The Shaver 2. - sex stories

The Shaver 2.

After David lost interest in me once again I waited for nearly three weeks,
until the middle of May, before I worked up the nerve to call Charlie again.
I told myself that I only wanted her help shaving again but I knew deep
inside that was not really the reason. For one, I'd watched her do it and
could easily have done it myself. For two, David was no longer even
interested in my shaved pussy, which was now well on it's way to growing
back. What I really wanted, part of me was forced to admit, was for her to
put her mouth upon me again, to lick me and make me feel the way I'd felt
after she'd smeared me with baby oil and eaten me.

I didn't think I was a lesbian. The thought that I was craving the touch of
another woman filled me with shame and dread. But I couldn't help myself. I
picked up the phone and started dialing her number perhaps two dozen times,
always slamming the receiver back down before Charlie's phone had a chance to
ring. What was I doing? I'd ask myself. Was I really trying to invite a
woman, my husband's sister no less, over to my house in the hopes that she
would eat my pussy? WAS I a lesbian? Was I?

At night, after the children were in bed, but before David came home from the
office I would lie naked upon my bed, my fingers rubbing through my wet
pussy, pushing into my clit. Going through my mind on these occasions were
not fantasies of Mel Gibson or Brad Pitt but of Charlie, of her rough fingers
smearing baby oil all over my crotch, of her fingers sliding into my smoothly
shaven slit, probing deliciously into my depths, of her mouth finally
attaching itself to me, licking and sucking. I found myself wondering what
it would be like to strip Charlie's clothes off and return the favor, to put
my own face between her legs, my own tongue into her slit. My orgasms were
always powerful. My guilt and shame afterword was always deep.

Finally, one day, I could take it no more. Or so I thought. Determined to go
through with it, I picked up the phone and dialed her number, keeping the
receiver to my ear while it started to ring. My hands were trembling with
fear. My pussy was leaking moisture from arousal. It rang two times, three
times and my nerves crumbled once again. I slammed the phone back down once
more, unable to continue. I was breathing deeply, near tears, emotions
assaulting me from all sides.

The phone rang, making me jump. I stared at it for a moment and then reached
over and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Jen?" It was Charlie! "Did you just call me and hang up?"

Charlie obviously had caller ID on her phone. I cursed myself for not having
thought of that. After all, we had it on our own phone. For a moment I was
unable to think of a thing to say to her.

"Jen?" She said, her voice lightly irritated. "Hello? Are you there?"

"I'm uh, sorry Charlie." I finally stammered. "I'm here."

"Cool." She said, her voice more pleasant now. "What'd you want? And why'd
you hang up after only three rings? Give a girl a chance to get out of bed."

"You were in bed?" I blabbered. "I'm sorry, I'll just call back..."

"I'm up now Jen." She said patiently. "I just got off shift this morning and
was catching a little nap. Busy night you know. So, what was it that you

I want you to eat my pussy again! My mind screamed, making me shiver. "I uh,
well... I was just wondering if maybe, you know, if you weren't doing anything
today, if you could maybe, kind of..."

"Kind of what?" She asked.

"Well," I said, willing myself to spit it out. "I need to, you know, shave
myself again."

"Oh." Charlie said, tonelessly. "How did that work out with David anyway?"

"Okay, I guess." I said. "He, uh, really seemed to like it a lot."

"Did he munch it?" She asked with teasing curiosity.

Not as good as you did, I did not say. "Yes."

"You know Jen," Charlie said seriously. "Sometimes you just go into way too
much detail about things, you know that?"

"Sorry." I mumbled, feeling the conversation slipping away from me. "He did
like it a lot and he has.... licked it a lot. Much more than he ever did

"Well good for you." She said.

"But it's growing back." I blurted.

"So shave it again." She said simply. "I taught you how."

I swallowed nervously. "But I'm kinda.... kinda scared to do it myself. Could
you help me again?"

"Help you again?" She asked pointedly.

"Yes." I answered quietly. "Please?"

There was a long pause, long enough for me to think I'd gone too far, that she
would stiffly tell me no and maybe say that it wasn't a good idea for me to
call her anymore. I was actually sweating with fear and anticipation.

"Sure." She finally said. "Give me about two more hours to nap and then I'll
be over at about," A pause, probably while she consulted the nearest
timepiece, "Oh, say twelve o'clock?"

"I'll be waiting." I told her, wondering what I was getting myself into but
anxious for the noon hour to roll around none the less.

She showed up precisely at 12:00, pulling her little Volkswagen Jetta into
our driveway and walking to the front door where I met her. It was one of
those rare beautiful Seattle spring days, we get about two of them each year,
and Charlie was dressed to suit the occasion. She wore a white half-shirt
with the logo of the Seattle Fire Department printed on it. It showed off
her bare midriff, which like most Seattle residents that did not spend time
in a tanning salon, was pale in color. Despite this her stomach was smooth
and sexy looking, unmarred by the stretchmarks of childbirth. I saw that she
wore a silver stud in her navel, something I'd never known about her before.
Her legs, also pale, but in exquisite shape and bulging with runner's muscle,
were bare beneath a pair of blue shorts. Opened-toed sandals were on her
feet, showing manicured and painted toenails. Her long dark hair was in its
usual state of wind-blown disarray. Her face was, as always, devoid of
make-up, a pair of cheap sunglasses resting on her nose. Her smile was
infectious as she greeted me with a warm hug.

"Come in, come in." I told her, releasing her embrace and standing aside. I
myself had spent more than an hour making myself presentable this morning.
Picking out clothes, showering, putting on my make-up, fixing my hair just
right. It wasn't just because of what I hoped would happen with Charlie, I
did this every day. No one would ever cast his or her eyes upon Mrs. David
Brentling sans make-up and hairdo. God forbid! Despite this I felt myself
feeling envious at Charlie's rugged beauty, wind-blown hair and all.

"So," Charlie said, looking at me with her cynical brown eyes. "The beaver
getting a little fuzzy again, is it?"

"Charlie!" I barked, suppressing a smile. "My God."

"Let me tell you something Jen," She said, her eyes boring into me. "I don't
like to mince words. I like for things to be right out in the open, you know
what I mean?"

I swallowed nervously, uncomfortable under her gaze. Finally I nodded. "Yes."
I said. "I guess I do." But I didn't. Not then anyway.

I poured us each a glass of wine from my large stockpile of White Zinfandel
and Chardonnay. We carried them upstairs to the bathroom where I broke out
the towel, the razor, the shaving cream, the washcloth, the scissors, and,
most importantly, the baby oil. I set them all carefully down on the counter
except for the towel, which I laid across the edge of the tub once again.
Already I could feel moisture oozing from between my legs. Looking down at
myself, I saw that my nipples were hard beneath my silk blouse. I doubted
that Charlie had failed to notice this too, although she said nothing, simply
sitting on the toilet lid while I made the preparations.

When I was done I looked at her, smiling nervously. Her gaze was

"Get those pants off." She said. "And let's get to work."

I nodded, feeling a flush creep up into my neck and face, feeling my pussy
get wetter as I unsnapped my pants and pushed them down and off. A slight
smile touched Charlie's face as I did this. Looking in the mirror mounted on
the door behind her I thought I knew why. There was visible dampness on the
crotch of my pink panties. Embarrassed at my obvious arousal I quickly
pushed them down. This did not help. The odor of my musk immediately filled
the air around us. I saw Charlie's nostrils flare a little and detected the
first signs of arousal on HER face.

I sat down on the towel and spread my legs widely, opening myself to her.
She didn't look right then however since she was occupying herself with the
task of running hot water in the sink. I did see her rub her legs together a
few times, as if there was an itch there. When she turned back to me, a hot
washcloth in her hand I saw that her nipples were now standing erect, pushing
at the material of her half-shirt. Her bare stomach was covered with

"You ready?" She asked softly, her eyes taking in the sight of my pussy, her
tongue touching her lips, moistening them. Seeing her tongue made me want to
touch it with my own, to suck it into my mouth, to taste it. I hoped I would
get to do that before this afternoon was over.

"Yes." I answered, my respiration rapid, visible juice now pooling on my

"Then let's get started." She said, dropping to her knees before me. "It
doesn't look like enough has grown back to use the scissors."

Like before she cleansed and wetted me with gentle strokes of the hot towel.
My odor went away due to the cleansing but my lips became more swollen,
protruding further out. My clit was already hard and eager. She applied the
shaving cream, rubbing it in firmly. This time I knew exactly why I was
becoming so aroused and didn't try to make excuses to myself.

She picked up the razor and began shaving me, starting with the top as
before, and then working her way to the sides. Again her fingers were forced
to enter my slit a little, to pull the lips tight as she shaved. This time I
relished the sensation, enjoying the gentle tugs and scrapes of the razor.
This part was just the foreplay I knew. The main event would come when she
picked up the baby oil. For this I longed with all of my horniness.

When all of the stubble was scraped free once again, leaving my pubic area as
shiny and smooth as a baby's ass, she wiped away the excess shaving cream and
dropped the towel into the sink. I was as turned on as I'd ever been in my
life. Despite having just been wiped clean with a wet rag, I could still
smell my lustful odor permeating the room. My lips were wide open, begging
for Charlie's fingers and tongue to caress them. My clit was swollen and so
hard it was almost painful.

At last Charlie reached over and picked up the bottle of baby oil. She held
it before her eyes for a moment as if she'd never seen such a thing.
Finally, with a queer smile she stood up.

"All done." She said, tossing the bottle of oil to me. Reflexively I caught

"What?" I asked in alarmed shock, thinking, 'you're not going to leave me like
this, are you?'

"All done." She repeated. "And a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I'm
sure you can put the baby oil on by yourself, can't you?"

"But..." I started, and then stopped. I could not think of a single thing to
say. What was she doing? Didn't she know how turned on I was? Didn't she
know I wanted her to repeat her last performance? I could plainly see how
turned on SHE was. Her nipples were bulging out forcefully and she
continually had to rub her legs together. What was she doing to me?

"But what?" Charlie asked, staring at me again. "Don't mince words Jen. Tell
me what's on your mind."

I sat there panting for a moment, staring back at her, feeling on the verge of
tears. Tears of frustration and arousal. Tears of fear. What did she want
from me? Why couldn't she just do what I wanted, what she knew I wanted? Why
couldn't we repeat the events of last time without discussion?

She looked sad as she turned towards the door. "I'll be downstairs Jen." She
told me. "If you don't mind, I'll help myself to some more wine."

She started to head for the door.

"Wait." I said.

She stopped instantly, turning to look at me once again. I was still sitting
on the bathtub, my legs spread wide, shaved smooth, and dripping with
secretions. She raised her eyebrows questioningly at me.

"I...." I started, gulping. "I'd really like it if.... if you would put the
baby oil on me."

"Oh?" She said, walking a little closer. "And why is that?"

"Charlie," I said, nearly sobbing. "I don't..."

"Don't mince words Jen." She repeated. "Tell me what you want. What you need.
Just tell me."

"I want to feel your hands on me." I spouted. "I want to feel your fingers
inside of me again. Please Charlie, don't let me sit here like this.
Please?" I held out the bottle of oil to her desperately.

She smiled and took it from my trembling hands. Once again she sank to her
knees before me. She poured the cool oil over my vagina and I sighed deeply
as her hand began rubbing it in, slathering all over my pubis, brushing
teasingly against my clit.

"So you like my hands on you, do you?" She asked, her fingers now making
slight probes between my lips, making me gasp.

"Do you?" She insisted.

"Yes." I breathed, pushing my crotch towards her digits, trying to force them
in deeper.

She put her free hand on my hip and then suddenly slid three fingers deep
inside of me. They went in with a wet squish I felt more than heard. It was
wonderful, fulfilling and I clenched at her fingers hungrily with my vaginal
muscles. "Ahhh." I moaned.

"Is that what you wanted Jen?" She asked, pulling them out a little and then
sliding them back in slowly. "For me to finger fuck your pussy. Do you like
it when your sister-in-law does this? Do you?"

"Yesss!" I groaned loudly, humping her fingers actively now, trying to drive
them in.

"What else do you want me to do to you?" She asked. "Just ask and I'll do

"Ohhh God, Charlie, please? You know what I want. Please?"

"Ask me." She repeated. "All you have to do is ask."

"Eat me!" I screamed, in a fit of lust now. I was willing to do anything if
she would just put her mouth upon me. "Please Charlie? Eat my pussy! Make me
come. Please?"

Slowly she slid her fingers from me, her eyes staring into mine. She smiled.
"That's better." She said. "Doesn't it feel better to say what you want? To
cast aside innuendo?"

"Charlie please?" I pleaded. "Eat me! Put your tongue in me!"

She stood up, holding her hand out to me. "Let's go in the bedroom." She said.
"Where we can do this the right way."

I took her hand and allowed her to lead me to the king-sized bed in the master
bedroom, the bed I shared with her brother, my husband. It was neatly made of
course. I would have no more have allowed a guest over with a bed unmade then
I would have allowed unmatched China at a formal dinner party. We stared in
each other's eyes as we stood at the foot of the bed.

"You want me to make love to you?" She asked. "To fuck you?"

I nodded sheepishly.

"What?" She asked.

"Yes." I finally said.

"Take off my shirt." She told me.

I reached for her and grabbed the hem of her half-shirt. I pulled upward,
lifting it over her head and letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were
confined in a plain white bra. She turned around slowly, allowing me access
to the snap that held it in place. I ran my hands over the smooth flesh of
her back, marveling over the soft feel of female flesh beneath my fingers. I
grabbed the snap and released it. Her bra loosened and she allowed it to
drop off of her shoulders to the floor.

She turned around again, allowing me to gaze upon her breasts. I've seen a
lot of breasts in my time that were not my own. What woman hasn't? We see
each other in dressing rooms, in locker rooms all of the time. Never had I
paid those breasts much attention. If I did, it was only to compare them to
mine. Never had I felt the urges within me that I felt when I saw Charlie's
tits before me for the first time. They were smaller than mine, slightly
firmer, capped with larger nipples that were standing erect. I longed to put
my mouth upon them, to suck them, to lick them. I longed to squeeze them, to
feel their pliancy.

"Well?" Charlie asked, thrusting them out at me.

"They're beautiful Charlie." I told her.

"Do you want to touch them?" She asked.


"Then do it Jen." She said. "My body is yours right now. Do what you want.
Do anything you want."

I reached out and put my hands against her tits, feeling them against my
palms. She pushed her chest forward and moaned with the contact. I felt the
tips of her nipples pushing against my hands, felt the softness of her flesh
as I squeezed. Her hands came up and rested on my shoulders.

I sat down on the bed and pulled her to me. This left her tits exactly at
the level of my mouth. My lips began kissing the top of her tits, switching
from left to right, avoiding the nipples for now, feeling the softness of
femininity against my mouth, inhaling the scent of a female body in intimacy
for the first time in my life. I kissed all around her breasts, working my
way from the outside to the center, finally capturing her right nipple in my
mouth. It was firm and hard, covered with ridges and bumps that rubbed
against my tongue. She moaned her pleasure as I suckled like a baby, her
fingers running through my styled hair, mussing it in a way I never allowed
my husband to do (my hair was OFF-LIMITS during sex with David, a rule I'd
established even before marriage). My hands caressed her smooth back for a
moment and then dropped down, brushing across her ass, which was still
covered with her shorts (but oh so firm beneath my hands) and to the backs of
her bare thighs. I felt the flesh of her legs, feeling the bulging muscles,
the fine array of downy hair that grew there. I ran my hand upward, trailing
under the leg of her shorts, twisting my hand inward so it was between her
legs, against the flesh of her inner thighs.

The back of my hand pushed against the material of her shorts, finding it
damp. She gasped at the pressure, her fingers tightening in my hair. My
thumb poked upwards, seeking and finding the edge of her panties, worming
beneath them, feeling kinky hair and warm wetness, finally probing between
smooth, very wet lips.

"Oh God Jen." Charlie gasped, her legs spasming.

I drove my thumb upward, sliding all the way inside of her, marveling at the
feel of having a part of my body inserted inside of another woman's vagina,
liking the squishing sensation of penetration. Charlie's hips began to move
up and down, trying to increase the pressure. I knew, as a woman, that what
I was doing to her would feel good. I knew what would feel even better and I
began to twist my wrist, pushing on the outside of her crotch while grinding
the thumb inside of her. I moved my mouth to the other breast, finding it
just as tasty as its neighbor.

Charlie suddenly pulled away from me, disengaging contact. I wondered if she
was feeling remorse but was relieved when I saw the lust in her eyes. She
kicked off her shoes and dropped her shorts and panties in one swift motion.
Her black, curly bush was not shaved but was neatly trimmed. Her lips were
pouting outward and I felt myself licking my lips as I thought about licking
her between her legs, making her come.

Once naked she walked towards me purposefully. Her hands reached out and
grabbed my blouse near the breasts. She inserted her fingers into the gaps
between the buttons and pulled sharply. Buttons popped free and shot in all
directions throughout the room. My bra-clad tits were now exposed, my
hundred- dollar blouse now a ripped ruin but I didn't care. She reached
behind me and jerked the strap of my bra open, destroying it too. She pulled
it from my body and cast it aside.

We stared at each other, naked, wet, lustful. She reached out, putting her
hands on my shoulders and pushed me to the bed. I went willingly and she
laid atop me, pushing her breasts into mine. I could feel their firmness
against my own, I could feel the dampness of my clinging saliva on her
nipples wetting the tops of my tits. She lowered her mouth to mine and
suddenly her tongue was in my mouth, her lips pressed to mine.

She was a great kisser, both soft and insistent at once. She sucked my
tongue into her mouth and I did the same. Our saliva went from one mouth to
the other. She sucked my lips into her mouth, making them swell. Her right
leg twisted under my left and our pussies came together. I felt her kinky
hair and her wet lips grinding against my lips and clit, her smooth thigh
rubbing against mine. I pushed my crotch back against her, sucking on her
tongue now, mashing my tits against her chest.

She moved down my body, trailing kisses across my chest until she came to my
breasts. She took a nipple into her mouth and suckled it with such
gentleness, such intensity that I felt an orgasm trying to strain free from
simply that alone. My tits were beautiful and men lusted after them. I'd
had men suck on them all of my life. Never had a mouth upon my nipple felt
so divine as Charlie's however.

I reached downward, inserting my hands into her smoothly shaved armpits and
pulling upward on her. She came willingly, sliding her crotch along my body,
leaving a trail of moisture as she advanced. She knew what I was after and
positioned herself accordingly. Soon her hairy vagina was hovering over my
face, the scent of her arousal filling my nostrils; a scent so much different,
but yet so similar to my own.

I looked at her swollen lips, her protruding clit, at the moisture that was
actually dripping off of her, wetting her inner thighs and dampening her pubic
hair. I put my hands to her slim waist and pulled downward upon her, planting
that beautiful crotch directly onto my face.

Her warm, wet lips smashed against my mouth and I probed my tongue between
them, tasting the tart flavor of her juices, feeling the strands of pubic hair
against my lips. I tongued up and down, licking in a way I knew would feel
good. Charlie's hips began to rise and fall, moans began to come from her
vocal cords. I felt her fingers gliding over my stomach, finally reaching my
own slit, still slippery from the baby oil, and probing between them, keeping
me very interested. I closed my thighs around her hand, trapping it there.

I began to tongue her swollen clit, gently at first, testing its texture,
finding it larger than my own and more sensitive apparently. I licked it
with the tip of my tongue, feeling every detail of its structure. I felt the
smooth outer edges of it, I felt the dip at the top, so much like the shape
of a volcano. I stabbed at it a few times and then fastened my lips to it,
beginning to suck, forgetting that what I was doing was lesbianism,
forgetting that I was married woman with kids, forgetting everything but the
reaction of Charlie's body to my actions.

Her hips began to pound more rapidly up and down on my face. Her fingers
began to slam with more insistence yet with less actual rhythm inside my
snatch. I took a chance on something, doing to Charlie what I'd always
wanted done to me but that I'd never had the nerve to ask anyone before. I
wormed a finger into her ass cheeks, wetting it thoroughly with her juices,
and then touched the bud of her anus.

She gave a little cry of pleasure at this touch but offered no protestations.
Encouraged I slowly slid my finger into her tight ass, twisting it as I
entered, feeling her muscles gripping me.

"Ohhh," Charlie moaned, her hips banging harder now. "Ohhh God Jen! Ohhhh!
Deeper! More!"

I wormed another finger into her ass, pushing both of them as far up as they
would go. I then began to twist them back and forth, all the while continuing
to apply steady suction on her clit.

"Ohhhhhh! Yessssss! Yesssss!" She screamed, her thighs tightening around my
face. "Yes, yes, yes!"

I sucked harder, twisted my fingers faster. Her clit seemed to disappear in
my mouth for a moment, a sure sign that orgasm was assaulting her.

"Godddddd!" She cried, her hips bashing me almost painfully now. "I'm

It lasted nearly a minute. Her hips slammed into me, her asshole clenched
around my fingers, her juices poured down onto my face, drenching me. I
continued sucking and twisting until her spasms slowed and finally came to a
halt. Her body relaxed and her fingers withdrew from my cunt.

She rolled off of me, grasping me and pulling my face to hers. Her tongue was
in my mouth, probing my tonsils it seemed. Her hands were squeezing my tits

A moment later her face was between my legs, eating me like I'd never been
eaten before.

She brought me to three orgasms, each one better than the last before she
pulled her face away. I was a panting, sweaty mess by this time, my make-up
smeared, my hair trashed, my body flushed. Our arms came around each other
and we started kissing each other, exchanging tongues, cuddling each other,
pushing our wet bodies together.

Finally we relaxed. Still pressed together, the sweat drying on us, we looked
in each other's eyes.

"That was absolutely incredible Charlie." I told her, kissing her eyelid.
"I've never come like that in my life."

She nodded gently. "Yeah." She said. "It was fun, wasn't it?"

I stared at her, aghast, thousands of emotions working on me. "Fun?" I asked.
"Is that all you have to say about it. Fun?"

She offered her cynical smile again. "Yes." She nodded, pulling me a little
closer. "Fun. Two women enjoying sexuality together, exploring each other's
bodies. It's fun to do it once in a while."

Once in a while? "You mean," I started, thought for a moment how to
articulate myself, and then rushed on. "You're NOT a lesbian?"

She barked laughter into the room. "A lesbian?" She asked. "Is that what you
think of me? Jesus Christ!" She pulled away from me, sitting up in the bed,
her tits bouncing with her motion. "I swear to God, you eat a pussy now and
then and people think you're a lesbian."

"You're not?" I asked and then, quieter, "I'm not?"

"No!" She laughed. "We're just two women sharing a little pleasure with each
other. There's nothing wrong with that. You're horny, I'm horny, we both know
what to do about it. Sometimes it's nice to be with another woman. But it's
also nice to be with a man."

"I've never come like that with a man." I told her, confused.

She smiled, standing up and stretching. "That's because you've been chasing
rich assholes all of your life. Like my brother. He's the epitome of the rich
asshole. They know they got what women like you want, good old legal tender,
so they never bother learning how to fuck. Why should they? They have
beautiful chicks practically dropping down and giving them blowjobs left and
right. Have you ever really enjoyed sex with a man, I mean REALLY?"

I stared at her, knowing I should be offended and deeply so. She had just
insulted me badly, calling me nothing more than a whore. But I knew there
was too much truth in what she had said to be offended. She had pinned me
down exactly. I DID marry David for money. Every guy I'd ever dated in my
entire life had been on the basis of his earning potential and not because of
physical attractiveness or personality.

"Well?" Charlie asked, standing naked before me, her eyes probing. "Have you?"

"No." I said. "Not really."

"That's your problem." She said. "That's the source of the confusion you're
feeling right now. Woman on woman is nice, don't get me wrong. I've liked it
ever since I tried it for the first time in the tenth grade. But there's
nothing like having a man who knows what he's doing fuck the shit out of you.
It makes what you and I just did nothing more than a step above jerking off."

I was speechless, staring at the enigmatic Charlie as she bent down and began
retrieving her clothes. She seemed deep in thought while I pondered the
events of the day.

As she dressed she seemed to come to a decision. "Listen Jen," She said. "I'm
going to a party tonight with my boyfriend. He's a cop you know but it's a
party where they'll be a bunch of paramedics, nurses, and firefighters there.
A REAL party, not what you're used to. Any chance you can get a babysitter
tonight and come with me?"

"Why?" I asked confused.

She gave a mysterious look. "I think you might have a good time." She
answered. "So what do you say?"

My mother, I knew, would be more than happy to watch the kids if I asked her.
But did I really want to do this. Curiosity got the better of me. "What

"I'll pick you up at 5:30." She said.

"What should I wear?" I asked next, the main question at most parties.

She chuckled. "It's a warm, spring night. How about shorts and a T-shirt? Do
you even have anything like that?"

"I think I can dig something like that up." I told her indignantly, making a
note to go to the store and pick up some shorts and a T-shirt.

She finished donning her clothes. "See you at five-thirty then." She said.
She gave me a lingering kiss on the mouth, allowing me to taste myself on her
lips, stirring my desire once again. "I think you're in for a night to

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