The Fantasy of Three 2. - sex stories

The Fantasy of Three 2.

Jake pulled his mouth from my breast, my nipple glistening from his
saliva and almost smiled. "Do you want us right here in the kitchen, or
in a bed?"

I leaned down and kissed him, pushing my tongue in his mouth, wanting to
crawl inside his skin. "Bed now, kitchen table later?"

He growled against my mouth and nipped at my bottom lip.


Anthony pulled me away from Jake and I watched Jake watch his brother's
hands on me. It was turning him on--more than I'd ever seen him turned
on before. Clearly, Anthony could see it too.

"She has beautiful breasts," Anthony said, running his hands over them.
"You'll let me suck them?" I knew Anthony wasn't asking my permission.

"Yes." Jake's eyes were dark with passion.

Anthony spun me around so that I was facing him and grabbed hold of my
ass. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. The feel
of my breasts pressed to his chest was delicious. Carrying me this
way--his hands all over my back and ass--he walked us up the stairs to
the bedroom I shared with Jake. Between steps Anthony kissed me and
sucked on my neck, little nips that would probably leave marks in the
morning. Over Anthony's shoulder I watched Jake, hungrily taking in his
chest and hips and legs. I couldn't help tightening my legs around
Anthony, tilting my pelvis against his erection. He thrust back against
me and walked faster.

When we got to the bed, Anthony let go and I dropped down onto the soft

"I think she needs to be naked," Jake said, standing over me with his
hands on his hips. Anthony nodded, and before I could so much as scooch
away, Jake was grabbing my ankles and Anthony was pulling off my jeans
and panties.

Flinging my clothes behind them, they both stood back and looked at me.
I could feel a blush working up my chest and over my cheeks and I
grabbed a pillow and flung it at them. The pillow hit Jake's chest and
fell to the floor. Anthony grinned and came down on the bed. He
crawled over me, insinuating himself between my legs. His jeans were
scratchy against my bare skin. I tried to pull away a bit but he took
my wrists in his hands and held them down against the bed.

"How does it feel, to have another man between your legs?" he asked as
he pushed his hips up against me, forcing my thighs wider apart.

I couldn't speak, could only arch my back and try to get closer to him.
I felt empty, and wanted nothing more in the world than to feel his cock
inside of me.

I felt Jake's weight come down on the bed, and he pushed Anthony's head
aside so he could kiss me on the mouth. "Let him fuck you, baby," he
whispered against my lips.

"Yes," I said.

Jake pushed off the bed and insinuating his hands between Anthony and I,
unbuttoned and unzipped Anthony's jeans. Jakes fingers brushed against
my soaking wet cunt and I whimpered, burning to be filled. Anthony
lifted his hips a bit, and Jake tugged the jeans down. Anthony's
erection sprang free and almost immediately I felt him brush it against
the lips of my cunt.

"That's it," Jake said. He came back down on the bed to kiss me again
and Anthony sat back enough to shuck his jeans off entirely.

"Let him inside, baby." Jake's voice was harsh and low with arousal,
and I could only obey. I was desperate, already so close to orgasm I
thought I was going to explode. I spread my legs wider, opening for

Jake kissed me, thrust his tongue inside my mouth then pulled it away.
Just as he pulled his tongue out, Anthony mounted me, positioned his
cock, and thrust home, sliding through my soaking wet cunt to the hilt.

"God!" I cried out into Jake's mouth, my body arching off the bed.
Stretched and filled by Anthony, I grabbed hold of both him and Jake.
My hips began to move, needing the rhythm that would bring release.
Anthony set a hard, fast pace; with each thrust I could hear him grunt.
His hands gripped my thighs and he lifted my ass, holding me wide open
to receive his pounding cock.

Jake looked down to where his brother and I were joined and I watched
his face darken. He looked back up at me and his hand came up to grasp
my breast. His thumb and forefinger tightened on my nipple almost to
pain and I gasped with each thrust that Anthony gave. Jake's hand
travelled down my stomach and through the my bush until his finger found
my soaking wet clit. All he had to do was slide his finger across it
once and that, combined with Anthony's cock inside of me, sent me over
the edge.

I screamed out my orgasm, gasping with the overwhelming contractions as
my cunt milked Anthony's cock. With a grunting cry, Anthony let go, and
began to pump me full of his sperm. I felt him spurt up inside of me,
watched Jake's face as his brother fucked me. My body took in the cum,
soaked it up and pulled it deep inside. Even as Anthony's body
collapsed on mine, I could feel the tiny convulsions deep inside my cunt
as my body tried to bring the sperm into my womb.

Jake growled deep in his throat, his face a mask of savage arousal. He
rolled Anthony off of me and held my legs apart. I could feel Anthony's
cum sliding out of me, knew Jake could see it. Jake knelt on the bed,
his erection huge and throbbing.

"My turn," Jake snarled, and he dragged my legs over, positioning me so
that he could drape my thighs over his thighs. He slid his fingers over
my cunt, burrying his hand in the wet cum from both me and his brother.

Anthony reached a hand over and lazily brushed his palm over my hard

"She's a beautiful fuck, isn't she?" Jake said. His hands gripped my
hips and he held me still as his cock found my clit. So soon after
orgasm, my clit was painfully sensitive. Relentlessly, Jake rubbed the
head of his penis over me until I was begging for him to come inside of

Slowly, ever so slowly, Jake brought me down on his cock, impaling me
with incredible care. "I want to feel his cum inside of you," he
whispered. I closed my eyes at the feel of Jake's large cock pushing
through the wetness. He came inside of me to the hilt, until I could
feel his balls brush against my ass. Lifting my legs over his arms, he
opened me fully, exposing me and tilting my pelvis so that he could come
all the way inside.

"Jake!" I began to move my hips, wanting to feel him take me, pump his
sperm inside of me like his brother had done.

He did. Starting slow and sure, he began to thrust. His hips picked up
speed until he was pumping in, his body straining and pushing to come
ever harder, ever deeper. He, too, grunted with each thrust, our bodies
slick with sweat as I met him, thrust for thrust. I came quickly,
another orgasm that I could feel all down my legs, could feel across
every nerve ending of my skin. I cried out and within a thrust or two,
Jake came, his body thrust deep. He hung poised on that penetration,
his hips jerking just a bit as he filled my cunt with his sperm. I felt
filled to overflowing, knew that his cum was mixing with his brother's
deep inside of me. My fingernails dug into his buttocks as I tried to
hold him deeper inside of me.

Jake gave a groan and collapsed on top of me. I held his weight,
wrapping myself around him, loving the feel of his cock still twitching
inside of me.

"Mmmm." It was all I could say.

Anthony leaned down and kissed me softly on the mouth.

"Yes, Jake," he said. "Your girlfriend is a great fuck."

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