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Big Surprise

He smiled a little as he let himself into the front door of the cabin, eager to
surprise her. He was several hours ahead of schedule, so he knew that she
wouldn't be expecting him. He walked quietly through the quiet rooms, heading
straight for the bedroom where he knew she would be so early in the morning.
He stepped into the room, a smile curving his lips as he saw her curled up in
the red flannel union suit she wore on cold nights. As he moved around the
room, she shifted slightly in her sleep, stretching out on her stomach as she
snuggled into the pillows. He laughed quietly as her convenient position sent
images flashing through his mind. The flap on her pajamas was just too
conveniently placed not to be taken advantage of. Her teasing calls of the
past few days replayed in his mind as his eyes traveled over her body. She had
teased and enticed him with every call, knowing that he couldn't join her for
several days. Now was his chance to relieve a little of his frustration at her
expense...even though he knew she would enjoy it just as much as he would.

He eased himself gently onto the bed, careful not to disturb her sleep.
Slowly, he peeled back the flap of her union suit, easing the buttons open and
revealing her the curving flesh of her ass. He barely resisted running his
hands over the smooth curve of her cheeks peeking out of the opening. Once
again he found himself glad that she left her panties off at every opportunity.
He kept still as she moved a little, knowing that in a few more minutes she
would surely be awake. He decided to take advantage of the time he had. He
quickly pulled off his pants and let his growing bulge free. Just the sight of
her sleeping form turned him on. Carefully, he straddled her thighs, lightly
rubbing his jutting cock against the soft flesh of her ass. He carefully
leaned back, resting his weight lightly on her thighs, and lifted his hand for
the first sharp slap. The sound of his hand meeting her soft, warm flesh
echoed through the room. Her body tensed and jerked beneath him as she let out
a soft, confused moan. She turned her head to see him, her eyes still heavy
with sleep. Her body rippled with the surprise she felt as she wriggled
beneath him, trying to turn over. He pinned her thighs to the bed with his
body, preventing her from moving, responding to her only with a soft, amused
"Good morning, baby." She wriggled fruitlessly, trying to move beneath him.
She only succeeded in getting him more aroused.

He followed the first slap with a quick succession of three hard spanks. He
felt the change in her body as her movements began to reflect the arousal he
was building in her sleepy body. Soon, he knew she was wide awake. He rained
slap after slap down on her curving cheeks, framed by the soft red flannel.
Her smooth white flesh began to grow almost as red as the fabric that
surrounded it. She moaned and writhed beneath him, lifting her ass as much as
she could against every stinging, arousing blow. He spoke quietly, evenly to
her, telling her how naughty she was: "See what you get for being such a cock
tease baby?....You get that naughty, greedy ass of yours all red and hot."
She could only moan in response. Now and then he would push the swollen head
of his prick against her red cheeks, feeling the heat of her flesh against his
sensitive tip. He spread his thickening precum over her skin, teasing her with
the pressure of his cock. He spanked and spanked her until she screamed, her
body bucking against his, begging for him to fuck her. He could see the
spreading wet patch on the fabric of her pajamas, telling him how aroused she
was. He began to tease her even more, merciless in his attack on her ass even
though he knew how wild it made her. "You want me to fuck you baby? want
me to spread that wet pussy open with my hard cock? Tell me baby.....tell me
how you want bad you need it." She moaned and screamed beneath him,
her body bucking against every hard slap, begging him to take her dripping
cunt. He moved over and over her ass, raining blows down on the tender spots,
hearing the sharp sound of flesh meeting flesh. Finally, he slipped his hand
down through the opening of the pajamas, wiggling his fingers against her
dripping cunt, getting them all wet and slick. Her body bucked against his as
she tried to lift her ass to give him more access, but her movements were
limited by the weight of his body. He laughed softly as he pulled his hand
away and spread her juices over her tender, burning flesh.

"Not yet, baby...not until I've had this red ass of yours." She groaned in
response, her arousal echoing in the throaty sound that escaped from her lips.
He leaned over and pulled the bottle of lube out of the drawer in the bedside
table, his cock poking against her as he moved, making her moan and whimper for
it. Quickly, he spread the cool liquid over her tight little asshole,
spreading her cheeks with urgent, clenching fingers. The pressure of his
fingers making her writhe with the delicious pain. She felt his fingers slip
inside her tight hole, probing and exploring, stretching her for the invasion
of his thick cock. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore, and leaned forward
with a grunt, impaling her tight ass on his cock. He heard all the air rush
from her lungs as he plunged into her, filling her quickly, mercillessly.
"MMMMM......I've been wanting to use this tight hole of yours for days, baby.
You've been so naughty...teasing me like that." His words slipped into a
throaty succession of moans and groans as he began to stroke his cock in andout
of her clenching ass, making her whimper with every thrust as his hips slapped
hard against her tender cheeks. She moved hungrily against him, wanting more
and more and more of his cock. She felt it stretch her wide, filling her witha
thick, raging heat. He pounded her relentlessly, taking her tight hole ove
rand over again, his cock popping in and out of her stretched hole, slick and
wet with the lube. Her body trembled with lust as she begged him to fuck her
harder and harder. He responded willingly, reaming her ass with his raging
prick. She felt him swell and grow huge inside her as his cock throbbed closer
and closer to release. She maoned and gasped under the thick heat of him,
taking every thrust like a wild, hungry slut. His voice was throaty right
against her ear as he pounded into her...."that's it...take my
naughty little ass slut.."...she moaned loud as he pounded into her one with
one last, hard stroke. She felt his body jerk as he filled her with the first
hot spurt of cum, spraying her tight little asshole....filling it up with
creamy jizz. She lifted her ass hungrily against him, wanting every drop in
her greedy ass. She moaned and cried out for him as he pulsed wave after wave
of cum into her hole. Finally, his body sagged against hers, totally emptied
inside of her tight hole. She gasped for air, her entire body rippling with
arousal....lust....need....loving the sensation of his emptied cock still
stuffed in her ass. He pressed his lips against her ear and whispered.."Honey,
I'm home..."

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