Past Lives - sex stories

Past Lives

In the course of each new day you have to be mother, wife, nurse, tutor,
student, psychologist, and small business owner. You wear these different
hats and you assume the role that is most urgently needed at that moment.
Your real purpose in life though doesn’t really get started until Daddy gets
home. No other role fills your personal need to be owned, protected,
cuddled, and showered with praise and affection, like being ’Daddy's Good
Little Girl.’ Deep inside you, in the private spaces of your soul, is the
place where the happy, purring kitten plays. There also is where you hide
the embers of that ever-smoldering fire from which the various parts of you
emerge as if from another dimension. The pleasure slave and the masochist
live there; the dominatrix and the captive prisoner do too. Like any fire
the wild side of you burns hot and bright until it eventually runs out of
fuel. Man has learned how to start fires, but no one has been able to truly
tame or control them. This is the fire that you long to burn in. Where
there are no decisions to be made, only the wild instinctive fulfillment of
immediate urges.

You do enjoy being ’Daddy's little girl’, or ’Kitten’, because that side of
you can peak out in public every now and then. You love to get his attention
by sucking on your straw a little too suggestively, or with an especially
sexy ’Yes Daddy!’ Occasionally, you’ll even misbehave (by doing something
that you know is wrong) just so Daddy will be forced to punish you. That’s
because to really be excited, to get your juices flowing both figuratively
and literally, you need to be ordered, not asked. You dream of being treated
like Beauty, or O, or the pleasure slaves of Gor. Where you are captured and
bound and forced to please your Master in any way that he sees fit.

The leather bracelet that you wear makes you long to be bound, and the heavy
silver chain around your neck is a daily reminder that you are owned. Those
things can be taken off though, unlike the large tattoo that resides on the
right side of your ass. Not coincidentally that is his favorite spot to spank
you. He says that is because he is right-handed, but he also enjoys the way
the skin under and around your tattoo raises up whenever he strikes it.
Leaving his handprints on the very spot where you have permanently emblazoned
his name is one of the many ways that your Master reasserts his ownership over

Your Master knows the real truth though. He knows that the chains are a mere
formality. He knows that if he let you loose, come morning he would still
find his naked slave girl sleeping soundly snuggled up next to her warm
Master. He knows there is no other place you would rather be. He also knows
there is nothing you wouldn't gladly do for him, as you have told him a
thousand times, but that is when he is being your Master. For only he
receives the gift of unquestioned obedience. Even when your husband (who you
love dearly) makes a legitimate and sincere request for some of your time it
is just not enough to shake the cobwebs from your brain. The stress and
monotony of your life saps your energy and creativity, and leaves you in a
thick unending fog. The one thing that can snap you out of that state is
your Master's voice. When he commands there is no hesitation on your part,
no thinking required at all. You just do as you are told, and even though it
is difficult for you to admit you do love being in that mode.

When you step out of the shower wrapped in a towel you immediately know that
you wont just be going to bed. Enigma is playing on the CD player and he is
sitting there on the bench at the foot of the bed, his cock already standing
at attention. Without a word being spoken you transform and switch into the
required role. Your cheeks flush and a slight smile forms on your face, as
the wetness begins between your legs. You have been taken by complete
surprise but the thought of objecting never enters your mind. It no longer
matters that it is Tuesday night and you both have to work in the morning.
Time doesn’t matter any more. You have been transported back to a time and
place of Sultans and Harems’

Quickly you remove the towel and drop it obediently at your feet. Since you
have been given no special instructions (in fact he has yet to utter a single
word) you know what is expected of you. There are 2 specific cases when you
don't need to be told to get on your knees and suck cock. Knowing exactly
what Master wants and providing it has always been your strong suit, and
that’s what makes you his favorite. One of those special cases is when you
are in the hot tub and he stands up and sits down on his seat, you know that
you had better scoot down between his legs without waiting to be told. The
indoor equivalent of the hot tub seat has become this bench, but even before
you can take your first step toward him you hear "ON YOUR KNEES SLUT!" You
quickly drop to your knees onto the pillow that has been laid out for this
purpose. That one simple command instantly changes your whole attitude. You
had every intention of doing exactly what you had just done (without even
being told), but you would have been looking up with your "I'm here Daddy,
why did you call me?" look. You may have even taken his cock in your mouth
without being told, like the well trained submissive that you are, but when
your Master is giving specific commands you do not think for yourself, and
that includes doing anything more than you are told. Having knelt before him
as ordered you wait for further instructions with your head bowed and your
eyes pointed at his feet.

You do not have to wait long. As soon as you have settled he gives you
another order, "SUCK MY COCK, AND DO IT WELL!" There is no thinking now,
there is only doing as you are told. He does not want the good little girl
tonight, he wants a suck slut, a pleasure slave... and that is exactly what
he is going to get. You leave your hands flat on the floor on either side of
you; you have received no indication that he wants you to use them. You fill
your mouth with his cock and begin to bob up and down fairly quickly. Your
long day has been totally forgotten at this moment. You are living out a
past life in the palace of some omnipotent ruler. You are not really sucking
or using your tongue much, you are just fucking your own mouth with his hard
cock. He leans back and lets out a low moan and you know that you are
pleasing him. You begin to flex your neck so you can take all of his cock
into your mouth. He is watching you intently and enjoying watching his cock
disappear between your lips, and you know that of all the other suck sluts
you are the best. Being Master's favorite has earned you better food, and
more comfortable quarters, but it has also made you hated among the other
less talented than yourself. This is not the time to rest on your laurels
though; you switch to long slow strokes. You pull back until just the tip of
his cock is in your mouth and you swirl your tongue around the sensitive
corona and let your cheeks sink in with the effort of sucking. Then you
slowly press forward until your nose is nestled against his stomach. You
would smile at your own talent if your mouth weren't so full of cock. You
feel a hand hard on the back of your head forcing you downward and then
pulling you back roughly by the hair. This just heightens your desire to be
used. Again your head is forced up and down, faster this time. There is
urgency and need in the force that is being used. His hand is removed. When
Master is close to coming he doesn't want to be distracted by having to set
the rhythm. He also likes it when you perform your duties willingly, without
having to be made. You would always prefer to be forced but you can be
obedient on your own; besides, you are complying with a direct order, which
is after all the same as being forced!

You show your dedication to pleasing your Master by continuing to suck him
off enthusiastically even after he has removed his hand from the back of your
head. As his need builds so does yours and you hungrily devour his cock.
Then you stop what you are doing just long enough to look up at him and ask,
"does Master want to come now...?" You do not want to be punished for
finishing too quickly, or for swallowing his cum if he had planned for you to
jerk it all over your face instead. The response is but a single word,
hissed at you through gritted teeth, "Yeeeeees!’ Now you set out to finish
the job. You right hand circles his cock at the base while your left hand
gently squeezes his balls. His balls feel tight and full, and from the
experience that comes from having sucked this same cock hundreds of times
before; you know that the end is near. You start moving your right hand up
and down, pumping his shaft while you keep the head in your mouth, working
the sensitive ridge with your tongue. Even without Master whispering to you,
"Yes, just like that" you know you are doing exactly what it takes to make
him come. A low moan escapes from deep in his throat and you feel his cock
twitch ... He may be in charge but at this moment you have all the power.
You are not thinking about that though for you have joined him in a joint
mission of single-minded purpose. You want him to come almost as much as he
does; you revel in the sense of achievement, and bask in the accolades that
usually follow. Even when Master doesn't say "Thank You" (after all a Sultan
does not need to thank a servant for doing her job) you know you have served
well, and that always pleases you. You need your Master to use you like
this, to be a receptacle for his seed, to have him come in your mouth. You
remember your training ... Master Says: "What is your purpose in life?" Your
Response: "Whatever pleases you." ... Master Says: "Where does my cum belong?
Your Response: "Wherever it pleases you."

Suddenly Master grabs a handful of your hair in his fist and shoves
your head down hard. You moan softly, because you love the way it feels when
he takes a handful of your hair, and you know that your efforts are about to
be rewarded. Roughly he thrusts his hips forward burying his cock in your
mouth until your lips are pressed firmly up against his balls. You are
unable to move as he holds your head in his strong hands and continues to
slam his cock into your face, nearly bruising your lips. Then he presses
forward one last time and holds you there. You feel the head of his cock
swell in your throat and you are unable to breathe, then you feel his whole
body stiffen and he explodes in you mouth. One, two, three, long spurts and
you can feel the force exerted on the back of your head decrease ever so
slightly as the built up pressure in his balls is released straight down your
throat. Another blast and he lets go of your head as his body begins to
relax. You are not done though. Free to move your head and do more with your
mouth than just hold it in the shape of an "O" you pull back and start
actively sucking on the tip. You are surprised at how much cum is still
leaking out of his cock considering how much was already shot down your

This is the time and the place where you get to inflict the torture, because
at this moment the sensation of your mouth on his cock is almost unbearable.
Your cheeks are sunk in deeply as you go about draining any remaining fluid
from his cock and balls. As your tongue swirls over the opening at the tip
of his man- hood you are rewarded with one last glob of thick warm cum. As
proof of your training, before you submissively swallow this final offering
you open your mouth wide so that Master may enjoy the sight of your tongue
stained white with his seed. Almost playfully now, you clean the rest of his
shaft with long slow licks from your wide kitten-like tongue. When you are
done reverently worshipping your owner you sit back on your haunches until
your butt rests on the bottom of your feet. You gaze intently at the cock
that had been so hard in your throat only moments before, now it is soft,
dangling from his depleted balls. You have literally sucked him dry and you
know he will be unable to come again for some time. Your Master does not say
a word, but from the look on his face you can almost read his mind. The
first thing that entered his head (as his semen entered your mouth) was, "NOW
THAT'S WHAT I CALL A BLOW JOB!" That initial response was quickly replaced
with the following thought, "I TRULY AM A LUCKY, LUCKY MAN !!" Even though
you cannot hear these comments, you know how much you have pleased him. You
know that you have a talent that none of the others possess. You have also
honed your craft and learned how to do it just the way your Master likes, and
in his appreciation of your abilities you take great pride!

Strangely though, you receive no words of praise for a job well done; and
Master's favorite pet receives no pat on the head. There is only another
command to be followed, "Lie on your back, in the center of the bed." You
obey without hesitation but you wonder what you could have possible done that
was wrong. Without comment, your wrists are chained to the head-post and you
are blindfolded. He is not treating you sternly; he is just exercising his
dominance laconically. You are told to open your mouth and when you do a
leather gag is inserted and secured in place. You suck on the bulb thinking
about the cock that you had been sucking on only moments before. The scent
of the leather mixes with the still fresh taste of cum in your mouth ’ You
enter that plane of consciousness you refer to as ’your space’’ Then, just
as you are beginning to actually float ’

You are pulled to attention by your Master's voice, "You have performed well,
you have pleased your Master." "Since a happy slave is much more willing and
obedient, you have earned yourself some attention." The tone he is using is
one of detachment, of not being involved. Like the task of giving pleasure
to a slave girl is beneath him. That job should be reserved for other
servants or captives, but certainly not be done by the Sultan himself. You
can picture him lounging comfortably while two or three servants are brought
in to pamper you. You imagine that they massage oils into your skin and rub
and touch and tease you all over. Then the Sultan would order one of the
naked male slaves to go down on you while the other two each take one of your
breasts in their mouths. The feeling is intense as the pleasure mixes with
the pain, as the two on each side of you grasp your nipples with their teeth.
You can hear the slave between your legs being whipped as he uses his tongue
on you. He is told that he will be punished until he makes you come.
There's a part of you that would like to trade places with him. That part
quickly disappears as the sensation in your loins slowly spreads. You start
to feel guilty about the punishment he is receiving and how long it is
taking. You realize though that, that is not going to do either of you any
good. You begin to concentrate on your approaching orgasm. He can sense you
are close also, and try not to change anything he is doing (despite an
occasional whimper of pain). Then you are past the point of no return and
you scream out as your orgasm rips through you. Almost immediately the slave
who made you come is on top of you, and as the other two hold your legs wide
apart he drives his cock into you. Now you feel his need for release, for
each of these three have been tormented for weeks without being allowed to
come. You cry out again as the intense feelings return. The cock inside you
is long and unbelievably hard and after another twenty or so strokes it
erupts inside you. Immediately the first cock is replaced with a second as
the slaves switch places. This one is wider than the first and stretched
your pussy further as one long orgasm continues to wrack your body. After
less than two minutes of rabid thrusting the second slave boy deposits his
seed deep inside you. Again they change positions and a third cock is forced
into you. Mercifully, this last intruder comes just as quickly as the other
two did, but the amount of fluid that is discharged is staggering. In the
process of draining their poor tormented balls these three young slave boys
have pumped so much cum into you that it is literally rolling out of your
pussy. A large white puddle has already begun to form between your
outstretched legs.

You are thrilled and relieved when one of the other servant girls is given
the assignment of cleaning up the floor with her tongue. As you are being
led away for a much needed, and well-deserved bath, you cannot help but
notice the jealously in the eyes of the others. In your mind the Sultan has
just orchestrated this chain of events that began with you sucking him off
and ended with three slave boys enjoying the pleasure of your steaming cunt.
In your fantasy the Sultan delegated the job of giving you a mind-numbing
orgasm. In reality you are alone with your Master and he has just started to
caress your body with the steel kisses of a Vampire glove ...

His gloved hand travels slowly across your stomach and up to the spot between
your breasts. He drags the glove along the underside of each one, pausing to
scrape the sharp metal against your nipples. Your body betrays you and your
nipples harden and swell to his touch. He seizes one of them between his
teeth and clamps down roughly. The initial pain lasts but a second and is
quickly replaced by a different kind of agony. An ache has started between
your legs, one that can be relieved in only one way. You breathe in sharply
as the glove is raked along your side. You concentrate on keeping your legs
spread fully open. You know how you would be punished if you ever closed
your legs to the Sultan. As the glove is lightly dragged along the inside of
your thighs you pray that you will be able to pass this test. It is so, so
hard to be a good girl on your own, it is much easier when your legs are
chained down for you. Time and again you are made to suffer as the steel
teeth of the glove are brought right up to the folds of your pussy. You jump
as you feel the material of the glove on your sensitive clit, but this time
it is the reverse side where there are no spikes. You hear the glove being
removed and then you feel the outer lips of your pussy being spread apart to
form a wide ’V’. Your desire can no longer be hidden as his fingers are
pushed inside you. You are tight, hot, and wet, and a long deep moan escapes
from your throat when he brushes your clit with his thumb. The Sultan laughs
and removes his hand. He does so enjoy tormenting you in this way. He will
let you come as he has promised, but only when he is good and ready. You
also know that there will be no relief until he has made you beg, and beg
well, for the release that you need so desperately.

You hear the familiar sound of your Master searching through the large
leather bag where his playthings are kept. This bag holds a wide variety of
implements from whips & paddles, to clothespins & clamps, candles & matches,
ball-gags & collars, as well as every measure of rope and chain imaginable.
Therefore while blindfolded it is impossible to know exactly what is going to
be coming out of the bag. The next sound though is unmistakable, and a match
being lit can only mean one thing’ you are to receive a very special treat
today after all. For where there are matches there must follow candles, and
truly the thing that you live for is to be chained down and waxed!

The following play has been acted out many times before. One at a time, wax
is dripped on your large round breasts until the nipple and areola are
completely encased. Then more is applied to your tits until it flows down
your sides forming little molten rivers of brightly colored wax. Once your
lovely mounds are covered the valley between them is filled in. Then
tantalizingly slowly, a line of hot wax is inexorably drawn down your chest
and across your stomach until it reaches your belly button. Once that hole
has been filled in; the wax continues its downward trek toward a larger
opening. Once again the lips of your pussy are spread apart, but this time
you know that this is preparation for the hot wax that is to follow. There
is an excruciatingly long pause as the Sultan waits for the wax to pool so it
can be poured instead of dripped. You arch your back and pull down hard
against the chains holding your wrists. The feeling is intense. When the wax
first touches the sensitive pink skin of your exposed womanhood, the heat is
almost unbearable. It’s the same sort of pain that is endured at the very
beginning of an extremely hot bath. As the initial feeling of pain subsides
all that remains is the warmth. The wonderful sensation of lying naked on
some tropical beach far from the grind of your hectic life. You bask in the
joy of the moment as all of your cares and worries are melted away. Then
like a cloud suddenly obscuring the sun the warmth is gone. All you can do
is hope that the respite is brief, as you lay on beach powerless to bring
back the source of your pleasure. The entire process from the first cries of
pain, through the long moans of delight, and finally ending with the whimpers
of withdrawal lasts about 20 seconds. The feeling is intensified when Master
uses his fingers to push pieces of hot wax deep inside you. The heat of the
wax though does not compare to the raging fire that is burning within you.
The wetness between your legs feels like it is about to boil, and every part
of you is engulfed in a white-hot flame radiating from your core. You fear
that at any moment your body might actually spontaneously combust leaving a
charred image as the only proof of your existence.

Then you hear the candles being blown signaling that the waxing is over.
Your disappointment is short-lived though as you feel Master getting in
position between your legs. With one of his strong hands on either side of
you, he stretches your pussy out wide. Then very slowly and gently he drags
his tongue across your wet slit. Two fingers find their way inside you while
the others keep you exposed. Master slowly works his fingers back and forth
inside you, using a familiar rhythm that always takes you down the path of
ecstasy. To this he adds the sensation of just barely flicking your
sensitive button with his tongue. He is very careful not to start out too
roughly. As your pussy tightens and clamps down hard around his hand he
quits moving his fingers back and forth and instead presses them up against
your G-Spot. You let out a long, low, loud moan, which tells him that his
tongue has found that secret spot which holds the key to your release. Now
you are being very quiet, (except for your breathing with is ragged and
labored), as you concentrate on your impending orgasm. Realizing how close
you are Master switches from the long slow licks he has been using so that he
can isolate his attention on your swollen clit. Instead of starting at the
bottom of your pussy and dragging his tongue along the entire length of your
wet slit, he is barely moving. Both of you are holding your breath as you
inch toward the point of no return. Your entire being is teetering on the
brink like a boulder perched on the crest of a long steep hill. Then from
somewhere deep inside you, you feel the process beginning and you know that
nothing can stop it now! You manage to plead ’Daddy Please!’ as the momentum
starts to build...

Master snaps his head up and says ’NO’ before returning to the stimulation of
your throbbing clit. You are required to announce your orgasm so that your
Master may grant you permission to come. It has always been a formality and
he has never stopped what he was doing to speak to you. You both know that
your release is inevitable at this point. The whole point of this exercise
had always been to make you come, as a reward for your previous service. He
has never before withheld his consent. This is where he usually continues to
lightly lick your clit to intensify your climax and prolong it. You are
frantic now and you don’t know what to do! Again, he stops what he is doing
just long enough to tell you, ’If you come without permission you will be
punished.’ The ball is rolling faster now; you only have a few seconds left
to beg for his permission. Maybe that’s it, maybe he wants to hear you beg.
You start sobbing, ’Daddy Please, Daddy Please, Daddy Pleeeeeease!!’ Still
his tongue works your clit, and you strain mightily, but futilely, to stem
the rushing tide. You continue to urgently plead right up to the end,
’Please Master, I’m going to come, Please Master, Please, Pleeeeease!!’ Then
it happens, in mid ’please’ you cry out ’Oh God’ as your orgasm rips through
your body. Your body explodes and disintegrates into a blinding white light.
You ride the waves of pleasure as they come, one after the other. Then just
as the sensation starts to subside Master slams his cock into you,
re-igniting the blaze. He is extremely hard, as he has been waiting for this
moment for some time now. This is when he absolutely loves to FUCK you!
Your pussy is never as hot, wet, or tight as it now during your climax. You
cry out with every stroke, as he brutally thrusts into you. The tightness of
your pussy, and your reaction to his cock inside you, make him feel huge, and
he delights in ravaging your tortured cunt. In his mind he is savagely
raping your helpless body. You stare up at him wide-eyed, not knowing how
long you can stand this. The restraints dig into your wrists as you pull
against them with all of your might. Eventually, he can hold back no longer
and he empties himself into you with one final shove.

As he lets his weight collapse on top of you, you are actually crying tears of
joy from the intense emotion that follows your ’little death.’ The second you
are released you curl up tightly with your Master and enjoy the warmth of his
body. You are so cold, as all the blood in your body is still pooled at your
core, and has not yet started to return to your extremities. There are deep
imprints on your wrists that will not completely fade for several hours. You
are contented. You feel spoiled and pampered, and want nothing more at this
moment, than to be allowed to sleep in your Master’s arms.

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