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Kate, Mistress

"Oooooh GOD! Kate, Mistress .... please, don't torture me this
way. I don't know how much longer I can stand it!" My head tossed
from side to side as I spoke. The pressure of the hot fluids
trapped inside my body was becoming painful. I felt if I didn't
cum soon I would explode, flooding the insides of my own body with
"Don't?" She asked with authority. "Did my slave actually
say don't to me?" She laughed a wicked little laugh, "Dear slave,
you don't understand do you? You are MY slave, I AM your Mis-
tress. I will decide what I will and will not do, not you. Your
only purpose for being tonight is to make me happy. Do you under-
"Y-yes, Kate." I said sheepishly, "I will do as you say, its
just that you're driving me crazy .... I can't help it, I just want
to feel all of me deep inside you."
"Let me hear you beg for it slave." She said tauntingly, eyes
flashing then she licked the underside of my throbbing shaft
from base to tip.
"OH GOD!" I moaned, my body jerking in response to her tongue.
"You are the perfect Mistress." I was gasping for breath, barely
getting the words out. "You are fair in your punishment and
compassionate in your judgement. Please, Mistress, I beg of you,
have compassion for this unworthy servant .... I exist only to
give you pleasure .... ummmmm please, allow my fevered and eager
cock to explore the depths of your throat ... Oh God, Kate, allow
this pitiful slave to provide you with a warm drink of sweet juices
to soothe your burning throat .... please, Kate, I only want to
please you ....."
"Oooooh slave!" She purred, her eyes softening with compassion
and just a hint of eagerness. "You have begged so eloquently,
how can I possibly refuse? Besides, I am anxious to taste your
cum again. I have decided to grant your request."
She put the vibrator back on my scrotum and quickly slid her
hot mouth down the full length of my tormented cock, enclosing it
in a moist, velvety sheath that clung to the contours of my shaft
and head like a glove.
"Aaaaagggghhhh!" I moaned as the head of my pulsing tube came
to rest at the back of her throat, her soft lips applying
pressure on the base of my shaft, her silken tongue moving
back and forth on the underside of my cock. Her tongue was
picking up and transmitting the tingling vibration from the
machine pressing against my balls.
was moaning and whimpering now, buried to the hilt in
her tight throat ... I thought I was going to die!
She began a slow, steady up and down movement with her head,
animal sounds of her own mingling with mine. My burning cock slid
out to the head then back into that tight sheath to the base of her
throat .... faster and faster she moved .... my head tossing from
side to side .... eyes squeezed tightly shut .... sparks of sexual
fire exploding in my brain and showering my entire body with
hot pin pricks of sensual sensation .... she continued moving
her head up and down .... the pleasure she and the vibrator were
giving went far past the concept of "normal". So intense was the
pleasure, it bordered on the threshold of pain .... the
mechanism in my body that triggers orgasm was frozen solid .... I
was lost in a galaxy of pleasure and pain .... without orgasm
there could be no way out!
I can't be sure how long she kept it up. But, if she kept
doing what she was doing I knew the exhilarating intensity of
sensation would never let me cum. She must have read my mind or
my cock or both because she slowed her pace and began working her
magic mouth on the head only, her free hand gripping my shaft and
jacking me off in perfect time with her mouth.
As suddenly as she had shifted technique, a whole different
wave of sensations rolled in and crashed over my tingling body.
The first warnings of a 10.2 earthquake began rocking my body,
it's epicenter at my throbbing cock.
The major quake shot throughout my body .... stream after
stream of hot cum rocketed into her hungry mouth.

"OOOOOOH SHIIIIIT!" I screamed, thrusting my hips off the
pillow. She took all of the first load, moaning and making animal
sounds .... then she grabbed the string sticking out of my ass and
pulled the first wooden bead across my prostate.....
"OH! OH! OOOOOH MY GOD!" I was screaming in surprise as an
aftershock coursed through my cock producing a second orgasm and
a second flood of hot liquid .... she captured it in her mouth and
gulped it down .... another pull on the string, another aftershock,
another orgasm, more cum than I ever thought I was capable of
.... my eyes were wide open, not seeing .... my body arched
off the pillow .... frozen like a statue .... my mouth wide and
working .... no sound coming out ....
Still another bead exploding my insides with sensation,
draining me of fluid and still her mouth worked feverishly on my
erupting cock, sucking out the creamy liquid .... tongue swirling
.... urging me to produce more!
I came 11 times in the space of two minutes .... it seemed like
an eternity, each bead worked its magic on my prostate, each pass
producing an intense, cum gushing orgasm! After the last orgasm
my body remained frozen in that arched position, the head of my
drained cock still trapped in her mouth .... still pulsating with
frequent, non-orgasmic aftershocks .... she slowly inserted the
vibrator in my ass .... my entire body began to shudder and
on the bed, quivering and shaking out of control. I was
gasping for breath, trying to gain control of my body .... "Oh fuck
it!" I thought and gave myself to the sensations controlling me.
"Oooooh slave! You have given me a wonderful treat .... my
thirst is quenched! But my pussy and my ass need a drink, too!"
"Noooooo .... " I protested weakly. My mind was telling me
my body was exhausted .... drained .... used up.
"Yessss," she purred, "but not until you've rested." She took
a wash cloth from her bag and held it under cold water from the
sink. She wrang it out and, lifting my limp cock delicately with
her fingers, placed the cool, damp cloth on my feverish balls.
Then she released my cock and pulled the remainder of the cloth
over it.
"Aaaaahhh," I sighed, my breathing beginning to return to
normal, "that feels wonderful."
She reached back into her goody bag and pulled out a banana.
Sitting beside me on the bunk, she peeled it slowly. Everything
she did had an air of sensuality. She tossed the peel in the
corner and held the fruit up delicately in front of my face.

"We must have nourishment." She said and moved the end of the
banana toward her parted lips. She licked it from mid way to the
tip and let the end slip slowly into her mouth. In the deepest,
most remote places of my being, I felt a weak sexual stirring
"Ummmmm." She sighed, biting off the tip of the fruit. I
watched in fascination as she chewed and then swallowed it.
"It's good slave, but not as delicious as you!" She laid the
banana on my chest and took her panties off, teasingly, sensu-
ally. The sight of her full, beautiful bush made my heart skip a
beat .... I couldn't take my eyes away from it.
"You like my pussy slave?" She asked tauntingly. She spread
pink and inviting clit lay nestled in her flesh like a precious
cultured pearl. Further down the entrance to paradise lay
"Would you like to fuck me slave?" Her eyes were sparkling
again and she began slowly rotating her hips, teasing me with her
waiting pink flesh. "Would you like to put your cock deep in my hot,
wet pussy slave?"
"OH GOD YES!" My eyes were wide, my throat dry, the sexual
stirring I felt moments before becoming a tornado of destructive
passion and yearning. I felt my balls moving inside my sack and my
limp meat was beginning to stiffen again.
"Perhaps .... perhaps not!" She laughed deep in her throat,
fanning the fires she had started deep within me.
She turned the banana around and placed the unbitten end against
the entrance to paradise. Leaning back slightly, she pushed the
fruit slowly into her pussy. I watched in a hypnotic trance as the
fruit slid inch by agonizing inch into her moist opening. After
pushing it almost all the way in, she withdrew it, then pushed it
in again, then withdrew it all the way.
She brought the fruit toward my face, her woman scent mixed with
the smell of the banana made my mouth water. I opened my mouth wide
in anticipation of this delightful treat. She did not disappoint me
.... I took a big bite, savoring the mixed flavors. She
fed me the rest of the most delicious fruit I'd ever tasted. I
knew deep inside I'd never be able to look at a banana again without
reliving these moments.
Back in her goodie bag again, she took out a can of whipped
cream. Shaking the can, she spread her legs once again and sprayed
her entire bush with the fluffy white topping.
"Time for dessert." She purred and put one knee on each side
of my head, her cream soaked pussy hovering above my mouth. "Bon
apetite." She said and lowered that savory treat to my mouth.

She didn't have to tell me what to do next. Starting at the
entrance to paradise, I licked the cream from her treasures .... she
rocked her hips back and forth to help me, breathing heavily,
moaning and sighing. I licked and slurped and sucked the delicious
stuff from between her pussy lips, from the sides of her legs
and her bush. Another food I would never look at in quite the same
way again! As the sweet treat vanished, I concentrated my
efforts on her clit. She pressed harder against my mouth, rocking
faster and moaning louder.
"Ummmmm .... yes slave." She sighed, breathing faster. "Eat
my pussy, Ooooooh ... take my clit in your teeth, that's it ....
Oh God Yes! Bite it yes yes YEESSSSS .... a little harder ....
Yeah .... now put your tongue in my hole .... Oooooooo Ummmmmmm ....
yes slave!" She was rocking faster moving her sweet wet pussy back
her nipples and rolling them back and forth between her fingers.
Her head was thrown back and she began whimpering and moaning
louder. The fire that had begun in my loins was now raging out of
control and spread to other parts of my body .... my cock had once
again become hard as steel.
"Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh slave!" She was beginning to
scream in ecstasy .... I could feel her thighs quivering against
the sides of my head as she moved her pussy ever faster across my
tongue. She was grinding that magnificent cunt down into my mouth
now .... each time her clit came over my tongue, her thighs jerked
and I tried to capture that elusive bud and suck on it, but nothing
would stop the rocking, grinding motion she had begun with her
"YES YES YES YES!" She chanted, rocking still faster. "OOOH
GOD! OOOH GOD! OOOOOOOOO YEEEEESSSSS!" She was breathing wildly
now, her chest heaving with the labor .... her thighs began jerking
uncontrollably ... she moved her hands from her breasts to my
head. Taking a handful of my hair with each hand she pulled my face
harder into her soaking wet crotch .... suddenly she stopped
rocking, her entire body quivering, she ground her pussy into my
face in tiny rotating circles, pulling my face still harder into
her crotch with her hands. I captured her throbbing clit and
closed my lips around it .... applying all the suction I could
manage and, at the same time, nibbled and flicked it with my tongue
as hard as I could.
The quivering in her body turned to a shudder, a loud shriek-
ing scream tore from her throat .... her hips were grinding in
small circles hard against my face forcing her hot, wet pussy even
tighter to my hungry mouth.

She was climbing to the peak of an orgasmic mountain and I
was doing all I could to help her reach the top. At the peak of
her orgasm she ceased all movement, except for her clit. I could
it pulsating in my mouth and continued to nibble and run my
tongue roughly across its tip. Suddenly the scream coming
from her throat was cut off .... the shuddering in her body became
a heaving of all her muscles .... her clit still pulsating,
in climax! She was holding her breath ..... her muscles ceased
heaving and tensed like those of a predator cat ready to pounce
.... still her clit throbbed and pulsated between my lips .... we
were frozen in time like models for a still life artist .... the
only movement her clit and my tongue.
She had reached the peak of the orgasmic mountain and was
taking her sweet time, enjoying the sensations at the top.
Finally, she began to descend the other side .... she finished the
scream .... her chest began heaving again desperately sucking in
life giving oxygen .... her body began shuddering again ..... her
hips began rocking back and forth wildly again and her clit
to throb as it swept past my tongue. She was taking a roller
was hang on and take the ride with her.
Slowly, almost imperceptibly, all her movement began to
slow. The closer she got to the base of the mountain, the slower
she moved. Sigh after deep, satisfied sigh came out of her ....
her hips slowed to a halt, her clit resting directly on my tongue
.... it was no longer throbbing. I licked it gently .... she began
purring like a cat and ran her fingers through my hair, soothing
the places she had pulled so hard just moments before.
"Ummmmmmmmm" She sighed dreamily. "John, that was wonderful."
The masterful tone in her voice had vanished. It was replaced by
voice of a soft, sensual woman who had set out on an
adventure in mountain climbing, had succeeded and was now relaxing
front of a cozy fire in a snowed in lodge. "God! Your
mouth is fantastic, lover." She purred then sighed heavily in
"Unghflnnnfggh" I replied, her pussy still resting sweetly on
my mouth.

"Oops, sorry!" She laughed, and climbed off my face. She
stretched out next to me on the bunk, her body pressing close to
mine, her fingers making little curls with the hair on my chest.
She was looking dreamily into my eyes, her own eyes soft and
feeling. They had lost the sparkle of the Mistress who held me
captive and took on the look of the eyes of a captured dove.
She ran her hand down my chest and across my stomach to my
cock. She stroked its head gently with her fingers, then gripped
it and squeezed lightly sending shivers through my body. As she
squeezed my cock she moved her face close to mine, her eyes
mine. She lowered her lips to mine in a long, passionate,
deep french .... her tongue seeking out mine and playing tag with
it.... little moaning sounds coming from her throat. "Oh God!" She
said, her lips still on mine, speaking directly into my mouth, "I
want your hard beautiful cock in my pussy. I want to feel it fill
me. I want it to explode inside of me and flood me with your hot,
wonderful cum." She moaned a long, sensual moan into my mouth
.... I could feel the vibrations of it on my lips. Her hand began
squeezing my cock tighter and moving slowly up and down the shaft
.... she let it move down my cock to my balls and began massaging
them gently .... cupping them .... scratching the bottom of my sack
with her nails .... gently squeezing them. She pressed her mouth
tighter against mine and resumed the passionate kiss of seconds
before, all the while doing miraculous things to my genitals with
her talented fingers.
"Ooooooh." She purred, "Do you want to fuck me, John? Do you
want to feel yourself deep inside me?" Her breathing was becoming
rapid as was my own. "Do you want to feel my pussy squeeze
your beautiful cock until you can't stand it anymore? Do you want
to feel your hot cum spurt deep inside me? Oh God .... PLEASE TELL
the passion of wanting to bury my cock deep inside her.

"Oh God Yes!" She moaned, "SO DO I!" She got the whipped cream
can and began shaking it. When it was ready she put the nozzle at
the base of my rigid cock and made a complete circle of the sweet
cream from the base of my cock to the top. It looked like I had
a hard, whipped cream cock protruding from my body.
"Ooooooh" she sighed, "just looking at that makes my pussy
hungry!" She positioned herself over my whipped cream cock, one
leg on each side of my hips, facing me. Slowly, she lowered herself
until the creamy head of my swollen cock barely touched her pussy
lips. She was breathing heavily now, looking down between her legs
to position her juicy pussy just right. When the head of my cock
was in just the right position, she lowered her hips a little
more, forcing the head of my cock between the hungry, waiting lips
of her unbelievably hot cunt. She locked onto my eyes with her
own. I held my breath in anticipation, afraid to move for fear
she would revert to the slave Mistress and stop.
"Oooooh God! I've been waiting for this all night!" She
moaned, still suspended above me, just the head of my cock inside
her. I wanted to scream and thrust upward, wanted to shout "ME
But I didn't .... I just held my breath hoping she would slide down
my waiting pole.
I didn't have to wait too long. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y she
allowed my cock to slip into her hot, hungry pussy. I wanted to
thrust, I wanted to scream, I WANTED TO BURY IT TO THE HILT! The
whipped cream was beginning to melt from the heat of our bodies.
I could feel it sliding down my cock, over my balls and into the
crack of my ass .... it was exciting, using the whipped cream for
a lubricant, not that her pussy needed lubricating, it was
soaking wet all on its own .... still the thought was erotic and
more than just a little stimulating.
My cock was about a fourth of the way in .... she was squirming
and panting and whimpering. Her thighs were beginning to shake
from the strain of lowering herself so slowly and from anticipation.
"Ummmmmm .... God that feels great!" She purred, still moving
slowly down my rigid cock .... one third the way in now .... we were
both moaning and panting .... half way in .... she began to chant
"Ooooh Baby! Ooooh Baby! Ooooh Baby!" .... two thirds of my
cock was now out of sight, concealed within the walls of her
tight love tunnel.
I couldn't contain myself any longer .... "OH GOD, KATE!

Apparently she couldn't stand it any longer either. Without
"OH!" She squealed with delight, "Ummmmmmmm, that's wonderful."

She purred, sitting absolutely still, my cock completely
and totally buried inside her.
At the moment she sat down on my cock, the breath escaped my
lungs and I shouted .... "HOLY SHIT! OOOOH GOD YESSSS!"
Still motionless on top of me, she began rhythmically
and relaxing the muscles inside her hungry pussy. Each
time she contracted those wonderful muscles, squeezing my cock,
I would tighten my sphincter and expand the head of my cock to its
fullest size. We played expand and contract for what seemed like
hours, our eyes locked on one another, just feeling the sensations
and being one with each other.
"Oooohhh slave," She whispered sexily "you have a very talented
cock. Does it like being in my pussy?"
"Yes yes, Mistress! It wants to please you and fill you with
its hot load of white liquid."
"My pussy can hardly wait!" She sighed and began rocking back
and forth with her hips. The motion bent my rigid pole back and
forth, moving it only slightly inside her. Her head was back and
she cupped her breasts with her hands, squeezing them as she
to rock back and forth on my burning cock.
After awhile, she leaned forward, pressing her breasts against
my hairy and heaving chest .... her lips found mine and we kissed
passionately. I longed for my hands to be free so I could fondle
her breasts and grab her ass cheeks. While she lay on my chest,
I began a slow thrusting motion with my hips, driving my cock slowly
in and out of the hot, velvety tunnel that held it prisoner. She
began moaning softly into my mouth and I into hers, our tongues
still locked in a battle for dominance.
As I thrust in and out of her hot pussy, she began moving her
hips from side to side. Her motion combined with mine caused my
thrusting cock to scrape one side lining of her tight love tunnel,
then the other .... it was a completely new sensation to me and it
was bringing me to the base of my own orgasmic mountain!
"Ahhhh yes, fuck me baby!" She moaned into my mouth. "Ram that
hard cock into me .... deeper, Oooooh yes, that's it .... it feels
so wonderful I want you to push it all the way through me!"
The way she moaned those words of passions directly into my
mouth was helping me, pushing me, to the first ledge of my
mountain. The silky wet walls of her pussy working wonders on the
sensitive head of my pulsing cock!

"God, baby, you're sooo good! So tight .... so hot .... so
wet!" I breathed the words into her mouth.
She put her hands on my chest and pushed herself to an upright
position and, using the muscles in her legs began lifting herself
up and down on my rigid cock. Faster and faster she went, like a
novice rider on a galloping horse. With each bounce, my throbbing
whimpered and I sighed "OH GOD! OH GOD!" Faster and faster she
bounced, tossing her head from side to side, beginning a low volume
chant of "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" That became louder the faster
she moved.
She was moving at a furious pace now, with each downward plunge
she made, little bits of whipped cream splashed out from between
us, covering my chest and her inner thighs.
"OOOOOHHHH GOD YES!" She screamed, reaching a quick and violent
orgasm that made her body shudder. As she came, I began thrusting
my hips upward and letting them fall, then up again, lifting her
weight, helping her fuck herself into oblivion. "CUM CUM CUM ....
YES YES YES .... OOOH OOOH OOOH" she was screaming as orgasmic
sensations raced through her body.
When her orgasm subsided, she slowed her pace until she came
to a stop sitting on my still rock hard cock. My hips were
beneath her in passion, my own moaning and whimpering becoming
louder .... "Ohhhhh noooo, please, don't stop now ..... Oh God
"Don't worry, lover, we're not through yet." She purred. Then
she stretched her legs out in front of her and rotated her body so
her back was to my face. Never once coming close to losing the cock
buried deep in her hot pussy. The sensation of her turning sent
a chill through my entire body!
She reached down between my legs and began raking her
fingernails along the underside of my balls. "OOOOOHHHH SHIIIIT!"
I cried out in total surprise at both what she was doing and the
sensations it caused. Her knees under her once again, she began
that slow up and down movement with her body. Every few strokes
she would pause with my cock almost all the way out, then move her
from side to side and slowly slide back down over my hard and hot
cock, all the while scratching and squeezing and massaging my balls
gently, seductively. My breathing became more rapid as I quickly
approached the second ledge on my orgasmic mountain! I felt lost
on that mountain and was thankful to have a guide like her showing
the way to the top!

"Yes baby, fill me with that hot cock of yours!" She moaned,
"I love it deep inside me .... Ooooh yes, it fills me up soooo much
.... I want your cum to wash every bit of my pussy .... I want to
feel it splashing hot against my walls .... I want to hear you moan
as your cum gushes out of your hot cock and floods deep into me ....
Ummmmmm!" Her words were making my cock even harder than it was
.... I didn't know how that could be possible but it was happening.
that feeling I get when I know I'm going to last a long time. For
the time being I was lost in the sensual, tingling feelings her
hot pussy was imparting to my cock.
She worked her body feverishly on my erect pole, speeding up
her pace, then slowing down .... shifting positions slightly,
each time bringing me to new heights of ecstasy .... and all the
while stroking, scratching and squeezing my balls. In the next
half hour she came twice, each more powerful than the one before.
With each orgasm her fingernails dug into the flesh of my thighs
and her screams of passion pierced the very essence of my soul.
Tiny beads of sweat had broken out on her body and her breathing
was becoming labored. Still she continued, working her wet
pussy all over my throbbing hot cock.
As she was approaching her fourth orgasm her buildup to it was
so raw, so animalistic that my balls began to tingle wildly. The
first warning that I was approaching the peak of my mountain.
She pumped so hard and so fast, and squeezed my cock with her pussy
so tightly I began to go insane with passion. With each foot of
height I gained on my upward climb, she matched me in intensity
and abandonment. We both began grunting and moaning, pounding
our genitals together mercilessly. My legs began to go numb as
the tingling spread throughout my body. I could feel my balls
swell slightly prior to releasing their heavy load.
At that instant I thought it would be impossible for either of
us to get any more wild than we were .... I was wrong! As we
approached orgasm her hand pulled my ball sack gently, the other
blood from my thigh. We were both screaming between labored
breaths .... our bodies writhing wildly trying to tear one another
apart with pure animal lust.

As my heavy balls exploded their load through my seminal
vesicles, I thrust upward with all my strength, burying my spurting
cock deeper into her greedy pussy than it had ever been. She
screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure and ground her hips
impaling her pulsating pussy even further on my exploding
It's hard to describe the sounds, the sensations, the movements
our bodies and the punishment we inflicted on one
another during our simultaneous orgasm. I only know her screams
of passion were equal to my own, the intensity of her orgasm
matched by mine and the pure animal lust that flooded over us was
shared equally. I don't know how long we were lost in the throes
of orgasmic ecstasy .... it just seemed to go on and on .... I felt
as if every ounce of fluid was being sucked from my entire body by
her gripping, hungry pussy. My balls were so drained they began
to ache and still our bodies were tangled and thrusting in an
animalistic frenzy, each attempting to best the other. I wanted to
lost in this wild abandon forever .... to be washed away in a flood
I'm not sure quite how it ended. All I remember is our bodies
collapsing in an exhausted heap. My cock was still deep within
her but there was no feeling, no sensation. Her fabulous pussy
had literally stripped the nerve endings from my body and devoured

There was more deliriously sensual sex between us that night.
We came again and again .... she used the beads on me twice more
that I can remember .... it could have been more. I never dreamed
I could cum so many times in such a short span of time, but her body
and imagination did things to me that had never been done to me
I remember at about three in the morning she released me from
my bonds. We experimented with every imaginable position ....
before we were finished my cock had explored every possible
opening in her body and deposited it's creamy cargo within them
At six o'clock a travel alarm in her goody bag went off. At
the time we lay exhausted in one another's arms, caressing and
frenching deeply, passionately.
"Oh damn." She muttered at the sound of the al

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