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Alone with Emma

Although I've taught my daughter everything she knows about sex, I
still get surprised by the expertise Emma shows in turning me on.
She may only be eighteen, but when she wants Daddy's cock, she knows
just how to get it!

Last night was a classic example. Emma was lying on her stomach in
front of the television -- thighs open just wide enough for me to
gaze at the tight pink panties stretched over her perfect little
slit. Every now and then she'd "innocently" open her legs even wider
and bring her legs up -exposing even more of her irresistible little
body. By Emma's bedtime, my cock was so stiff it hurt -- and I knew
just what the cheeky grin on her face meant when she asked if I'd be
coming up to read her a story!

After watching television with Emma's mother for just a few minutes,
the bulge in my crotch became irresistible. Emma was still awake as
I came into her room, a knowing smile on her face as her hand moved
visibly over her crotch beneath the duvet. Sitting on the edge of
the bed, I planted a long kiss on her lips, her tongue sliding
sensuously into my mouth. As I eased the duvet back, I could see how
hot she was -- her night-dress was rucked up around her waist as she
fingered her stiff little clitty. Desperate to see more of her slim
white body, I pulled the nightdress up around her chest which rose
and fell excitedly as she played with herself. Sliding my fingers
down her flat stomach, I traced the crack between her long, perfectly
symmetrical, hairless vulva until I reached her hot little button.
Emma gasped as I began to rub two fingers backwards and forwards and,
bending her knees, she began to thrust her cunt up at my busy hand.

Her breath quickly became ragged as she closed her eyes and writhed
with lust, just managing to stifle her louder moans of pleasure.
Although I kept up an even rhythm, she was getting more and more
excited, her head turning from side to side and her face flushed. In
less than a couple of minutes, she shuddered to a halt, body rigid
and back arched as she rode the searing bliss for all it was worth.

As Emma breathlessly came back to earth, I hastily kicked off my
shoes and shed my jeans and underwear. Pausing for a moment to peel
off the rest of my clothes and remove Emma's night-dress completely,
I excitedly got onto the bed and knelt across my daughter's chest.
As she gazed with wide-eyed lust at my rigid shining pole, I slowly
rubbed my glans over her cheeks and lips. Her mouth opened in
anticipation and I felt the familiar shock of lust as her hot wet
lips closed around my swollen tip. As I gently fucked Emma's mouth,
she sucked and guzzled at my glans, her tongue expertly rasping the
underside. Just managing not to come, I forced myself to pull my
dick from her eager lips and then knelt between her thin white legs.

Emma opened her thighs even wider, letting me trace my glans the full
length of her inviting slit as I used my free hand to splay her
engorged cunt lips even wider. As I tickled her stiff clitoris with
my glans, I whispered, "Say it, darling, say it now!"

Emma grinned back at me, and, just managing to keep her voice down,
piped, "Fuck me, Daddy! Shove your big Daddy cock into my tight
little cunt!" Although she's been saying that for several weeks now,
the effect on me is always the same! My dick got even harder as I
scrambled even closer, using my hand to guide my aching knob to her
hot gash. Emma pulled her knees back automatically as the tip of my
prick lodged in her scalding entrance.

Pausing for just a moment, I leaned forward, gazing at Emma's
wide-eyed face as she shifted to accommodate her Daddy's eager prick
-- her well-trained cunt stretching to about four inches of my shaft
before she signaled enough. Desperate for release, I eased my prick
in and out, her tight cunt clinging to every part of my shaft like a
hot satin second skin. As I leaned over her, Emma reached down and
began to play with herself, her head going back and mouth opening as
I began to fuck her faster. I could feel her breath becoming even
more ragged as she began to whimper with pre-orgasmic ecstasy. The
touch of her free hand on my jiggling balls brought me even closer,
the bed beginning to creak as I shafted that tight little cunt-hole
again and again. The little minx had got me so worked-up earlier in
the evening that I'd been poking her for less than three minutes when
I felt myself reaching the brink. With a few last desperate pokes, I
felt the heat explode in my loins -- holding my breath, I prolonged
the explosion of lust for as long as possible. And then came the
spunk, jet after jet of thick incestuous cum flying into the depths
of Emma's cunt.

Spunk was already oozing down Emma's thigh's as I helped her back
into her night-dress. With a lingering French kiss, I said goodnight
and picked up my clothes and went into the main bedroom. Emma's
mother was already there, naked except for her panties. As we
kissed, she squeezed my bloated prick and whispered, "I hope you've
got enough left for me."

Easing down her panties, I reassured her -- "There's more than enough
left for you think I'd neglect my own mother?"

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