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Voyeur teens and dogs

The next morning I wake up before Melany and I look over at her
little sleeping form. Her lip is still swollen but she's lost that
pained look that she had all last night. Man, she looks sweet, and she
really tried hard to fuck me last night. I start to have second thoughts
about what I'm planning for her next. Oh, but I've been looking forward
to it for so long. Still, she might make a great long term lover too.
Hell, I'm hungry. I get up to make some breakfast. As I'm making
eggs, little Melany comes shuffling out rubbing her eyes.
"Ya' hungry, lover?" ,I ask her.
Melany nods and tenderly sits down, wincing.
"My thingy hurts real bad." ,she tells me.
I shove a plate in front of her. "Eat, and you'll feel better."
There's a knock on the door. I freeze and listen. There it goes
I stop at my suitcase and grab a club and walk slowly to the door. As I
look through to peephole I see little dark haired heads below. I open
the door and see that it's par friends from three blocks away. Rosa and
Rosa is seven years old and taller and skinnier than Melany. Maria is
only four and still has her thumb in her mouth. Both are dark skinned
"What are you two doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in school
Rosa smiles, "Shhh. We snuck over here. Don't tell anyone. We wanna'
see you and Melany be lovers."
"You mean no one knows your here? Can you stay all day?" ,I smile and
let them in. A wonderful idea pops into my head. Maybe I can have it
both ways with all three girls. I can have a long term child lover, and
rape and torture the shit out of Rosa. But what about Maria? Suddenly,
the thought of her smelly panties and drooling baby-mouth on my cock is
a turn on.
Rosa looks at me funny and asks, "What are you thinking about?" If
only she knew. Rosa smiles and says, "Do you think I'm pretty?" I nod.
"Do you think I could be a lover too?"
I get down to their level, "Yes, child, I think you'd make a great
lover." This is too easy.
All at once, Rosa throughs her arms around my neck and kisses me full
on the lips. I kiss back and run my hands up and down her bony body.
When she's done I tell her, "You have to kiss Melany like that too."
Rosa skips over to Melany with a big smile and begins to kiss her face.
I turn my attention to Maria. Maria smiles shyly with her thumb still
in her four year old mouth. I take her thumb out and slowly put it in my
mouth. "You wanna' kiss?" ,I ask her. I pull her to me and lick her wet
lips. As my tounge enters her tiny open mouth, I stick my hands under
her dress and feel her body all over.
I feel her back, her legs, her pooched-out four-year-old belly, her
flat little chest, and I feel her tight little ass. Little Maria doesn't
With just me and Melany here I feel okay, but with these other little
girls, I begin to worry about someone looking for them and the'll
probably know where Melany lives.
I stand up. Melany and Rosa were watching me. Rosa was smiling.
"Hey. I have an idea." ,I tell them. "Since Melany and me are lovers
now, she's going to be living with me. So why don't we all come visit at
my house and you can watch us there."
"Okay." ,Rosa says. "is it far?"
"Just a little, but it's real neat and I've got lots of toys there."
If only she knew what kind of toys I meant. "Melany, You won't need to
bring any clothes 'cause I have some there for you, but you can if you
Melany goes to her room and comes out with her teddy bear. She's
still wearing her pink night gown.
"Okay," I say, "lets go!"
We all go out to my van. No one see's me and three little girls pile
in this morning and I start the engine and we drive off.

It's an hour and a half drive of are 'we there yet?' and 'I'm
Soon we're out in the country to a two bedroom house tucked way off from
the road. My big dog is barking out of sight from the back yard.
"This is it." and we pile out of the van and to the front door. I let
them in. Melany stays out.
"Hey, honey." I tell her. "You can play house wife here. This is your
home too. you wanna' come in and see it?" Melany smiles and walks in.
"Oh cool!" Rosa says from inside. She's looking at the rocking horse.
It's like a childs but customized for heavy duty use. Solid iron bars
connected to thick springs and a solid wood body with straps and rings
on various parts of the body and stand. The front hooves are curled down
and the rear legs and tail are missing all together. Instead, there's a
slot where the tail should be and a slot below where a penis can be
Rosa gets on top and starts to rock. She has to work at it because of
the strong springs and heavy body.
"It's kinda hard to rock." Rosa says.
"It's actually for two people and your in the wrong side of it." ,I
tell her.
"What other side?"
"Underneath. your suppossed to ride it from underneath."
Rosa gets off and looks under it. "How?"
"I'll show you later. Right now, I'd like you to meet someone." I
lead them to the back door and I open it to let Spike in. Spike is a
brundle great dane that I've spent alot of time training for this event.
"Sit spike!" and Spike sits. The girls all hold there breath in
fear."Don't be afraid children, Spike won't do anything unless I tell
him too." I pull Melany close to me. "Spike, mine!" Spike looks at
Melany and understands. He has to know the ground rules.
Spike looks at Rosa and Maria. His doggy cock is starting to stick
out a little.
"Spike," I tell him, "Kiss me." and he starts licking my face. The
girls all giggle. I look at Rosa, "You wanna' try?"
Rosa says, "Kiss me." and Spike then licks her face. Rosa sqeals with
While Spike lick Rosa's face, I pull off her panties. She's too busy
to knowtice as Spike is licking more aggressivily now and trying to get
his tougne into her mouth.
I lay Rosa back on a bench and say, "Spike, lick her!" and Spike goes
for her little snatch.
Rosa tries to close her legs at first, but I hold them apart. Soon I
don't need to hold them as Rosa grapples with a new feeling. I pull
Rosa's dress off leaving her in a white cotton tank top. Rosa is
breathing heavily.
"Okay, Melany." I tell my lover, "Time for you to fuck me again."
Melany absent mindedly straddles me while her eyes are locked on
Spike eating Rosa out.
I can't tell you how hard I am.
I enter Melany dry and without any cue from me starts to rock her
hips back and forth with me deep inside of her. She still can't take her
eyes off of her friend. Spikes cock is all the way out.
"Watch this." I wisper into ear. "Spike, rape her!"
Spike instantly jumps up on top of Rosa's skinny body and plants his
big paws on her little shoulders. He then starts pounding against her
little crack forcefully until his cock starts to enter it.
Rosa kicks and screams and pushes at Spike's huge body but she's no
match for the huge dog. Rosa's scream chokes almost to nothing as Spike
rips all the way into her popping her seven year old cherry.
Melany stops moving, her attention on her friends rape and I slap her
butt sharply to get her moving again.
Maria just stands there, eyes wide and sucking her thumb. Spike
continues to thrust all the way in and all the way out of Rosa
viciously. Rosa's face is beet red as she gasps for breath. Seeing her
mouth open, Spike lunges for it with his tougne and Rosa begins to choke
on his saliva.
Spike starts to tie with her but she's too tight and he ends up
swelling outside of her tiny cunt.
I can't hold back and as I cum into Melany, I yell, "Spike, cum!" and
we both cum into our little girls.
As I cum, Melany tightens up, shuts her eyes, opens her mouth wide,
and grips me with her hands as she experiances her first orgasm. As she
shudders, I realise that it's her friends rape that put her over the
With all I have planned for Rosa and Maria, Melany is going to do
alot of cumming.

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