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Melany My lover

I wake up to the sound of soft sobbing. Melany is awake. I pull her
closer to me, kiss her wet cheek and say "Hi".
She pauses a little, doesn't look at me, then finally says a pouty
"Hi" back.
I ask her, "Are you thirsty?"
I reach for the bottle of coke, take a swig, then lean over to kiss
it into her mouth. her lower lip is swollen and her mouth stays shut.
We used to drink soda out of each others mouth alot. I was hoping
she'd be okay by now because I have a lot more things planned for her. I

can tell that my little lover isn't happy with me. I'm going to have to
nip this in the bud. I grab her wet cheeks and turn her face to me.
"Look at me." ,I say. "Your my lover now. I'm all you got! Your mommy

hasn't cared much about you lately, you know. Hell, she might not come
back. That's why she wanted us to be lovers, so I'd take care of you."
Melany starts to cry some more. "Hey, none of that! Your mommy may come
back, I don't know, but I'll never leave you. I'll take care of you
always. But you have to be a big girl now. Your my lover now, and it's
going to be rough on you sometimes. I won't ever leave you, but you have

to do what I say now. Understand?" I say the last part very sternly.
Melany nods.
"Now, since we're lovers, you have to call me daddy. Understand?"
Melany nods again. Melany never had a daddy. Her mothers boy friends
have always been 'Uncles'.g
"Now, Melany," ,I tell her. "say 'Fuck me daddy'."
Melany just stares.
"Come on. I'm all you got, baby-doll. Say 'Fuck me daddy'."
"Fuck me daddy." Melany says, softly.
"Fuck me daddy."
"Thats better, honey." I take Melany's wrists and pull her to a
sitting position. I then tie her bound wrists to the raised futon/couch
back at the middle. I move Melany to one side and sit myself on the
futon with my head in front of where her wrists are tied.
"Melany, I want you to fuck me now."
She looks confused, so I explain.
"I want you to straddle me like you did before, only this time, you
move yourself up and down over my cock. Understand?"
Melany nods and stands up on the futon seat and stands over me with a

little leg on each side of me. "Wait." I tell her and I lean forward to
put my mouth on her little crack. I lick her for a while with my hands
cupped on her little ass, pushing her abused cunt to me. As I snake my
tounge into her, I can detect the sharp tang of rubbed-raw flesh inside.

I can tell that this fuck is going to sting inside for her.
When my cock is at full attention, I give the command. "Okay. Take my

cock inside you dry!"
Melany gets down on her knees and touches her cunt lips to my penis.
She jerks up suddenly. I knew it would hurt her. I smile inside.
"You have to do this, you know you do. Don't make me do it for you."
"Please don't hurt me." Melany pleads.
"'Please don't hurt me' what?" I prompt her.
"Please don't hurt me...daddy."
"Very good." ,I say. "But don't EVER say 'Don't hurt me'. Instead say

'Don't hurt me too much'. Got it? Now once again. Say...." I pause.
"Don't hurt me... too much... daddy." ,Melany says to me.
"Now, Melany, take my cock inside of you." She hesitates. "If you do
it yourself, it will hurt alot less than if I did it for you." I tell
her. "Do it!! then you can have a drink."
Melany puts her raw cunt on my dick and starts to put her weight on
it. "All your weight" ,I tell her and she sits on my rock hard cock
head. As she lifts up her knees, she slowly sinks over me as I penetrate

into her six year old belly. Her face is contorted in pain and fresh
tears stream down her cheeks as she gasps for breaths.
I hit bottom inside the trembling child and say, "Just a little
Melany tries to lift her legs in the air. "More!" ,I say. I can see her
arms straining to push up against her tied wrists. She is really trying
to impale herself on my cock for me. To tease her I say, "More!"
"I can't!" ,she cries.
I smile, "Okay, thats good enough."
I take a drink off soda, swallow it, then take another drink and kiss

it into her mouth. This time she takes it. She swallows and as she gasps

again, I stick my tounge in her mouth and taste the sweet after taste.
Now, it's time for some serious fucking.
I duck out from between her arms and take the three-foot leather
straps that have been on her ankles and wrap them around the arm rests
on each side of the futon, then pull them hard, stretching Melany's
little legs as far apart as they will go. I can hear her straining as I
tie them that way.
I put my head back between her trembling arms and kiss her deeply as
I feel back and forth her stretched legs.
"Now." ,I command. "Wiggle your butt back and forth, and DON'T STOP!!

You keep wiggling until I say stop, and NOT BEFORE!!"
Melany Pushes her butt as much as her split little legs will allow.
It feels good!
"Yeah, that's it. Your doing good." I begin trying to suck her tiny
tounge out of her mouth. as I feel around her small body with my hands,
I can feel every muscle she has under her baby-fat, straining to keep
her butt moving around.
I enjoy Melany's little body, spread wide, bound tightly, and forced
to work my huge cock around inside her sore little cunt.
I let her fuck me until she starts to tire out. I bite her tounge
hard and tell her, "Don't stop!"
Melany resumes her thrusts with renewed vigor and starts to wimper on

my lips.
After a bit, she begins to lose her strenth again. so I reach down to

find her little vibrator and turn it on as I bring it to her tight
little ass. She's startled as I begin to push it in, but as she realizes

what's going to happen, she wiggles her butt frantically to get away
from it. ironically, all I have to do is hold it firm and she ends up
sticking herself hard with it.
I bite on to her tounge again as Melany begins to bark out
high-pitched, little girl grunts. "AH!.. AH!.. AH!.. AH!.. " Into my
What a ride!!
I know that I'm going to cum soon, so I slap her butt hard with my
open hand over and over again. It stings her little cheeks red and
drives the vibrator deeper inside her each time.
Melany's sounds are a continuous yell now changing pitch as I slap
her butt harder each time. The vibrator is all the way up her and I can
feel it jam against my cock inside her body as she frantically wiggles
This sends me over the edge and I scream back into her mouth as I cum

hard into my kindergarten sex slave.
As I start to wind down finally, I pull the vibrator out of her ass
and say to her, "Okay, sweetheart, you can stop now."
Melany motions are getting weak anyway and I can tell that she's
tired because she lacks the strenth to really cry.
"You did great, honey. You wanna' go to bed now?" Melany nods weakly
and I untie her wrists and ankles. She's trembling all over but she
curls up on my lap anyway and I hold her knowing that she's all mine.
Finally, I carry Melany to bed and peel off her skimpy outfit. I put
her Barbie Doll nightgown on her and get into bed with her.
As I lay there spent and content, Melany rolls over and puts her arms

around me before going to a much needed sleep. I know that she'll do
anything I ask her to.

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