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Tied Down (MF, b/d, oral, mast)

"What have I gotten myself into?" I thought. I looked up at my hands, which
were securely fastened to the headboard, each handcuff glinting in the
flickering light of the fireplace. My fianc’e had told me she always wanted
to experience the power of fully controlling it when we had sex, but...
Well, I was beginning to have doubts.

I thought back to this afternoon, getting our house ready for tonight. I'd
set up the fireplace. She said she wanted it to burn long and slow, at least
for 2 hours. How short two hours had seemed then! My shoulders felt as
though I'd poured lit kerosine on them, now, and I had no idea how long I'd
been lying on the bed.

"Lie down," she'd purred into my ear’. After she stripped off my clothes,
she straddled me, kissing and nibbling. As my hands crept under her shirt,
she reached into her purse, which she left on the night-table, and told me to
close my eyes. Her hand grasped my right wrist, and all of a sudden I felt
the cuff restraining me. I could feel her reach for my other hand, which was
also quickly held by cold steel. "Keep your eyes shut." She reached once
more into the purse, and I felt something smooth and cool (satin?) covering
my eyes. "Lift your head up." She tied it behind my head, securing the
sleeping mask (for that is what it felt like) to my face.

She sat up, and I felt more than heard her take off her shirt and bra, as she
twisted and stretched over me. She ran her fingernails down my chest,
eliciting a sharp gasp from me. Then, before my mouth closed, her areola was
against my lips, her nipple barely touching my tongue.

Gently I began to suckle and nibble, as she obviously wanted, running my
tongue over the nub in my mouth. I could hear her breathing speeding up, and
sharp sighs of pleasure coming from her lips. Her arms wrapped around my
head, pulling me to her bosom, bringing first one breast and then another to
my waiting mouth. "Oh’ Harder’" she moaned.

I began to nip at the now-hard flesh, paying less attention to being gentle.
I couldn't be sure whether the yelps escaping her lips were of pleasure,
pain, or both, but she didn't seem to care. I could smell her desire, the
musk of her sex, filling the room’

"Stay there." With that, she stopped straddling me; I could hear her jeans
being unzipped, and the gentle rustle of them being dropped to the floor. I
felt her get back on the bed; it seemed like she was facing away from me,
though, as her feet were by my elbows (or ears, whichever way you choose to
look at it).

I could smell more of her sweet juices; they were less then a foot from my
nose! Her hands slid down my stomach, teasing their way under my jeans and
boxers. I was suddenly terribly aware of how erect I was. A low moan
escaped my lips, almost unwillingly. I lifted my head, angling toward the
bouquet emanating from between her legs.

"Impatient, aren't you’. Not until I say so!" I let my head fall back to
the pillow. She obviously had other plans in mind. And, judging from how
her hands were working at the fly of my pants, I could guess what exactly
they were. "Lift your ass up." And all of a sudden, my pants and boxers were
around my knees. I kicked them off.

"NOW you may kiss me there." I proceeded to lick at her with gusto, tasting
the salt of her juices. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, feeling the
way it opened when I pressed into it, rolling the engorged button of her
clitoris around. "Aahhh’ Faster!" I felt her lean forward, bringing her
clit closer to my mouth. I went to work on it with gusto. Meanwhile, she
ran her tongue down my shaft, almost to my balls. She gently placed it in
her mouth, and began sucking on it.

As she slid my cock into and out of her mouth, she started to roll her hips
back and forth, sliding my mouth along her soft nether lips, all parts of
which I kissed and licked. She started to run her hand up my dick, using her
saliva as a lubricant, all the while keeping me in her mouth. I licked
faster, matching the tempo of her strokes.

With a moan and a shudder, she came. She started working her mouth and hands
franticly up and down me. In what seemed like no time at all, I felt my balls
tense, and then every nerve in my body screamed in pleasure as I came.

She unstraddled me, and stood at the side of the bed. "I guess you'll have to
be able to see SOMETIME’" she purred into my ear as she untied my blindfold.

I blinked to clear my vision; the firelight was brighter than I remembered!
Looking over at her face, I could see the faraway look of desire her eyes
still held. She walked silently to the foot of the bed, her breasts lightly
bouncing with each step. My eyes stayed glued to her. My cock already
started twitching it's way back to life and hardness, despite my recent
(intense!) orgasm.

"I'm going to do something I'm sure you'll like," she murmured as she cleared
off my dresser (at the wall opposite the foot of the bed), and sat down,
spreading her legs slightly, and inching her right hand toward her crotch. I
craned my neck for a better view, barely believing what I saw.

She was putting her middle finger inside herself, working it in and out’ Then
two fingers were working, the middle and index. Her head tilted back, she
closed her eyes, and emitted little mews of pleasure, and began gasping "Oh!"
Her breasts were heaving with every breath. She came again.

I'd never seen her come that fast; apparently my little honey had an
exhibitionistic bent I never knew. And it turned me on like few other things
I've ever seen. Which I told her, once she opened her eyes again and asked me
"So, did you like it?"

Seeing me nod, she quickly picked the assorted clothing and left through the
door, closing it quietly behind her! Despite the fire, I suddenly felt very

It's been at least an hour since she left. The fire is mostly burned down.
And, I think I hear her at the door’

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