First time : Susan - sex stories

First time : Susan

At 27, my wife, Susan is 18 years younger than I am, and, as I will describe,
she is hard for any man to keep up with sexually. She is 5-3, 115, with a
35B- 23-35 figure. She has long, red hair, a great ass and long legs. Her
sexy tits have big protruding areoles and very sensitive nipples that stick
out at least a half an inch when she's aroused; and she can sometimes cum
just by having them pinched, twisted and nibbled on. Susan keeps her pussy
trimmed bare, recently she had her pussy hair permanently removed. We both
like it that way, because of the reaction that it gets when others see it. I
like the "little girl" look. She likes the way it allows the most exposure of
her clit, which becomes erect, like a little pink cock, when she gets hot.
It sticks up at least an inch, begging to be sucked on, and she loves to cum
by seesawing my cock between her cunt lips, rubbing her clit across the
shaft. Also, some of the bikinis that I buy for her are so tiny that they
barely cover her slit and any hair would show.

When we met, 8 years ago, Susan was kind of innocent. She'd never been
married and, while certainly not a virgin, her previous boyfriends had not
possessed a great deal of imagination. Her sexual experiences had been
limited to 'normal' sex and fellatio. My kinky and voyeuristic nature soon
had her exposed to a much more varied sex life, which she endorsed
enthusiastically. As she became more comfortable with her sexuality she
began to develop an exhibitionist streak that we both enjoyed immensely.

Although I keep myself in shape, bicycling and working out, I realize that
Susan's interest in me was not entirely physical; I managed to pick the right
six numbers a few years ago, and the lottery people send me a very generous
check every year. I've got all the usual toys, two fancy cars, a big boat, a
small airplane, a big house on a lake, and a condo at the beach, both with
pools and spas. But we have formed a solid relationship based on mutual
interests, affection, and honesty. A few years ago we risked fucking up a good
relationship and got married.

Susan's always had an active libido, and it has increased greatly over the 8
years that we have been together. She had reached a point where she became
easily aroused, either physically or by visual stimulation. At my urging, she
has become quite an exhibitionist; she often goes in public in the most
revealing, sexy clothes, usually without either panties or bra. It makes her
really hot to spread her legs slightly to allow some lucky stranger a view up
her dress to see her cunt or to let someone catch her masturbating. She's
accumulated a whole wardrobe of the tiniest, handmade bikinis and shortest,
tightest dresses imaginable. I also discovered that seeing her show her tits
or pussy to some stranger would make me as hard as the lucky guy. She loves
to strip naked in the car at night and masturbate herself as she exposed
herself to other drivers. I've also fingered her under the table at a club
while several other men and women watched. She's also developed a
voyeuristic streak of her own in that she loves to watch me jerk off and
especially gets off on watching me cum. It isn't just me that she likes to
see cumming. She bought several videos showing men jerking off and spurting
hot jism all over themselves; watching them always gets her hot.

Susan often likes to take one of her little 'relaxation' pills along with a
couple of wine coolers or a joint. When she gets stoned this way, she says
it loosens her up and makes her feel helpless to control herself. It also
makes her insatiably horny, and with my encouragement, completely
uninhibited. Once she became aroused, she would do nearly anything sexually
gratifying, in an attempt to satisfy what would become an insatiable sexual
appetite. Unlike a true nymphomaniac, Susan reached orgasm quickly and
repeatedly, but as one orgasm subsided, she would remain aroused and need
more. Often, when she got started, she would need to cum over and over,
finishing only when she was literally too physically exhausted to continue.
When she got into one of these states, I would have to use my tongue, our
vibrating massager, her dildo, and various other appliances, along with my 7"
cock in order to satiate her. We also discovered that even though was always
able to get off on my cock, she really craved a larger penis. I had bought
her a dildo that was slightly longer and thicker than my tool. She liked it
so much that I bought her a 10" one. When she couldn't get enough of that
one, I special ordered her a 14" vibrating dildo that was thicker than my
wrist and took 4 -'D' cell batteries! It was amazingly lifelike with a rigid,
veined shaft and a thick bulbous head covered with a soft, fleshlike
material. The next time she became insatiable, and I had worn myself out
with her still wanting more, I brought it out and began to part her pussylips
with the thick head. She began bucking and screaming as I slowly slid it
inside her. In seconds she was cumming, over and over, almost continuously,
as I stroked her cunt with the monster cock. It instantly became her
favorite toy.

Soon I began to fantasize about Susan being fucked by some of the men that
she'd flashed herself to; that another man's hard cock was going up into her
cunt rather than her dildo. I told her about my thoughts one night while we
were making love and she admitted that she had the same fantasies. She
confessed that when she got into her insatiable moods, she became so horny
that she wouldn't be able to refuse any man who I let have her and she'd
often wished that I would let someone help satisfy her. We agreed that if we
allowed our fantasies to come true, we would only act them out in each
other's presence, and that we would be the ones making love. Any other
person would essentially be our sex toy; in effect, a warm blooded dildo.
After revealing our secret to each other, we both knew it was just a matter
of when and who.

Susan and I had met Alex and Rita at a local watering hole and we became
close friends, going out nearly every weekend. Unfortunately, after a few
months, Alex was 'downsized' out of his job. The financial hardship that
ensued while he looked for work strained his relationship with Rita. Just as
their savings ran out, Rita left, taking up with a wealthy former lover in
another state. Now, Alex found a new job only a few days later, but he had to
move from their expensive apartment and find a smaller one, and the paychecks
hadn't started coming in yet. Of course, we invited him to stay with us for
a few weeks while he got his life back together.

Nearly as soon as Alex settled into our guest room, Susan's attitude toward
him started to become more than friendly. She started by bringing us beers
while we were watching a game on Sunday. She leaned over me as she handed me
my beer and made sure I could see all of her tits down her baggy top. Then
she gave Alex his beer in the same way. Later that night after taking a
shower, she walked out of the bathroom naked except for the towel that she
simply held in front of her instead of wrapping it around her body. She
walked right past both of us, into the kitchen for a glass of wine, then back
into the bedroom. Alex just looked at me funny, but I noticed the bulge in
his sweatpants. The next evening, Susan came home from her aerobics class
and changed into a loose, short pair of satin gym shorts and a tiny white
cotton tank top. A bra and panties had not been part of her fashion
statement. After dinner, while we all sat out back by the pool, Susan said
she was going to take a swim. Instead of changing, she just jumped in as she
was. When she climbed out of the pool, the wet satin shorts were clinging to
her legs, outlining her cuntlips, and her boobs were clearly visible through
the wet top, her nipples standing out from the cool water. Alex gasped out
loud. "What are you lookin' at, Alex?" Susan said, in her cocky voice.
"Never seen a wet woman before? I've even got all my clothes on." Poor Alex
was speechless. But his cock was making a statement against his sweatpants;
an impressive bulge was rising between his legs. Susan walked up to him,
where he sat on the patio. "I know all about you." Susan said, as she leaned
over him, only inches away. "Rita told me all about you! Now I'm gonna yank
those pants down and see for myself!" Susan grabbed for Alex's waistband,
trying to pull down his sweats. Of course she was rubbing her tits all over
him in the process. To Alex's credit, he resisted; after several minutes
struggle, during which she managed to slide her body all over him, Susan was
worn out and gave up. "I'll get ya' next time!" She cried out as she ran in
the house. "We'll see if it's as big as Rita said it was."

"Man, I'm sorry." Alex said, as soon as Susan had left. "I don't know what
that was about, but I'm not trying to hit on your wife. Maybe I should pack
up and leave." "No, it's all right." I assured him. "She's just being
playful, don't worry about it, no matter what she does. She was just trying
to get a reaction from you - and I can see that she has! I'll go talk to
her." I said as I got up. I knew Susan was so hot that she was ready to
explode, and I wanted to know exactly what she'd been talking about. When I
got to our bedroom, I found Susan lying on the bed, masturbating. She had
only gotten her top off when she had to start fingering her pussy; she'd just
pulled the shorts aside and gone at it. "Where've you been, lover?!" She
cried, as I slipped out of my shorts. "I wanted to let you start without me."
I replied. "I love to watch you fuck yourself, it makes me hard." I stripped
off my shorts and sat at the bottom of the bed, slowly stroking my erection
and watching Susan holding her buzzing vibrator against her erect clit. "So
tell me what it is that Rita told you about Alex that you're so hot to see;
as if I couldn't guess?" I asked. "You left the poor guy with a hard cock;
he's probably jerking off right now." "She said he's got the biggest, hardest
cock she'd ever seen!" Susan replied. "She bragged about how he could keep it
up until she couldn't stand any more. She said he's got a long, hard tongue,
too, and loved to make her cum by eating her pussy!" "Oh, and now you want to
strip him naked to see his cock for yourself?" I asked. "Yes, but only with
you there." She said, with a sly grin. "I wouldn't want anything to happen
without you." "I see." I replied. "And what do you think might happen when
you strip Alex naked and his big, thick cock is sticking up. You know he'll
get hard just from showing you his prick. You got him hard just now!" "Well,
I don't know, Baby." Susan said. "If I got real horny and wanted it real bad,
would you let him help you fuck me?" "You know I would." I told her. "You'd
get hot watching a big, hard cock slide into my hot, wet cunt, wouldn't you?"
teased Susan. "You'd like me to suck you while he fucked me, I bet!" I
responded by shooting a load of spunk all over Susan's legs and the sheets;
her orgasm followed a few seconds later. As we went to sleep, I reminded her
of the party being held at one of our friends house the next night. Anything
could happen.

The party was being held for a girl named Nancy, who was an old friend of
Susan's. Nancy had a reputation as a 'wild child', but now she was about to
get married, and move out of state. Her fianc’ had already gone ahead, to
set up their home and start a new job. Nancy's friends and co-workers were
throwing her this party both as a 'going-away' and 'bachelorette' party, and
it was almost all female. Alex, me, and one other guy were the only males
among nine drunk, rowdy women. Of course, they had scheduled a male
stripper; but in keeping with Nancy's tastes, and without her knowing,
instead of a legitimate service they had selected an independent guy that one
of the women knew about, one who would go farther than gyrations in a
G-string. When he arrived, dressed as a fireman, in the hat, coat, and
boots, the girls put Nancy on a barstool in the middle of the living room.
Nancy was wearing a short, low cut, white spandex dress. As she sat on the
barstool, wobbling from all the drinks, she kept twisting around as the
dancer danced around her. She either didn't realize or care that her dress
had ridden up over her thighs, exposing her lace bikini panties, and that her
shoulder strap had fallen and her left tit was exposed to the nipple. The
dancer, a very attractive college age guy who was obviously a body builder,
stripped down to a thong, then yanked it off, leaving himself completely
naked except for a very tiny white G-string that barely covered his
considerable bulge. Usually this is the end of the act; but this time, the
young stud moved in and began to rub his bulge back and forth against Nancy's
thigh. When she didn't object, instead screaming at the other girls, he
moved behind her and shoved his now growing bulge against her back as he
massaged her shoulders and down her sides. In seconds he had begun to
massage the sides of Nancy's breasts; the left one was now completely
exposed. As he danced around the other side of the stool and began to run
his bulge against Nancy's other thigh, his cock was rapidly getting hard and
straining against the g-string. He danced away from Nancy and turned to the
line of women sitting around the room. He moved up to each one in turn,
gyrating his crotch in their faces. Several of them grabbed at his cock,
rubbing it through the G-string. Soon the head of his prick was straining
against the top of the pouch, pushing it out and away from his torso. The
ladies unashamedly stared down the top of the pouch as he danced for them.
After making the rounds of the women, the dancer moved back to the very
turned-on Nancy, dancing right up between her legs, spreading them with his
body. He hunched his crotch between her thighs and she went wild, screaming
and humping back against him. He whispered something in her ear and she
grabbed his G-string. When she did, he jumped back and the tiny costume came
off in her hand, leaving him naked; his very impressive and aroused prick
jumped up and bounced against his belly as he danced. Nancy grabbed the
dancer's cock and began stroking it, making it really stiff. Her dress was
by now bunched up around her waist, her flimsy lace panties were pulled into
her cunt, her left tit was bouncing free, and eight other drunken women were
screaming like crazy; the guy was putting on quite a show. He again danced
over to the other women seated around the room, of course this time he was
naked and his very hard cock was bouncing in their faces as he hunched and
gyrated. Every one of the women, all married but one, had to play with his
cock. Several touched and stroked it, two licked the head, and the 39 year
old wife of the company owner was so excited that she just grabbed the stud's
ass, pulled him to her face, and sucked his cock into her mouth. (While all
eyes were on this show, I glanced over and caught Nancy rubbing her cunt
through her panties; she looked like she was about to cum.) The dancer
finally pulled away from the other horny women and strutted back to Nancy.
He danced around her in a circle, rubbing his prick all over her thighs and
back, coming back around between her legs. He wiggled and hunched against
Nancy's crotch, thrusting the head of his cock against her panty covered
pussy. I'm sure that had she pulled the panties aside, or done anything to
encourage him, he'd have fucked her right on the stool in front of all of us.
But she grabbed his cock again and stroked it as he danced and gyrated. The
stud continued to dance and fuck Nancy's hand as she pumped his shaft. It
was obvious what was about to happen and in a few seconds came the inevitable
eruption; the dancer threw his head back, his body began to jerk, along with
his cock, and a big stream of thick, white jism spewed out onto Nancy's
chest. The several additional spurts covered Nancy's lap and hand. You might
say that the crowd went wild; all the women were screaming and applauding.
Now the dance was finished; the guy thanked Nancy for a great evening,
gathered up his clothes and slipped out the back door.

As Nancy was wiping the spunk off of herself, all of the ladies were
discussing the dancers physical attributes, quite graphically. The only
other guy at the party besides me and Alex was pissed off because his
girlfriend had just grabbed the dancer's ass and licked his cock when he
danced up to her naked. "I could do as good as that asshole!" he complained.
Yeah, right, I thought. Then Susan spoke up. "I've been told that a certain
single guy here has a bigger, thicker cock than the dancer." She said,
grabbing Alex by the arm. "Who wants to help me de-pants him and find out for
sure?" All the women were drunk and horny enough that they didn't need much
encouragement. I watched in amusement while Alex struggled against the
women. There were eight of them, of course, (dickhead's girlfriend sat out to
keep him from getting more pissed) and soon they had his arms restrained and
were about to strip him. This had all the makings of a first class orgy, but
reluctantly I had to step in and help him escape; I had different plans for
the evening.

Later, an obviously disappointed Susan pulled me aside and asked why I had
stopped her. "Because I didn't think you'd really want to share him with
eight other horny women." I replied. I could see her eyes light up as she
realized the implications of what I'd done. "Wait until we get home, then
try to strip him again, maybe I'll help you." Suddenly, Susan was ready to
leave; her party was elsewhere.

Almost as soon as we got in the door, Susan was starting on Alex. "I'll bet
your cocks bigger than the dancer's!" She said. "You should have stripped
for us instead of him." "Not me!" Replied Alex, looking at me again. "I'm
too shy. If you girls had gotten my pants off, I'd have shrunk to nothing"
"Well, let's see if you shrink now!" She said, as she grabbed him and pulled
at his belt. Alex kept holding her off but didn't realize I was moving behind
him until I grabbed him and pulled him to the floor on his back. I'm shorter
than Alex, but stronger and have some training that allowed me to easily take
him down and restrain him. He struggled in vain as Susan drunkenly attempted
to release his belt buckle. As she was concentrating on her task, I leaned
over and whispered to Alex. "Quit fighting so hard. Let her strip you first,
then help her strip me, then we'll both get her naked. Who knows what might
happen after that, right?" Alex's struggles became strictly for show after he
realized the plan for the evening. After Susan got his belt unbuckled, she
pulled his shirt up and he helped me pull it off while she unbuttoned his
jeans. After his shirt was off, he left his arms up so I could hold them
down again. Susan pulled his shoes and socks off, then down came the zipper.
She grabbed the waist of his jeans and yanked; Alex "struggled" just so his
ass was off the ground when she pulled and his jeans came down easily. Since
he wasn't wearing underwear, Susan was suddenly sitting on Alex's ankles,
staring at his cock. It was a truly impressive piece of meat; only about
half-hard, it stretched across his thigh, nearly 9" long (real inches, not
'internet inches'), and as thick as Susan's wrist. As I heard her suck in
her breath, I knew that it was the longest, fattest cock that Susan had ever
seen. She just stared for a few seconds, then pulled his jeans the rest of
the way off. "I don't think it's shrinking much!" She exclaimed.

Before she had a chance to make a move, Alex jumped up, and dove on me,
forcing me back to the floor. Then he twisted around behind me, holding my
arms down. "If I'm gonna to be naked, Randy's got to be naked, too!" Alex
said to Susan. "I've got him, you strip him now." Susan got down to the
business at hand, in seconds my cock was swaying in the open, also. Susan
never noticed that we both had released each others arms when we pulled our
shirts off. . . or maybe she did. As soon as she had finished with me, Alex
and I were sitting on the floor, bareassed, and Susan was still dressed.
"This situation ain't right, Alex." I said. "Why should we be naked and
Susan's still got her clothes on?" "Uh Oh!" Susan squealed, as she tried to
get up and run. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her down, we both held an
arm. "Blouse first, I guess." I said to Alex. "Please do the honors."
"You're sure this is OK?" Said Alex. "It's only fair." I replied. Alex
started to unbutton Susan's buttons and I unlatched the front fastening bra.
Susan squirmed as we pulled her top off, exposing her tits, still each
holding an arm. Susan's nipples were hard like little pebbles. This is when
Susan discovered that she had a submissive side. Being held down and
restrained really got her excited. She pretended to struggle, but I could
tell that being restrained and stripped nude by two naked guys was really
turning her on. We both sat on each side of Susan and Alex unzipped her
jeans. Each of us grabbed a side and we worked the jeans down her hips to
her ankles. Now her pussy was in the open. Alex was fascinated by Susan's
bare cunt, he couldn't take his eyes off of it. Then we both released Susan's
arms to pull her jeans off her ankles and she immediately tried to jump and
run. But Alex and I were faster. I grabbed her ankle again and Alex jumped
to his feet and caught her from behind, by the arms, as she turned to run.
As I released my hold and jumped up, Alex was holding Susan back against him,
holding her arms. She was making a pretext of squirming and struggling but
not enough to really get away. She looked me in the eye with that sexy,
piercing look that told me that we had gone too far to back out now. Susan
was on fire and the fire would at least take us both to put out. As she
struggled, she arched her back and tried to pull away, thrusting her breasts
out. "Look at this nasty lady, Alex." I said. "She strips two horny men
naked, then let's them strip her naked, too! Then when you try to hold her,
she sticks her tits out and arches herself so you can see everything she's
got!" In response, Susan scooted back. Of course, that just thrust her ass
cheeks against Alex's stiffening cock. As she felt the hard pole growing
against her ass, she couldn't help but wiggle against it. "Oh yeah, now look
at her." I continued. "Now the nasty girl's rubbing her sexy ass all over
your cock. I bet she's making you all hard and hot, isn't she?" "Oh yes!"
said Alex. "She's fucking hot!" Susan was breathing hard; she was ready to
fuck. She was naked and being restrained, feeling horny and helpless. I knew
she wanted Alex to fuck her; I wanted Alex to fuck her. I wanted to watch
her cum with another man's cock inside her. "Well Baby?" I teased. "I think
you like being held naked. Is Alex's big prick making you horny?" "Oh yes!"
she moaned. "It's so big; so thick and hard!" "I bet you're all ready for it
to slide into your cunt, aren't you, Baby?" "Oh god, Honey, my pussy's on
fire! I just need fucked, right now!" "Your pussy's all slick and wet, I
bet." "Maybe you should check and see." She whispered sexily. I reached
between her legs and touched her outer lips. She was soaked with her own
juice; it was actually starting to run down her thighs. I ran my middle
finger through her hot cuntlips and she moaned and pressed against my
fingers. "Maybe Alex should check out how hot and wet you are." I said.
Alex quickly took the hint and changed his grip on Susan so that he held her
with one hand around her breasts. There was no longer any chance that she
would try to run. With the other hand, he reached down between her legs and
pressed a finger against her pussy. Susan moaned loudly and began to squirm.
"Possibly you should explore in more depth, Alex." I said. In response, Alex
began stroking his fingertip through Susan's cuntlips and brushing across her
engorged clit. In seconds, as she responded, he had two fingers penetrating
her pussy and was pumping them into her as he rubbed her clit with her thumb.
Susan was now gasping and hunching back against Alex's erection. I quickly
reached behind her, took Alex's cock and pushed it down so that it thrust out
between her legs. His pole was so long and thick that it stuck out between
Susan's legs, as though she had a cock of her own. Now she was going crazy,
thrusting her crotch back and forth, sliding the stout shaft between her
cuntlips, the back of the head bumping against her clit. Alex started to
roughly knead her tits and twist the hard nipples. Susan was rubbing her
clit across Alex's long, hard shaft and I knew she was about to erupt. I
started to stroke my hard prick and she cried out for me to 'jerk it for
her'. In seconds Susan began to scream that she was cumming. As she
orgasmed, Alex kept pinching her nipples and dragging his thick cockhead
across her erect clit. Susan's orgasm lasted almost a minute and when it
finally subsided, she was begging for more.

I gently guided Susan to the floor and laid her on her back. She began to
finger herself in frustration, needing another orgasm. She had her knees up
and her cunt spread open. Alex looked at me, the question in his eyes. "Give
her that big cock she's wanting." I said quietly. Alex knelt on the floor,
his head between her legs, and stuck the end of his tongue against her bare
cunt. Susan moaned and arched her back, spreading her legs farther apart and
pushing her pussy against his face. He began to lick her snatch and then he
pressed his lips against her pussy and suddenly Susan jerked and let out a
loud wail. "Ohhhhh Yesssss!" Alex pulled his face back slightly and I saw a
tongue that looked like it belonged to Gene Simmons. It was at least 5
inches long and he curled up the tip as he pulled it out of Susan's pussy.
Then he straightened it even longer and thrust it back in. I could tell he
was wiggling it around inside her and curling the tip over her G-spot. Susan
was going wild. Alex, it was turning out, was one of those men who was made
to pleasure women. I was excited to see how well he was getting Susan off.
When she was ready to cum, he pulled his tongue out of her cunt and flicked
the tip up and down across her extended clit. Immediately, Susan began
cumming, bucking and screaming as she rode his tongue.

Alex moved up and pressed the head of his cock against her cunt. Susan took
his cock and began rubbing the thick shaft between her lips and across her
pink, engorged clit, using Alex's pole to masturbate herself. He caught on
quick and was soon sliding his shaft up and down between her pussylips. I
just stood and slowly stroked my cock, taking in the sight. Susan looked up
at me. "Oh, Baby, He's gonna make me cum again!" She cried. "He's rubbing my
clit so good! Oh god, I'm cummmming!!!" Again she had a screaming orgasm
that seemed to go on forever. "I've got to fuck you!" Cried Alex. He held
Susan and they rolled over so she was astride him, his massive prick standing
straight up. Susan could control his penetration in that position. Alex took
his cock in his hand and pressed the head against Susan's pussy. As she
slowly rocked back against the thick cock, her slippery cuntlips parted and I
watched as the huge cockhead slipped into my wife's pussy. Susan moved her
hips back with a loud moan and Alex slowly slid the full length of his shaft
inside her. Susan opened her eyes and looked right at me with a little sexy
smile as another man began to fuck her for the first time right in front of
me. "Oh, Baby!" She cried, "Alex's cock feels so fucking good! It's so
huge! He's splitting me in two! He's gonna make me cum again! You like
watching me cum, don't you, Baby?" "Oh yeah I do!" I replied as I gently
slapped my cock against her cheek. "I like to watch my nasty girl get off!"
"I am your nasty girl, but you made me this way! It's all your fault that
I've got this big cock in my little pussy. You could have stopped me, but
you didn't. You let me get too horny to stop. And I love it. . . and you!"

She took my prick in her mouth and began giving me one of her great blow-jobs
as she began to ride Alex's cock. But she soon let go of me as she got into
getting fucked. Alex began twisting her hard nipples and soon he was bucking
his ass off the floor, pistoning that huge pole into her tight cunt. Susan
held onto his arms and bounced up and down as he rammed her. In seconds she
was cumming again. Alex kept thrusting into her and pulling on her tits as
she came and it seemed that she went from one orgasm right into another,
seconds later. She came at least four times before Alex finally lost control
and pumped big spurts of thick cum deep into her pussy. As Alex's orgasm
relaxed, Susan sat up, still impaled on his shaft, and again took my cock in
her mouth. I was so turned by the visual, it only took seconds before I
boiled over and exploded, shooting a load of hot spunk into her willing

As Alex pulled out of Susan's snatch, I could see that his cock was still
nearly hard. Susan was still ready for more. With Alex's cock lying on his
belly, she hunched her pussy up and down against the shaft. His massive load
of cum was seeping out of her cunt and coating her cuntlips and his cock with
cream as she rode him. Alex twisted and pinched Susan's nipples as she slid
her pink clit across his shaft. In a minute, she was cumming again.
Watching them had made me hard again and I wanted my cock inside my wife's
just fucked pussy. I gently slid her down and Alex took his cock in his hand
and guided it to Susan's mouth. I watched as his cock lengthened and
hardened as Susan sucked and licked it. Susan's cunt was stretched out and
gaping open from the assault it had just received from Alex's huge rod. She
was slick with her pussyjuice and his jism. My prick was so hard it was
aching so I laid on Susan's back and guided it between her thighs to her
pussy. I easily slid into her warm, wet, slippery snatch. As I thrust into
her, I could feel the cum squish around my cock, a strange feeling. "I want
you both in me!" Susan mumbled to me as I pumped into her pussy and watched
as she sucked on Alex's cock. Susan normally didn't really like it in her
ass, but now I helped her move up on Alex's body until his stiff prick
slipped between her thighs. I pulled out of her pussy and again watched as
Alex's much larger cock penetrated Susan. I pressed my cockhead at her
little asshole and steadily pushed. We were generously lubed with cum and
pussyjuice and slowly her asshole yielded and my cock slid into her ass.
Susan began to moan as we both slowly pumped her. Awkward at first, Alex and
I could feel each others cocks inside of Susan and soon developed a rhythm.
We altered our strokes so that at times we were thrusting in and out together
and then we would alternate strokes so that one was pulling back while the
other was pumping in. Susan was going crazy with pleasure; she had her hand
between her legs and was frantically fingering her clit as we fucked her.
She was cumming almost continuously, moaning and thrashing around between us.
Alex groaned that he was cumming and stiffened as he blew another load of
spunk into Susan. I was just on the edge and I grabbed Susan's nipples and
twisted them roughly which along with her masturbation of her clit and Alex's
cock still in her cunt, sent her into one more orgasm. As she came, Susan
bucked her ass against my crotch and her slick but very tight asshole was too
much for me to withstand. I felt my cock start to spasm and I pumped a load
of thick hot cum into Susan's ass.

Finally, Susan seemed satiated, or at least exhausted. We all disengaged and
lay together in a pile, dozing. After an hour or so, we decided to take a
shower together to clean up. Under the warm water, Alex and I soaped Susan
up, washing and rubbing her entire body. She began to get excited again, as
we alternated rubbing between her legs and massaging her tits. She made sure
that our cocks were soapy and clean by stroking both of us until we were hard
and horny again. When Alex tried to turn her to face him and started to put
the head of his huge, stiff cock between her legs, she said teasingly, "Oh
No! You're not gonna put that big thing in my little pussy!!" She
halfheartedly tried to bolt from the shower, but I grabbed her arms and held
her back against me. She sighed and pretended to struggle, actually just
grinding her ass against my stiff prick. "Help! Let me go!" she cried, "I
can't take anymore!" "Well, Alex." I said, "What do we do with a nasty girl
who fucks a man right in front of her husband, and then gets us hard and
tries to run away?" "I think we should punish her." Alex replied. His
massive cock was hard and thick, with a purple helmeted head that was even
fatter than the shaft. Getting a good look at it, I could see that it was
bigger than I'd thought, probably more than 9 inches. It was too heavy to
stand up against his belly, it just pointed straight out, pointing at Susan.
As he spoke, Alex swayed forward and slowly rubbed the head against Susan's
belly. "I think this sexy lady needs a good tongue lashing." Alex leaned
down and kissed her; Susan opened her mouth and their tongues intertwined,
then Alex bent down and his long tongue snaked out and began flicking Susan's
nipples, one then the other. Susan let out a long moan and began to squirm,
her pelvis starting to rotate. Alex sucked and licked her tits for a minute,
then, with me still holding her arms, went down to his knees and his tongue
flicked out and touched her protruding clit. She thrust her cunt out at him
as she groaned. As Alex began to lick at her pussy lips, Susan spread her
legs to allow him to better access to her pussy. Alex licked her snatch for
a minute, then that long tongue curved up and entered her. Alex was fucking
Susan's pussy with his tongue, and she was fucking him back, moaning with
pleasure and grinding her cunt against his face and tongue. I continued to
hold her, but now I was mainly holding her up, and my hard and soapy cock was
planted between her sexy asscheeks, sliding up and down as she humped Alex's
face. I felt her tense up as she came. Now that she was wet and ready, Alex
stood up and put her hand on his member. Susan pointed the head at her pussy
and guided it in. Alex fucked her standing up as I held her. Every thrust
made her ass slide against my cock and soon my cock tensed up and I pumped a
load of spunk all over Susan's lower back. Susan was loving that big prick,
she came three times before Alex yelled that he was cumming and rammed his
cock hard into her as he blew his load; that made Susan cum once again, she
really screamed that time.

We were now all exhausted. We cleaned up and all piled into bed, Susan
between us. In the morning I was awakened to the bed rocking, and groaning
sounds of Susan having an orgasm next to me. Susan was lying on her back and
Alex was really hosing her cunt. She told me later that she woke up and
Alex's cock was hard and poking her, so she slid down and started sucking it
as she played with herself. When Alex woke up, he just grabbed her, flipped
her over, and drove his hot cock right into her. Susan was moaning and had
her legs up over his shoulders. My prick was hard instantly, but they were
obviously enjoying their fuck so much that I just watched them as I held
Susan's electric massager against my cock. When Alex shot his load, Susan
cried out, "No, don't stop! Keep fucking me with your big cock! Make me cum
again!" Alex kept pumping her, his cock showed no signs of softening, and
soon his cum was squishing out of Susan's cunt as he fucked her. This sight
was too much for me and suddenly I was cumming, jism pumping out of my cock
all over my belly. Susan saw me squirt and she was instantly cumming again,
her orgasm lasted almost a full minute and Alex pounded her pussy until she

After Alex had left, Susan and I talked about what we'd let take place. We
agreed that we'd both enjoyed ourselves and that we still loved each other.
We both knew that similar situations were going to happen again; we both
wanted it to. Susan admitted that she loved the feeling that being fucked by
a really big cock gave her. So, we agreed that when we had our 'adventures'
we would always be together, and we would be totally honest with each other.
We said that we would be the ones making love; any other people would be our
'sex toy'. Finally, Susan made me agree that when it was time for an
'adventure' and we were together, she could get drunk and let her inhibitions
go away; I had the right and responsibility to stop her if she was getting
into trouble, but otherwise anything that happened was ok. Basically, I gave
her the ok to get stoned and act out any fantasy that she had. Between the
two of us, we acted out quite a few . . . but those are other stories to

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