How I came to love Shaved Pussy - sex stories

How I came to love Shaved Pussy

California has its fair share of cold, wet weather. Perhaps
not as bad as some areas of the country, but then, you
wouldn’t be riding a motorcycle in December if you lived in
Minnesota either. It WAS cold, and wet, and raining like hell
that dark December evening, and I WAS riding a motorcycle, a
Honda CX500 to be exact, home from work. I was looking
forward to getting home to the apartment I shared with Tanya,
where she would be waiting for me with warm dry clothes.

Thursdays were the best. My four-day week ended, giving me
three days to enjoy, and it meant that Tanya’s weekend
started. I hated her graveyard shifts, but it did mean we
relished the nights we actually slept together. As I finished
chaining the little 500 to the carport’s support beam, I
looked up to the third floor to see the warm inviting light
coming from the apartment. Feeling a warm contentment, and
thinking about cuddling by the fire with her tonight, I
slogged into the building. In the stairwell I could feel cold
dampness down my back and front, where the rain-suit leaked.
My feet were cold and the socks were drenched. Yes, a fire
was definitely going to feel good.

The door was unlocked and I eagerly entered the apartment.
Tanya greeted me from the small kitchen where, I knew, she
had heated some dry clothes in the oven (creative no?). She
smiled and waited as I took off my rain jacket and then gave
me a quick hug and kiss, not wanting to get too wet. Tension
drained from me. Just looking at her made me feel warm and
happy. As she opened the oven door to fetch a tray of warm
clothes, she apologized to me by saying ’I’m sorry sweetie, I
didn’t get the laundry done today, so all I could warm up was
your bathrobe and some clean underwear.’

I laughed, thinking that it would save us time later tonight,
not having to get undressed. I would still have fun ’peeling’
her out of her jeans, and unlacing the lace-up top she was

Tanya continued ’Karen and I went shopping today and stayed
out too late to get any laundry done.’

Wearily I replied ’That’s OK. I’m not going out in this again

As I took the soft warm bathrobe from her, she seemed
hesitant to speak, as though she had bad news.’

’What?’ I asked.

’Karen’s still here.’ She said quietly. With a nod, ’In the
living room.’

Tanya’s best friend was fun to be around, but she had this
tendency to stay long into the evening, and I wanted to spend
this one quietly, cuddled in front a fire, teasing, kissing
and caressing Tanya. If Karen was here, there was doubt that
we’d have that fire.

As I walked back to the bedroom, I stopped by the living room
door to say hello to Karen who jokingly told me that I had to
be dry before she’d give me a kiss. I thought about that kiss
as I dried and dressed. Karen’s kisses were very nice. Her
soft, full lips were warm and inviting. Each time we’d kissed
before, her lips seemed to promise untold pleasures.

I wrapped the robe around me, its warmth bringing feeling
back to my chilled skin. The underwear I dropped in the
drawer after seeing that they were the ones that always
seemed to fit poorly. The robe was long enough to wear
modestly if I kept a mind of how I sat and the sash was
tight. The dry socks warmed my feet as I returned to the
living room.

The gals were talking about the latest movie ’hunk’, and I
turned the heat up to about eighty degrees, to keep me from
chilling. Karen looked at me as I came out, and stood as I
approached the sofa.

’Hi short sweet ’n sexy!’ She said, joking because she was
almost six feet tall to my five eight. We kissed, briefly, as
we always did, her lips soft, warm and inviting. As I turned
towards the sofa and moved past her she playfully cupped one
of the cheeks of my ass, making me jump with her unexpected
touch. Everyone laughed, and Tanya poured some coffee for us

The next hour blurred as the girls mostly talked about
watching ’hunks’ and clothes, and ’weren’t-some-of-the-new-
fashions-terrible?’ type talk. At some point, the discussion
turned towards dating and sex. Karen can be quite’graphic’at
times when discussing sex. I felt a familiar sensation begin
deep down, and worried that the bathrobe alone would not
prevent a new topic from entering the conversation.

Karen asked ’Is it really warm in here?’

’I’m a bit warm too.’ Tanya replied. ’How high did you set
the heat?’

I told them that I set it high, planning on cutting it back
when the chill was chased away from me, but turn it down if
you’re too hot. Karen stood up and grabbed the bottom of her
sweater, cross armed.

’That’s OK.’ She said. ’I don’t need this heavy of a

As she pulled it up over her head, the light blouse she was
wearing rode up her lean tanned stomach, and over her full,
braless, breasts. She quickly recovered as first Tanya, then
I cheered her with catcalls and teases.

’Get your jollies?’ She asked me.

’No,’ I said, ’Not a long enough look!’

Tanya made some comment about wishing her tits looked that
good under a blouse without a bra. In truth, I thought her
tits were terrific. They were full enough to need a C-cup
bra, with dark nipples that peeked through if she wore light
colored tops. Karen’s were larger, with large dark nipples
but the effect blended too much with her naturally tan skin.

Somehow Tanya introduced the fact that I liked the way her
tits and her nipples looked in a tank top, especially when
her nips tried to peek through. She chided me, saying that
’all men’ liked tits larger than hers.

’Not true!’ I said. ’I like yours because they’re beautiful.’

Tanya asked if I’d put my money where my mouth was, betting
her that I’d prefer her with bigger tits. I agreed, but
qualified by saying that every woman wanted bigger tits, like
most guys want longer cocks.

Tanya stood up and whispered something to Karen who giggled
and nodded her head in agreement. Both girls walked over in
front of the fireplace and stood facing me.

’OK smarty.’ Tanya challenged. ’Who’s tits do you like best?’

As soon as the challenge was issued, the girls pulled their
tops over their heads, standing topless in front of me.

’Ummm, Ahhh, I, ummmm,’ came my stammered reply. ’I, err,
still like yours better.’

I hoped my answer would satisfy her and change the subject,
as my body was responding to the presence of these semi-naked
women. I knew that this line of conversation would doubtless
prove that a bathrobe alone is not the best thing to wear in
the living room with guests.

Tanya gave me a look that said she thought I wasn’t being
honest. Karen simply returned to the sofa and sat down, not
bothering to put her top back on. Tanya came over and stood
right in front of me, looking down, not saying a word. I
looked up at her, topless, past her tits and saw a playful
gleam in her eyes. My gaze shifted to her nipples, seeing
that even in the warmth of the room that they were becoming
erect. Several wordless seconds went by before she chuckled
and said ’OK, you’ve proved it.’ She leaned down and patted
my lap, where a distinct bulge had crept up in my robe,
before she sat down on the floor across from Karen and me.

’Ah, aren’t you girls going to put your tops back on?’ I
asked nervously.

’It’s too warm.’ Tanya replied gleefully. ’Besides, you have
something better to look at?’ As she said that, both girls

Karen spoke up, and asked Tanya if she had ever shaved her
pussy for a narrow cut swim suit. As they talked about
shaving themselves for the newest swimsuit, I had to work
multiplication figures in my head to keep what was going to
be a tremendous erection from making an appearance. As my rod
began to deflate, I heard Karen saying ’... it feels good in
bed and really turns guys on.’

Tanya looked at me, and I said I had been ’distracted’ by
other thoughts, and what were they talking about anyway?
Tanya and Karen giggled. I looked at Tanya, searching for an
explanation. Karen ’explained’ in the best manner she could.
Standing, she quickly unfastened her corduroy pants, dropping
them to the floor. Stepping out of them easily, I gazed
longingly at her long tanned legs and thighs. She was naked
before me, uninhibited, and smiling. Pointing to her bush,
she said ’This is what we were talking about!’

Tanya saw that I didn’t understand, so she had Karen sit down
and spread her legs open, to show me that Karen had shaved
the tender areas between her thighs. I stared, not believing
the brashness of these women I thought I knew well. Karen’s
pussy was shaved so completely that not one hair remained
between her thighs. Her pubic bush was nicely trimmed, but it
ended just above the beginning of her slit. Someone said
something, but I was staring at Karen’s pussy lips, seeing a
hint of a moist sheen.

’I SAID, would you like me to do that?’ Tanya repeated her
previous query.

I looked up at her, and said that I’d definitely like her to
do that, if only I got to shave her! Ever since we started
living together, I’d been trimming her golden bush, which
usually got her excited. A game we played, where she would be
naked, with me dressed to accentuate her nudity, while I
trimmed her bush to perfection.

Karen stood, and, giggling, led us to the bathroom where
Tanya quickly got out of the rest of her clothes. As she sat
on the edge of the tub, I watched Karen lather Tanya’s pussy
from my shaving mug and brush. I placed a fresh blade in the
razor as Karen finished. Looking at Tanya, I could see a
freckling blush between her breasts, and she looked down,
noticing that my robe had parted in a strategic place. My
cock, quite successfully, was straining to part the robe’s

As I moved towards Tanya, Karen noticing my arousal, pulled
the sash of my robe, and quickly pulled the robe from me. Now
the three of us were naked in the bathroom, Tanya’s pussy
lathered up and ready. As I knelt Karen assisted me with my
delicate task, offering advice, and helping keep the
sensitive skin taut. As we finished, without a single
accident, Tanya’s breathing was heavy, and the flush between
her breasts was now turning to a noticeable pink. We rinsed
the soap from her pussy with warm water, and both ran our
hands over her lips, looking for any stubble we might have
missed. I could feel the moistness on her now naked labia as
I stroked her pussy. Her hips moved reflexively as we
caressed her. Her mouth open, she was breathing heavily,
trying to look at her freshly shaven area. Karen touched her
clit lightly and Tanya jumped as if a tiny electric jolt had
hit her. Handing her a mirror, she examined herself. Amazed
at her smoothness, she ran her hand down, exploring,
touching, and arousing herself.

’You’ll find you’re much more sensitive.’ Karen remarked

’I know!’ Tanya answered. ’I almost came when you touched my

Karen picked up the shaving mug, and whipped a lather up,
spreading it on her bush. Tanya stood up, as Karen sat down
in front of me, spreading her legs as she said ’Since you’re
there, why don’t you shave me all the way?’

Incredulous, I looked into her passionate brown eyes, and saw
that she was serious. Tanya urged me on, and the first stroke
of the blade removed a sizable patch of Karen’s light brown
hair. She leaned back, supporting herself on the far edge of
the tub, as I shaved the rest of her mound clean, Tanya, this
time, helping to keep her skin taut. As I finished, I saw
that Karen’s pussy had become, not damp, but very wet, from
our touches. Then I rinsed Karen’s pussy, Tanya poured some
baby oil into her hands, and began to rub it over the freshly
saved mound of her friend. I sat back and watched as her
hands rubbed not only the freshly shaved area, but between
the tanned thighs. Karen’s face told me how good this felt,
so I followed suit on Tanya by oiling her freshly shaven

When Karen stood, Tanya sat down, pleading for us to shave
her pussy bare. We obliged, and soon her soft golden triangle
was a memory, as we rubbed more oil into her skin. Her pussy
was fully wet, not only with oil, but her own juices. I told
both girls to walk around the house, and show off their naked
pussies. Giggling, they fairly skipped into the living room,
and put on a show for me, Karen eyeing my rigid pole. Tanya
delighted in comming up close to show me her shaved cunt,
pulling away as I leaned over to kiss it. Karen was spreading
her lips, showing me how wet she’d become when Tanya
disappeared down the hall. When she came back, Karen was
sitting on the floor, legs spread, showing me how slick and
wet her pussy was, spreading a sheen of wetness over the area
her bush once covered.

Tanya sat next to me, laughing at Karen’s bold display.

’Let me trim your furry cock and balls’ She said, displaying
a pair of blunt nosed scissors.

I leaned back as she placed a towel under me, and watched in
fascination as she began to trim the hair around my cock.
Karen sat up and leaned on my left thigh, watching too. My
cock was aching to be touched, and as Tanya moved it to my
left, out of her way, she pointed it right at Karen. Karen
seemed to draw me into her mouth without moving, and I
delighted in the soft warm wetness of her mouth. Tanya
started clipping around my cock, using a comb to keep from
trimming me bare, not minding that her girlfriend was now
sucking my cock. As she finished one side, she handed the
scissors to Karen and took over for her. Tanya licked and
sucked my shaft as Karen repeated the clipping. Shortly, my
curly hair had the appearance of a developing teenager, parse
and somewhat shorter than normal. I heard a spray can’s hiss
and suddenly a cool foam was placed on my balls, being rubbed
around between my thighs. The fragrance was not really
pleasant, but the girls had me so aroused I didn’t care that
the depilatory was applied without warning.

We showered together, soaping each other’s newly hairless
areas and then drying each other off. As the girls came out
of the bathroom, I waited on my knees, kissing each bare
pussy in turn, using my tongue to probe around their very
accessible clits. We all went into the living room, sitting
on the sofa again, grinning and giggling excitedly.

Tanya couldn’t keep her hands off my smooth, hairless balls,
and kept rubbing and tonguing them until they were shining
with her saliva. I watched Karen, rubbing her pussy, getting
herself even hotter as she watched us. I had Karen sit on the
corner of the sofa behind me, as I slid down and turned my
head up to tongue her glistening lips. I felt an engulfing
warmth over my cock as Tanya took it deep into her mouth. Her
hands still touching and caressing my smooth balls. I
caressed Karen’s smooth tanned thighs as I tried to bury my
tongue inside her, lapping the deliciously thick creame from
her. She felt slick and wet, my tongue gliding over her
sensitive pussy. Tanya interrupted, demanding her turn with
my tongue, and the girls switched positions. Before Tanya was
settled, Karen wrapped her lips around my cock and slowly
took all of my seven inches into her mouth and throat, her
nose tickling what sparse hairs were left just above the root
of my shaft. I let out a long moan, feeling my cockhead on
the back of her throat. My moan caused Tanya to look at

’Can you show ME how to do that?’ She asked like a small
child wanting to see how a magic trick is done.

Karen slowly lifted her head, taking her time and pressing
her lips down against my swollen purple shaft. Halfway up,
she murmured ’Um-Hmmm’, then slid down to the root of my cock
in one swift move. I threw back my head and grabbed Tanya’s
thighs, dragging her visibly moist slit to my mouth. Roughly,
my tongue found her hole and plunged inside, tasting her,
trying to probe her depths. Karen was slowly working my cock
as I furiously tongued my girlfriend’s bare pussy. I ran my
tongue down her slit, teasing around her rear, then back up
her moist lips, flicking my tongue back and forth.

Karen, let go of my straining rod, and spread her legs wide
as she then lowered herself onto me. The surprise, and
feeling of her wet womanhood engulfing my cock drove me to
new heights of passion and carnility. I realized I wanted
them both, to bury my tongue, my finger, and my cock in every
place I could. I wanted to cum with them all night, over and
over, flooding them with my juices as they were doing to me.
My hips rose to meet Karen’s ass as it drove down on my cock.
Her flesh rippled as we slammed together. Her movements
quickly became a rapid series of short jumps, each time
letting her body slam back down against my hips. I was tongue
was flicking over Tanya’s clit ferociously, my chin wet with
her, her breathing loud.

I suggested we move, and Tanya quickly laid down on the sofa,
as Karen sat on the arm above her head. I plunged into Tanya,
her cunt so wet I met no resistance. Leaning forward, I
tongued Karen’s sopping slit, lapping up the pearls running
out the bottom. I continued to fuck Tanya, feeling a welling
up in my balls. My thrusts coming long and deep, my cock
swelling inside her. Just as I was about to burst, she
reached down, pulling my cock from her wet tunnel, and
squeezed it hard at the base, cutting of my orgasm.

’Not yet.’ She panted. ’Don’t cum yet.’

I didn’t care. I wanted them. I wanted to feel this craving
lust all night. So, apparently, did they. As we got off the
sofa, Tanya led the way into the bedroom. The steamy heat
from our earlier shower still hung in the air. We stopped
along side the bed and kissed. First Tanya kissed me, then I
kissed Karen. These were deep, lustful, carnal kisses, with
our bodies pressed tightly together. There was the briefest
of pauses, then Tanya turned and kissed Karen. The same kiss
she’d given me. Lustful and deep. I watched, my cock rigid as
steel as I watched ’my’ Tanya kissing another woman. Smaller
and lighter than Karen, she seemed to melt against her flesh.
Her legs came up and wrapped themselves around the taller
girls waist and legs, her hips thrusting forward to rub her
clit against Karen’s stomach.

I felt something wet run down my back. As the two girls
parted, I could see a sheen of perspiration on their arms,
their backs, and beads running down their breasts and
stomachs where skin met skin. I leaned forward and licked
some of the wetness off from the groove in Karen’s stomach,
followed by a small salty bead running down Tanya’s right
breast, hanging stubbornly against the side of her nipple.

As we climbed into bed, I heard Tanya whisper to Karen, ’I
want to TASTE you!’ and Karen’s reply of ’Oh, yes! I’ve
wanted you for so, so long!’. I sat back and watched as they
lay together, caressing at first, kissing each other lightly
on the lips. To my surprise, it was Tanya who made the first
aggressive move. She lowered her head and took a nipple into
her mouth, while her hand moved down Karen’s belly and parted
her thighs. She sucked that large nipple hungrily, teasing it
inside her mouth with her tongue. Her hand slid into Karen’s
wet and waiting pussy, moving slowly in and out. Karen’s back
arched as she responded to Tanya. I could see Tanya press her
tits tightly against the girl’s arm and side. Tanya withdrew
her fingers and sat up on her knees, her body covered with a
wet shine, and brought her hand to her lips. She looked Karen
right in the eyes as she licked the her cream from her
fingers like a rich sauce. She looked at me and smiled as her
hand again dove into Karen’s pussy, turning her hand and
pressing up against the girl’s downward thrusts. The lights
were on only in the bathroom, throwing a faint light in the
bedroom. Sitting on her knees, with the light reflecting off
the light sheets, I could see the shadow of Tanya’s pussy-
lips, distended and spread wide between her spread thighs. As
she moved slightly I could see the top of her shaved slit,
exciting me even more. She again withdrew her hand, bringing
it to her lips, but this time she stared me in the eyes and
smiled as she licked cream from her fingers. She saw my lust,
and then lowered her hand, rubbing the gooey cream against
her nipple.

Karen reach up, grabbing Tanya by the shoulders, pulled her
quickly down to her mouth and kissed her long and hard,
pinching her creamed nippled and squeezing that tit. Tanya
lowered her hips to the bed, rubbing her bare pussy against
the sheets.

’Now you’re going to see what it’s really like to be eaten.’
Karen breathed in a deep husky voice. ’I want to make you
cum, and cum, and cum!’

She rolled Tanya over on her back and quickly knelt along
side of her, burying her face in Tanya’s shaven muff. Tanya
gasped as she felt the hot breath and tongue explore her
pussy. She lay still for a few moments, as she smiled and
squeezed her tits together, toying with her nipples. She
looked over at me, slowly stroking my rigid, purplish cock,
opened her mouth and sensuously flicked her tongue, asking
for my cock in her mouth.

As I slid over to let her suck on my cock, I could see that
we were all covered with a slick layer of sweat. Tanya’s
breasts, shiny and inviting in the dim light, glimmered as
she breathed. Karen’s smooth tanned ass, seemed perfectly
formed, without blemish. Tanya’s hand guided my cock down
into her waiting mouth, stroking me to her lips. Karen’s ass
was much too inviting, so I slipped my hand between her
thighs and caressed her wet bare mound. Her moaning from
between Tanya’s thighs told me she wanted more, so I slipped
three fingers into her sopping cunt, using my thumb on her
swollen clit. She pressed back against my hand, burying my
fingers all the way in her slick wetness. Wet, smacking
noises came from the area of Tanya’s cunt, and from her mouth
on my shaft. Wet noises also came when Karen plunged back
against my hand, and I could feel her juice beginning to run
down to my wrist.

Tanya stopped sucking me and moaned softly, her hips moving
in a rhythmic motion. I pulled my soaked hand out of Karen’s
snatch, and moved closer to Tanya. Lifting her shoulders, I
slid behind her and wrapped my arms around her, one low by
Karen’s shoulder. My hand, still covered with Karen’s cream
cupped Tanya’s left breast, caressing it wetly and gently. I
started to whisper into Tanya’s ear.

’I want you to cum’. I breathed, exhaling my hot breath right
into her ear. ’I want to watch her tongue your naked, shaved
pussy ... her cum on your breasts ... her soft lips wet with
your cream ... I want to see you wrap your legs around her
head like you do to me ... cum for her ... cum for me ....
cum for us ... we want you to cum so we can taste you!’

Her shouts were high pitches O’s, repeated over and over as
she spasmed again and again, nearly doubling over with her
efforts. Karen kept her going for what seemed like and hour.
Her cries breaking into sobbing laughs as she kept cumming.
Finally, as Karen lifted her head, Tanya fell back against
me, still crying her O’s, but humming them more than saying

Karen’s face wasn’t wet, it was soaked with cum. Her cheeks,
lips and chin shined as if someone had oiled her face. She
moved up to join us, and I grabbed her by the hair, pulling
her to my lips. We kissed, her tongue showing its fatigue. I
pulled away and began to lick the cum from her chin and
cheeks, tasting a delicate sauce like no other in the world.

Tanya lay smiling on the bed, arms across her breasts and my
arm. She looked up a Karen and said softly ’I never Dreamed
it would be this good with another girl! You’re SO GOOOD!’

We smiled, and I moved so Tanya could lie back. Karen asked
her if she had the strength to help make her cum. Tanya
replied that she did if she didn’t have to support herself,
but strangely she was still VEERY horny and wanted to do this
all night! Karen then had Tanya lay crosswise on the bed, and
lowered her pussy to an eager mouth. Tanya lapped at the
naked cunt before her, tasting the juices.

’Hmmm, you taste good.’ She purred.

After licking for a few minutes, Tanya craned her head back
to me and licked her lips.

’Just don’t sit there,’ She commanded, ’get over here an
<fuck> her!’

She didn’t have to ask twice. I moved up behind Karen,
straddling Tanya’s head, and slipped easily into her drenched
snatch. As I slid deeper, Karen moaned, and as I pulled back,
Tanya breathed in a sexy, husky voice ’Yesss, shove it deep
<into> her. Let me taste her cum from deep inside.’

I moaned then, just as Karen did again. I leaned forward to
cup Karen’s tits, but found Tanya’s hands were already busy,
squeezing, cupping, flicking nipples with her thumbs. I slid
in and out of her wet juicy pussy, pausing on each outstroke
as Tanya licked her cum from my shaft. As I plunged deep
Tanya would lick that bared clit, then flick her tongue over
my smooth balls.

’C’mon, FUCK me HARD!!’ Karen shouted. ’Grab my ass and FUCK

I continued my pace, while Tanya licked her clit. I could
feel her hips moving to a faster rhythm until all at once she
shuddered and slammed back on my cock, moaning softly. We all
waited. Then Karen began to pump my cock slowly, feeling it
inside her.

’Now I’m gonna make you CUM a LOT!’ She said. ’I’m going to
fuck you nice and slow until you shoot your nice hot cum in
my cunt.’

Now I changed my pace. I moved forward, and grabbing her
hips, pulled her ass back into me. My thrusts quickened, as I
felt a rising, bubbling, hot volcano building inside my
balls. Tanya, alternated between licking my bare balls, and
letting her dirty mouth edge me ever closer.

’Oh, I can see you really FUCKING her!’ Tanya’s voice fairly
dripping with lust. ’I’m gonna wait until you’re about to CUM
... then I’m going to suck your balls ... I want to feel them
in my mouth when you cum.’

’Yesss, Fuck me hard and fast.’ Karen added. ’Cum deep in my
pussy. I want you to fill my wet slit with your cum!’

I felt my balls tighten up, my ass clench, and remembered
that eons ago in the living room Tanya had shut off one

’C’mon babe,’ Tanya crooned. ’Give us your cum. Cum in her
pussy. Deep in her hot cunt. Pull out and shoot it all over
us both.’

I plunged hard, shoving my cock deep into Karen’s steaming
cunt. Somewhere off in the distance I heard a woman’s voice
cry out, and another distant voice saying ’Shoot your JISM,
shoot it in her cunt’. My head swam, my hips bucked as I felt
a stream of cum erupt from my straining cock. Then another
long spurt. Hands on my hips ... pulling me back ... Karen
moving forward .... cool air on my hot, wet cock.

I opened my eyes as Karen moved away, and Tanya pulled me
back. Looking down, my cock free, I watched as Tanya’s hand
reached for my pulsing shaft, as more hot jism shot from my
cock, a stream of glistening white flowing over Tanya’s
cleavage, tits, and stomach, Some landing on Karen’s shaved
cunt-lips only a few inches away. Tanya grabbed my cock and
bent it down to an unnatural angle. The pressure this caused
sent a shock wave through my body as another surge of cum
welled up; broke free; and splashed into her mouth. Tanya
arched to get more cock in her mouth as she pumped me against
her lips. My hips shoved, driving my cock deep into her
mouth, as I blasted more cum into her now red-hot mouth.

Spent, I pulled out of Tanya’s mouth and watched her greed as
she pulled Karen’s hips back over her to lick the white globs
of cum from her shaved, cum-drenched pussy. Karen rolled off
after a moment, and turned towards Tanya. Tanya sat up,
wordlessly and moved alongside of me. Karen followed, even in
the dim light, I could see Karen’s mouth part, her tongue
ready for a passionate kiss. Too, I could see Tanya’s smile,
as she pushed Karen back down on the bed in front of me. She
grabbed me and pulled me down with her, and inches above
Karen, her mouth open for a kiss, I watched as the cum flowed
from Tanya’s mouth into Karen’s. It seemed like minutes, but
a second and a half was drawn out in slow motion. Tanya’s
tongue between her open lips, cum dripping from it, then she
bent and kissed Karen long and hard. After a bit, I could
hear swallowing noises as their lips remained locked. My cock
was now fully hard again, even after a monumental orgasm, and
I grabbed Tanya’s face and pulled her to my lips, kissing her
roughly, tasting my slightly salty cum on her tongue. I let
go and leaned over, kissing Karen the same way, surprising
her that I would tongue her with my cum in her mouth.

We all laid down and cuddled for a while, caressing and
stroking each other. Kissing delicately, lovingly. Fingers
tracing small patterns and outlines on damp flesh. Later, we
started again. This time Karen urged me to cum inside of
Tanya so she could eat it from her pussy.

We repeated these performances many times, adding various new
thrills, various locales, and once, a third girl. All in all,
Thursdays are still my favorite day of the week.

These women are something special. They love sex. They love
giving and receiving pleasure, both to men and women. They
are able to let go of their inhibitions as easily as dropping
their clothes. They are lovely, graceful, beautiful women,
and are as ’proper’ as anyone could want’until you get their
passions aflame. Then they open themselves to their own lusts
and desires, freely giving pleasure to others, not afraid to
show their lustful selves. Sex is 70% psychological, 30%
physical. They’ve learned to let the larger portion of the
effort to be driven by their primitive carnal desires,
channeling them to give pleasure to others, so that they
receive the same. We parted many years ago, but I still hold
them close to my heart for many reasons. There is no doubt in
my mind that what we shared will bond us together forever.

Good night and wet dreams’The Pussy Barber


A True (and fun) Story

I knew my wife was bisexual before I married her. She and her
best friend had been to bed several times in high school, and
even shared a boyfriend a few times. I hadn’t had the
pleasure of both of them before we were married, although I
did come home one night, and after kissing Darlene, could
tell that they’d been to bed earlier.

Our first wedding anniversary was coming up, and Darlene
asked me what we were going to do to celebrate. I had planned
a nice dinner, perhaps a stage show or dancing, then back
home to screw our brains out. When I explained, and asked why
she wanted to know several weeks in advance, she simply
smiled and suppressed a giggle, her gray eyes twinkling with
an impish gleam.

Luckily, our first anniversary fell on a Friday, and
reservations made, dolled ourselves up and went out for the
evening. Dinner at a fine restaurant and dancing at a local
hot-spot kept us laughing and in a good mood. As we drove
home, Darlene sitting next to me, leaned over and caressed my
thigh with her fingernails, sending a shiver through me.

’You still want to fuck my brains out tonight?’ She cooed.

I said yes, I would happily keep her wet and jumping all
night long. When Darlene came, no one could think that she
was faking. Her tendency to ’let go’ in bed meant that she
was prone to outbursts of very erotic (and sometimes
downright dirty) talk, as well as moaning and thrashing
wildly about the bed.

Arm in arm, we climbed the stairs to our apartment, and once
inside, we kissed passionately for several long moments,
running our hands over each other and bring desire to a boil.
Darlene broke the kiss and knelt straight down, unzipping my
pants in the entry hall. She pulled my hardening cock out of
my pants and slipped it into her mouth. Tonguing the
underside of the head, and teasing me, I felt my balls tingle
and her wet mouth sliding like wet velvet over my shaft.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her long and hard, my tongue
exploring her mouth, teasing her tongue to follow mine back,
squeezing her tits through her blouse. As I knelt in the
hall, lifting her dress, she leaned back against the wall,
bending her knees and spreading her thighs. I moved the hem
of her dress up, and stared straight at her naked blonde
pussy. She had been dressed in a garter belt and stockings,
without panties, all night. I looked up at her, my warm
breath tickling her bush, and she smiled that special way of
hers, telling me she did it for our pleasure.

I dove into her soft moist pussy, licking the glistening
drops of cream from her bush. My tongue parted her moist
lips, feeling the warmth of her, tasting her sweet eagerness.
I circled her clit several times, holding on to her thighs
when she tried to lower herself against my tongue.

She pulled me up and kissed me long and hard, showing me how
very hot h passions had become. She pulled a scarf from her
pocket, smiling at me.

’Stand still.’ She said. ’I have a surprise for you.’

She used the scarf as a blindfold and led me into the
darkened bedroom. figured she’d gone out and bought some sexy
clothes for me to take off of her. I heard matches striking,
and the fragrance of scented candles impinged on my senses.
’Setting the mood’ I thought. She stood next to my, kissing
me lightly on the cheek, her bare breast touching my arm.
Slowly, she began to undress me. Making me feel every fiber
move against my skin. Telling me to stay still, not to reach
for her. She removed my shirt, gliding her hands lightly over
my chest, tickling the hairs around my nipples. She removed
the belt from my pants, slowly pulling it through the belt
loops, making a long hissing sound as it slid against the
fabric. She knelt and started untying my shoes, helping me
out of them, sliding my socks off my feet. Her hands
unfastened the snap at my waist, my zipper already undone,
with my cock, hard and straight standing, waiting to be
touched. She stopped and breathed into my ear, her tongue
tracing the edge, warm and wet.

’Just a second.’ She said softly.

I heard her climb onto the bed, moving around on the sheets.
My pants were pushed away from my hips, and I could feel her
hair against my bare thighs as she lifted one leg, then the
other out of my pants. Hands caressed my thighs, sliding up
under the legs of my boxer shorts, fingernails lightly raking
under my boxer shorts. Lips closed around the end of my
shaft, with a tongue lightly caressing the head of my cock.

’Tease.’ I muttered.

Hands quickly pulled my shorts off, making me naked and blind
in the fragrant darkness. I moved to the bed, and her hands
pushed me back against the pillows. I could feel the warmth
of her body near me and I longed to reach out and stroke her.

’Just lay back and enjoy this.’ She purred.

More movements as she positioned herself on the bed. Again
lips encircle the head of my cock, tongue swirling, wet and
warm. The velvety smoothness caused me to moan softly, and I
could feel her warm breath against my skin.

All at once she swallowed my cock, deeply, into her throat.
She’d never before been able to ’throat’ my seven inches, and
I gasped loudly as her lips tickled the hairs at the root.
Rising slowly, lips tight against me, she flicked her tongue
back and forth over the muscular ridge under my cock. I
moaned my pleasure, letting her know I enjoyed this and
wanted more. My hands reached out, only to be slapped away. I
laid back and enjoyed the sensation of my cock being
swallowed over and over. Slowly. Lovingly.

She began to move quickly, her lips lightly touching the
shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed
directions. Using only her mouth, she pumped my cock up and
down, her efforts shaking the bed. Several fast strokes would
be followed by a long plunge. Taking me deep into her throat,
she’d pause, letting me know how deep I was, feeling the
tightness of her mouth. The velvety smooth, slick skin in the
back of her throat caressed the head of my cock, feeling sooo
very nice. Then she would pull up quickly, and repeat her
fast strokes, again, only to plunge long and deep.

She didn’t touch me except with her mouth. Her hands I could
feel near on the bed, her hair not touching me as it normally
would. Lacking any other distractions, my world consisted of
my cock and her mouth, eagerly trying to suck me off. I could
feel my cock trying to stiffen even more, as my balls
tightened and tingled.

’Unnghh...I’m...gonna...cum!’ I panted.

Her pace quickened, her saliva dripped onto my balls, feeding
the fires in them instead of quenching them. My hips moved
up, a primitive instinct taking over control. I want to come
in her mouth, give her all of my sperm, never wanting to

The dam broke, Vesuvius erupted, the floods came. Sperm
rushed from my cock as she held me about half way into her
mouth. Spasms wracked my body as come surged from me. After
the fourth surge, I felt her let go and put my spurting rod
against her chest, rubbing me back and forth until I spent

Breathing heavily and moaning, I began to relax; to drift
into that war ’afterglow’ of total contentment and
relaxation. I felt her hips move over mine, as she sat just
over my lower stomach. Her hands untying the blind- fold.

As the scarf fell away, revealing her slim form and pale skin
in the flickering candlelight, I looked at her smiling above
me, wearing only her garter belt and stockings. As she sat,
almost grinning at me, I realized that her chest and tits
were dry, yet they should have been shiny and wet with white
drops of come.

’Did you like that?’ She laughed huskily.

’Mmmmm, yessss!’ I replied, still feeling the ’glow.’

I a sudden motion, she moved off of me, laying on her side
next to me.

’You’d better thank her then.’ Darlene laughed.

I looked down, and laying alongside my legs, I saw Karen,
Darlene’s best friend and lover, naked, except for a red bow
tied around her neck, her breasts twinkling wetly in the dim
light, her tongue licking her lips. She smiled at me, her
light brown hair seeming to glow as a candle’s light tried to
weave its way through.

’Happy Anniversary love!’ Darlene laughed, kissing me on the

I grabbed her and kissed her back, hard and rough, as much to
thank her to tell her that I’d wished I’d known it wasn’t

Sitting up, I pulled Karen to me and kissed her too, tasting
the salty remnants of my come on her tongue.

’That, sweetheart,’ I said to Karen, ’is for that tremendous

Karen laughed, telling me how much fun it was to suck me
while I though it was Darlene going down. Darlene told her it
would be a few minutes until I was ready again, indicating my
flaccid cock.

’Well, I certainly got all worked up over that.’ Karen said.

Darlene had her lie back, and as I watched, lay herself down
between Karen’s thighs. Her blonde hair and fair skin
contrasting to the darker skin tone of the brunette. She slid
her hands under Karen’s thighs, as her mouth found the
moistness between them. Karen crossed her ankles over the
middle of Darlene’s back as a tongue caressed her warm, damp

As I watched, I could feel my rod begin to straighten,
getting harder a fuller as Darlene moaned softly between
Karen’s thighs. A candle on the headboard illuminated
Darlene’s creamy ass, and I could see a glistening reflection
deep between her legs. She continued to suck, her hands
reaching up to pinch Karen’s dark nipples, squeeze her full
breasts, caressing the soft tender area on their undersides
with her fingers. I placed my hand on the back of her thigh,
sliding up halfway to her asscheek, stopping to give her
thigh a gentle squeeze to let her know I was enjoying her
’show.’ She moaned again, wiggling her ass slightly.

Karen’s face was one of concentration. She was lying back,
trying to concentrate on the pleasures Darlene was giving
her, her legs locked tightly over the more delicate girl’s

I moved my hand up, cupping Darlene’s asscheek, pushing it up
and away from me. The second time I did that, I heard a wet
’smack’ come from between her legs as her wet pussy lips
parted stickily. I leaned over and began to alternate lifting
each asscheek, pushing them together and pulling them apart
as I did. It took only seconds to cause her pussy to make its
approval known with wet noises. The candle light on her lips
showed twinkling droplets of juice forming in her golden
bush, moist and inviting. Her lips were full and beginning to
swell as a white pearlescent drop began to peek from her

My handling of her ass was driving her crazy, as she sucked
and licked Karen’s pussy. Her soft moans indicated that she
liked me feeling her ass, and that she wanted to make Karen

Karen’s legs suddenly closed around Darlene’s head as her
hips lifted o the bed, carrying the blonde covered head with
them. I watched as she stayed locked like this, her legs
quivering, her breathing a series of short loud pants, until,
finally, she collapsed on the bed.

Darlene caressed the dark bush and pussy, kissing it lightly
several times in different places, causing Karen to ripple
with shudders each time. When she sat up, she crawled down
toward her friend, kissing her tenderly on the lips.

’I love to eat you like that.’ Darlene said softly.

Karen replied lazily, ’Ummmm, I love to cum in your mouth

Darlene slipped off the foot of the bed and walked around to
me, sitting on the edge of the bed. We grabbed each other and
kissed passionately, our tongues tasting Karen’s cum
together. I licked the slick wetness from her chin and neck,
squeezing her small tits and pinching her nipples. As our
mouths parted, we looked into each other’s eyes.

’See what a wanton slut you married?!’ She laughed.

Her use of the word ’slut’ told me that she was incredibly
turned on. the year we’d been married, she only used that
word in bed when we had kept teasing each other, increasing
our lust to a frantically high level.

’Yes, I can see what a slut you are.’ I replied, playing on
her horniness ’I saw how wet your cunt was getting while you
fucked her with your tongue.’

’Oooh, yesss, I’m sooo wet. See?’ Her hand rose from her
moist lips, t fingers glistening with a thick cream as she
showed me her hand. ’I’m sooo wet! Having you watch me suck
pussy has me ready to cum!’ She purred again, as she rubbed
her own slick juice over her nipples.

I leaned down, my tongue circling her nipples, licking her
cream from t hard tips. I sucked a nipple into my mouth,
pulling hard as my hand slid between her thighs.

’Hmmm, suck my tits.’ She whispered. ’Lick my nipples.’

I slipped three fingers into her sopping pussy, feeling her
warm wetness ooze down into my hand. My cock touching her
stomach caused her hands to encircle it and begin a slow

’I want to watch my wet slut rub her pussy all over Karen’s
tits. Make her nipples all wet and creamy. Watch as my slut
tries to fuck those nice big tits. Can you feel how wet they
are? How wet your thighs are?’

Her head tossed back as I crooned our ’bedtalk’ to her, her
mouth open slightly, she moaned and hissed her reply.

’Yesss. Fuck her tits...her wet creamy tits...cumming on her

I glanced at Karen, laying back, watching us as she stroked
her pussy. kept my three fingers in Darlene’s dripping cunt
as I renewed her lust.

’She’s watching you now...She’s watching your cunt cream in
my hand...Y girlfriend wants to lick your dripping
pussy...She wants you to cum in her mouth this time...make
her face wet.’

Darlene looked at me with a primal, carnal lust. She grabbed
my head a kissed me hard, her tongue shooting into my mouth
barely after my lips parted. She pulled back, and wordlessly
move away, my fingers sliding from her very wet pussy. She
crawled down to Karen, pausing to look at her naked form. She
turned around, lifting her ass and throwing one leg over
Karen’s body. Then, while she lowered herself onto Karen’s
left breast, I could see drops of her juice actually dripping
onto the nipple, just before her blonde bush covered it.

Looking directly at me, she began to rub herself against
Karen’s tit. H pussy making wet smacking sounds as she moved

’I love to see you naked,’ I said, ’with your cunt sooo wet
and horny.’

’Naked? I’ll show you NAKED.’ She said.

Her arousal was complete and high. She ripped the garterbelt
from her waist, tearing her stockings. Without lifting off
Karen’s nipple, she began to tear the stocking from her
thighs, shredding the fabric.

’Strip me. Strip me naked. Get me naked.’ She panted.

Karen pulled the stockings from Darlene’s legs, as this
carnal blonde fucked at her tits.

’You wanna see me cum?’ Darlene said, looking at me with
glassy eyes. ’Wanna see me cum on her tits? On her face?’

She slid backwards up to Karen’s mouth, her nipples standing
up like small cylinders from her breasts. Her panting loud.
As she sat on Karen’s face, she moaned, then commanded;
’Sssuck me! Yesss, eat my pussy. Make me cum. Make me cum in
your mouth!!’

I moved over to her, her eyes half-closed, hips rocking
furiously. I k up the taunts hoping to send her over the

’You’re such a hot carnal slut’getting your twat sucked by a
girl, y naked in bed with your girlfriend’s tongue in your
cunt, and you’re going to cum...getting all wet for HER
tongue in you...why don’t you show me what a hot slut you are
and eat her cunt too?’

’Ahhhnngg’ Darlene moaned as she fell down between Karen’s
open thighs.

Her hands pushed the tanned thighs apart, as she shoved her
face tightly against Karen’s soaked pussy. She rocked her
face back and forth, tongue extended, making wet slurping

’Ooooh that’s sooo HOT!’ I crooned to her, ’Watching you rub
your face her cunt...I’d love to have a picture of you,
naked, your legs spread, her tongue in your gushing wet
pussy, while you rub her cum on your face.’

She stopped sucking Karen, her head arching back, mouth open,
her eyes closed. Short sounds escaped from her lips as she
neared her moment of triumph.

’Make her face wettt babee...CUM in her mouth...make her face
WET with your cum!’ I encouraged.

She started coming, thrusting her ass against Karen’s mouth,
her body first falling flat, arms splayed out, then she was
upright, her hips shaking and her body twitching as she
received little electric shocks through her clit.

’Huh! Uh! Huh! Huh! Huh!’ were the only sounds in the room
except for t wet noises Karen was making between her soft

She fell off of Karen, still shuddering and moaning. Her lust
only par sated, her eyes fell on us.

’Quick Karen,’ She panted, ’fuck him. I wanna watch you FUCK!
See your cunt FUCKED by his cock!’

We moved together, Karen on her knees, and I slid into her
pussy easily Karen’s pussy was so wet that I had trouble
feeling anything as I pumped her hard and fast. She ground
her hips against me, trying to bury me deeper in her
smoldering cunt. We pounded each other, her cheeks rippling
after each thrust, her tits bouncing, until I felt her hole
tighten around my shaft. I plunged as deep as I could,
splaying my legs wider than hers to get some leverage as I
drove it deep against her cervix.

Karen collapsed against the bed, her legs straight and locked
together tightly, her moans and cries announcing her orgasm.
I lay still until her contractions eased on my cock, then I
started slow movements, drawing my cock slowly from deep
inside, then quickly plunging back.

’You’re...still....hard?? Unngh.’ She said as I lowered my
cock back to the depths of her cunt.

Darlene pulled me off of her brunette friend, eyes still
filled with lust as my cock slipped wetly from between
Karen’s cheeks.

’I’M going to make you cum and cum and cum.’ She announced

With her proclamation, she laid down and began to suck my
cock, licking Karen’s juice from my balls with a greedy
tongue. Karen looked and made a comment about her being
greedy, and a kinky idea hit me.

’You want me to fill your mouth with my jism?’ I asked

Her moaned response was a definite yes, as she lay under me,
playing w her clit. Her hands were a blur over her light bush
as she continued to suck me into her mouth.

I pulled her into position having to forcibly remove my shaft
from her eager mouth. I laid her on her back, sitting almost
upright against several pillows as I straddled her stomach.
She leaned forward to suck my cock, but I pulled back away,
denying her. I had Karen sit next to us and placed her hand
around my cock, showing her the best grip with which to jack
me off. I sat back, resting not quite on Darlene’s stomach,
and reached behind me to stroke her drenched pussy as Karen
began to pump my shaft. I told my wife that Karen was going
to make me cum in her mouth. That her best friend was going
pump my cock until I came in her mouth, feel me cumming as
she sucks the cum from me.

I leaned forward so my cock entered her mouth, as Karen
pumped me. Karen used her thumb and forefinger, pulling
tightly around my cock, pulling the skin with her as she
stroked. My fingering of her pussy made my wife greedy and
she wanted to suck me herself. Several times Karen pulled me
out, and still pumping my cock, kept it away from this carnal
blonde until she started to behave.

I reached down and stroked Karen’s bush since she was doing
me, and she leaned over and sucked my nipple. Karen’s pussy
was still wet and slick, her thighs wet from Darlene’s
frantic licking. A look came into her eyes, and she slid her
body down to lie on her side next to us.

’Mmmm. Lick the head.’ She instructed. ’Lick any cum from the
head as I get him off. I’m gonna pump him into your
mouth...fill your mouth with his hot spurting cum...I want to
watch while he cums in your mouth.’

Darlene was sucking too much into her mouth, so Karen took me
out and teased her with it, rubbing me against the side of
her face, making her swing her head from side to side while
she chased it.

’Mustn’t take too much.’ Karen warned as she slid me back
into Darlene’ mouth. ’C’mon you naked little bitch, let him
know how much you want him to cum. Make him cum in your mouth
as much as he did in mine. Can you feel his balls rubbing
your stomach? Those cum filled balls...rubbing on you?’

I felt a well know sensation rising from those balls too. I
was getting closer as these two teased.

’After he gets hard again, I want him to fuck you from behind
while I e your pussy. I want to taste his cum inside
you...suck it from you, drink you both..’

Karen was stroking at a steady pace, but I wanted faster and
told her t go faster, to make me cum. At the speed she was
moving her hand, Darlene had to pull back to just beyond the
end of my cock to keep her lips from getting bruised. This
left me looking at my naked wife, her gray eyes filled with a
primal lust, mouth open, her tongue eagerly awaiting the
arrival of the first drop as Karen sucked at her nipple.

’Ohh God...I want to...Cum!’ I panted.

’Yessss!’ Darlene hissed back. ’Shoot your hot thick cum in
my mouth. want you to fill my mouth. Shoot your jism all over
me! Shoot your jism... let me drink you...drink your cum...’

Karen chimed in with ’That’s it...tell him...I’m going to
suck your wet cunt while you swallow his cum...suck you and
make you wet and horny again. I want your slick cum on my
face while he shoots his load in your mouth... your wet
juice, his cum, all over us...’

’Ohh, NOW!’ I shouted, ’I gonna...CUM...NOW...CUM!’

I felt a surge well up inside me, a rush of cum flowed from
the end of cock into Darlene’s open mouth. She moved forward
against the torrent, taking me into her mouth. Karen held on
to my cock, holding her hand in one place while I bucked and
worked more cum into my wife’s hot mouth. Darlene was
whimpering and moaning as I shot another flood into her
mouth, my cock twitching and throbbing. Another pulse exited
my cock into her mouth. I could feel the warmth of my cum
still in Darlene’s mouth, exciting me.

Karen pulled my cock from Darlene’s mouth, jacking me off
onto my wife’s tits, while her voice dripped with lust, ’Cum
on her tits...yeah...all over her tits...make her your wet
little slut...’

Darlene grabbed Karen’s head and pulled her down for a kiss,
cum dribble from the one corner of her mouth. As they kissed,
more cum leaked past their lips, as Karen rubbed my cock over
my wife’s chest and tits. As they parted, I heard them both
swallow, Karen pulling my wife up from the bed to wipe the
cum from her face with my softening cock, which Karen then
sucked into her mouth.

I collapsed on the bed and watched as they both licked each
other off, started touching and caressing each other. Later,
I made love to each of these wonderful women, separately, and
together. When we were all finally sated, we cuddled and
kissed, falling asleep together, content and smiling.

>From that night forward, Karen was always invited for a
birthday or an anniversary party.

Good night and wet dreams’

The Pussy Barber

For Sweet Lena

Who is just beginning to explore her full sexuality.

An image keeps trying to form. An image that is like a half-
remembered scene from an old movie, familiar, yet vague. It
is her. Her presence, her karma, her soul. She invades my
mind easily, hovering around the edge of my memory recall,
teasing me, taunting. Visions and emotions surround me,
blocking out the real world. A feeling deep within me stirs
some primal instinct, some lower level need. I feel the
swelling between my legs as this basic urge glows ever

I have not met her, but the stories she weaves leave me with
images that refuse to leave my mind. So powerful,
so...erotic, are her word-drawn images that my being is
consumed with thoughts of her. She writes of her discovery of
her own bi-sexuality with both tenderness and lust. Her
consuming passion for her girlfriend, Sue. She is both amazed
and frightened by the heights to which her lust can take her.
She hasn’t yet learned how to channel it; to make it serve

We talk by way of technological magic, using numbers.
Numbers; turning into words. Numbers; turning into lusty
phrases, yearnings for touch, caresses, and very powerful
mental images. I must let it out. Release the emotions I feel
for her. Writing this story is one way of coping with that
need. Seldom has a woman ever stirred both such yearning and
warmth in me by just the written word alone. A fantasy stirs,
demands that it be set free so that it may exist elsewhere
and not be forgotten. I have no choice but to comply.

--- The Meeting ---

I paced the departure lounge impatiently. I was taking the
seven a.m. United flight from San Jose to Chicago. Nervously,
I glanced at the clock on the lounge wall for the eighth time
in ten minutes. Not only did I have business in Chicago, but
SHE would be there too.

We’d arranged it by computer. She’d meet me that evening at
my hotel. It was my suggestion that she could get a room for
her and Sue, so no one would feel trapped or uncomfortable if
things didn’t pan out. I was looking forward to meeting her,
so we could actually talk, with real words, face to face. It
was also my suggestion for her to bring Sue with her, as much
for her own comfort as to indicate that I was really sincere.

The seating, the rollout and the flight seemed to last an
eternity. My mind could not concentrate on business. I was
about to help instruct thirty freight handlers on a new
software package, but all I could think of was ’What if she
cancels out?’. Shaking that line of thought from my head gave
me the small opening I needed drive a wedge into my mind and
concern myself with my job this afternoon.

The hotel was in Elmhurst, just outside of Chicago. Not the
most regal accommodations, but I was no corporate executive
either. Checking in, I asked if any messages had preceded my
arrival. The clerk handed me a folded slip of pink paper. My
hands trembled as I reached for the scrap of paper, trying
not to grab it away from the clerk. It was a pink ’While-you-
were-out’ note. On it, a masculine hand had written with a
blue ballpoint, the simple message ’In room 7113. Call or
knock after you settle in. Lena.’

’Here is your key sir.’ The clerk said. ’Number 7117. Seventh
floor and down the hall on your left.’

In my room, I quickly showered and changed clothes into
something a bit less casual than the jeans I’d worn earlier.
California companies can have a relaxed attitude towards
dress, but I felt the need to wear dressier slacks and a
shirt. As I prepared to leave, I thought ’should I call or
knock’ as the note indicated? Now, I worried that I would
chicken out.

The knock idea won the contest. I’m not much of a drinker,
but I cradled the bottle of Mirrasou red zinfandel carefully
in my left arm. Nervously I rapped on the door. Voices
inside. The door opened and I was sure that my heart with its
pounding would either stop or flee from my chest. I gazed
upon a blonde beauty holding the door, looking expectantly at
me. Behind her stood, a perfectly tanned and lovely raven
haired woman. Catching my breath, I smiled and said ’Did
someone request a very ’special’ barber?’ Referring to my
alias on the computer as ’Pussy Barber’.

The ladies were looking at a thirty-fiveish, bespectacled,
man with a mustache and dressed semi-casually. His brown hair
beginning to lighten with glances of gray, his brown eyes
sparkling as he smiled. Average height, and broad shouldered,
his form indicated a collegiate wrestler or football player.
His smile bespoke of a causal friendliness that seemed

Lena invited me into the room, and I offered the wine as
token thanks for at least letting me meet them both.
Introductions were made, and we found some glasses for the
wine. The conversation started out innocently around simple
topics. Gradually, as the wine acted as a social lubricant,
we found ourselves discussing our feelings about bi-
sexuality, and revealing some fantasies. It was Sue, pouring
the last of the wine into our glasses that said ’Uh-oh, the
well’s run dry.’

Smiling, I revealed that I had brought two bottles, one white
and one red, leaving the white to chill in my room. As we
laughed, I offered to fetch the white wine. Lena joked
’You’re trying to get us drunk and take advantage of us I

In my best southern drawl, I replied ’Madam, a civilized
su’thern gentleman would nevah resort t’ such improprieties.
You have mah humble apologies if ah implied anythin’

I departed to bring the wine, and returning as I promised
within ’two shakes of a country dawg’s head’. I rapped
politely on the door to the room and heard a voice call out
’C’mon in’.

Walking through the door, I closed it behind me before I
realized what it was that I saw. Both Lena and Sue were naked
on the FLOOR of the room, at the foot of the bed, with Lena’s
legs spread wide, giving me a beautiful view of her shaved
pussy. Sue was almost sitting on Lena’s face, leaning on one
knee, with the other leg outstretched to the side, supporting
her beautifully tanned body with one hand, the other gently
massaging and kneading the glistening flesh between Lena’s
thighs. Spellbound by the unexpected, I stood by the door
afraid to move for fear the dream would dissolve. Their
nakedness seemed all the more exciting since I was fully
dressed, and I watched as Lena raised her head to smile at

Regaining what little I could of my composure, I sat at the
table and just watched. Sue was caressing and nibbling on
Lena’s lean form. Moving like a feather over her skin, making
Lena gasp several times. She bent her head down to the bared
skin of Lena’s pussy and began to stroke and lick with her
tongue the most sensitive spot. Lena’s legs gave a twitch as
tongue met clitoris, then she made a heavy audible sigh.

There was a pressure of a much too confined member pressing
against my crotch. I could feel myself swelling and
threatening to burst the seams of my pants. I took a deep
breath, reminding myself to breath once in a while. As Sue
plied her tongue, Lena’s eyes met mine and we gazed into each
other’s souls. ’Yes. I’m watching you.’ I thought, trying to
pass it to Lena’s mind. ’I’m watching you and you’re making
me hard.’

I roved my eyes over the visual feast, not wanting to miss
anything. Lena’s nipples were hard and erect, proudly
proclaiming that she was enjoying the attention. Her legs,
spread wide and slightly bent were long and smooth. Her chest
heaved with her breathing, and I could see beads of
perspiration forming in the groove down her lean stomach.
Sweat was forming on my arms, and my back as I watched. The
sensation of pressure from my confining slacks made my cock
twitch and throb. I could feel a drop of pre-cum forming and
see the small damp mark it made on the pants.

Sue’s darkly tanned body contrast nicely to Lena’s lightly
tanned skin. She was still keeping her dark bush out of
Lena’s reach, teasing and tantalizing her with it. I could
see Sue’s full breasts resting gently on Lena’s lower
stomach, her full nipples peeking around the corners of her
breasts. Her dark hair had fallen about Lena’s thighs,
obscuring the view of her tonguing, but the movements of her
head made an obvious statement. She too was beginning to
sweat, and I could see a light glistening sheen begin to
cover her back. Her dark figure, glistening in the light, and
the musky fragrance of these two women brought still further
protests from my cock. As I watched, a burning knot formed
deep inside me, like a bass guitar string vibrating from in
my balls, wending it’s way up inside my pulsing cock.

Lena’s thighs quivered and her ass tensed up. I could hear
her exhale a short breath...then another. Sue had brought her
to the brink, and was trying to keep her there. Sue paused
and turned her head to glance at me. I could a glistening
wetness on her lips and chin as her eyes met mine. Sue’s eyes
said something to me that I didn’t quite understand before
her head returned to Lena’s wetness. I was still fully
dressed, not even a zipper undone, but my approval was quite
obviously bulging the leg of my pants.

I could see Lena wriggling slightly, trying to force Sue to
make contact in the right place, and Sue was avoiding her. A
light dawned on me, and I moved, just the second time since
entering the room. Quietly I knelt down next to them and
breathed into Lena’s ear, just loud enough fo

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