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The Boating Weekend Away

We met at the marina where Frank and Kris keep their boat. We were going to
Bluff's Island to a marina there for a weekend without the kids. We got the
boat underway after making sure all our gear was loaded on board. We figured
we had about 4 hours before we would arrive on the island. I had told Frank
about how I LOVE....


Medical students goes wild

We were Medical students, I and my beautiful fianc’e.

After graduating, we found it convenient to get married.
The ceremony was simple with a very small attendance. My wife's'
widowed mother could not come, as she was indisposed.

I joined a drug manufacturing company but my wife was emp....


Astrid first striptease

Astrid sat in her kitchen at the table staring at the phone. She didn't
know if she could bring herself to make the call. She had thought deeply
about it for several days now; since the final demands had been arriving
she know she had to do something. How could she have let herself get into
debt. It had b....


Pretty blonde fukced hard story

His young blonde girlfriend was pretty alright, pretty naive!
She insisted on saving her precious virginity for marriage, but whenever he
bitched about it too much, she submitted to giving him head. And on the
anniversary of their first date, when he told her he wanted anal sex, she was
ready to submit to ....


Young Fox Story- The Trial

"How do you plead?" the Judge asked sternly.

The frightened woman looked up at him and collected herself as best she could.
"Not Guilty, your honor," she said, realizing she sounded defensive and

There were angry mutterings and curses from the ben....


Amber asks for an anal assault

Although she had heard that some women actually liked to take men's cocks in
their butt, she had always been a bit skeptical. It must hurt like the devil
to be stretched that far back there! She thought. Still, the forbidden, dirty
nature of the act made it a powerful fantasy, one that almost made her swoon.


The Bi-Dorm

It was 6 A.M. when Ann hit the showers. She had an 8 o'clock class ------what
was it? Anthropology? God, why did she sign up for that subject? Oh well, she
needed an easy elective. How else was she going to maintain her busy social

As the hot water beat softly against her young and supp....


First Woman

When Ali rang the bell at the Jordans', Tracy Jordan opened the dooralmost as if
she'd been waiting behind it.

"My, but you look ablolutely smashing this afternoon, Ali. Come on in."

Ali looked Mrs. Jordan up and down as well. Tracy Jordan was wearing an a....


Pink Champagne


In the bedroom, Mal immediately draws Denise into her arms and begins kissing
her. Mal's gentle but demanding lips slide from Denise's mouth to her cheek,
then to her chin, her throat, her shoulder. Mal then kisses the back of Denise's
neck, and at the same time she slides down t....


The coaches bitch

Conny- Beautiful seventeen year old with sandy blond hair and blue
eyes.The most popular girl in school.

Ms Allen-Forty year old girls basketball coach at Conny's highschool.
Tall brunnette with a strong facial charector(picture the average womens
basketball coach) ....


Sex slave trade 2.,

wher ethis wil go: she gets to Habib, begs him for more of the drug. He
accommodates her in return for favors. Soon, She begins paying for it. Len
gets upset that she's spending money. Oscar gets upset that she's doing drugs.
At oscar's insistence, they take her to a leather store and have her fitted


Sex slave trade

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is
coincidental. All names are fictitious. The acts described herein are
illegal, and are not condoned by the author. This work is to be read by
PERSONS 21 OR OLDER ONLY where such topics are not against the law.

If unusua....


Bdsm porn story

Traffic was slow again as she headed for the gym. She felt the stiffness in
her knees and elbows - lack of sleep always did that to her. She was tired from
last night. Jim had woke her up early and asked for breakfast, which she
cheerfully provided. By the time he left, she had only another hour or s....


Sub woman mistake

Dinner was quiet that night. Diane was still digesting the fact that she'd
almost been caught by her daughter in an online cyber session. After dinner,
Jim had some research to do and he commandeered the computer. She went out for
a drive. She was edgy, anxious about how to keep her two lives separa....


SubDiane Bdsm

When Diane got home, she checked her email again. The note from SumwonElz said
she would ave no more contact with them until Thursday, two days away. But she
was expected to continue working out at the gym.

In the morning, Diane drove to the D--- Gym to ask about joining. When she


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