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The Fantasy of Three

I, of course, couldn't get the thought out of my head. The thought of
having sex with Jake and his brother the same
time....consumed me. I'd be driving down the road or standing in line
at the grocery store, and it was all I could think about. Both of
them...the three of us....together. In bed. Making love.

They watched me, both Jake and Anthony. I'd be folding laundry or
sitting on the couch reading a magazine, and I would feel their eyes on
me. Neither said a word. They both knew I needed time to get used to
the idea. I'd never considered myself sexually conservative, but I'd
never been involved in group sex. I needed time. And they gave me that
time, though I could feel their tension under the surface. Both
expected me to cry off, to decide that a threesome was too adventurous
or crazy. Mostly, I just needed to decide what it would mean for me.
The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. The more I wanted
both of them.

Two days after Anthony had found me in the backyard and made me cum
amidst the salvia, the three of us worked on cleaning up after dinner.
Jake, who was up to his elbows in soap and water cleaning out the
lasagna pan, was talking about something utterly inane like his car's
need for a new set of brake pads when I glanced at Anthony. Anthony was
sitting at the table, watching me intently as I put the last of the
dishes into the dishwasher. In an instant, heat flashed through me. My
awareness of Jake faded; all I could think about was the site of
Anthony sitting there, his arm casually draped over the back of his
chair and his jean-clad legs stretched out before him.

His glance drifted down to my chest, and I couldn't help the deep breath
I took, lifting my breasts in an involuntary reflex. Anthony smiled,
lazy and male and erotic.

Jake was still talking as I closed the dishwasher. My breath shuddered
in as all I could think about was being with both of them, the sexually
charged energy of the past couple days becoming overwhelming.

"Jake?" I said, cutting him off mid-sentence.

"Hmmm?" He was still working on the dishes in the sink. I gave Anthony
the once over--taking in every detail--then turned to Jake. I walked up
behind him and put my hands on his waist. Slowly, I pressed up against
him, pushing one knee just a bit between his.

"Hello," he said, sounding pleasantly surprised. He stopped washing
dishes, but left his hands in the soapy water. My hands slid around to
his stomach, one hand going up to his chest and the other hand tucking
just inside the waistband of his jeans.

Nuzzling his back, I pushed my breasts against him. He reached for a
dish towel and dried his hands off, but rather than turning to face me,
he put his hands over mine and pulled me tighter against him.

I felt someone move up behind me and I closed my eyes at the heat.

"Anthony?" I whispered against Jake's back.

His hands cupped my neck and he stepped closer. I could feel him from
the top of my head down to my calves, his heat all along my body. It
was wonderful, being between them, feeling surrounded by both of them.
Anthony's hips moved, and I could feel his erection through his jeans,
pressing into the small of my back, just above my buttocks.

I moaned, and couldn't help reaching one hand around behind me to grab
hold of Anthony's ass and pull him harder against me. Anthony tilted my
head back and to the side so he could reach my lips. He brushed his
lips across mine and his words were hot and gentle, "I'm going to kiss
your girlfriend, Jake."

Jake hadn't moved, hadn't even tried to move around. It was like he was
stuck, paralyzed, as Anthony and I kissed. Jake took my hand that was
still on his stomach and slid it down, over the zipper of his jeans,
until I was holding his erection.

Anthony's tongue dipped into my mouth and I opened for him, kissing him
hard and deep. His hips pushed against me again, then again, a sensual

As if he couldn't stand not being able to watch, Jake turned around, his
body rubbing mine as he did so. Anthony took a step back and brought me
with him; I realized vaguely as I sucked on his tongue that he'd done
it so Jake could get a better view.

Anthony pulled his mouth away from mine and I whimpered, missing its wet
heat. I tried to turn to him, but he kept me there, my back to his
front. Anthony's hands brushed down my arms and he gently gripped my
wrists. He pulled my arms apart, spreading me wide and lifting my
breasts as my back arched a bit. Leaving my arms flung back, he slid
his hands over my shoulders and then slowly, painfully slowly, down
until he cupped my breasts in his hands. I watched his hands cover me,
then I looked up at Jake. He was breathing hard.

"Take off her shirt," Jake said, his voice low and deep.

Anthony didn't hesitate to obey. He pulled my t-shirt out of my jeans
and carefully lifted it over my head. I felt exposed, standing there in
my white cotton bra, but when I tried to cross my arms over myself,
Anthony stopped me.

"Let us see you," Anthony said, leaning down so his mouth brushed my

"I don't think I can--" I started to say, but then, before I could
react, Anthony was unhooking my bra.

The scrap of white fabric fell down my shoulders and Anthony,
relentless, pulled it down and let it drop to the floor. Quickly,
before I could cross my arms again, he had hold of my wrists and held my
arms spread. "Touch her," he whispered. I looked down at my breasts,
my nipples hard and aching, and then at Jake.

Jake reached a hand up and cupped my left breast. I shuddered at the
feel of his thumb as it brushed across my sensitive nipple. His other
hand came up and cupped my other breast. My back arched as I tried to
increase the pressure of his touch.

"That's it, baby," Anthony said, and I felt his the tip of his tongue
touch the shell of my ear, and then dip inside. I moaned and felt my
knees give way as he moved down to kiss and suck on my neck. Jake
leaned down and kissed the top of my breast, then moved down to take the
nipple into his mouth. Almost immediately, he began to suckle hard.

I gasped, and held his head to my breast, even as Anthony's hands worked
their way around to the fly of my jeans. I could hardly breath,
couldn't think but for wanting both these men inside of me. Anthony
unbuttoned my fly, but didn't push the jeans down. He pulled back just
enough to take off his shirt and I reached to yank Jake's shirt off as

"Who do you want first, baby?" Anthony asked me as he brought my back
against his chest again. He reached down and cupped my breast, holding
it for Jake as he suckled. "Who do you want to fuck you first?"

"I want--I want...both of you," I managed to get out.

Jake laughed softly and I could feel it against the wet skin of my

"Okay," Anthony said and I could tell he was smiling. "You can have us

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