning against the wager was effectively gone. She
realised that while we’d been talking about the possibility of Dawn getting
screwed, her daughter had become really horny, to the point of becoming wet!
I think that Dawn would have fucked me then and there if her mother had said
it was okay, with or without the bet, and Susan knew it. She also now knew
that the decision wasn’t just hers, but Dawn’s as well. All I needed now was
for Dawn to agree, and I knew that Susan would follow her lead. The next
minute or so would decide the whole thing one way or another, so I thought
I’d play all my cards at once. I turned to Dawn, a gorgeous sight with her
erect nipples, lush legs and stockings on show, speaking gently to her. If I
was reading this well, by the time I’d stopped talking they would both want
the wager for sure.

"I suppose that allowing your skirt to ride up to your stocking tops, and
deliberately leaving it there, knowing that someone is watching you, is a
pretty good sign that your horny too. Isn't it Dawn ?"

"Yes Adam ", replied Dawn quietly, "it definitely is."

Susan didn't need to look under the table for confirmation. She knew that Dawn
was exposed exactly as I had just described

"In fact", I continued, "if someone was *that* horny, I bet they'd like to
show off even more. I would think they'd probably love to have their skirt
*past* their stocking tops, wouldn't you Dawn ?" I took a slight gamble on
just how aroused Dawn was, and that it was the exhibitionist streak in her
that was the main reason for her excited state, not just the heated situation
and her inexperience. If I was right and that was the reason, I would know
very soon, and could be rewarded with an excellent view of even more of
Dawn's hidden secrets.

After a slight pause, Dawn looked up briefly at her mum, then at me and said
"I would think so too."

She moved her hands down past the edge of the table, out of her Susan's view.
Slowly, she slid the skirt up past her stocking tops, until the creamy flesh
of her young thighs was exposed. She stopped with about an inch of skin
showing and put her hands back on the table. What a fantastic view I now had
of her young stocking-clad athletic legs, sitting only inches away. I now
also knew that only inches higher was a tiny amount of wet fabric covering an
even wetter, hot virgin pussy.

"I thought as much", I said.

Susan sat in silence watching her daughter willingly expose herself, not
through persuasion, but purely through the sexual gratification it was giving
her. She was positive that Dawn's nipples had grown larger as she saw her
hands disappeared out of view. She watched her daughter shuffle slightly on
her seat, knowing what she was doing and what I was now seeing.

She couldn't believe it. Her daughter was pulling her skirt up so a relative
stranger could see her in all her glory, and the embarrassed glow of moments
ago was now turning to one of serious sexual arousal. Susan saw now that Dawn
really was a woman despite her tender age. Looking at her face as she finished
pulling up her skirt, she realised just how much pleasure her daughter was
getting from this. With this realisation, and the lewdness of her previous
conversation with me, Susan became aware that Dawn was not the only one with a
dampness in her crotch.

Under normal circumstances, the thought of someone doing anything sexual
with her virgin daughter would have angered her at least a little. But these
weren't ordinary circumstances, she knew her daughter had become a woman, and
now she was horny too!

"Very nice Dawn.", I said softly, looking at every inch of naked skin, "You're
a very sexy young woman you know."

"Thanks", was all she could manage to get out.

Her voice was so full of sexual tension that I think if I had just *said* the
word 'fuck', she would have cum in her seat. It was one of the most appealing
things I've seen in a long time. A young lady willingly exposing herself to
me, clearly very aroused indeed, as her nipples demonstrated, and right on
the edge of simply cumming in front of both myself and her mother.

"So", I said, turning to Susan again, "it appears that your reasoning doesn't
stand up to close scrutiny. Your daughter clearly knows enough about sex to
get her kicks, and know exactly what she wants. She was mature enough to make
a decision about her sexuality, and it was clearly what she wanted because
she's within a fraction of an inch or cumming right where she's sitting. So
now what do we do ?"

Susan had already come to the same conclusions herself, and had little idea
how to deal with what was happening. The fact that she was now wet and
aroused herself wasn't helping her thinking process either. She could barely
think straight as she got more and more turned on by lurid thoughts.

"Err...I....", stammered Susan totally flustered, "..err....suppose it's up to
Dawn really. She's shown she can make her own decisions. It's her virginity
that's on the line, I suppose it's her choice really."

"It's up to you then Dawn. As you're mother rightly said, it's your pussy on
the line, so what are you going to do ?" I asked.

"Ohh shit, I don't know. What should I do mum ?" Dawn asked desperately in an
excited voice.

She hoped that mum would decide for her, and make her do it. She wanted to do
it, because as far as she was concerned right now, even if they lost then she
could get what she needed inside her.

"Well, while mum's thinking about it, why don't you show me what you've got
left hiding under that skirt of yours."

This time she gave me a tiny little smile, and there was no hesitation. She
was so hot by now I think if I had told her to take it off completely, she
probably would have done. She hitched the skirt up another 4 inches in one
smooth movement, and the gusset of her white g-string panties came into view.
She wasn't lying about being wet!

I could clearly see her small pussy through the soaked skimpy material, with
her lips red and full. The pubic hair was stuck to her by her own juices,
which meant that no detail of her most intimate parts were hidden. I could
see every inch of her fresh wet pussy, from her lush lips to her tiny clit
which was clearly exposed. It was my turn to nearly cum on the spot now. As I
watched her, Dawn’s excitement increased still further, and her juices begin
to run from her panties and soak into her crumpled up skirt. This girl was
born for showing off, and getting off on it!

"Bloody Hell Dawn! You'll get us arrested!" protested Susan. Interestingly
though, she didn't tell her to stop it. When I tore my gaze away from Dawn for
just a second to see how Susan was reacting, I was both amazed and pleased at
what I saw. I knew that we'd play for the stakes we discussed when I caught
Susan, not only aroused like Dawn with erect nipples, but with her hands
clasped between her legs, pressing her crotch through her trousers.

"Well Mum, do you think you can both handle it?" I teased, aware that she was
in as much sexual need as her desperately aroused daughter.

"Adam,", she moaned softly, "What exactly would you want if you won ?"

YES! Got 'em!

"Well we'd have to draw up an agreement so neither of us could back out, but I
pretty much know what I'd want in it. It would be Dawn, to myself for a whole
day and night, with total access at all times, particularly to that," I began,
pointing at Dawn's drenched pussy.

"I have proof that I've not got no diseases, so she would need to go on the
pill as I would want full unprotected sex. There would be several other
details, but suffice to say it would be my aim to give her the most memorable
sex she'll ever have, and take her virginity in a fairly unique way. I won't
force anything on her though, and you will both have to agree to anything I
want before it will happen. Conversely of course, there will be certain
conditions on things that you will and won’t be allowed to do, before, during
and after the event. Do we have a deal then ?’

"Mum, I think we should have a go for it", Dawn said quietly, "don't you ?"

"I think we should too mum", Susan replied

"And if we lose...I can handle it." Dawn continued

She looked at me, at the now sizeable bulge in my trousers and smiled sexily
at me.

"I hope so darling", said Susan, "Alright Adam, I think we're going to do it.
How are we going decide who wins the bet. We need something to bet on don't

I thought the toss of a coin would have been a bit of an anti-climax, and it
was that thinking that made me think of a much more fitting idea.

I smiled at both of the women, and spoke.

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