Penis is for Aphrodisiac - sex stories

Penis is for Aphrodisiac

’Oysters? What’s up sweetie? Looking to get lucky
tonight?’ He joked, kissing her as he came in from work.
She stuck out her tongue, but her eyes smiled back at
him. ’You think you need an aphrodisiac to get me going?’

’To get you going? No.’ She wiped her hands on a towel
and turned to face him. In one quick movement, she
removed her T-shirt, bringing his hands up to cup around
her satin encased breasts. Slipping her hands inside his
suit coat, she stroked his chest, running her hands down
his stomach to massage his growing member through his
slacks. He was already half moaning, half chuckling as
she leaned closer, placing one burning kiss at the base
of his throat. ’I don’t need an aphrodisiac to get you
going.’ She whispered.

’No, you certainly don’t.’ He gave her breasts a gentle
squeeze, loving the way he could feel her nipples harden
under his touch. ’Looking to get lucky now?’ He asked.

She kissed him, sucking on his lip for a moment before
stepping back. ’Nope.’ She answered, grabbing her T-shirt
and slipping it back on. ’And neither are you. Don’t
forget your parents are coming over tonight for dinner.
They should be here in just a few minutes.’

His parents. He had forgotten. ’That was terribly mean.’
He told her. She just grinned wickedly, and went back to
her dinner preparations. Groaning, he headed to bathroom
to take a shower. A cold shower.

Dinner was a rousing success, and his mother had left
with the recipe for the garlic and oyster stuffing that
had gone with the roast. They’d made love after his
parents left, and he’d made her cum three times to make
up for teasing him. She’d fallen asleep in his arms, her
soft body pressed against him, her warm breath on his

He awoke before the alarm, his arms and his thoughts full
of her. Garlic and oysters were reputed to be
aphrodisiacs; he could always blame his morning erection
on dinner last night. So it would be her own fault if he
woke her up early to help him through this. He smiled at
the thought.

But how to wake her up. Too much shifting would awaken
her too soon. He cupped one breast, gently stroking the
nipple, trying to hold it all in one hand. This was
pleasant, but not enough to make her as horny as he felt.
The other hand wrapped around his cock. stroking as he
thought about her wet pussy clamping down around it, her
juices squeezing out around his cock as he pumped in and
out of her. Precum began to ooze out, wetting his
fingers. He knew how to wake her up.

Bringing his fingers up to her lips, he smeared his
precum across them, even under her nose to tempt her with
the smell. She moaned, turning in her sleep. The nipple
under his palm began to harden, and he could see her
tongue dart out to lick him off her lips. He couldn’t
keep the grin off his face and he brought a second
serving to her mouth, pressing his fingertip between her
lips. With a sigh, she sucked the finger deeper into her
mouth, her tongue darting around it as if it were his
cock. When it was clean she released it, pushing herself
up on one arm to look at him in the semi-darkness.
’Feeling our oats this morning?’ She asked sleepily.

He smiled again, bringing more precum to her mouth. She
captured both fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean,
then she turned back the blankets and wrapped her hand
around his cock. Suddenly her mouth was there, her tongue
lapping up the rest of precum before she engulfed him,
her head bobbing up and down.

’Oh, Gawsh.....’ His back arched, the burning in his
balls warning him that he couldn’t stand up to this
incredible torture much longer. ’Honey.... stop. Please.’
He rested one hand in her hair, groaning as she took him
deep, practically swallowing the head. ’Let me make love
to you. Don’t... Don’t...’

He came, his seed spilling down her chin as she struggled
to swallow it all. When he could stand it no more, she
leaned away, counting to thirty mentally to allow him
time to calm down. ’Feeling better?’ She asked.

’Ungh.’ He closed his eyes, then groaned again. ’That
wasn’t what I’d intended, love. I thought we would make
love before work. Give you a nice long ride before we
have to get ready. But I’m not complaining! This was

’Well, sport, I think we can still make love.’ She
reached down and stroked his semi erect penis, feeling it
twitch ’But you can’t expect me not to want to taste you
when you tease me with your cum. That’s one powerful
aphrodisiac you used, you know.’

’Oh really? A taste of my cum turns you into a raving sex
maniac?’ He chuckled. They both knew he was almost fully
recharged and ready to go. ’Well then, my little horny
wench. Climb on board and ride me to your hearts

She laughed, but did as he bid. He wasn’t surprised to
feel how wet she was; he knew she always got turned on by
tasting him. Just like he did when he tasted her. Her
first orgasm hit fast, and just watching her shudder and
quiver as the waves of pleasure rolled through her made
him want to spend the day in bed with her.

For now, he was content to let her do the work. He
watched as she slid her fingers between her pussy lips,
coated her fingers with her own sweet honey, then rub it
on her nipples. Aware of his eyes on her, she licked her
fingers clean, then leaned forward to feed him her

His mouth full of her breasts, her warm, wet pussy
clutching at his cock, all he could do was groan happily.
She was going crazy as he gently bit each nipple, his
fingers rubbing her clit while he pounded up into her.
She felt him tense up, his cock pumping into her, and she
cried out his name, finally collapsing on top of him,
completely spent.

They lay together quietly until the alarm went off,
forcing them both to get up and get ready to face the
day. Both went to work with smiles on their faces. After
all, tomorrow was the weekend, and they had all day to
spend in bed......

’D’ is for Driving

Her sister’s wedding had been beautiful. She lived too
far away to have served as Matron-of-honor, but she’d
still been in attendance, and the last three days had
been busy ones, but very exciting. Now, suddenly, it was
Saturday night, and they were on the way home. ’I think
we should stop for the night.’ She said, peering out the
windshield. He’d insisted on leaving for home after the
wedding, not wanting to wait until daylight. ’It’s dark,
it’s snowy, and I’m tired.’

’Wimp.’ He smiled at her, a teasing smile, she saw,
catching glimpses of his handsome face in the headlights
of the passing cars. ’I’m the one who’s driving.’

’We don’t have to be back to work until Monday. We could
take a hotel and relax for the night.’ She leaned across
the seat, straining against the seat belt to lightly lick
his cheek. Her hand slid into his lap, squeezing the
inside of his thigh. ’I could make it worth your while to

’Minx!’ He removed her hand, laughter in his voice.
’Look, I want to sleep in my own bed. So keep your hands
to yourself, and don’t worry about it. I feel like
driving right now, and we’ll be home in a few hours.

’Okay.’ She sounded disappointed, but she knew there
would be no point in arguing about it. He could be so
unbelievably stubborn! Twisting in the car seat, she made
herself as comfortable as possible, tucking a sweater up
against the cold glass window before she closed her eyes.
’Wake me when we’re home.’

’What?’ Reaching over, he shook her gently. ’No no no!
You can’t go to sleep. I need you to talk to me and keep
me awake. We’ve got at least a 6 hour drive ahead of us

Swatting his hand, she straightened up, tossing the
sweater into the back seat. ’If you need someone to keep
you awake, dear,’ she said, and he didn’t miss the
sarcasm in her voice, ’then perhaps you shouldn’t be
driving. Pull over at the next hotel you see.’ She was
silent a moment, then she leaned closer, dropping her
voice to its most seductive purr. ’In case you haven’t
guessed, I am definitely in the mood.’

’What is it with women and weddings?’ He wondered aloud.
’There is nothing you can say to tempt me tonight. I am a
man of iron will.... none of your feminine wiles will
wile me tonight.’

’’Wile’ you?’ She repeated. ’’Iron will?’’ She laughed at
that. ’My love, was that a challenge?’

’No need to make it a challenge. It’s a fact. I know you
think I’m nothing but a weak, lecherous male, which, of
course, I am, but I can resist your obvious and pathetic
attempts to seduce me. ’I am definitely in the mood.’’ He
mocked. ’A little too obvious, my dear. I am master of my

’Oh really?’ She laughed. ’Are you so sure of that?’

’Yes, I am so sure.’ He made a scoffing noise, dismissing
her with a wave of his hand. ’Besides, it’s dark, and
we’re in a car. There’s not much you can do, is there?’

She resisted the urge to comment, a slow smile spreading
across her face. He once called her overly competitive.
She had denied it, but deep down, she knew it to be true.
More than anything, she hated losing, and she couldn’t
back away from challenges easily.

This was a challenge she didn’t want to ignore.

Releasing the controlling lever, she pushed her seat back
as far as it would go, bringing her left foot up to rest
on the dashboard. Suddenly she was glad she’d not changed
from her dress, the full skirt sliding back to bare her
leg. ’What are you doing?’ he asked.

’Taking off my stockings. I want to be comfortable while
we’re driving.’ She knew there was just enough light for
him to see the outline of her leg, to watch as she rolled
the sheer nylon down her leg, arching her foot to pull it
off her toes. She casually tossed the stocking towards
the back-seat, knowing that it would catch on the car
seat beside him. Switching legs, she undid the other
stocking, tossing it behind her again. ’Ah... much

’Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing, young lady.’
He said.

’What?’ She demanded, trying to sound wounded. ’I just
wanted to be comfortable.’ Leaving her leg on the
dashboard, she tipped the chair back to a semi reclining
position, sighing contentedly. ’You know, you’re right
about weddings and women. Maybe it’s the romance
involved, but I bet more than one husband is getting
their brains fucked out tonight.’ She smiled at his
shocked gasp. ’I will warn you now, I plan on spending
the entire day in bed tomorrow. Oh, sure, we’ll sleep,
especially after this long drive, but when we wake up in
the afternoon, well, I think we should pretend it’s our
honeymoon all over again. What do you think?’

’Uhm, sounds good to me.’ He replied. He reached over and
rubbed his hand across her bare thigh, gently squeezing.
’Of course, at the hotel, we had room service..... We’ll
have to get out of bed to make dinner.’

’We’ll order pizza.’ She shifted slightly, slipping her
fingers inside her panties. ’Gosh, I’m already getting
wet just thinking about it. Thinking about your tongue
sliding into me, sucking on my ..... ooohh......’
Wiggling, she slid her panties over hips, then down her
legs, dropping them into his lap. ’Here.’ She said,
purring again. ’They were in the way.’

’Now, where was I? Oh yes.’ She slid her fingers back
into her slit, teasing her already burning clit. ’When
you twist your tongue around my clit, it drives me crazy.
You know, you make a tube with your tongue, then you suck
air through it. Or when I feel your teeth nibbling up and
down my pussy lips.... I want to scream!’

He groaned, glancing over at her as often as he dared.
Already the smell of her permeated the air, or was that
just his imagination? He could definitely hear the slurpy
noises as her fingers worked their way in and out of her
pussy, her voice continuing in her description of the
things he did to her. The lights of passing cars
flickered across her, reminding him of the old silent
movies, and their flickering frames. But here, now, each
flash showed the sweet curves of her leg as she sat with
it propped on the dash, and the passion on her face as
she sat, eyes closed, softly taunting him.

’And when you tie me down, and have me helpless, you make
me cum 3 times at least before you’ll make love to me.
With my body laid out there for your general amusement, I
can’t do anything but squirm as you lick and taste and
suck. It makes me want to .... want to.... OHHHH!’ Her
back arched, her leg quivering as waves of pleasure
rolled through her. ’Oh, damnit! You make me so hot, so
horny!’ She was panting, her voice taking on her after-
sex tone, a low, sultry sound. ’I never even got past
thinking about your lips and your tongue. I still have to
think about the moment when your cock slides into me,
filling me up completely...’

He groaned, dipping two fingers into her pussy honey and
bringing it to his lips. ’You are a wicked woman.’ He

’Oh, how selfish of me!’ She cried. Lowering her leg, she
twisted around, dropping her hand in his lap. ’Poor
baby..... so very hard, and so confined in these slacks.’
She stroked his hard cock through his pants, rubbing her
knuckle up and down beside the zipper. ’Let’s see what we
have in here.’ she whispered, undoing his belt and
opening his slacks. ’My, my, my... I think I feel
something wet here.’ She rubbed her finger across the
swollen head, swirling the precum around. ’Mmmm....
tasty.’ She said, licking her finger.

’Oh, Geez....’ He said, when she wrapped her hand around
his shaft, pumping up and down slowly. ’What’s the
matter?’ She asked coyly. ’Am I disturbing you? Want me
to stop?’

’No!’ He cried emphatically. She laughed, her hand
continuing her ministrations. ’Have I told you how much I
love your cock? The taste, the way it throbs when I hold
it in my mouth, sucking the cum from it? Oh, my mouth
waters just thinking about your precum as it leaks out
while I’m sucking, and I know that soon, so soon, you’ll
be pumping your cum down my throat.’ He twitched, drawing
in a deep breath. ’Oh, honey, are things going to get
messy here?’

’Did you ever see ’Parenthood?’ When the wife gives the
guy a blow job while they’re driving?’

They laughed together. ’Can you handle it?’ She asked.
She raked her fingernails across the super sensitive
underside of his shaft for emphasis. ’I can.’ He

’Well, then, let’s keep it from getting messy, shall we?’
She took her discarded panties and carefully wrapped his
cock. The cool satin against his cock only served to make
him crazier. ’Now, I think we were talking about you
pumping your cum down my throat. I love the way your body
tenses when you cum, and the first blast of cum as it
fills my mouth..... oh my, I’m feeling so hungry just
hinging about it....’

’Oh, Shiiiiittttt....’ He moaned, gripping the steering
wheel tightly as he came. The car wobbled a bit, but he
kept control. ’Oh, honey.’ He breathed. ’Wow.’

’Oh, I’ll take that as a compliment.’ She leaned back in
her seat, staring at him in the dark. ’Of course, if we
weren’t in the car, I would start to suck on your cock
again, sucking on it until it started to get hard again.
When it’s soft, after you’ve just cum, and I hold it in
my mouth, it gets me so hot when I feel it start to get
hard. Especially when I know that you’ll be slipping that
into my pussy, and, since you’ve already cum once, you’ll
stay harder longer..... I know we’ll be fucking all night

’’ He shook his head, but she saw the smile.
He flipped on the blinker, steering the car towards an
upcoming off ramp. ’Where are we going?’ She asked,
eyeing the half full gas tank.

’To that hotel, right over there.’ He said. She smiled,
but she was silent as he pulled up in the parking lot and
turned off the car. ’I can’t believe you did that! You
win. We’ll stay in a hotel.’

’We both win.’ She said, leaning over to kiss his cheek.
’It’s your own fault... you challenged me.’

’Yeah, I guess I did.’ He made himself presentable, then
opened the door. ’I’ll go and get the room.’ He smiled.
’You do realize I plan on, what was it you said earlier?
Having my brains fucked out?’

She matched his smile, reaching out to grope his semi-
hard cock through his slacks once more before he stepped
out of the car. ’I was counting on it.’ She answered.

’E’ is for Eyeliner

He watched her as she slept, a slow smile spreading
across his face. He traced her lips with his finger, the
followed the curve of her chin, her jaw, gently stroking
her cheek. Today was Saturday, so there would be no
alarm, no rushing to get to work on time, and he knew she
planned on staying in bed until 8 am, if not longer. The
smile turned into a wicked grin. He had no intention of
letting her out of bed before 8 a.m., if not longer.

Yesterday, it she had looked down on him as he slept,
unusual since she was most definitely not a morning
person. He had opened his eyes to see her watching him,
mischief flickering in her eyes. ’Good morning,
sleepyhead.’ She’d said, barely hiding her giggles.
Kissing him on the forehead, she’d evaded his grasp,
calling him downstairs for coffee. Over coffee, he’d
questioned her odd mood, but she’d denied anything being

It wasn’t until he saw his reflection while starting to
shave that he saw it. Sometime while he’d slept, she’d
drawn a thin mustache on his face with her black eyeliner
pencil. Growling in mock anger, he’d chased after her,
finally cornering her in the den, and tickling her until
she’d apologized.

So this morning, he had the eyeliner pencil, and she was
asleep. People asleep were always compared to a child
Watching her now, he could see why. She looked so young,
so helpless, her face slack, the concerns of daily living
not visible on her brow. He liked her this way, sans
makeup, the freckles on her nose visible for inspection.
Maybe that’s what he should do! Play connect the dots!

Eyeliner poised to attack, he stopped. As much as he oved
the freckles and thought them cute, she hated them.
Connecting them would be unnecessarily cruel. A mustache,
then, like she’d done to him. But the more he stared at
her lovely mouth, the more he knew he couldn’t do that.

Besides, there was such a lovely canvas to work on! Her
bare shoulders peeked out above the blankets, begging for
kisses and nibbles, but not for black eyeliner. Tugging
the blankets slowly, he bared her breasts, eyeing them
hungrily. The cooler air brought about a favorable
response, the nipples hardening before his eyes. Oh, so
many possibilities here! He could write his name across
both beautiful breasts, draw faces with the nipples as

No. He couldn’t do that, not to her breasts. Moving his
hand under the blankets, he cupped the fullness of her
ass, feeling a little possessive. Such a close, detailed
examination of her physical assets began to affect him as
well. Touching her, feeling her, only made his desire
stronger. The deep, warm well of warmth at the small of
her back, the curving slope of her hip. He let his hand
see her body under the blankets, rubbing across her
stomach, down to the sweet spot between her legs. He
sighed, wiggling closer to her, wanting his skin to be
against hers. His cock nestled comfortably against her,
the contact both exciting and calming him.

She stirred, twisting back against him, her body
automatically adjusting to fit against his. Should he
draw something on her smooth stomach? Maybe trace the
outline of his cock against her thigh? He kissed her
shoulder, contemplating his next move. Her bewitching
body was his canvas this morning, and he suddenly found
he’d lost his desire to doodle his way across it.

Oh, well.... He tossed the eyeliner across the room into
a chair, and returned his attention to her shoulder.
Long, slow, wet kisses, dragging his teeth across the
skin ever so slightly, would, he knew, ignite her fires.
She felt too good in his arms to allow her to sleep any
longer. Like Dracula, he latched on to her throat,
dragging his kiss up her neck, stopping at her jaw line,
then moving to suck on her earlobe. ’Wake up, lover.’ He
whispered. ’You’ve got me so very hard, it’s time we do
something about it......’

She awoke to his moist breath on her neck, his tongue
teasing her earlobe, and his finger ever so gently
rubbing her clit. She sighed, as it was much earlier than
she’d have chosen to wake up, but she couldn’t complain
about the way he’d decided to wake her. She purred,
twisting to give him easier access. However, she couldn’t
let him think that she was that easy. ’Can’t this wait
until later? We could sleep a few more hours, then fool

’Woman, don’t try my patience.’ He growled. The pressure
on her clit increased, and he was suing that half circle,
wiggle stroke that she’d told him drove her nuts. Damn,
she loved it when he paid attention! ’And just what got
you all excited this morning?’ She wondered aloud.

He kissed her shoulder, feeling her shudder, then kissed
it again. ’Seeing you here. Watching you sleep. Feeling
your body, the softness, the special curves that belong
to you. Having you lay here so peacefully, so
beautiful.....’ He left a trail of kisses from her neck
to her breast, laying his tongue flat against her skin as
he licked his way to her nipple. He stopped, turing to
look at her, to lock eyes with her, their souls meeting
before he lowered his lips to suck the hard bud into his

She gasped, bringing her hands up to twist her fingers
into his hair. She dared not break into laughter, though
she found it hard not to. When he realized that she’d
drawn a mustache on him, again, he would get find a way
to get back at her. Good thing she’d drawn it after he’d
fallen asleep; if she’d waited until this morning, she’d
have been out of luck. Of course, this time she’d added a
little goatee...... It made her want to laugh.

She wondered briefly if the eyeliner would rub off in the
middle of their love making. Then she gave up wondering
about it, losing herself in the sensations he was sending
her body. If it rubbed off, there was always

’f’ is for Face

He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror,
making faces and sticking his tongue out at himself. ’I
hate my face.’ He said.

He could hear her in the bedroom, putting away laundry
from the sound of it. ’I hate my face!’ He said, louder
this time so she would hear his complaint.

She appeared in the doorway with an armload of towels.
’What are you babbling about?’ she asked.

’My face. I hate it.’

’Well, I like it.’ She pushed past him to put the towels
away, then stopped behind him to smile at his reflection.
’It’s one of my favorite faces.’

’My nose is too big.’

’It’s perfect.’

’Well, you like big noses, so of course you’d say that.’

She sighed, resting her head on his shoulder as she
stared at his reflection. ’You could use a hair cut,
love, but other than that, you look fine.’

’My hair?’ He ran his fingers through the sides, again
watching his mirror image do the same. The natural curl
she so envied made the locks twist around his fingers. ’I
thought I might grow it out a bit. Shoulder length. What
do you think?’

She wrinkled her nose at him. ’I like it short. In the
front anyway. A little length in the back is okay.’ They
stood in silence a moment. ’Of course, if you do grow it
longer,’ She teased, ’it would give me something to hold
on to when your licking and sucking and....’

He laughed, startling her. ’The way you carry on, I’d be
bald in a minute!’ He dodged her playful slap, grinning
wickedly. ’Besides, as I recall, last night you managed
to get a good grip as it was.’

’Beast.’ Her face flushed red, but she laughed along with
him. ’If that’s the way you feel, then I guess tonight
you won’t have to worry about that.’

’Well, that will be your loss, won’t it?’

’Yes.’ She agreed. ’And yours.’

Turning, she walked out of the bathroom, knowing he would
follow. ’Would you want your children to have this nose?’
He demanded.


’You’re infuriating.’

’I’m infuriating? I’m infuriating?’ She grabbed a pillow
from the bed and threw it at him, smiling at the thump as
it hit him. ’I don’t know why you’re so insecure about
this. You know I like your face. You should take my word
for it and not question it.’ She crossed the room to
retrieve the pillow, tossing it back on the bed. ’Right?’

’Humph.’ Turning toward the mirror on the vanity, he
frowned. ’I still have a good body, though, don’t you
think? It would impress just about any woman who saw me
with my clothes off. Wouldn’t it?’

’Oh?’ She raised an eyebrow, her lips set in a thin line.
’And just what other women will be seeing you naked?’

He grinned. ’No one, dear. It was a hypothetical

’Keep it that way.’

He laughed, following her again as she left the bedroom
with a full laundry basket. ’You, Mr. Man, ’ She said, at
the bottom of the stairs. ’You could have offered to
carry this for me.’

’I could have.... but you need to build muscles so the
next time we wrestle, I don’t have to let you pin me.’

’Let me? Let me?’ She dropped the basket outside the
garage door. ’I pinned you fair and square, buddy boy.’
Stabbing her finger into his chest, she prodded him back
towards the living room. ’You can deny it, but we both
know it.’

’Deny what? Why shouldn’t I let you pin me. I like my
woman on top.’

’Augh!’ She grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him against
her. Her kiss caught him by surprise, but he recovered
quickly, sliding his arms around her waist and holding
her close. Leaning into the kiss, she brought her arms up
around his neck, pressing her body against his. With this
kiss, she meant business, the heat quickly building
between them.

Her hands slid down his back, tugging at his shirt to
free it from his slacks. He smiled into the kiss,
beginning to tug at her clothing as well. Breaking the
contact, she leaned away from him, and impish grin on her
face. ’Wanna fool around?’ She purred.

He nodded. She reached up to the collar of his shirt, so
he dropped his arms, wanting to give her easy access as
she undressed him. But to his surprise, she grabbed a
handful of his shirt, stepped forward, and executed a
perfect Judo hip throw.

Caught off guard, he went down easily. She didn’t slam
him down on the floor, laying him down gently instead.
Before he could recover, she straddled his chest,
grabbing his hands as they reached for her. Fingers
locked, she pressed his arms down, pinning him under her.
Leaning over, she kissed him, long and hard. ’You’re
pinned.’ She whispered.

Tossing her head, she flipped her hair from her face,
smirking at him. ’I certainly am pinned.’ He admitted.
’But now that you have me at your mercy, what are you
going to do with me?’

’Let you go, of course. I just wanted to prove that I can
pin you. You don’t ’Let me.’’

’Let me go?’ He sighed, closing his eyes. ’I knew it.
It’s the nose. It’s too big, and you’re just completely
turned off by it.’

’You’re driving me nuts, you know that?’ She leaned back
down, kissing the tip of his nose, the bridge, working
her way up to his forehead. Planting a trail of kisses
along his hairline, she worked her way across his face,
avoiding his lips completely. ’You know what they say
about men with big noses.’ She asked, her voice low and
sexy. Sitting up, she reached around behind her, her hand
finding the bulge in his slacks easily. She squeezed
gently, rewarded immediately as his cock grew harder
under her touch. ’Well, I guess that’s true.’ She

’Are you just going to tease me?’ He asked.

’Probably.’ She leaned over and kissed him again, inching
backwards so she could kiss his throat. ’You know me. I’m
just a cock tease. I never come through on anything.’ Her
tongue traced his collar bone until the shirt got in the
way. ’Isn’t that right?’

His only response was to groan. Unbuttoning his shirt,
she kissed her way down his chest, his stomach, licking
his navel until he laughed. Already she could smell him,
as she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, moving
slowly, taking time to pet and stroke him through the
material. ’I think we’ll just get these out of the way.’
She said, tugging off his pants and underwear, tossing
them aside. ’We don’t need them anymore.’

She took a moment to study his erection, the swollen
head, the river of precum that ran down the long shaft.
While her usual plan of attack was to lick and kiss the
head slowly, teasing him with her tongue before she took
him in her mouth, today she wanted to catch him off
guard. In one quick motion, she enveloped his cock,
sucking immediately.

She heard him swear, and he pushed himself up on his
elbows so he could watch her. She even obliged him by
turning so he could see her profile, watching his cock
disappear between her lips over and over again.

Her hands slid up along his legs, up his thighs, slipping
around the curve of his ass while she sucked her way down
his cock. He shuddered as she squeezed the soft flesh,
kneading it with her fingers. After a moment, she pulled
away, sitting back on her knees as she stared at him. Oh,
how he loved the smoldering love and lust in her eyes.
Licking her lips, she kissed the head of his cock, again
bringing her hands up his legs to caress his ass.

Sliding her tongue along the sensitive underside, she
brought her warm wet mouth to his balls, sucking on them
softly. His fingers entwined into her hair, his body
shaking as she raked her nails across his ass cheeks,
down his thighs, letting her hands fall away as she
leaned back again to look at him. ’Ready to cum, baby?’
she asked in a throaty purr.

’Oh God yes.’ He answered. She smiled. ’In my mouth, or
on my face?’ She asked softly.

’Oh God.’ He moaned. Sitting back on her knees, she
pulled her shirt over her head, smiling wickedly. He was
on his feet in a second. ’Let me hold this, sweetie.’ she
said, wrapping her fingers around him, guiding his cock
to her waiting lips. The anticipation was too great, and
he knew he wouldn’t last very long.

His body tensed, and she leaned away, feeling the first
wet splotch of cum hit her cheek. Closing her eyes, she
felt the gooey liquid cover her face, dripping down to
her chest. It was in her hair, on her neck, on her
forehead. It was everywhere.

Something stroked the side of her face; he was using his
cock to clean the cum from her cheek, bringing it to her
lips. She slurped it off, licking his cock with broad,
flat strokes of her tongue. He helped clean her off, his
cock staying hard from all the attention.

Dropping to his knees, he kissed her, holding her sticky
face in his hands. ’Have I told you lately how much I
love you?’ He asked.

’You never tell me often enough.’ She answered. He
stiffened as her fingers brushed his cock, stroking him.
’But I think, right now, you can take me upstairs and
show me......’

’You mean, you want to make love to a man with a huge
nose like this?’ He asked, helping her to her feet.

’Not if you’re going to start that again.’ She leaned
against him, giving him a kiss on his nose. ’If you’re
going to keep whining like this, the you will be sleeping

’Uhm..... you know, I think my nose is majestic.’ He
kissed her again, following her towards the stairs. After
all, he wasn’t a fool......

’C’ is for Control

She emerged from her bath in time to hear the front door
slam. Apparently, he had arrived home, and he seemed to
be in a poor mood. Slipping into her warm robe, she
wrapped a towel around her wet hair, and headed down to
see him.

’Bad day?’ She asked sympathetically. It was a redundant
question, judging by the scowl on his face. She handed
him a Diet Coke, leading him to the couch to relax. He
was so tense he didn’t even respond to her cuddling,
sitting like a lump on the edge of the seat. ’Would you
like to tell me about it?’ She asked softly.

He started slowly, pouring all his day’s frustrations out
to her. She listened carefully, asking questions to
clarify different points, then gently leaned her head
against his shoulder. ’What can I do to help?’ She asked.

He was silent a moment, then he gave her a stiff hug,
kissing her on the forehead. ’Just having you hear to
talk to helps me.’ He told her. ’Now all I need is to
find something to take my mind off everything.’ He
sighed. ’Maybe I’ll go get a movie. Something funny. What
do you think about that?’

’Maybe.’ She thought for a moment, then stood up, walking
out of the room. ’Be right back!’ She called over her
shoulder. As she walked, she unwrapped the towel around
her hair, she tossing it into the laundry basket as she
passed. In less than a minute, she’d returned. ’Now
then.’ She said, pushing her robe off her shoulders and
letting it fall to the floor. She held out a brush,
motioning him over. ’I will tell you what you will do
this evening. First, you may crawl over here and brush my

’Wow.’ His eyes grew wide as he took in the woman before
him. Her hair hung damp around her face, spilling over
her bare shoulders. Hands on her hips, she stood naked
save for a pair of lacy black panties and black heels.
Impatiently, she kicked her robe away, tapping her foot.
’Is there a problem?’ She asked.

’Uh, no.’ He jumped up, hand out for the brush.

’No!’ She snapped her fingers, pointing to the carpet. ’I
only gave you permission to crawl to me, not walk.’ She
had to hide a smile at the look of shock on his face.
But, she noticed, the shock quickly turned to a smile.
’And I expect you to address me appropriately.’

’Oh, yes ma’am.’ He quickly dropped to his knees. She
raised one eyebrow disapprovingly. ’Yes, Mistress?’ He

’That’s better.’ She turned and walked towards the dining
room, looking once over her shoulder to ensure he
followed. Walking on three inch heels put a sway in her
walk anyway, but she exaggerated it, stopping when she
reached the table. Again, she stood arms akimbo, glaring
impatiently at him as he slowly crawled towards her.
’Must I wait all day for you to move my chair?’ She
intoned stonily.

’Oh, no Mistress.’ He crawled faster, looking, she
thought, quite comical in his business suit. Without
looking up at her, he pulled the chair out, waiting until
she sat down.

Gently, she reached out and stroked his cheek, feeling
his five o’clock shadow. One finger under his chin, she
raised his head until he was looking at her. ’You may
gently brush my hair.’ She said. ’But I’m warning you to
be careful. For every time you pull my hair, I shall
spank you with the brush.’ She saw the same shock flare
in his eyes, but she was beginning to enjoy this now. ’Do
you understand?’

He took the brush and nodded. ’Yes Mistress.’ He replied.
Rising to his feet, he stood behind her, lifting the damp
hair from her shoulders. With great tenderness, he began
to brush the ends of her hair, gently untangling the long

He loved to brush her hair, she knew, and since she loved
to have her hair played with, it worked well. Closing her
eyes, she enjoyed the luxury of having her man attend to
her. Ordinarily, she would baby him if he had a bad day.
Make him dinner, give him a massage, and suck on his cock
until he begged her to stop from the pleasure. But she
still smarted from being tied up with his belt a few
weeks back. Oh, they’d both enjoyed it, of course, but
this was her turn.

’Ow.’ She said crossly, though he’d been extremely
careful not to pull her hair. ’That’s one.’ She warned.
’Don’t let it happen again.’

’I’m sorry Mistress.’ He said. She noticed him shifting
as he brushed her hair, knowing that the exercise
combined with the view of her naked breasts had probably
made those slacks very uncomfortable. After a few more
’Ows’ on her part, she relaxed again, letting him just
brush her hair

from crown to end a few times.

’That was not... too bad.’ She offered. Reclaiming the
brush, she stood, turning to face him. ’I do enjoy the
look of a nice business suit.’ She began, scratching one
finger down his chest, opening the buttons of his dress
shirt as she worked her way down his stomach. ’But I
prefer the site of you in a tee shirt. Remove jacket and
dress shirt.’ She turned, walking back towards the living
room. ’Leave the tie.’

’You may prepare supper. A salad, and there’s fish. Then
you may serve me in the living room.’ She left him.
Laughter threatened to overwhelm her, so she turned on
the television to provide a background while she planned
her next move. Her original plan had been to get him hot
and bothered, and it had worked. But now she wanted to
continue being in charge for a while.

’Mistress.’ He said, offering her a plate. Simple fare to
be sure, but it smelled wonderful. Like an obedient
slave, he knelt beside her, hands resting in his lap.
Since her plate was overflowing, and he had none, she
offered him bites of food, pretending to be absorbed in
watching Jeopardy on TV. Just to be cruel, she stretched
her legs out where he had to look at them, look but not
touch. ’that was adequate.’ She said, setting her plate
aside. Actually, it had been delicious, but one should
never over compliment a slave.

’My legs are dry.’ She said, rubbing her hand up and down
her calves. ’Go and fetch my lotion.’

He returned in a flash, and she motioned for him to apply
it. Again, she’d chosen something he loved to do, and the
pleasure he took in rubbing the lotion into her skin was
more than evident in his eyes. Of course, having his
hands moving up and down her legs had quite an effect on
her, as well. ’That’s enough.’ She told him, standing up.
’Since you have done such a good job tonight, I will
allow you to pleasure me with your tongue.’

’Oh, thank you, Mistress.’ He moved quickly, kissing up
the inside of her leg to the lacy black panties. Pressing
his nose against her mound, he breathed in deeply,
inhaling her womanly odor. Hooking his thumbs in the
waistband, he slid them down to the floor, helping her to
step out of them. Pushing her back onto the sofa, he took
her legs over his shoulder and buried his face in her

She fought the urge to scream as his mouth met her nether
lips, his tongue sliding between them to tease her aching
clit. He could work miracles with his mouth, she knew,
and tonight he seemed determined to pull out all the
stops. Sucking on her clit like a small penis, his teeth
nibbling the sensitive nub, he drove her over the edge.
Fingers twisted into his hair, she climaxed, her body
twisting in pleasure.

Now she felt his tongue probing deep inside her, pushing
inside, slurping her body’s honey up as fast as he could.
Throwing her head back in total abandon, she arched her
back, thrusting her pussy up to meet his most intimate

’That’s enough.’ She commanded after her second climax.
She swung her legs away from him, straightening upright.
His face was shiny from her juices, and he licked his
lips clean while she watched. ’You are good slave.’ She
said, patting him on the head. It took effort, but she
gained her feet, and began heading for the bedroom. ’Good
night. Clean up after yourself before you go to sleep.’

Complete disbelief showed on his face. ’Mistress?’ He

’Yes?’ She sounded displeased.

’Please. mistress, I beg you... don’t leave me like

She smiled. The bulge in his pants was clearly evident.
’Oh yes. I forgot your punishment.’ Reclaiming her
hairbrush, she smacked it into her palm repeatedly.
’Remove your pants and bend over the coffee table.’

’But... but....’ His eyes grew wide, but he complied.
Dropping his pants, he sighed, his cock pressing out
through the thin boxer shorts. It was stiff, purple and
swollen, and her gaze made it swell more. Removing boxer
shorts, he nervously bent down, his elbows leaning on the
table. ’That was 6 strokes, was it not slave?’ She asked.

’Five mistress.’

’Seven?’ she said, since he’d argued with her. THWACK!
Just hard enough to sting, she landed the first blow
square on his ass. Six more followed, his ass cheeks
turning a cheery pink. Rubbing her hands over the freshly
spanked skin, she squeezed and pinched him, listening to
his breathing change to a rapid panting. Smiling
impishly, she slid her hands between his legs, gave his
balls a little squeeze, then took hold of his cock. ’My
goodness. This looks painful.’

His answer was a groan. ’Well, I suppose we should take
care of that.’ Retrieving her discarded underwear, she
allowed him to sit on the edge of the table, then handed
him her panties. ’You may use these. She told him,
sinking back into the sofa. Crossing her legs, she
allowed one shoe to dangle from her toes. ’Go ahead.’ She

’Uh.....’ He blushed, realizing what she was telling him
to do. Wrapping the dainty panties around his cock, he
slowly stroked it up and down, feeling the rough lace
slide around the sensitive head. ’Tell me what you’re
thinking.’ She said, watching him jerk off into her
underwear. ’What do you fantasize while you do this?’

’That it’s your lips and your teeth wrapped around my
cock.’ He groaned. ’That you’re sucking on my cock,
waiting for me to shoot the cum down your throat.’ He
groaned again. ’Or that I’m driving this hard cock into
your wet pussy.’

She let him continue this way a few minutes more. ’Lay
back.’ She ordered. Pushing his hands away, she
positioned herself so she slid down onto his cock. Her
pussy seemed to suck him in deep, her muscles
automatically clamping around him. Rocking her hips, she
kept the friction between them going. ’Is this what you
had in mind?’ She asked.

’Oh yes.’ He looked at the beautiful woman who was
fucking him, her body rising and falling on his hard
cock, and he felt his cock begin to twitch, the way it
did right before he was ready to cum. ’Oh baby, I’m going
to cum.’ He moaned.

’I haven’t given you permission.’ She said, stopping her
movements. She slapped his hands as he tried to touch
her, then reached down and began rubbing her clit. ’You
see, I want to feel your hardness inside me. I want to
ride you, and then feel you explode deep inside me.’ Her
own breathing had become shallow, a hard pant. She began
to ride him again, her breast bouncing with each
movement. ’Okay.’ She managed, biting her lip. ’You can
cum now.’

She came as he did. Her body finally quivered to a stop,
and she smiled down at him. ’Now then.’ She said, leaning
over to kiss the hollow of his throat. ’Don’t you feel
better? Relaxed now?’

’I think that would be a yes.’ He tweaked her nipple,
delighting in the shudder it produced in her body. ’And
just think of all the fun we’ll have tomorrow. I will be
the master, and you will be my beautiful, docile slave.’

’You think so?’ She pushed away from him, rising
haughtily. ’And what makes you think I will give you
permission to do that, slave?’ She headed for the
bedroom. ’After all. no one said this was a one night
only thing.’

He stared at her retreating form, then slowly rose,
setting the room to order before taking the dishes to the
kitchen. Perhaps he should make her some herbal tea. He
wanted to please her. After all, he was a good slave, and
pleasing his mistress was his first priority.

A Birthday Surprise

Arriving home late, he looked around with expectation,
knowing she had to have planned something to commemorate
his birthday. After all, he’d seen the box from the
lingerie shop, and overheard whispers on the telephone
about a big night she was planning. A surprise party,
maybe, but he would hate that. Better she be dressed in
something barely there, lying next to a birthday cake on
the kitchen table. A German Chocolate cake, he thought,
hanging his coat up in the closet. His two favorite
desserts, side by side.

With a grin on his face, he stuck his head in the dining
room, immediately dis-appointed by the empty table. She
wasn’t in the kitchen, or the living room, either. Well,
she was probably lying seductively on the bed, and if she
was dressed, he’d have all the fun of unwrapping her. And
if she wasn’t dressed, well.... He could feel his cock
growing hard already.

She wasn’t in the bedroom. ’Honey?’ He called, walking
through the seemingly empty house. ’Honey?’

’In here!’ He headed for the back room, following the
sound of her voice. He found her, dressed in one of his
old shirts, a baggy pair of jeans, and a scarf wrapped
around her head. Everything in the room was covered with
dropcloths, strange shapes he didn’t know. ’Just painting
the spare room, like we’ve talked about.’ She smiled,
offering him a paint brush. ’Want to help?’

He looked at the brush, then back at her. Suddenly, his
hopes for a wild night had disappeared. ’What about
dinner?’ He asked, trying not to sound to disappointed.

’Dinner. Hmmm....’ She shrugged. ’How about pizza? I’ve
got to get this finished.’

’But....’ He started to say something about his birthday,
then stopped. She’d forgotten. ’I’ll call and order the
pizza. I guess.’ He turned and walked out of the room. He
could not believe that she would forget! He sighed,
heading to their room to change clothes. He may as well
be comfortable if he was going to be miserable.

’Pizza.’ He called, after he’d paid the delivery boy and
closed the door. He dropped the box on the coffee table,
plopping on the couch. Maybe something was on T.V. He
could hear her rustling around in the kitchen, the water
running as she washed up. ’Bring me a pop.’ He called.

He was flipping through the channels as she walked in the
room, and he didn’t notice her until she sat down and
crossed her legs. Long, lovely legs, in sheer black
hosiery, a dainty gold anklet dangling over the heel of
some very sexy pumps. He let his eyes follow the long leg
up to the sexy white flesh of her thighs, peeking out
from under her very short skirt.

She wore a lace bustier that showed her dark nipples
clearly, her hair falling in lovely curls on her
shoulders. Handing him a can of soda, she leaned back
into the couch cushions, a big smile on her face. ’Happy
birthday, lover.’ She said.

’You did remember!’ He stroked her calves, enjoying the
feel of the nylons on her skin. Running his hands up her
legs, he squeezed the soft flesh of her thighs, his hopes
returning. ’Let’s skip the pizza and go straight to bed.’

’Skip the pizza? I hate cold pizza!’ Opening the box, she
pulled out a slice, and handed it to him, then took one
for herself, the cheese stretching, taking a bite off the
end. An errant piece of sausage tumbled off the pizza,
landing with a greasy splat in the deep well between her
breasts. She dropped the pizza on the lid of the box,
then looked up at him with mock despair. ’Oooh! My hands
are greasy. You’d better help me get that out.’

’Gladly!’ He dropped his own piece and took her by the
shoulders, pulling her towards him. With his tongue, he
dug the piece of sausage out from between her breasts,
licking the sides of her breasts, running his tongue
along the lacy edge of the bustier.

He could feel her hands at the opening of his jeans,
freeing his semi-erect cock, her fingers stroking the
head, making it grow stiff quickly. It didn’t take him
long to figure out how to free her breasts, gently
squeezing them together with his hands, licking the
nipples with broad strokes of his tongue. Shifting
underneath him, she brought her legs up around his waist,
guiding his cock into her wet pussy.

He started slow, pushing the length of his cock into her
pussy, then pulling it almost completely out before
plunging back in. Her fingernails in his back signified
the approach of her first orgasm, her body thrusting back
up at him as she climaxed. Nuzzling his face between her
breasts, he licked the space between them again, sucking
on the tender undersides before starting back on her
nipples again.

He began to thrust into her faster, harder, his own
breathing growing faster as he fought to keep control.
When he felt her pussy muscles begin to constrict around
him once again, he let go, groaning loudly as he shot his
cum inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, he kissed her neck, her face,
letting his body relax. ’Oh honey, that was great. What a
great birthday.’

’Well, I had to do something to make you forget how old
your getting.’ He could hear the laughter in her voice.
Stretching her arm to reach the pizza, she plucked a
piece of pepperoni off, dropping it on her still hard
nipple. ’Besides,’ she said, as he snatched the pepperoni
with his teeth, his tongue darting out to lick the nipple
clean. ’The night’s not over. We’re going to make this an
even better birthday.’

A Change in Plans

She called him to see what time he would be home that
night. They had talked yesterday about their plans for
tonight, trying to decide which movie to go to. ’Did you
decide what you want to see tonight?’ She asked him.

He chuckled deep in his throat. ’What would I like to see
tonight?’ His voice was low. ’How about you, tied up, a
sexy little slave girl waiting for her master?’

’A slave girl?’ She laughed. ’How about a leather clad
dominatrix, ready to crack her whip at her pet?’

He was quiet for a moment. ’How about we save that for

’How about you think about what movie you want to see,
and I’ll get dinner ready. Okay?’ He was still laughing
as she hung up the phone.

What made her decide to do it, she would never know. But
she had about 15 minutes to get ready before he would be

She didn’t know what a slave girl might wear, but she
knew what he would like. Red satin bra and panties,
garter belt, red stockings, and high heels. She looked at
the bed and wondered how she could tie herself up there,
and decided against it.

The living room had a big hook in the ceiling where she
had a hanging plant. He wanted a tied up slave girl,
well, she would be tied up in the living room where he
would see her almost as soon as he came in.

She had just gotten everything into place when she heard
his key in the lock. She shivered with excitement,
knowing he would be surprised, knowing that this evening
would be an interesting one.

’I’m home!’ He called, swinging the door open. Dropping
his briefcase on the floor next to the closet, he hung up
his coat, listening for her to respond. ’Hello?’ He

He almost didn’t see her as he rounded the corner. Her
muffled cries drew his attention, his eyes quickly
assessing the situation. ’Oh my....’

She was standing in the corner, dressed in her sexy red
lingerie, hands pulled up over her head and tied to the
hook in the ceiling with a black scarf. She looked so
alluring, arms stretched up like that, her breasts
thrusting towards him, her legs beautifully shaped by the
heels she wore. She’d even tied a second scarf around her
mouth, like a gag. His cock leapt to attention, throbbing
as it grew. ’I take it we aren’t going to a movie

’Mmmphhlm.’ She made a half-hearted attempt to struggle
against the restraints on her arms, her breasts jiggling
in the red bra. Crossing the room to where she stood, he
reached out and touched the red satin cups, feeling the
nipples harden under his touch. ’Oh, man.... I can’t
believe you did this!’ He lowered his head to kiss the
soft skin swelling over the edge of the bra, his tongue
flicking down the sweet valley between her breasts.

His hands wandered down her sides, rubbing gently,
working around to cup the satin clad cheeks of her ass.
Holding her tightly against him, he pressed his hard cock
against her, and her hard nipples poking his chest.
Slipping one finger into the crotch of her panties, he
felt her love juices running out, soaking the thin
material. ’A little excited, are we dear?’ He chuckled.

Stepping back, he stared at her, enjoying the writhing
form before him. With casual deliberateness, he
undressed, knowing she was watching. His cock stuck
straight out, slick with precum. Stepping up to her, it
rubbed against her stomach as he leaned in close to kiss
her, his lips touching hers around the gag. His hands ran
up her body now, up her arms, touching the scarf that
held her bound. Kissing down her neck and shoulders, he
untied her, guiding her arms down.

’Are you my little slave girl?’ He asked. She nodded, her
body trembling as he kissed across her back and
shoulders, slow kisses in what he knew was an erogenous
zone for her. Licking slowly down her spine, he slipped
his fingers into the waistband of her panties, pulling
them off her his as far as he could without unhooking the

Standing behind her, he slid the head of his cock between
her legs, feeling it glide effortlessly in between her
wet pussy lips. The head of his cock rubbed against her
hard clit, making her moan into the gag with each stroke.
His hands massaged her breasts, tweaking her nipples,
nibbling on her shoulders.

She climaxed hard, her body trembling, his arms around
her keeping her from falling. The muscles of her ass
squeezed around the base of his cock, her cum pouring out
down the inside her thighs.

Separating, he led her to the couch, fastening her arms
to the end table with the same scarf she’d used to
surprise him. Kneeling on the floor, he pulled her hips
off the couch, spreading her legs wide. Planting his hard
cock inside her wet pussy, he began to pump, thrusting
his hips forward hard and fast, his balls slamming
against her ass with each stroke.

She arched her back as her orgasm ripped through her, her
legs clasping around his waist. He dropped on top of her,
pressing his face into her breasts, emptying his seed
deep into her belly. He lay there a moment, feeling the
last tremors of her orgasm pass, a deep purr of
contentment coming from her with each breath.

Removing the gag, he kissed her, his tongue wetting her
dry lips. ’You really surprised me.’ He told her.

’I thought that was what you wanted to see.’ She said, a
trace of laughter in her voice. ’Untie me now?’

’Untie you?’ His fingers stroked the underside of her
left arm, the soft skin exposed by the way she was bound.
’I don’t think so. Not quite yet. The evening is young.’

He silenced her objection with another kiss, his fingers
doing things to make her squirm beneath him. ’After all,
you are my little slave girl tonight, right?’

She smiled, nodding. ’Tonight I am your slave girl.’ She
said. Her smile grew wicked. ’But tomorrow, remember, you
said it would be my turn.’ He recalled the dominatrix
comment she’d made earlier.

’I think I might be in trouble.’ He said with a smile.

A little afternoon fun

’Honey!’ She called from the kitchen. ’I need a hand in

He sighed, closing his book and forcing himself up off
the couch. It was not that he minded helping her, but
today he felt like just sitting around and being lazy,
and she was cleaning. Actually, he thought, his mind
wandering, he felt like dragging her into the bedroom and
spending the day in there. Put all this energy of hers to
a good use! Grinning, he rounded the corner to the
kitchen. ’What do you need, sweetie?’

She was standing with the refrigerator open, peering
around the door to see him. ’Nothing much.’ She answered.
With a sudden motion, she slammed the door to the fridge,
raising a water gun up and taking aim. ’Just this.’ She
answered, as ice cold water sprayed across his body.

He was so startled, he stood their for a heartbeat,
staring down at the wet stain that spread across his
clothes. ’I can’t believe you did that.’ He said slowly.
She was giggling, her hands covering her mouth to
suppress the laughter. ’You little minx!’

He took off after her, and she squealed, turning and
running through the dining room. Thinking fast, he turned
around and ducked out the way he’d come, cutting her off
as she tried to make it out the back door. She squealed
again, spinning around and heading down the hallway to
their bedroom.

He heard the bathroom door slam before he got there, and
he pounded on the door, calling her name. ’Let me in!’ He

’Who are you, the big bad wolf?’ She asked, though she
was still laughing so hard, it was hard to understand
her. ’Are you going to blow the house down?’

’Grrrrr!’ He turned and stormed away, making a great deal
of noise and many blustery sounds. She waited almost ten
minutes before she dared to open the door, carefully
peeking around the door frame to make sure he wasn’t
there. ’Honey?’ She whispered. ’Are you there?’

No answer. She crept out of the bathroom, the water gun
tucked into her waistband, acting like a spy in an old
movie. Tip-toeing through the house, she looked for him,
expecting him around every corner.

’Honey?’ She chewed her lip nervously, wondering where
he’d gone. He wasn’t anywhere in the house that she could
see. Maybe he’d been so upset he’d left! She rushed to
the garage, wanting to see if his car was still there-

SPLASH! She didn’t see him, didn’t see the bucket full of
water that flew at her. She stood in the door to the
garage, spluttering, completely drenched. He smiled,
enjoying the way her wet clothing clung to her body.
Especially the way her shirt clung around her beautiful
breasts, the cold water making the nipples spring to
life. ’A wet tee-shirt contest.’ He said, laughing. ’My
very favorite!’

She blushed, and he reached out to tweak her nipples, as
if to punctuate his comment. ’Using a bucket was not
fair.’ She cried.

’Catching me off guard was not fair.’ He folded his arms
across his chest, looking indignant. Quick as a flash,
she pulled the water gun from her waistband, shooting him
twice before turning to run again. ’No you don’t!’ He
called, running after her. ’I’m not letting you get away
that easily!’

His long arms proved to be her downfall, as he reached
out and grabbed the back of her shirt, pulling her back
towards him. She tucked the gun into her back pocket,
then turned to wrestle with him. He clutched her to him,
dragging her to the floor, pinning her under him. ’No
fair!’ She cried, squirming to get free.

’Life’s not fair, baby!’ He said, kissing her. Slipping
his tongue into her mouth, he let his hands roam across
her wet tee-shirt, noticing that her struggles were
decreasing, her hands starting to stroke his back.

Her hands went to his pants, tugging them down his hips,
caressing his ass. He smiled, trailing kisses down her
face to her neck, licking along her collar bone. ’I want
to make love to you.’ He whispered.

She made a sound like a purr, then started to wriggle out
of her shorts. ’Oh, you got me so wet!’ She moaned,
struggling with the wet denim.

’I’m going to make you wetter still.’ He said, his mouth
closing around her nipple through the wet tee shirt. His
fingers slipped down to rub her clit, feeling her body
tense at his touch. But right now, he couldn’t wait,
needing to feel her warm, wet pussy around his cock.

With a sigh, he slid into her, her thighs clamping around
his body. He pumped in and out of her, slowly, enjoying
the feel of her beneath him, enjoying the feel of her
body moving and grinding against him. Her hard nipples
pressed into his chest, her hands roaming his back.

She cried out with pleasure, her fingernails digging into
her back as she came. He stopped his pumping and held
her, letting her body calm down a moment. She reached up
and kissed him, then locked her thighs around him, and
rolled them both over so she was now sitting on top of
him. ’It’s your turn to be on the cold floor.’ She

’Mmm.’ He said, pushing the tee shirt up, baring her
breasts. ’Gladly.’

Reaching behind her, she grabbed the squirt gun, hiding
it behind her hips as she rode up and down on his hard
cock. She toyed with the idea of squirting him, of
getting the last laugh, then changed her mind. Dropping
the gun, she leaned forward, bringing her breasts down to
his lips. As he shot his hot cum deep inside her, she
smiled. Now would not be the time to squirt him with cold
water, she thought, her body responding to his with equal

Tomorrow would be a good time to squirt him again!

A New Scarf

They were having an argument. She loved the long scarf,
and he thought it was the silliest thing he’d ever seen.

It was 8 ft. long, brightly colored, and he said it made
it her look like a bag lady. ’Well, fine!’ She plopped
down on the bed, not looking at him. Holding the scarf in
her hands, she twisted the material tightly. ’I don’t
care what you say. I like it.’

’Hmm...’ He reached out his hand, taking the scarf. ’Let
me look at it again. Okay?’

She handed it over, resting her hands in her lap. ’I
don’t have to wear it when you’re with me.’ She said.

’Oh, I can think of a way I’d like to see you wearing
it.’ He moved quickly, wrapping the scarf around her
wrists, binding them together. ’Hey!’ She cried, tugging
at the binding. ’What are you doing?’

’This!’ He laid her back gently, tying the other end of
the scarf to the headboard. ’Honey.’ She began, but he
silenced her with a kiss. One hand snaked down to the
waistband of her skirt, tugging the shirt free. In no
time, he had the blouse unbuttoned, massaging her soft
breasts through the satiny bra.

Tugging the skirt down over her hips, he began kissing
her stockinged legs, running his hands across the nylon
to caress her round ass. He ignored her protests, letting
his tongue trace its way from her knees and up her
thighs, stopping at her sweet pussy. Even through the
nylons and underwear, he could feel her wetness, and he
placed his mouth over her pussy, blowing gently.

Her protests turned to soft moans, her body beginning to
twist and thrash under his touch. Rolling the nylons off
of her, he tied them around her ankles with a grin,

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